10 Clear Signs Your Date Just Isn't Into You & 10 Signs They Really Are

10 Clear Signs Your Date Just Isn't Into You & 10 Signs They Really Are

Whether you've got experience or are just starting out in the dating world, we've got some useful tips for you. If you're looking to find ways to see if your date is or isn't into you, we've provided you with 10 tips for each, allowing you to navigate the difficult terrain of the dating world more smoothly.

1. Lack of Eye Contact

If you notice your date is avoiding eye contact when you're talking to them, it's a pretty clear sign that they're not engaged or interested in the interaction. Eye contact is a simple but powerful form of intimacy, and in its evident absence, it can indicate discomfort or disinterest.

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2. Closed Body Language

A date who sits with their arms crossed, turns their body away from you, or maintains a considerable amount of physical distance is a quick and easy way to see that they're not open to connecting with you. Closed body language is nonverbal, but a very clear way of seeing someone's emotional state and interest level.

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3. Frequent Phone Usage

When was the last time your date looked up from his/her phone? If your date is spending more time scrolling through their phone than engaging in conversation with you, something's clearly up. It's an easy way to see that they're just not interested! Constant distraction shows that they find their online world much more appealing than the present company, which unfortunately, is you.

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4. Short Responses

Someone who's interested in getting to know you more will invest in the conversation by asking follow up questions and showing enthusiasm and interest. If all you're getting is "uh-huhs" and "nice," these short and disengaged responses clearly demonstrate they don't want to pursue anything any further.

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5. Lack of Personal Questions

Following up on that point, an interested date will ask you personal questions so they can learn more about you. Whether it's your interests, your career, or your experiences, they just want to get to know you better. A lack of such questioning can be the first sign that they're not interested in you. 

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6. They Keep Checking the Time

Not only does it feel hurtful, if you find your date frequently glancing at their watch or a clock, it's a clear sign that they're bored or want to leave. All this behaviour does is tell you that they want the date to end.

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7. Suggesting Group Hangouts

Someone who prefers group activities over one-on-one time after the initial dates probably doesn't want to pursue a romantic relationship with you. It might just be that they feel more comfortable keeping things casual and friendly.

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8. Avoidance of Future Plans

When a date avoids making future plans or is showing non-commital behaviour about suggestions for another date, sorry but they're just not interested. If they want to progress the relationship further, they'd be initiating or showing enthusiasm!

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9. No Physical Contact

In a typical date, it's normal for there to be some light, casual touches (like a pat on the back or a touch on the arm) that suggest emotional warmth or romantic interest. A date without any of these actions might just be because she/he is not interested.

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10. Immediate Change of Subject

If your date consistently changes the subject when personal topics or future plans come up, they may be trying to avoid deepening the conversation or revealing their lack of interest in a future together.

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1. They Remember Small Details

Paying attention to and remembering the little things you've mentioned in passing—like your favorite food, a band you love, or a story about your childhood—shows they truly listen and care about what matters to you. It's an obvious way to tell if someone is into you or not.

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2. Quick and Excited Responses

Whether it has to do with returning texts or calls or showing enthusiasm when making plans together, eagerness and excitement are two positive traits that can tell you if things are going well. It means they want to spend more time with you, which is a strong indicator of interest.

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3. Consistent Eye Contact

As we briefly mentioned already, maintaining steady eye contact shows that your date is fully engaged and interested in what you have to say. It's a sign of confidence and a desire to connect on a deeper level, showcasing their desire in wanting to progress the relationship.

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4. They Share Personal Stories

Sharing personal anecdotes or feelings is a sign they trust you and are comfortable being vulnerable around you. It indicates a desire to build a deeper connection because they want you to know more about them too.

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5. Frequent Laughter

Everyone loves a good laugh! And if you're able to share that with your date, it's a sign of ease, comfort, and enjoyment. If your date is frequently laughing and smiling at you, it just means they're enjoying your company. 

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6. Genuine Compliments

Receiving compliments is a nice way of showing that you're interested in your date and that you appreciate their unique qualities. So if you're getting some compliments, good for you! It's their way of expressing admiration and interest.

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7. Physical Contact

Subtle touches, such as a gentle pat on the back or a touch on the arm, can indicate warmth and a desire to be closer to you. Physical contact is a powerful way (and one of the most clear ways) to express interest and attraction.

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8. Interest in Your Life

When you're with someone who feels that special connection with you, they're going to show an interest in your life. Whether it's asking about your day, your goals, or your interests, they're keen on understanding who you are as a person and becoming part of your life. It reflects a genuine interest in discovering more about you.

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9. Making Future Plans

Talking about future activities or suggesting plans for the next date is a clear sign they're looking forward to spending more time with you. It shows they're thinking about you in their future and that they're ready to move to the next step.

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10. Ending the Date Reluctantly

If your date seems hesitant to end the night, lingering over goodbyes, or mentioning how quickly the time went, it's a good sign that indicates they enjoyed your company and are eager to see you again. It means the date went well and they're looking forward to more!

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