50 Amazing Travel Items You Can Get on A Budget At Amazon

50 Amazing Travel Items You Can Get on A Budget At Amazon

Although traveling can be stressful, especially when it comes to packing, make your life simpler with these nifty travel items that you can currently get on a budget at Amazon. We're not joking when we say these items and gadgets are life-changers! So don't wait around - grab these while you can!

1. This Toothbrush Is 38% Off and Easy to Take Anywhere

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This Quip Electric Toothbrush is the ultimate toothbrush to bring along during your travels. Not only does it come with a travel cover, it uses replaceable AAA batteries which give it a whopping 3-month battery life. Compact and easy to store, this is simply a must-have essential.

2. This Phone Charger is 43% Off

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You always want to make sure your phone is charged and ready to go when you're traveling, so just to be safe, bringing along this Small Portable Charger for iPhones is essential. It's a compact power bank that you just need to plug into your iPhone to keep it running all day long.

3. Save 46% To Charge Multiple Devices

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This handy travel power strip is just what you need to ensure all your electronic devices stay charged up for the duration of your trip. It even comes with 3 USB ports! Its lightweight and portable size make this one item you don't want to leave behind.

4. Get 25% Off This Makeup Case

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Make sure your makeup is tightly packed during your travels with this amazing makeup case by Relavel. It has multiple compartments so you can store things separately, and they're even adjustable so you can move things around to your liking.


5. Get 15% Off to Create More Space

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Fit more into your suitcase than you knew was possible with the help of these HIBAG Compression Bags for Travel. Vacuum packing your clothes and miscellaneous items is the perfect way to save space when it comes to packing.

6. These TSA Approved Bottles Are On Sale

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Keep all your lotions, moisturizers, and cleansers nicely packed up in these TSA approved travel bottles for toiletries. They come in a variety of cute colours, and they're the perfect size that is small enough to comfortably pack, but also big enough to fit enough product. 

7. Save 42% On this Great Makeup Mirror

21+7Abawdkl. Sy300 Sx300via Amazon

Keep your makeup looks in check with this travel makeup mirror that's rechargeable and comes with 72 LED lights. Get the perfect lighting so you can create the best looks!

8. Save Big on this Amazing Toiletry Bag

71Oalypqqjl. Ac Sx679via Amazon

This BAGSMART Toiletry Bag has everything you need to keep your toiletries secure and organized while you're traveling. With multiple compartments all wrapped into a convenient handheld bag, you're getting so much value for the price. Did we mention it comes in several beautiful colours and patterns?

9. Save 12% on the Comfortable Foot Rest

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We all know how uncomfortable long plane rides can be, so make yourself as comfy as possible with this Everlasting Comfort Airplane Foot Rest. It's ergonomic design allows you to adjust your foot and heel into a position that works best for you.

10. This Travel Pillow is Marked Down 38%

81Ah56Ih4Rl.  Ac Sx300 Sy300 Ql70 Ml2via Amazon

Sleep in comfort during long plane rides with this Dot&Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow. It's different from your regular travel pillow in that you can completely adjust the pillow into whatever shape you need. It's super soft material also ensures that your head stays comfortable during long periods of sleep.


11. Save and Avoid Tangles

81Hlyl0Rx2S. Ac Sx425via Amazon

No one loves dealing with tangled wires, so avoid the issue entirely with this neat and tidy Cable Organizer Pouch for Electronic Accessories. With multiple separate compartments, you can ensure that all of your wires never even have a chance to get all tangled up.

12. Block Out Thieves With This Discounted Bag

91Re8A5Jm2L. Ac Sx425via AmazonIf you're worried about pickpockets while you're on your next vacation, this Travelon Anti-Theft Bag will relieve all of your stress. Its cross-body, slash-proof design also features adjustable cut-proof straps and a locking compartment that ensures all of your goods stay safe next to you.

13. Save 23% On This Travel Adapter

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Never worry about charging your devices again with this all-in-one Universal Travel Adapter that comes with 4 different plug types that could work in over 200 different countries around the world. 

14. Save Money to Stay Hydrated

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When you're travelling, you're likely constantly on the go. It's important to remember that while it's good you're moving out and about, you have to stay hydrated. To avoid any chance of getting dehydrated, packing this Liquid I.V. is a great idea - taking one is the same thing as drinking multiple glasses of water!

15. Save 20% on This Shoe Bag

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Keep your dirty shoes separate from the rest of your clothes with this useful Travel Shoe Bag that's water resistant and dust free. It comes in a great size that will fit most of your shoes, but it's portable enough that it's great to bring along when you're traveling!

16. Get 40% Off This Waterproof Phone Case

716Xcdkxxyl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Headed somewhere sunny for your vacation? Jump into the ocean without any fear for your phone with this ProCase Waterproof Phone Pouch Case. It comes in a two pack that'll fit your phone and wallet so you can carry them on you at all times. With a IPX8 Certification, you can trust that this pouch will offer you 100% water, snow, and dirt resistance.


17. 31% Off This Portable Steamer!

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Keep your clothes looking fresh and wrinkle-free with this BEAUTURAL Steamer For Clothes. It comes in a compact size that's perfect for travel - especially if you're expecting to wear some fancy clothing during your trip! With a quick 30-second heat up rate, this powerful little device will definitely come in handy.

18. Save Big on These Travel Containers

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Keep your facial creams organized and securely packed with these Travel Containers for Toiletries. Made with silicone, these are TSA approved and leak-proof so you won't have to worry about any spills!

19. Save 20% On this Jewelry Case

612Rcvsypds. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

You definitely don't want to misplace your valuable jewelry when you're on vacation, so keep everything safely in one place with this beautiful LETURE PU Leather Small Jewelry Box that's ideal for travel. It comes in 3 different colours, and despite its affordable price, it feels luxurious!

20. This Passport Holder is 27% Off

819Y6U2M4Ul. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Avoid getting your passport and other essential documents dirty with this TIGARI Passport Holder. There are multiple pretty colours to choose from and it's made with water-resistant faux leather that makes it super easy to clean.

21. Get 37% Off The Ultimate Travel Backpack

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If you're heading somewhere on business, you'll definitely want to pick up this MATEIN Business Laptop Backpack while it's on sale. Large enough to fit a 15.6" laptop, it even comes with a USB charging port. Did we also mention its waterproof and comes in tons of nice colour?

22. Keep You Luggage Weight in Check

81Tfnmq2H8L. Sl1500via Amazon

Make sure your luggage stays within the weight requirements with this Etekcity Luggage Scale. It's easy to use and barely takes up any room!


23. Stay Safe While on Vacation

71Pyy0Degal. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Safety should never be a concern while you're traveling, so to help you gain peace of mind, pick up this AceMining Portable Door Lock for that extra measure of caution. It's incredibly easy to install and remove, and it's made with high-quality materials so you know that it's sturdy and works well.

24. 15% Off This Selfie Stick

71Jhaeko9Zl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Never be left out of the photo again thanks to this Selfie Stick! Lightweight, portable, and compatible with most phones, this nifty little gadget will ensure you capture all the best memories while you're on your trip.

25. Charge Your Phone And Watch Together

4114Fm+Qn0L. Ac Sl1000via Amazon

Didn't think it was possible to charge your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time during your travels, did you? Thanks to this iWALK Portable Charger, you can now open your eyes to the world of convenient charging. Providing you up to 20 charges per use, it's a handy item that can truly save you when your battery is running low.

26. Save 26% on These Packing Cubes

812Gjbt4B8L. Ac Sx569via Amazon

Tidy up your luggage with this 6pack BAGSMART Compression Packing Cubes that will help you keep all of your things organized. Once you use these, you'll never be able to pack any other way - the amount of space it saves you is amazing!

27. 41% Off these Toilet Covers

71Zcsabxfkl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Worried about germs? Stay germ-free while you travel with these easy-to-pack toilet seat covers. Just flush it down the toilet when you're done - they're 100% biodegradable!

28. 15% Off This Waterproof Pouch

71+W1Dyrqrl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Keep your belongings safe and dry with this AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch. It has triple zip lock protection up to 10 meters underwater!

29. 36% Off This Umbrella

61H9Y1Lx+Nl. Ac Sy679via Amazon

Always be prepared for unexpected weather with this Repel Umbrella! Able to be folded down to a mere 29cm, this umbrella is great for travel as it's easily packable. Comes in multiple different colours and designs too!

30. Save and Smell Good on Vacation

619J8Lpis-L. Sl1500via Amazon

Pack all your favourite perfumes to bring along with this Yamadura Portable Mini Refillable Perfume Atomizer Bottle Spray set. For those of you that struggle to just pick one scent, now you can bring several!

31. This Phone Mount is Currently Discounted

71Mnhdnnogl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Stop craning your neck at a weird angle thanks to this awesome phone mount. Providing you with a hands-free viewing experience while on the plane, its 360 degree rotation and small pocket-size make it a must-have item for any plane flight. 

32. Nourish Your Skin at a Discounted Price

71Zwtu2Ntil. Sl1500via Amazon

Don't forget to keep your skincare in check even when you're traveling. With this amazing e.l.f. Skin Holy Hydration Minis Set, you'll have everything you need to keep your skin moisturized and feeling great.

33. Save 20% on This Popular Speaker

81Pku+Tzvpl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Bring your love of music with you no matter where you go with this JBL Clip 3 Speaker. Not only is it waterproof, but it's able to play music for up to 10 hours straight and even includes noise-cancelling!

34. This Duffle Bag is 32% Off

71+G-Qssoss. Ac Sx679via Amazon

With over 30,000 positive ratings on Amazon, you know this cute Travel Duffle Bag is an absolute must buy. With plenty of storage and compartments so you can fit everything you need, all you have to do now is pick the colour that you like the most!

35. 14% Off This Hands-Free Umbrella Holder

716Pab7Bkvl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Who wants to be constantly holding an umbrella anyway? With this Huriia Hands-Free Umbrella Holder, you can now keep your hands open for taking photos, eating snacks, holding hands, whatever you need!

36. Grab This Amazing Headrest

51Qblix0U5L. Acvia Amazon

If you love sleeping forward on the plane, you're going to love this Happy Headrest Travel Pillow. Allowing you to sleep in your favourite position in the most comfortable way possible, sleeping on the plane has never been easier.

37. Save 7% on These Cup Holders

71Emlbhroil. Ac Sx679via Amazon

You now have a safe place to store your Starbucks while you're at the airport! Keep your hands free while you handle other important things thanks to this convenient Eloptop Luggage Cup Holder that fits two drinks!

38. Keep A Pen On You At All Times

41Gtf3Jdttl. Ac Sl1200via Amazon

Does it always feel like you never have something to write with when you need it? Well, with the World's Tiniest Pen, your problem is now solved! It takes up literally no space at all to bring along.

39. Protect Your Neck

71Edhtt1Z4L. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Avoid getting any neck pain on the plane with this comfortable Travel Pillow for Neck Support. Providing you with ample shoulder support and made with the softest material, this is one purchase you won't regret.

40. Save 20% on This Pet Backpack

81Dfoyykwzl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Make traveling with your pets easier thanks to this Henkelion Packpack Carrying Bag for Small Pets. Its ergonomic design will allow you to feel comfortable while its breathability and durability will have your pets feeling the same.

41. Save 24% on This Great Portable Charger

619D-L42Ifl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Never worry about losing battery when you've got this reliable INIU Portable Charger on hand! With an ultra slim design, it doesn't compromise size with power, promising fast charging and battery for weeks.

42. 25% Off This Snuggly Airplane Blanket

812Yca72Jzl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Just because you're on a plane doesn't mean you can't get all warm and cozy! With the EverSnug Premium Travel Blanket Pillow, it works great as a 2-in-1 to provide you with all the comfort. Fold it up to create the ultimate pillow, or unravel it to use as a warm blanket! 

43. Keep Your Hair Tools Organized

71W0Tybzmxl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Do you tend to pack a lot of hair tools when you're on vacation? Keep things nice and organized with this cool Hair Tools Travel Bag that will conveniently store all your hair goods in one place for easy access. You'll love how many pockets it comes with!

44. An Apple User's Charging Dream

41Smuwgxz9L. Ac Sl1332via Amazon

Every Apple user definitely needs this convenient Charging Station that can simultaneously charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at the same time. It even folds up nicely into a compact size that can easily fit in your purse!

45. Save Big on These Travel Shoe Bags

71Fseuft1Jl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

Keep the inside of your suitcase clean from your dirty shoes with this 4 pack of handy travel shoe bags. With a sturdy zipper and made with easy-to-clean nylon, grab this pack while it's still on sale!

46. Clean On the Go

51Nxkz9Xi7L. Ac Sl1200via Amazon

This small portable washing machine will save you in your time of need when you need to get some washing done. Only weighing 3.3 pounds, it's lightweight enough to bring anywhere. It even comes with a one year warranty! 

47. Stay Hydrated With This Amazing Deal

51Eudkog1Qs. Ac Sl1001via Amazon

Stay hydrated while you're out and about with this easy to pack, collapsible water bottle. All you need to do is throw it in your purse or bag, and fill it with water when you find a fountain! No need to lug around a massive bottle when you've got this neat foldable bottle on hand.

48. Save 33% On These Travel Bottles

71Dbmum776L. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

You can never have too many travel bottles on hand, and this cute set from Mrsdry even comes with a bag to carry them all in! BPA free, leakproof, squeezable, and TSA approved, what more could you ask for?

49. 35% Off Makeup Removers

71Nqkdjq52L. Sl1500via Amazon

There's no need to struggle with getting your makeup off after a long day thanks to these compostable makeup wipes from Neutrogena. Each individually packaged, it makes it easy to pack however many you think you'll need in your makeup bag. 

50. Save 38% on This Cute Belt Bag!

61Bzfrrpmfl. Ac Sl1500via Amazon

If you plan on walking a lot during the day, it's probably a good idea to opt for a bag that's lightweight and convenient. That's where this ODODOS Unisex Mini Belt Bag comes in! Perfect for packing just the essentials, this belt bag is made with high quality materials that are also water resistant. Cute meets function with adorable bag!