Every Married Couple Complains About These Pet Peeves

Every Married Couple Complains About These Pet Peeves

For some reason, most married couples seem to share the same pet peeves. We don't know what it is about them! They just seem to be universal. We've listed down below 20 hilarious (some more serious than others) pet peeves to see how many you agree with.

1 . Leaving Dishes in the Sink

Ah yes, the eternal hope that if you leave dishes in the sink for long enough, they might just wash themselves. While it might've worked for you when you were living alone, this is one habit that can seriously frustrate your spouse, especially if they're the tidy one in the house. Most married couples really hate having the all-too-common "dish standoff" where eventually one person has to cave and do all the dishes.

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2. Leaving No Toothpaste Behind

Just think about this scenario: you've just woken up and you've gotten out of bed. You're heading to the washroom to wash up only to find...empty toothpaste that's been squeezed dry. For some reason, people love using their toothpaste till the very last drop. And if you're married, you're likely on the receiving end of that. 

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3. Toilet Seat Wars

Turns out, to be or not to be isn't the question, it's up or down? A classic household debate that has no universal resolution, many married couples will at some point have to figure out what to do with their toilet seats. While some are definitely more passionate about this topic than others, walking into the washroom and seeing the wrong position can lead to a mixture of annoyance and amusement.

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4. Deciding What to Eat

The dreaded "I don't know, you pick" loop is one that all couples (not just married!) face. It's a common pet peeve for most people, with indecisiveness causing a lot of annoyance and frustration. The worst part? It's never over until both parties are beyond exhausted and someone finally gives up and makes an executive decision.

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5. The Great Thermostat Debate

Too hot, too cold, and never just right. Somehow, finding a temperature that suits both partners feels like an impossible quest that will never see an ending. It's a constant clash that can become a pet peeve if it leads to sneaky thermostat adjustments.

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6. Blanket Hogging

Do you ever just wake up cold in the morning wondering where the heck your blanket went? The nightly tug-of-war battle for blanket dominance is a familiar tale for many married couples. While one partner turns themselves into a blanket burrito, the other is left to fend for themselves. 

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7. Laundry Limbo

The mystery of the missing sock is one tale that will never be solved. Just where do these missing socks end up? The constant debate over who's responsible for laundry duty combined with the weird phenomena of disappearing clothes creates a pet peeve all married couples always complain about.

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8. Remote Control Reign

Holding the remote control to the TV surprisingly gives you a lot of power. You now have control over what to put on the TV, even if your partner hates it. During the more heated moments, it can seriously turn into a battle over what channel to put on.

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9. The Unfinished Projects Pile

Every home has that one spot where unfinished projects go to die. Whether it's a half-painted wall or unassembled furniture, these monuments to procrastination can become a humorous yet sore point between spouses.

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10. Exaggerated Snoring

You hear about it all the time: "My husband/wife snored so loudly last night I couldn't sleep!" While it's often a source of jokes among couples, the struggle for a good night's sleep next to a snoring spouse can be a real challenge that might lead to a couple grouchy arguments.

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11. The Mystery of the Missing Remote

"Just where did you leave the remote? You were the last one to use it!" A common household mystery, the missing remote can lead to a spark of mini investigations and interrogations. Whether it's lost in the couch cushions or left in a different room, the search for the remote can turn into a humorous and frustrating quest that'll challenge both partners.

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12. Overloading the Trash Until It's a Tetris Game

How is it that every married couple ends up testing the limits of physics by creating a monstrous trashcan that threatens to topple over at any second? It's fun until an inevitable spill happens, creating a sudden change in the atmosphere where someone must be blamed.

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13. The Bathroom Counter Clutter

As personal items begin to take over the entire bathroom counter, that's when disputes come into play. It's all about wanting personal space, but also being respectful and keeping the area tidy. When that shared space becomes a battleground of beauty products, razors, and towels, it can lead to slight tinges of annoyance as you try to find your things.

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14. Selective Hearing Syndrome

Is there anything more annoying than trying to talk to someone who just isn't listening to you? Selective hearing syndrome is simply conveniently hearing only what one wants to. This disrespectful action can lead to a lot of arguments, creating a massive annoyance for some couples.

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15. The Smartphone Intruder

Did you know that in every relationship, there's always a third wheel? That's right, it's your smartphone. Intruding during dinner time or moments of conversation, it's always an unwelcomed guest that shows up. While it can start off with some lighthearted teasing, it might turn into a serious annoyance if it starts genuinely getting in the way.

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16. The Trail of Tissues

One pet peeve that many married couples complain about is the mysterious trail of tissues that gets left around the house. Especially during sniffling season, some individuals seem to have a bad habit of leaving used tissues everywhere. This turns into a not-so-fun scavenger hunt for the other partner, turning this into something more of a frustration that has to be stopped.

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17. The Shower Time Battle

Some people seem to spend eons in the shower, standing in there as if time is standing still for them. While it's not usually concerning, it can become a pet peeve for married couples if issues like running out of hot water or disrespecting the other's time comes into play.

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18. The Cold War of Silence

After getting into a fight, one of the worst things one can do is start giving the silent treatment. Lots of people find this to be a pet peeve, turning everywhere into a quiet battleground where words are the weapons not wielded. It's a form of defense that leaves the entire house feeling uncomfortable and awkward.

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19. The Chore Chart Challenge

Trying to balance and assign chores and tasks fairly can be pretty difficult for married couples. Sometimes, people just don't agree on what is considered "fair" when it comes to chores. And if one partner starts slacking, it can definitely become a pet peeve watching them neglect their share of the load.

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20. The Forgotten Anniversary

Whether it's a forgotten birthday or anniversary, this is one classic pet peeve that never fails to stir up some negative emotions. It can lead to mix of disappointment and last-minute, frantic plans that never really feel that great. 

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