The 10 Happiest Work Industries & 10 of the Worst

The 10 Happiest Work Industries & 10 of the Worst

Unless you were born to do something, most people struggle to find the perfect job or career for them. There are so many different industries and each one has great parts and things that suck. At the end of the day as along as you can find a job that makes you happy... or at least paid, you're on the right track. That's why we have compiled a list of 10 of the best industries to work for in terms of job satisfaction, and 10 that you should avoid if at all possible.  

1. Medical Professionals

Doctors and nurses often report consistently high job satisfaction. While their typical days are full of stresses and demands, saving lives and helping people has been found to overshadow the difficult parts. It also helps that medical professionals are well paid for their work.

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2. Software Developers

The types of people who are software developers really enjoy the intellectually challenging nature of their job. The job has a certain artistic freedom derived from creating new technologies or finding solutions to complex problems.

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3. Physical Therapists

Physical therapists, similar to doctors and nurses get a large amount satisfaction from helping individuals. The ability to help manage their patients pain and improve their quality of life can be quite rewarding.

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4. Scientists

Scientists love their job because they have the potential discover new breakthroughs in their field. Whether it’s in the medical, tech, or environmental sector, the hard work of scientists can lead to helping lives on a global scale.

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5. Psychologists

Psychologists helping people overcome important mental health issues has been found to be a quite gratifying job. These people are making a difference in individuals lives, while getting a close look at the wide array of human behaviors and emotions.

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6. Firefighters

Despite being a very physically and mentally tough job, firefighters typically report very high job satisfaction. They are an important service to the community, literally saving lives. A bunch of firefighters also report enjoying the trilling and dangerous nature of the job.

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7. Teachers

While many believe that teachers have it rough, with the way many are treated and the pay, there is also an amazing up side to the career. Being able to share knowledge, inspire young minds, and see their students grow and succeed, can be quite rewarding. It is also a nice bonus that they receive the same time off as students allowing for a more free lifestyle.

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8. Artists

Artists, have the freedom to express their abilities in any way they please. Many enjoy the satisfaction of creating something from scratch and then getting to experience the love and appreciation they get in return. Artists typically work on their own hours giving them the flexibility to live their lives as they please.

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9. Non-profit Managers

Managing a non-profit organization has been found to offer a high level of job satisfaction. These people get to run an organization for the betterment of society, saving lives, and simply making a positive impact in the community or the world.

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10. Human Resources Managers

People who work in human resources often enjoy their job for the ability to help employees grow and be the best that they can be. How well they do their job can directly influence the work culture, employee professionalism, and organizational success.

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1. Retail Workers

Retail employees frequently report very low job satisfaction, often due to low wages, long hours, and the many difficult customers. They are also limited to very few opportunities for professional growth and development with their industry.

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2. Call Center Agents

On top of an already low pay, call center agents have to deal with tough schedules, rely on full commission, and constant customer complaints. The job is not very rewarding especially for the hard repetitive work it requires.

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3. Fast Food Workers

Fast food workers are usually there because there were no other options. The job has low pay, high demanding customers, and is very fast-paced. Most individuals don’t wish to be working their long and simply use the job as a means to pay their rent, while looking for something better.

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4. Delivery Couriers

Many couriers struggle with the early morning shifts and potential harsh weather conditions. On top of their constant travel, heavy lifting, and logistics. It’s a high stress high effort job and most people would prefer something easier for similar pay.

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5. Bartenders

Bartending is a stressful job with late-night shifts, difficult customers, and an often hectic work environment. While those in very high-end establishments make a decent living, most restaurants can only provide low wages. This forces bartenders to rely on tips, added more stress and lower job satisfaction.

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6. Security Guards

Security guards have to deal with long hours, potential danger, and little recognition. They have to risk their lives for the occasional conflict, but don’t get paid very much to do so.

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7. Warehouse Workers

Working in a warehouse is intensive manual labor. The repetitive physical nature of the work, the many dangerous aspects, and long hours, are not rewarded with solid pay. The job is hard work for very little in return, resulting in low job satisfaction.

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8. Taxi Drivers

Many taxi drivers dislike their job for consistent stress. Drivers have to fight to get to their passenger first, and then often times they can be difficult, and unappreciative. The job is full of long hours, tense city driving, and the uncertainty of your next paycheck.

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9. Bank Tellers

Bank tellers often deal with repetitive tasks while having the pressure of dealing with large sums of money. They don’t make very much money and have very few roads to a promotion. It’s a boring job.

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10. Maids

Housekeepers and maids have to work for unappreciative customers on a day to day basis. While handling demanding physical work, unpredictable shift hours, and relatively low pay. There are few benefits that come from the job, but many to do it because they have no other options.

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