20 Signs You’re The Worst Neighbor Ever

20 Signs You’re The Worst Neighbor Ever

As much as we’d like to get along with our neighbors, it’s a coin toss on whether you actually will—you either strike gold and find new friends or discover the worst people right next door. Here are 20 behaviors only the most annoying neighbors have. 

1. Loud Music

Loud music is a classic bad neighbor behavior. Whether it’s blasting music at all hours of the night or blaring tunes loud enough to shake homes, wannabe DJs disrupt the entire neighborhood. 

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2. No Personal Space

Curiosity is in our nature, but it’s no call for spying. Peeking over fences or listening in on conversations quickly ruins trust. It’s also a great way to wreck any potential relationships and earn yourself a nasty reputation. 

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3. Poor Dog Etiquette

Dogs are terrific—they’re friendly, cute, and can actually be a good way to meet neighbors. However, you’re responsible for them. No one wants dog waste in their yard or having to deal with unleashed pets running around. 

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4. Obstructing Views

Large trees and huge structures block neighbors’ views, which gets annoying quickly. Worse still, tall structures also peer into someone’s yard and destroy their privacy. Get the a-okay from neighbors about your latest installation. 

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5. Parking Violations

Nothing shows a lack of respect more than poor parking. From parking in front of a neighbor’s house to taking up the entire street, park your vehicle appropriately. Failure to do so is more than inconvenient—it turns neighbors against you.

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6. Improper Trash Disposal

Trash attracts all kinds of pests and disgusting smells, so handle it properly. Don’t leave trash bins lying around for too long and make sure they’re closed properly lest any critters sneak in. Encouraging tiny landfills not only disrespects neighbors, but also makes communal areas look bad.

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7. Poor Yard Work

It’s one thing not to obsess over yard work, it’s another thing to neglect it. Overgrown weeds or unkempt grass are giant eyesores that affect the neighborhood. They’re also breeding grounds for pests, which can easily spread to neighbors’ houses.  

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8. Hostility 

Open hostility brands you as the neighborhood bad guy. Any good relationship thrives with open communication, so a friendly attitude is better than a middle finger. Amicable resolution also makes living easier in the neighborhood.

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9. Disrespecting Shared Spaces

From communal pools to apartment laundry rooms, shared spaces deserve proper care. Leaving a mess behind or damaging property affects everyone—it can also lead to stricter rules or closed-off areas altogether. 

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10. Ignoring Property Boundaries

Building anything that cuts into your neighbor’s property without permission is sure to cause disputes. Either speak with them beforehand or stick to the confines of your property lines; respecting boundaries is a cornerstone of good relationships.

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11. Constant Reporting

Neighbors don’t like a community snitch, especially over arbitrary things. Constantly reporting minor violations not only creates a hostile neighborhood, but it also wastes officers’ time. An overly nitpicky neighbor can make others feel unwelcome in their own community.

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12. Sprinklers Running Free

It’s completely fine to run a sprinkler, just make sure it doesn’t encroach a neighbor’s space. Overspraying is wasteful, irksome, and can easily cause water damage or even mold issues in severe cases. 

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13. Ignoring Community Rules

Well-run HOAs keep a community safe and ignoring their guidelines creates tension. If you stick to simple standards, everyone is much happier and it makes for a more harmonious environment. (Let's save HOA nightmares for another time…)

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14. Too Many Reminders

Unless you’re dealing with a particularly rebellious neighbor, there’s no need for constant reminders. Odds are, everyone knows when to do their laundry or where they can smoke, and it’s annoying to see signs reminding them of such.

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15. Constant Renovation

We all want our homes to look good, but there is such a thing as overkill. Renovation usually means loud machinery or more vehicles, which irritates neighbors. It’s important to remain respectful of others during these projects.  

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16. Caught in Drama

It’s a pain when neighbors drag you into their beef. Making an acquaintance choose sides or telling them all about neighborhood drama is a good way to ensure they never walk by your house again. 

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17. Constantly Dropping By

Times have changed and people don’t just drop by anymore. A phone call beforehand is one thing, but arriving unannounced is plain ol’ inconsiderate. It’s even worse when someone makes a habit of it…don’t be surprised if the lights are off next time. 

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18. Frequent Parties

Everyone loves a good summer BBQ, but nobody wants to endure constant parties. Frequent gatherings always mean loud music, an abundance of cars, and noise well into the night. Either take it inside or send people packing at a reasonable hour. 

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19. Smoking in Shared Spaces

Communal spaces often don’t allow smoking—don’t be the person who breaks that rule. Smoke easily drifts into neighbors’ homes and can be a big problem for those with health issues or kids. There’s always somewhere safer to light up. 

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20. Neglecting Home Maintenance

Your lawn is just one part of the property. Letting your house succumb to peeling paint or structural damage ruins the neighborhood’s value. A house doesn’t need to be picture-perfect, but it should at least be well-kept. 

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