The Least Attractive Traits In A Man According To Women & The Most Attractive

The Least Attractive Traits In A Man According To Women & The Most Attractive

When it comes to attractiveness in men, every woman will have their own preference regarding what their "ideal" guy looks like. But of course, there are definitely some traits that everyone will pick - they should at least be nice, gentle, and funny, right? The opposite applies too though, because there are some universally unattractive traits that we're sure most women will agree on. Let's review them together!

1. Lack of Hygiene

Poor hygiene and a messy look are often cited as major turn-offs. It includes not taking care of one's body, clothes, or even living space. Disregarding one's personal cleanliness can be seen as a reflection of how a person values themselves and others around them.

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2. Arrogance

Sure, confidence is attractive, but when it turns to arrogance and stubbornness, it goes a bit too far. Someone who has an overbearing sense of self-importance will disregard other's feelings or opinions, not exactly something ladies love. Women often find humility and the ability to listen far more appealing.

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3. Disrespectful Behavior

If you're with a man who is rude, dismissive, or disrespectful to others when you're in a private or public setting, it's a major red flag. It can be anything from mistreating service staff, trashtalking friends or family, or any form of bigotry or prejudice. It's not exactly a way to win women over.

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4. Lack of Ambition

Ambition doesn't necessarily mean financial success, it just means you have a goal or something you're working towards. A lack of drive or goals can be very unattractive in a woman's eyes. Women tend to appreciate partners who are passionate about something and have clear aspirations and goals they want to accomplish.

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5. Poor Communication Skills

Good communication is the key to building a solid foundation in any relationship, so it makes sense that women value strong communication skills. Someone who struggles to express feelings, avoids difficult conversations, or doesn't listen attentively can create plenty of misunderstandings and frustration that women would really just rather avoid.

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6. Selfishness

Men who put their own needs and desires about everything and everyone else on a frequent basis are definitely not attractive in womens' eyes. Especially if they're in a relationship! Not only is it immature, but it's incredibly unhealthy and is a definite red flag.

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7. Being Overly Jealous or Possessive

While a small amount of jealousy can sometimes be flattering and make you feel wanted, overly jealous or possessive attitudes are a big turn off for women. It's a clear sign that there are some deep insecurities present, leading to a suffocating feeling in any relationship.

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8. Lack of Emotional Intelligence

Women love feeling like they're cared for and that their feelings are understood, which requires a good amount of emotional intelligence on their partner's part. The inability to care about the emotional wellbeing of others can be very off-putting, making this a common trait that many women find unattractive.

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9. Poor Manners

If they don't know the basics, it's just not going to work out. Never underestimate the importance of "please" and "thank you!" They're simple but important ways to determine whether you're with someone who is respectful or not. After all, bad manners is simply unattractive in any person.

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10. Negativity

Who wants to be with someone who's constantly negative? Men who constantly complain, see the worst in situations, or put others down, can feel exhausting to be with. If the interactions feel burdensome, it's just really not an attractive trait to have.

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1. Confidence

Many women will tell you that confidence is one of the most attractive traits in their opinion. It's about being comfortable with you are and carrying yourself in a positive manner at all times. Women just love seeing men who know exactly who they are and what they want in life.

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2. Sense of Humor

Everyone loves a good laugh! Men who have a good sense of humor are highly attractive to plenty of women. Being able to laugh, joke, and not take life too seriously is what makes a relationship fun and exciting!

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3. Intelligence

Men who show deep intellect, not just in the academic sense but also in terms of emotional and social awareness, are very attractive to women who love deep conversations and meaningful connections. 

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4. Kindness

Many women are attracted to men who aren't afraid to show their soft side, including acts of kindness and a compassionate nature. It makes it clear that he treats everyone around him kindly and lovingly, from close family to friends.

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5. Ambition

There's nothing more attractive than a man with a passion, which makes ambition a highly coveted trait women look for in men. Having goals is one thing, but having the drive to achieve them is something entirely different and incredibly attractive.

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6. Culinary Skills

Men who know how to cook? That's a major plus! The ability to cook and explore different cuisines is a highly attractive trait many women deem as a "bonus." Not only does it demonstrate self-sufficiency, it also highlights their desire to care for and share with others.

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7. Dependability

Women love nothing more than a reliable and stable man who stands by his actions and words. It's the best way to build trust in a relationship! Knowing you can confidently count on someone is both comforting and attractive.

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8. Respectfulness

A true gentleman will always treat you and others with respect, showing genuine interest in other's thoughts, feelings, and boundaries. Who wouldn't love being with a gentleman?

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9. Good Communication Skills

Being able to express thoughts and feelings openly and effectively, and listening in turn, are key components of strong relationships. Good communication fosters understanding and connection, making it a very desirable trait.

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10. Physical Fitness

While this can vary widely in terms of preference, taking care of one's health and physique generally indicates self-respect and discipline. It's not necessarily about being in peak athletic condition, but showing that you value your wellbeing is an attractive side to men that many women appreciate.

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