10 First Date Icks That Make You Want To Leave Halfway & 10 Positives That Make You Stay

10 First Date Icks That Make You Want To Leave Halfway & 10 Positives That Make You Stay

First dates can be tough to navigate, but here are a couple of tips to get you off on the right foot. When you're trying to get a good read on your date, here are 10 things to look out for, and 10 positives that'll make you want to schedule a second one immediately.

1. The Loud Chewer

On a first date, there might not be anything more visually and auditorily unappealing than seeing and hearing a sloppy, loud chewer. Those sounds they make when they smack their lips together, slurp their food, and chomp down are just a major ick that's hard to look past, especially when you're trying to get a good first impression.

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2. The Unsolicited Advice Giver

You barely know each other's last name and your date is already trying to give you advice about how to live your life? Nope, we're out of here. It's incredibly rude to start commenting your opinion about someone else's life choices when you barely know anything about them!

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3. Constant Phone Interruptions

When you're on a first date with someone, that time should be about getting to know each other and having open, comfortable chatting. So why is there constantly a third person involved? If their phone is repeatedly going off, and they're actively responding instead of giving you all the attention, it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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4. The One-Sided Conversation

It's really nice when your date is someone who can talk a lot and not leave any awkward silences - that is, unless they only talk about themselves. While you definitely want to learn more about them, you don't exactly want to sit through endless stories about their childhood, work drama, and friendship problems. Did they forget you were there too?

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5. The Over-Planner

Relax. It's a first date. There's no need to make future plans just yet. So if your date has already started mapping out your relationship timeline without first getting the okay from you, that's just plain weird. If you even hear the word "marriage" come out on a first date, that's probably a red flag.

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6. Being Overly Late

There's definitely a difference between arriving fashionably late and just being plain rude. And on a first date, showing up late without a good reason is just inexcusable. It's one quick way to ruin your first impression before you even meet the person.

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7. TMI

Sharing is caring, but maybe not on a first date where you're sharing every little unnecessary detail of your life. We don't want to hear about family drama regarding people we haven't even met or know about, or personal problems you've yet to overcome. Save that for a later time if the date goes well and both sides want to pursue the relationship further!

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8. Awkward Humour

While first dates can be nerve-wracking, humour is a great way to break the ice. Nothing like laughter to ease the tension! But if your date is throwing out the most awkward, uncomfortable jokes that just completely fail the landing, it's hard to feel like you click with them after that.

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9. The Debater

While you're still getting to know one another, it's important that you stay open-minded and polite during a first date. So if your date starts turning every topic into a heated debate, it's definitely not a good look. Is there really a need to argue about your stance on things?

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10. The Bill Splitter

We all know, on the first date there's a common belief that the man should pay the bill. While of course this is just a stereotype, it does get a bit awkward if your date starts pushing forcefully that the bill should be split. It just makes things feel a bit weird!

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1. Genuine Compliments

Everyone loves receiving compliments! Whether it's about your look, your hobbies, or your personality, it's a great way for your date to make you feel like they appreciate you and are genuinely interested in getting to know you better. The more sincere, the better.

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2. The Good Listener

Having someone that actually listens while you're talking, provides receptive responses, and doesn't interrupt? That's a winning date right there. It's always a good sign when your date cares about you're saying, showing that they have an actual interest in you.

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3. Great Humour

If your date is able to make you laugh and feel comfortable upon your first meeting, it's an easy way to see them in a positive light. Good humour that matches with your own is such a turn on!                

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4. Unconventional Date Idea

Instead of going down the classic route of dinner and a movie, if your date plans something fun and exciting for your first get together like kayaking or going to a theme park, it shows that they put a lot of effort into planning it. It's definitely something you'll feel appreciative about!

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5. Strong Eye Contact

Eye contact is a simple action that can mean a whole lot. Not only does it show that you're attentively listening, it's demonstrating that you're present and willing to engage in conversation. 

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6. Shared Interests

The easiest way to feel a connection with someone off a first date is if you discover you share the same hobbies or love for certain things. It could be something as small as both loving the pizza shop down the street, or something as big as both loving pottery. Whatever it is, discovering these shared interests could be the spark of excitement and interest you're looking for.

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7. Polite From Start To Finish

Meeting someone completely new can be very scary! That's why seeing that they're respectful and polite to you can help leave a positive impression. Asking permission before doing something like holding your hand and being respectful of your boundaries is a major plus in our eyes!

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8. Kind Smiles

Sometimes, just seeing your date have a friendly, warm, and infectious smile is enough for you to get a good impression of them. A nice smile can feel so inviting and comforting, even if you don't know them that well yet. It just makes you feel happy too!

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9. The Gentleman/Lady

Doing small acts of kindness or thoughtfulness like opening doors for you, offering you their jacket, or driving you home when it's dark is a major green flag. It allows you to feel safe and comfortable with them, knowing that they respect you and care about your wellbeing.

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10. The Perfect Pacing

Not keeping you out too late, not leaving too early, your date is getting a good review from you if they keep the pacing right. It shows that they know how to read the situation, keeping the date in a good state that feels neither rushed or dragged out.

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