Hop Into Easter With These 20 Kid-Friendly Crafts

Hop Into Easter With These 20 Kid-Friendly Crafts

Easter is a magical time for children and adults alike. A guilt-free holiday that brings savory feasts and heaps of chocolate? What could possibly make it better? We’ll tell you: 20 kid-friendly crafts that are sure to keep them occupied and show off their creativity.

1. Classic Easter Egg Painting

You can’t go wrong with this Easter season staple. With so many kits available, the majority of the work is done for you. Just make sure you lay some newspaper down to avoid any stains on the dining room table!

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2. Paper Plate Bunny

A simple craft for kids of any age, all you need for this is a paper plate, a marker, construction paper, and pom poms. Let the kids draw the bunny’s face and cut out the ears, and you can help secure everything if need be. If you really want to spice things up, use pipe cleaners for the whiskers and a pom pom for the nose!

Alice-Dietrich-Fwf Fkj5Tbo-UnsplashPhoto by Alice Dietrich on Unsplash

3. Toilet Paper Roll Bunnies

This craft puts recycling to good use! Grab a marker and construction paper for your children to add a bunny face onto the roll, and cut out ears to secure afterward. You can also use pipe cleaners for whiskers.

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4. Easter Egg Rocks

If you don’t have the heart to part with your eggs, let your kids paint a rock instead! Find large, flat stones and let your children paint them however they like. Decorate the house with them or leave them outside for a colorful burst.

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5. Construction Paper Eggs

The simplest (and cleanest) way to decorate eggs is to make them from construction paper instead! Simply cut out an egg shape for your children and let them decorate it with markers, paint, or a variety of materials. You can also hole-punch them and make a garland!

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6. Chick Fingerprints

You and your kids can press your thumb into yellow paint and apply the thumbprint to a sheet of paper. Let it dry and then use a marker to draw a beak and feet on the thumbprint, making it a family of small yellow chicks!

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7. Handprint Animals

Trace your child’s hand on a sheet of construction paper before you cut it out. Ideally, you’ll want to use white or yellow paper for handprint bunnies and chicks! Let your kids draw the faces on them to make the animals extra special.

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8. Solo Cup Bunnies

You can make an easy bunny with a solo cup as well. Grab some white paint to coat the cup and then add some pipe cleaner whiskers and googly eyes to bring the little guy to life!

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9. Chick Painted Rocks

Don’t limit yourself (or your kids) to painting rocks like Easter eggs. You can also paint them to look like chickens hatching out of their eggs! It’s a quick craft that keeps the eggs in your fridge safe from paintbrushes.

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10. Easter Bunny Garland

Cut out an Easter bunny shape on construction paper and let the kiddos decorate them however they see fit. You can make tissue paper tails and then hole-punch the bunny’s ears to turn them into a garland.

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11. Wine Cork Chicks

If you have a spare wine cork hanging around, now’s the perfect time to use it! Dip one end in yellow paint and then press the cork onto a sheet of paper. Let the paint dry and your kids can then draw the body of a chick on the dots!

Javier-Balseiro-49Gsfzy4Zse-UnsplashPhoto by Javier Balseiro on Unsplash

12. Bunny Headbands

Not only is this quick craft easy to make, it will give every dinner attendee a stylish addition to their Easter outfits. Make a loop and bunny ears from construction paper first. Then all you have to do is add the ears to the back of the loop and people can wear them as headbands!

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13. Egg Carton Chicks

Transform empty cartons into adorable chicks with nothing but yellow paint, feathers, construction paper, and googly eyes. Kids can paint the egg carton cups yellow before gluing on the eyes and construction paper beak. They can then glue feathers for that final touch.

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14. Easter Bunny Masks

White paper plates, scissors, construction paper, and a bit of glue are all that’s needed to transform the munchkins into bunnies. Help them cut out and secure paper ears to the plate and then let them draw a bunny face. Cut out eye holes as a final step.

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15. Tissue Paper Flowers

Show your child how to scrunch tissue paper into a flower shape and then secure them to green pipe cleaners. This easy craft welcomes spring flowers ahead of Mother Nature’s schedule.

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16. Bubble Wrap Eggs

Okay, we all know bubble wrap is fun enough on its own. However, if you cut egg shapes out of bubble wrap, the kiddos will have something to paint—and something to pop!

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17. Chick Fork Painting

If you’re willing to sacrifice a fork in the name of art, this craft is your go-to. Dip the tines in some yellow paint and pull the fork outward on a sheet of paper to make the chick’s body. When everything dries you can draw a tiny face or even use construction paper to make a beak and eyes!

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18. Easter Egg Hunt Signs

Involve your kids in the hunt even more this year! Give them some poster board and markers and let them make signs to place around the yard.

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19. Cotton Ball Bunny

For a paper plate bunny with more pizazz, glue cotton balls to the plate for a fluffier face. You can still use construction paper for the ears, but it’s best to use googly eyes for the peepers. 

Jen-Theodore-V93Cofbluni-UnsplashPhoto by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

20. Easter Egg Shakers

Put some rice in empty plastic eggs and then seal them shut with glue or tape. Secure the eggs to popsicle sticks and ta-da! Your kids have musical shakers! 

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