40 Ridiculous Facts You Didn't Know

40 Ridiculous Facts You Didn't Know

Ever been at a party and wanted to impress everyone with some mind-blowing, totally random knowledge? Or perhaps you're just curious about the quirky, bizarre side of the world? Either way, we've got you covered. Here are 40 ridiculous facts that are as amusing as they are surprising. Get ready to say "Wait, really?!" more than once.

1. Honey Never Spoils

If you discover an ancient jar of honey, eat up! Archaeologists have found pots of honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that are over 3,000 years old and still perfectly good.


2. Bananas are Berries, Strawberries Aren’t

In botanical terms, a banana qualifies as a berry, but a strawberry? Nope, it's technically an aggregate fruit. Mind blown? Same. We're not exactly sure what qualities a fruit must have, but they taste good nonetheless. 

fruit-3439189_1280.jpgImage by HeVoLi from Pixabay

3. Wombat Poo is Cube-Shaped

Yes, you read that right. Wombats, native to Australia, produce cube-shaped droppings, which they use to mark their territory.

common-wombat-6562590_1280.jpgImage by Penny from Pixabay

4. There’s a Planet That Rains Glass  

On planet HD 189733b, it's believed that it rains glass – sideways! Talk about extreme weather. You're gonna need a sturdy umbrella over there. 

dark-3061610_1280.jpgImage by 412designs from Pixabay


5. Duck Quacks Echo

Contrary to popular belief, a duck's quack does echo. It just sounds different, so it’s often mistaken for other sounds. Interesting, right? 

ducks-1463317_1280.jpgImage by 2554813 from Pixabay

6. “Dreamt” is the Only English Word Ending in “mt”

We've scoured the dictionary to prove this and it's true. Try to come up with another one. It's harder than you think!

hallelujah-6516410_1280.jpgImage by Avery Fan from Pixabay

7. Octopuses Have Three Hearts

And not one, but TWO of those pump blood to the gills, while the third pumps it to the rest of the body. Strange creatures, octopus. 

nature-3262715_1280.jpgImage by edmondlafoto from Pixabay

8. The Shortest War in History

In 1896, he war between Britain and Zanzibar in 1896 lasted just 38 minutes. It's takes the cake for the shortest war in history. Talk about a quick resolution!

horse-4596827_1280.jpgImage by ha11ok from Pixabay

9. The Dot Over the “i” Has a Name

"Crossing your T's and dotting your I's" has a whole new meaning now. It’s called a "tittle". No, seriously! I guess there's a name for everything. 

man-593333_1280.jpgImage by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay

10. Peanuts Aren't Nuts  

They're legumes! Just like peas and lentils. Again, not sure what traits qualify a nut as a nut. 

nuts-1736520_1280.jpgImage by Ilo from Pixabay


11. Licking a Postage Stamp Equals 1/10 of a Calorie  

Dieting? Maybe skip those extra stamps. Bulking? Lick a few extra. 

queen-3084166_1280.jpgImage by 🌸♡💙♡🌸 Julita 🌸♡💙♡🌸 from Pixabay

12. The Eiffel Tower Can Grow Taller in the Summer 

Due to the expansion of iron, it can expand by over 6 inches in hot weather. As if it wasn't tall enough! 

architecture-1869125_1280.jpgImage by Pexels from Pixabay

13. Alfred Hitchcock Had No Belly Button  

This one, I'm not sure how it was discovered. Apparently, it was eliminated during surgery. Imagine the "Psycho" shower scene without one!

fashion-3324315_1280.jpgImage by Thorsten Frenzel from Pixabay

14. A Leap Year Isn’t Always Every 4 Years  

Mark your calendars! If the year is evenly divisible by 100 and not by 400, no extra day for you! So, 1900 wasn’t a leap year, but 2000 was. 

agenda-1928419_1280.jpgImage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

15. Chewing Gum While Peeling Onions  

Want to avoid tears? Try chewing gum next time you’re dicing onions. Some say it works wonders! We have yet to test it out, but if you do, let us know. We're dying to find out. 

onion-647525_1280.jpgImage by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

16. A Jiffy is an Actual Unit of Time

It's 1/100th of a second. "Be back in a jiffy" just got a whole lot quicker. Although, nobody can ACTUALLY get anywhere in a jiffy. But it's still fun to say. 

pocket-watch-3156771_1280.jpgImage by Annette from Pixabay


17. Barbie’s Full Name

Ever wonder what is written on Barbie's birth certificate? It's Barbara Millicent Roberts. Quite the mouthful! She's named after her creator's daughter. 

elena-mishlanova-XGXn9JiSEvM-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Elena Mishlanova on Unsplash 

18. A Group of Flamingos is Called a “Flamboyance”  

Which is fitting because, let’s face it, they’re fabulous! Quite frankly, I can't think of another name they could be called. 

san-diego-zoo-3406287_1280.jpgImage by Dwight P from Pixabay

19. Rats and Horses Can’t Vomit  

Their anatomy doesn’t allow it. Lucky or unfortunate? You decide. It just means it has to come out the other end. 

horses-1414889_1280.jpgImage by Wolfgang Claussen from Pixabay

20. The Inventor of the Frisbee was Turned into a Frisbee  

Like, literally turned into a Frisbee. Walter Morrison was turned into a Frisbee when he was cremated and turned into a memorial flying disc. 

throwing-ring-10430_1280.jpgImage by Hans from Pixabay

21. You Can Hear a Blue Whale’s Heartbeat from 2 Miles Away

It beats just 8-10 times per minute and is the size of a small car. I don't think anyone can actually fathom how big a blue whale is. 

blue-whale-1198719_1280.jpgImage by Welcome to All ! ツ from Pixabay

22. Cows Have Best Friends

And they get stressed when they're separated. Awww. They're actually very emotional creatures. 

cows-203460_1280.jpgImage by Christian B. from Pixabay


23. Polar Bear Skin is Black 

This means their dark skin attracts the light through their fur, keeping them warm. Their fur is translucent, but it appears white due to the way it reflects light.

nature-5016781_1280.jpgImage by 13748526 from Pixabay

24. The Unicorn is Scotland’s National Animal  

A mythical creature for a real country. Go figure. Maybe it represents the mystique that Scotland possesses, how fantastical! 

scotland-3658032_1280.jpgImage by M W from Pixabay

25. Cucumbers Can Cure Bad Breath  

Hold a slice to the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds to eliminate mouth odour. The freshness of the cucumber is beneficial! 

cucumber-685704_1280.jpgImage by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

26. Venus is the Only Planet That Spins Clockwise 

Guess it just wanted to be different! Maybe time goes backwards there? Who knows! 

venus-11588_640.pngImage by WikiImages from Pixabay

27. An Octopus Can Fit Through Any Hole Larger Than Its Beak 

They're like living slime. The rest of their body is super squishy and malleable.

fish-1633525_1280.jpgImage by sandrine RONGÈRE from Pixabay

28. The World’s Oldest “Your Mom” Joke is 3,500 Years Old  

Discovered in Iraq, ancient humour sure has a long shelf life. I wonder what the punchline was. 

people-2567915_1280.jpgImage by StockSnap from Pixabay

29. Ketchup was Once Sold as Medicine

I guess it had healing properties? In the 1830s, it was introduced as a medicinal compound. Not sure if fries were included.

dennis-klein-FzB_512zvP0-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Dennis Klein on Unsplash 

30. Sharks Can Live for Five Centuries 

Greenland sharks, specifically, can live up to 500 years. That’s a lot of candles!

shark-3347787_1280.jpgImage by PIRO from Pixabay

31. You Can’t Hum While Holding Your Nose

There must be a scientific reason for it. Go ahead, try it. You just did, didn’t you?

eyes-933492_1280.jpgImage by tookapic from Pixabay

32. The Total Weight of Ants on Earth Once Equaled the Total Weight of People  

That's a lot of tiny power! That's A LOT of ants. 

ant-697329_1280.jpgImage by vlada11 from Pixabay

33. Cats Can Make Over 100 Different Sounds  

What's crazy is each sound has a specific meaning. Dogs, on the other hand, make about 10.

cat-2083492_1280.jpgImage by Susann Mielke from Pixabay

34. Humans and Giraffes Have the Same Number of Neck Vertebrae 

Despite their long necks, giraffes only have 7 neck vertebrae, the same number as humans. They're just reeeeally stretched out, I suppose. 

giraffe-4312090_1280.jpgImage by Andreas Göllner from Pixabay

35. Your Taste Buds Have a Lifespan of 10-14 Days 

Good thing, especially after that accidental bite into a super spicy chili.

alex-guillaume-hj8fDb3thIo-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash 

36. Ancient Egyptians Used Dead Mice to Ease Toothaches  

Not exactly sure what the scientific reasoning is behind this. Maybe we'll never know. Mice paste, anyone?

mouse-3194768_1280.jpgImage by sibya from Pixabay

37. Horses Can’t Burp 

Well, at least not through their mouths. I guess this has something to do with the fact that they can't vomit either. No acid reflux? 

iceland-1747368_1280.jpgImage by Rebekka D from Pixabay

38. An Avocado is a Berry and a Tomato is a Fruit

Botany is wild, isn’t it? I'd love to see the handbook on fruits and what categorizes them. 

vegetables-2338824_1280.jpgImage by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

39. The Great Wall of China Isn’t Visible from the Moon with the Naked Eye 

It’s a common myth but, in reality, it’s very hard to see.

great-wall-of-china-814143_1280.jpgImage by heike2hx from Pixabay

40. The Longest Time Between Two Twins Being Born is 87 Days  

Now that's a long labour! That mother is a trooper. Hope she's doing well. 

twins-1628843_1280.jpgImage by 3194556 from Pixabay

So there you have it! 40 absolutely bonkers facts to amaze your friends with, or to simply ponder over the next time you find yourself in a random trivia rabbit hole. Enjoy, and spread the ridiculousness!