20 Of The Worst Habits For Your Body—And Why You Should Stop Them

20 Of The Worst Habits For Your Body—And Why You Should Stop Them

Try as we may, a good chunk of us engage in harmful behaviors without even realizing. From nail biting and chronic stress to skipping breakfast or scrolling phones at night, here are 20 of the worst things you’re doing to your body.

1. Avoiding the Doctor

You may not think you need them, but let the doctor decide that in annual check-ups. Head to your physician to make sure that you are, in fact, in tip-top shape. Remember that annual visits can spot anything you may have missed and are crucial for preventative care.

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2. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Indulging in a glass of wine won’t hurt the average person, but too much alcohol is a problem for anyone. Regularly consuming excessive amounts of it damage your liver, weakens the immune system, and can cause depression and anxiety—really, it’s bad news for mental and physical well-being.

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3. Poor Posture

Spending the day like Quasimodo can cause all kinds of problems in your neck and back, not to mention the potential to harm your spine. To top it all off, ignoring posture could make these ailments more chronic, leading to long-lasting issues. 

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4. Too Much Caffeine

We all need that cup of joe to start our engines in the morning, however, you should curb your cravings before they get excessive. Turning to coffee throughout the day can mess with your heart rate, lead to anxiety, and wreak havoc on your digestive system. If you need nine cups to make it through the day, chances are you’ve got underlying health issues to address with a physician. 

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5. Smoking

It isn’t the ‘50s anymore and thankfully we’ve identified smoking as the harmful addiction it is. It won’t be easy, but now’s the time to kick the habit because smoking causes nothing but trouble. In addition to heart and lung problems, tobacco smoke causes cancer and can also target the blood.



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6. Not Enough Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t as easy as advertised, but it should be a priority. Believe it or not, good sleep quality is about more than a restful night—without it, you’re looking at the potential for heart disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, and even glucose intolerance, which means a greater chance for diabetes, too.    

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7. Screens at Night

We know by now that phones don’t belong in bed, yet every night we doom scroll through social media until our eyes burn. Let us remind you how bad screens, especially smartphone screens, actually are! The blue light emitted impedes your sleep, making it harder to stay awake and maintain a regular sleep schedule.

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8. No Exercise

You don’t need to become a gym rat overnight but aim for basic cardio and strength exercises. Regular exercise is crucial for a healthy weight, improved heart health, and mental health boosts. Over time, a sedentary lifestyle only weakens muscles and bones, which will be a serious pain as you age.

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9. Poor Oral Health

It’s hard to listen to the dental hygienist, what with her poking and prodding every time we visit. There is, however, merit in her warnings because poor oral hygiene causes significant health problems. Without regular brushing, flossing, and check-ups, you’re looking at gum disease or potentially lost teeth, not to mention a greater risk of heart disease and infection.

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10. Snoring

We can’t control when we snore, but we can control what we do about it. Snoring isn’t something to take lightly because depending on its severity, it impedes your airflow or could lead to health problems like stroke or heart attack. 

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11. Not Enough Water

Proper water intake not only regulates our bathroom trips, it also wards off fatigue, headaches, and even kidney stones.


It’s also crucial for flushing out any toxins and transporting nutrients, so your health can worsen without it. 

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12. Constant Stress

While we can’t keep stress down all the time, chronic stress or anxiety is in a league of its own—and it also comes with plenty of health risks if left unchecked. High blood pressure, digestion issues, mental illnesses, and heart disease are just some of the risks associated with chronic stress. Try to work effective stress management techniques into your life to preserve both physical and mental health.

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13. Forgoing Sun Protection

If we could just type, “Please wear sunscreen” over and over, we would! First and foremost, neglecting sunscreen exposes your skin to UV rays, skin cancer risks, and premature aging. However, sun protection extends beyond SPF—wear sunglasses to protect your eyes, too. 

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14. Skipping Breakfast

No matter how busy your schedule is, don’t ditch breakfast. Skipping it means you skip out on essential nutrients and energy needed to kickstart your metabolism for the day. Without breakfast, you’ll likely overeat or run the risk of nutrient deficiencies. 

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15. Nail Biting

Biting your nails isn’t a good look—literally. Not only does it destroy their appearance, but it’s also a surefire way to transfer bacteria into your mouth. To make matters worse, snacking on your nails potentially damages your teeth and gums.


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16. Procrastination

Congratulations, you told yourself three weeks ago you’d do something and now you’re out of time! While irksome, that last-minute scramble is actually more detrimental than you think—procrastination also causes stress, anxiety, or missed deadlines, which comes with its own repercussions. 

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17. Too Much Salt

Excessive sodium spikes blood pressure and puts you at risk for serious health problems like kidney issues, strokes, or heart disease. Too much salt can also impede your body’s ability to retain water, meaning blood vessels feel the strain. Opt for fresh over processed food and forego that added sprinkle where you can.

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18. No Mental Stimulation

Life is so much more than sitting at a desk or on our phones. In fact, mentally stimulating activities like reading or learning new skills improve cognitive health and can lower the chance of dementia as you age. These kinds of activities also help with memory and problem-solving.  

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19. Constant Snacking

Salt isn’t the only culprit for poor health—excessive sugar and snacking lead to obesity, heart disease, and a greater chance of diabetes. Constant snacking comes with all kinds of sugar and unhealthy fat without providing any of the essential nutrients your diet needs. 

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20. Ignoring Pain

It’s easy to tell yourself that headache will go away, but ignoring persistent discomfort is actually quite dangerous. Chronic pain, regardless of what it is, not only impacts your life but can also be a sign of underlying health conditions.


Listen to your body and speak with your doctor if you think something is wrong. 

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