10 Reasons To Never Get A Cat & 10 Reasons You Absolutely Should

10 Reasons To Never Get A Cat & 10 Reasons You Absolutely Should

People have a lot of opinions about cats—sure, they knock all your stuff down and make biscuits on sensitive body parts, but they’re also best friends and well-known stress relievers. If you’re on the fence about whether they’re right for you, here are 10 reasons to adopt…or not adopt a cat.

1. You Like Sleeping

Cats come alive at night and tend to make their presence known come sundown. Though they spend most of the day napping (which must be nice), cats also tend to make biscuits on our chests, step all over us in bed, or venture out on nighttime excursions around the house.

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2. They’re Expensive

Cats can quickly rack up vet bills, especially if they fall ill. It’s not unheard of for unlucky owners to spend thousands of dollars keeping their furry friends alive. That said, expensive bills can strike any pet at any time, so vet costs should be considered regardless of which animal you welcome.

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3. Expect Injury

Razor-sharp claws and baby fangs pack a bigger wallop than you’d think, and though you may think it’s cute, walking on eggshells isn’t for everyone. To make matters more confusing, cats often do this when they’re excited! Make no mistake, it’s definitely a problem behavior in some, but a lot of the time your little friend just wants to play—even if you’ll need oven mitts as protection.

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4. Expect Heartbreak, Too

Cats are notoriously aloof, leaving us to feel unloved and unwanted when they saunter out of the room. The best thing to do is wipe those tears and make peace with their independence. Though they like their alone time, they’re more than happy to snuggle with you on their terms.

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5. Odor

All pets have the potential to become furry stink bugs in the house, but litter boxes are suspect number one for odor. Dilligence will only get you so far because lingering smells can cloud a bathroom or laundry room, and it’s something to keep in mind.

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6. Allergy Potential

It’s no surprise that cats bring out the worst in people’s allergies, and it can get worse than you average sneeze. Some cat dander and fur can lead to unpleasant symptoms like itchy skin or hives, while more extreme cases trigger asthma symptoms.   

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7. You Enjoy a Tidy Home

With cats in the home, no cup is safe and no plant goes unhunted. They’re hunters (or like to think they are) and tend to pounce on everything they see, unconcerned with the sentiment certain items hold. 

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8. Travel Woes

Cats don’t make the best travel companions and bringing them along for a road trip often results in their fear. Unless you’ve conditioned them from an early age to trust the car, most cats associate rides with the vet or become distressed enough to yowl. 

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9. Hairballs

Cat owners everywhere know the hacking sound of an imminent hairball—those unfamiliar with cats, however, may be in for a gross surprise. Given that cats are meticulous groomers, hair easily gets lodged in their system before a big wet clump of it is hacked onto the carpet. 

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10. Little “Presents”

Cats bringing their toys or small articles of clothing is cute…cats returning with mice or birds, not so much. As unpleasant as some finds are, rest assured that cats only bring gifts to homes they feel safe in. Though, that might not give everyone peace of mind with a mouse loose.  

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Though you’ll need to keep these behaviors in mind, there are dozens of reasons to invest in your new best friend. 


1. Low Maintenance

As mentioned before, cats are independent creatures and therefore don’t need constant attention (for the most part). Some are clingier than others, but the majority fend for themselves, allowing you to keep your schedule in check.

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2. Best Friend 

More than anything, cats bring the same joy as any pet! They live long, don’t require the same exercise as other animals, and are far more compassionate than people think. Despite popular belief, cats are more than happy to curl in your lap or sleep on your face.

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3. Healthier Heart

Believe it or not, studies suggest that cat owners are actually at lower risk of heart disease and stroke. Along with dog owners, cat owners experienced lower heart rates and regulated blood pressure.

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4. They Hunt Pests

Afraid of spiders? What about those demon spawn house centipedes? Sic your cat on them. Most of the time, bugs are nothing more than a protein source for them and given how their brains work, cats love chasing quick things around the house. 

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5. Long Lives

Unlike some dog breeds that are susceptible to disease or short life spans, cats often live anywhere between 13-18 years—sometimes longer. For those interested in longer companionship, it gives peace of mind to know that with proper care in loving environments, domesticated cats are around for a while. 

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6. They’re Quiet…Mostly

Depending on your volume tolerance, barking is way worse than meowing. Cats don’t make a ton of noise outside of bolting around the house or knocking down the odd item. Dinnertime is another story…

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7. Good in Small Spaces

Not every animal thrives in an apartment, but cats make good pets in smaller spaces. Given that they, too, are smaller pets and don’t need a ton of space to stay occupied, it’s not unethical to bring your furry friend home to even a studio apartment. 

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8. Self-Cleaning

Leave dog owners to wrestle their pets into the bathtub—cats only need a quiet corner to groom themselves. Okay, sometimes they stick up their leg and clean themselves in front of company, but they still do it on their own!

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9. They Reduce Stress

More than cardiovascular health, cats also do wonders for our mental health. They’ve been known to significantly reduce stress, which is great for anyone easily overwhelmed or in need of a companion during down time. 

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10. No Walking Required

Indoor cats need exercise for a long and healthy life, though they don’t need the same kind as other pets. Exercise stations, indoor games, and good play sessions are often more than enough to keep kitties satisfied. They’re also ideal for anyone who doesn’t have several hours to walk their pets.

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