2​​0 Ways To Organize And Declutter Your Closet For Good

2​​0 Ways To Organize And Declutter Your Closet For Good

We all want that dream closet—a closet full of vanity mirrors and floating shelves and so much space we never have to part with anything. Alas, our closets in real life are getting pretty full and that means it’s time to declutter! Here are 20 ways to stay organized all year long. 

1. Determine Space

One of the first things to do is determine how much space you actually want. That doesn’t necessarily mean within the closet itself—where you store clothing extends to dressers and door hooks, so think about how you’d best like to organize before moving forward.  

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2. Go Through Clothes Seasonally

Every season, pop into your closet and see which items can be donated. You don’t have to tackle this during the actual season either! Instead of going through summer clothes in the summer, go through them in the winter so there’s less temptation to wear them or convince yourself you need them. 

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3. Donate Clothing

The best and most charitable way to declutter a closet is through donations. Plenty of shelters and donation bins eagerly await useful items. Try incorporating a donation bin in the closet itself so you have a constant reminder of where less-loved items belong. 

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4. Work in Sections

Based on your closet space, you can either handle everything in one go or work through your closet in sections. It’s not a race to purge, and allocating the proper time to sift through items means a more efficient clean. 

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5. Fashion Show

You wouldn’t buy clothing without trying them on first. Don’t declutter without a fashion show either! Who knows how your style has evolved throughout the years or what doesn’t fit anymore? Try on items you’re iffy about to get a better sense of how attached you are. 

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6. Get the Right Storage

Storage solutions range from wicker baskets and fabric cubes to dressers and floating shelves. Depending on your space, get yourself the right storage to stay organized year-round.

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7. Move Out Accessories

You don’t need all those belts, hats, and purses in your closet. Look into storage solutions or that donation bin we talked about to free up space. The more items you keep in your closet, the faster you run out of space.

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8. Organize by Season

Work with a rotation system by season. Move whatever isn’t needed for the colder months to the back of the rack, or store items in a hall closet. 

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9. Switch Up Storage

No one said storage has to be uniform. The best decluttering solutions often range in size, so feel free to use a variety of baskets or hangers to make the most out of your space. 

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10. Reverse Hanger Technique

One of the smartest ways to declutter is with the reverse hanger technique. Hang your clothes up “backward” so the hanger hook faces you. Then as you wear items, hang them back up the way you normally would. After a couple of months, you’ll see which clothing you didn’t touch, allowing you to purge. 

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11. Consider a Dresser

If you have a good amount of space beneath hanging items, consider a dresser. They free up all kinds of space in your closet—and you can implement further organizers in its shelves.

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12. Ask the Right Questions

When it comes time to donate, ask yourself the tough questions. When was the last time you wore this? Would you buy it again if you saw it in stores now? Is it still comfortable? The right questions open the closet door to more space and less headaches.

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13. Consider a Clothing Rack

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to sequester clothes in the closet! A clothing rack can help free up some space and allow you to declutter your space. It also helps you keep upcoming outfits on display, saving you some time in the morning.

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14. Have a Maybe Pile

If you’re on the fence about some items, put a maybe pile together. Toss iffy items into a bin and leave them for a couple of months. If you go that time without giving them another thought, you can probably part with them. Just be sure the bin is stored far away from your closet to deter you from picking through it early. 

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15. Get Items Repaired

Chances are you’ve got a few articles in need of alterations. It always seems like a “tomorrow” chore, but work to mend clothes sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, the bigger that “tomorrow” pile grows.

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16. Keep Closets For Clothes

Too often closets become ground zero for junk. No more! Only keep appropriate items in there to avoid a landfill down the road. That means no empty shopping bags, no shoe boxes, and no bedding. 

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17. Stop Shopping

It’s tempting to buy new clothes every season but avoid the urge by shopping your closet instead. There could very well be a few items you forgot about or new style tips you learned that refresh older articles. 

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18. Push Through Sentimentality

You don’t need to part with every item that means something to you, but it’s perfectly fine to ditch clothes you circle back to every purge. And if you’re truly struggling, stick it in the maybe pile! 

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19. Be Honest

Are those adorable shoes too small? Did you buy an outfit you always meant to wear but never did? You need to call TOD on items you’ve only ever looked at.

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20. Avoid Hoarding

Don’t hoard items you don’t need! You don’t need that many pairs of shoes or 50 sweaters. Purge items you know deep down should be donated—it’ll be worth it for a clean closet. 

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