10 Red Flags & 10 Green Flags To Watch Out For During A First Date

10 Red Flags & 10 Green Flags To Watch Out For During A First Date

Navigating the dating scene whether you're a first-timer or a single parent looking to get back out there is a tough one. It's a complex landscape, filled with beautiful moments and sometimes daunting experiences. Recognizing the subtle cues during a first date can be incredibly important when trying to determine whether you want to pursue a relationship further. That's why we're going to explore both the red flags and the green flags that will help you decide whether or not your date is worth your time. 

1. Disrespectful Behavior

One major red flag that's easy to notice is disrespectful behaviour; if you see your date being rude to any service staff, talking down to others, or displaying any form of bad behaviour, you know it's probably a sign to call it quits. Respect is the foundation of any relationship, so if it's not there, it's not worth pursuing any further.

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2. Excessive Talking About Exes

If you find yourself listening to your date constantly bringing up their ex-partners, there's a chance this indicates there's some unresolved issues there. A healthy date focuses on getting to know each other, not dwelling on the past. That's not some baggage you want to carry into a new relationship.

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3. Poor Listening Skills

Did your fun 5 minute story turn into a 20 minute one full of interruptions and questions? If your date isn't paying any attention to what you're saying, don't brush it off. This isn't a one-time thing. It clearly shows a lack of respect and interest so you're probably better off just moving on. After all, good communication is key in any solid relationship.

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4. Overly Controlling Tendencies

Before you even get to know your date better, are they already trying to dictate what you should eat, wear, or act? This type of controlling behaviour is a dangerous one. It's important you don't view this as a one-time thing; it can be a sign of deeper issues that would only cause more problems if you continue this relationship.

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5. Lack of Punctuality

Never underestimate the importance of a good first impression during your first date with someone new. Being significantly late without a valid reason or apology shows a lack of respect for your time. Time management is important when balancing family and personal life, and if they don't get it, there's no point having them waste your precious time.

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6. Constant Phone Usage

In today's digital age, people are incredibly attached to their phones. So if you find yourself staring at the top of your date's head more than their actual face because they keep looking down, it's a definite red flag. Clearly, they're not interested in you or they lack the ability to be engaged in the present moment. Neither are traits you should brush over.

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7. Dismissive of Your Interests

Whoever you end up in a relationship with should support and respect your hobbies and interests, not belittle them. On your first date, if you notice your date being rude about this, it should become clear that you're not meant for each other. This is not the foundation of a healthy relationship.

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8. Inconsistent or Evasive Answers

Dates are meant to be an opportunity to learn more about each other, not dodge every question! If the answers your date are giving you are not straightforward, defensive, or evasive, this is a sign of dishonesty or a lack of transparency. It's all about equal trade - they should be giving you answers in return for everything you're sharing to them too.

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9. Pushing Boundaries

One major red flag is if your date is pressuring you to do things you're uncomfortable with. Talk about leaving a bad first impression! Whether it's drinking more or moving to fast physically and intimately, don't let them sway you into doing things you don't want to. You should never feel uncomfortable with your significant other.

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10. Negative Attitude

No negativity allowed here! Constant negativity or pessimism can be draining and exhausting for the other person involved; it's not conducive to a healthy, supportive relationship, so if you're noticing signs of this early on, don't ignore it. It's important that you find someone to be with that has a positive outlook and encourages you to do better.

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1. Respectful Interaction

Notice whether or not your date treats you and others with kindness and respect. This is an easy way to determine whether they value and appreciate people, a crucial aspect to any healthy relationship.

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2. Good Listening Skills

You don't want to spend time with someone who clearly doesn't want to be there, and one way to show that they care is by actively listening. A date who engages with what you're saying demonstrates interest and attraction. It's also a good way to get an indicator on their communication skills.

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3. Punctuality and Consideration

If your date shows up on time or even early, it shows that their considerate about your plans together and that they're genuinely excited. They clearly respect your time and effort, showing signs of a responsible and organized individual. That's a definite green flag!

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4. Shared Laughter

Laughter and a sense of humour can help create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere in an otherwise awkward environment. First dates can be rough and you and your date might not click, but if you find your date laughing and enjoying your company, it indicates they have a positive attitude and an ability to enjoy life's lighter moments.

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5. Mutual Interests

While opposites may attract, it's also important that you find common ground or interests that can provide a great foundation for a potential relationship. It suggests strong compatibility and that you two have the prospect of enjoying future activities together!

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6. Openness and Honesty

Honesty is essential in any strong, functional relationship. If your date is open about their life, goals, and opinions in a respectful manner, it reflects their honest and integrity. The fact that they want to be open with you is a major green flag. They're essential qualities in a loving partner.

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7. Appropriate Boundaries

Before things start getting serious and before you even plan a second date, it's important that you both establish physical and emotional boundaries. But not just that, it's essential that you respect them too! This shows maturity from both sides, and a deep understanding that this is a crucial aspect in a loving relationship.

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8. Positive Body Language

Is your date paying attention to you? If they're maintaining eye contact, leaning in when they speak, and showing open body language, chances are they're attracted to you and deeply engaged! These are excellent signs of genuine interest, which are great green flags if you want to pursue the relationship.

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9. Interest in Your Life

If your date is asking questions about your interests, work, or family in a respectful manner, it shows that they're genuinely curious and want to get to know you better. This is great news for you! It means they're feeling a connection and want to examine further if you two would be a good match.

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10. Plans for the Future

At the end of your date, if they're expressing interest in seeing you again or suggesting future plans, it's a positive indication that they want to continue the relationship. The fact that they're taking the initiative is a good thing! Now it's just time for you to evaluate your own feelings and emotions to determine what you would like to do next. Trust your gut!

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