40 Things About Gen Z That Our Grandparents Don't Understand

40 Things About Gen Z That Our Grandparents Don't Understand

40 Things About Gen Z That Our Grandparents Don't Understand

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology and culture, there exists a chasm of understanding between the younger generation and our dear grandparents. This isn't about right or wrong; it's about different eras colliding! From tapping on screens to speaking a whole new internet language, here's a light-hearted look at 20 things we do today that might just leave our grandparents scratching their heads in confusion.

1. Constantly Looking at Screens

Our grandparents might remember a time when a phone was just a phone, not an all-in-one device for texting, gaming, and social media. Today, our screens are our portals to the world, leaving many grandparents wondering, "Why stare at a screen when you can stare at the sky?"

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2. Taking Selfies Everywhere

Selfies are the new autographs! We document every moment with a selfie, from our breakfast to our new shoes. Our grandparents might find this a bit puzzling, as they come from a time when photos were reserved for special occasions.

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3. Using Cryptic Text Speak

Ever tried explaining "LOL" or "BRB" to your grandparents? Our text language is like a secret code, efficient but completely bewildering to someone not in the loop.

christian-wiediger-GWkioAj5aB4-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash 

4. Streaming Instead of TV Channels

Gone are the days of waiting for your favorite show to air. We stream what we want, when we want it. Try explaining Netflix to someone who grew up with only three TV channels!

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5. Online Dating

Finding love online can seem odd to our grandparents, who likely met their significant others in person, the old fashioned way. Today, a simple swipe right might just lead to your soulmate, a concept most people from older generations just don't understand. 

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6. Obsession with Health and Fitness Apps

We track our steps, our sleep, our calories - everything. Our grandparents might find the obsession with quantifying every aspect of health a bit over the top.

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7. Virtual Reality Adventures

Putting on a headset to 'travel' or 'experience' something is a concept that sounds like sci-fi to many grandparents. Yet, here we are, exploring virtual worlds from our living rooms.

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8. Esports and Gaming as a Career

Imagine telling your grandparents you can make a living by playing video games. Esports is a booming industry today, but it's a hard sell for a generation that saw games as mere pastimes.

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9. Relying on GPS for Everything

Remembering routes or reading a physical map is a skill many of us have lost, thanks to GPS. For our grandparents, this reliance on technology for something as basic as navigation is perplexing.

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10. Meal Kits and Food Delivery Apps

Cooking with ingredients delivered to your door or ordering food with a tap might seem like luxury or laziness, depending on your grandparent's perspective. 

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11. Social Media Influencers as a Career

"You make money by posting pictures and videos?" This concept can be quite alien to our grandparents, for whom a career was often a lifelong commitment to one profession, and social media didn't exist. 

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12. Wearable Technology

Watches that answer calls, track your health, and even pay for your shopping - it's like something out of a spy movie, but it's our reality today.

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13. Binge-Watching Series

The idea of watching an entire season of a show in one sitting can be both amazing and slightly concerning to older generations. If they wanted to watch a show, they had to wait for episodes to be released weekly, most likely. Today, we have the entire show at our fingertips. 

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14. Voice Assistants in Homes

Talking to an AI to control your home sounds like the Jetsons to our grandparents. Today, it's just another convenience.

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15. The Gig Economy

Short-term, flexible jobs are the norm for many now, but this can seem unstable and unpredictable to those from a generation of 9-to-5 jobs with one company.

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16. Digital Art and NFTs

Creating and selling art digitally, especially NFTs, can be a challenging concept for those who treasure physical art pieces.

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17. Participating in Virtual Protests

Activism today can happen entirely online, a far cry from the physical demonstrations our grandparents might have participated in.

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18. Subscription Services for Everything

From razors to books, we love our subscriptions. This model of constant, small payments rather than owning things outright is a new concept for many elders.

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19. E-Scooters and E-Bikes

The idea of renting a scooter or bike through an app, using it, and then just leaving it for the next person is both innovative and a bit strange to our grandparents.

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20. Mindfulness and Meditation Apps

Seeking inner peace through an app? This juxtaposition of technology and spirituality is something our grandparents might find paradoxical. 

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21. Virtual Workouts and Fitness Classes

No need to go to a gym when you can exercise with an instructor live on your screen. Our grandparents might miss the social aspect of physical fitness centers.

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22. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Living Choices

While being eco-conscious is great, the range of options like compostable phone cases or vegan leather might seem excessive to a generation that valued simplicity.

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23. Podcast Obsession

Instead of radio shows, we have podcasts on every topic imaginable. Our grandparents might find this abundance of on-demand audio both fascinating and overwhelming.

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24. Digital Wallets and Contactless Payments

Paying with a phone tap or a smartwatch is convenient for us but might seem like magic (or risky) to those who are used to cash and checks.

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25. Following Digital Minimalism

Ironically, amidst all the tech, many of us are trying to reduce digital clutter. This pursuit of 'less is more' in the digital world could be a novel concept for our grandparents.

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26. Using Emoji and GIFs to Communicate

Expressing emotions through tiny digital images or animated GIFs is second nature to us but can be a baffling form of communication for older generations.

emoji-653309_1280.jpgImage by Florian Pircher from Pixabay

27. Meal Planning and Prep Apps

Planning a week's meals with an app is a level of organization that might seem unnecessary to our grandparents, who are used to more spontaneous meal preparation.

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28. Home Automation and Smart Homes

Lights that turn off when you leave the room or thermostats you control with your phone might seem excessive to those who are used to manual controls.

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29. Online Gaming Communities

Forming friendships and communities in virtual game worlds is a form of social interaction that's quite different from the neighborhood gatherings of the past.

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30. Crowdfunding and Kickstarter Campaigns

The idea of funding a product or project online, often by strangers, can be a strange concept for those who are used to traditional business and investment models.

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31. Virtual Reality for Education

Learning through VR experiences is an innovative educational tool that might be hard for our grandparents to wrap their heads around.

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32. Social Media Challenges and Trends

Participating in online challenges or trends can seem trivial or risky to our grandparents, who may not understand the social media dynamics behind them.

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33. DNA Testing for Ancestry

Discovering your heritage through a mail-in DNA test is a marvel of modern science that might seem a bit invasive or unnecessary to older generations.

laboratory-2821207_1280.jpgImage by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay

34. Electric and Self-Driving Cars

The concept of cars that run on electricity or drive themselves is something straight out of a futuristic novel for many of our grandparents.

tesla-1738969_1280.jpgImage by Blomst from Pixabay

35. Using Apps for Mental Health

Seeking support for mental health through apps is a new-age solution that combines technology with personal well-being, a blend that might be hard to fathom for older generations.

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36. 3D Printing Everything

From toys to tools, 3D printing is a fascinating advancement, but explaining how you can 'print' a physical object can be a complex task.

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37. Virtual Meetups and Hangouts

Socializing in virtual spaces or through video calls is a norm today, but it lacks the physical presence valued by our grandparents.

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38. Augmented Reality Experiences

AR, where digital information is overlaid on the real world, is a thrilling concept but might seem unnecessary or overly complex to those from a simpler time.

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39. Subscription Boxes for Niche Interests

Receiving a monthly box of curated goods, from makeup to mystery novels, might seem like a frivolous expense to our grandparents.

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40. Plant-Based and Lab-Grown Foods

The shift towards plant-based diets and lab-grown meats is a progressive step for many, but it might be hard to digest (literally and figuratively) for older generations.

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