50+ Of The Best Kitchen Gadgets We Can't Live Without

50+ Of The Best Kitchen Gadgets We Can't Live Without

We've compiled a list of the best gadgets and tools that are a must have for any home chef. These products are designed to instantly upgrade your kitchen, making cooking a breeze. 

Once you try these products, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them! 

One Measuring Cup To Rule Them All

A1Ro7-wP4L._AC_SL1500_-1024x1024.jpg  via Amazon

This adjustable measuring cup replaces an entire drawers worth of measuring tools. It makes measuring liquids, dry, and semi-solid ingredients a breeze. It's super practical and a must have for any kitchen.

Air Fry You Way To Glory With The CESORI Air Fryer

airfryer.jpeg via Amazon

There's a reason air fryers are all the rage. Who wouldn't want faster, healthier, and crispier food!? This COSORI Air Fryer happens to be the best at it too, with enough room to cook for the whole family. 

Get Up To 20% Off On The Entire Line Of Keurig Coffee Makers


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Skip the line at Starbucks and enjoy delicious coffee at home. The entire Keurig lineup is currently over 20% off, so it's the perfect time to become your own barista. 

This Spice Rack Comes With Free Refills For 5 Years


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This spice rack is not only a stylish addition to any countertop, but it also comes with every spice you need. Did we mention is comes with free refills for 5 years?! It's 18% off right now, so you can add all the spice to your life. 


Declutter Your Drawers With This Utensil Organizer

drawerganizer.jpeg  via Amazon

Maximize your kitchen storage with this smartly crafted Utensil Organizer Tray. Its unique design features stacked, angled compartments, allowing you to fit in way more utensils than a standard flat tray. 

Make Amazing And Healthy Desserts With The Yonanas Soft Serve Maker


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Making your own soft serve at home has never been easier. In just a few minutes, you can easily turn any frozen fruit into a smooth ice-cream or sorbet like treat without any added sugars. It also happens to be over 30% off. 

Up Your Baking Game With This Silicone Bread Maker

breadmaker.jpeg  via Amazon

It only takes this silicon bowl to mix, knead, and bake bread to perfection. Hot air and steam circulates through the openings, making your bread bake perfectly crispy on the outside and perfectly moist on the inside.

This Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set Will Have You Throwing Out All Your Old Pots And Pans


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This nonstick ceramic cooking set is not only stylish, it's also incredibly well made. It's currently 50% off, so you'd be hard pressed to find a cookware set for better value. 

Turn Any Stovetop Into A BBQ With This Smokeless Grill

the-100-most-popular-products-weve-ever-written-about_27.jpg  via Amazon

With this smokeless grill, you can cook delicious BBQ right inside your kitchen - no bbq or smoker required! It works with both electric and gas stoves and comes equipped with an integrated drip pan. Grease and spatters stay contained making cleanup a effortless.

This Knife Sharpener Works Wonders On Dull Knives

the-100-most-popular-products-weve-ever-written-about_29.jpg  via Amazon

Getting your knives professionally sharpened is a pain. This Knife Sharpener is so easy to use and lets you do it at home like a pro! Chefs rave about it online, and for under $10 this product is a no brainer for any kitchen.


This Sponge Caddy Will Help Keep Your Sink Organized


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This sponge caddy has a spout that directs towards the sink so there's no mess left behind on your countertop. It comes in 3 stylish finishes and even has separate storage containers for your soap, sponges and brushes. Pick one up on a limited time deal for $17.99.  

Make Your Own Smash Burgers At Home With These Handy Meat Presses


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No one likes paying $20 for a burger that doesn't even come with fries! This handy tool lets you make the perfect smash burger at home. Made of heavy duty cast iron, these meat presses are also great for getting that ideal steak sear or keeping bacon perfectly flat. The set is currently 33% off, so you can pick one up for only $23.99. 

Make Use Of Wasted Space With This Amazing Magnetic Kitchen Shelf


  via Amazon

This magnetic kitchen shelf is an excellent addition to any stovetop. It securely sticks to the top of your stove, staying put and providing a handy spot for essentials. Its made of sleek and durable stainless steel so it's as stylish as it is practical.

Keep Your Butter Spreadable With The Original Butter Bell


  via Amazon

Chef recommended and available in a variety of amazing colors, The Original Butter Bell will end the debate of where to store your butter. Made of durable high quality ceramic, it keeps butter fresh and spreadable for weeks without refrigeration, spoilage or odors.

This Tiny Ice Cube Tray That Makes Ice With The Perfect Crunch


  via Amazon

These slushy mini ice cubes are perfect for crunching! Coming in packs of 2, they make 160 little square ice cubes, ideal for water bottles and safe for kids. Because of their size, they freeze and chill your drink faster, so you can enjoy that sweet cold first sip much quicker.

 The VeggiChop Is The Ultimate Little Tool For Chopping Veggies

the-100-most-popular-products-weve-ever-written-about_61.jpg  via Amazon

Chop your vegetables, fruit, garlic, herbs, and even nuts in seconds with the Veggichop. With just the pull of a cord you can have home made salsa and guacamole in seconds. It's also super easy to clean so you won't be needing to wipe down any more cutting boards.


This Cold Press Juicer Is A One Way Ticket To Health


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Freshly squeezed orange juice? Yes, please! This juicer separates pulp at lower speeds, resulting in 30% more juice than it's closest competitor.  It's currently over 65% off on a limited time deal. 

This 7-in-1 Instant Pot Will Change The Way You Cook


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The Instant Pot is the ultimate utility appliance that every kitchen needs. There's a reason it's a #1 best seller on Amazon, garnering over 150,000 5 star reviews. 

Make Your House A Home With A Personalized Cutting Board


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These personalized cutting boards make the perfect display piece or gift for any kitchen. Handmade of solid hardwood, this chopping board is sustainable, durable and will resist long years of use without breaking or cracking.

The Secret To The Ultimate Restaurant Quality Mashed Potatoes Is This Potato Ricer


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If you ever wondered how restaurants get their mashed potatoes so smooth and creamy, this potato ricer is the answer. Cook your potatoes until they're tender, then pass them through the ricer for smooth and lump-free mashed potatoes that will be the star of any meal. 

This Toaster Is So Smart It Could Be From The Future


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This toaster gives you the ultimate amount of control to get the perfect toast every time. It's simple to use digital display lets you choose exactly how you want your toast to come out looking. It's currently 65% off too, so if you're looking to upgrade your toaster, now is the time. 

This Glass Rinser Is An Instant Upgrade To Any Sink


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Clean your cups, bottles, or glasses in seconds without having to scrub them down. This stylish rinser also comes a number of finishes to match any sink. With an easy installation and current sale of 33% off, you can upgrade your cleaning routine for only $44.



Cook Delicious Bacon Without The Mess


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Don't let anyone tell you that you can't make delicious bacon in the microwave. In just a few short minutes, this handy tool will make perfectly crispy bacon all without the mess! You can currently pick one up for over 33% off ($19.95). 

Defrost Meat 8x Faster With This Magical Defrosting Tray


  via Amazon

This defroster tray can defrost any protein 8x faster than at room temperature. No chemicals, no odor, and no electricity needed. It's the safest way to defrost food quickly while preserving all the original flavour and nutrition of your food.

Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee Right At Home


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Make the best cold brew coffee right at home. It's easy to use, clean, and makes coffee shop quality cold brew without the 'steep' price. At 47% off, you can channel your inner barista at home for only $19.99. 

Get The Pizza Cutter The Pros Use


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If you eat as much pizza as us, you know that dividing it up into even slices can sometimes be a challenge. This chef approved pizza cutter is the real deal, giving you the perfect slice every time. 

Upgrade Your Bar With This Lemon/Lime Slicer


  via Amazon

This handy gadget easily slices lemons or limes into eight perfect wedges in seconds. It also works great with other smaller fruits and veggies, making it a great addition to any bar or kitchen. 

This Mini Donut Maker Is Perfect For Those Weekend Mornings


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Make cute, tasty mini donuts at home, perfect for snacking, entertaining and kids. The included recipe book has everything your need to learn how to make filled, frosted and glazed donuts. The possibilities are endless! 

Make Delicious Egg Bites For On The Go


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This egg bite maker is our new favorite way to make eggs. Add in cheese, bacon, or veggies and enjoy them fresh or freeze them and warm up in the microwave for a quick, easy, and healthy breakfast. A great addition for those hectic mornings!

This Food Dehydrator Is The Appliance You Never Knew You Needed


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The possibilities are endless when it comes to this food dehydrator. Making your own beef jerky or dried fruit at home has never been easier. It comes with 6 stainless steel trays so you can make enough snacks for the whole family. 

These Disposable K-Cup Filters Will Save You A Pretty Penny


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The cost of k-cups can add up fast. The better way? Buying or grounding your own coffee and using these disposable k-cup filters. You get 200 in a pack, so you can taste the savings all year long. 

This Stacking Mat Is An Easy Way To Keep Your Fridge Organized


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This stacking mat is an easy way to organize your fridge, using that empty space to store more cans and bottles without them rolling around. 

Soda Stream Is The Future Of Carbonated Beverages


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Ranked as one of the best gifts of 2023, the Soda Stream makes fresh sparkling water at the push of a button. You can also add all the flavors to create your favorite sodas at home for a fraction of the cost. 

The Lodge Cast Iron Skillet Is a Staple Of Any Kitchen


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The skillet that will last you a lifetime! With it's natural nonstick surface, you get precise even heating in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or even over the campfire. It's brutally tough and with proper care can last generations. It comes in a variety of sizes but the 10.5" version is currently over 40% off ($19.90). 

Organize Your Pantry Like A Boss With These Storage Containers


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Give your kitchen or pantry an upgrade with these premium storage containers. It comes with chalkboard labels and marker so you have everything you need to get organized. The 4 sided-locking lids ensure that no air or water enters, keeping your pantry good super fresh and dry.

Keep Your Produce Fresh For Longer With The BluApple Produce Saver


 via Amazon

The BluApple Produce Saver is a great kitchen gadget for anyone that stores lots of fruits and veggies. The food safe packets absorbs all the ethylene gases that cause produce to over ripen. Throw one in your fruit/veggies drawers to keep your produce lasting 2-3 times longer!

A Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set That Will Make All Your Baking Dreams Come True


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This 26 peice mixing bowl set is over 20% off and comes equipped with everything you need to become a master baker.  A great gift to any home chef or your own kitchen. 

This Handy Tool Let's You Make Delicious S'Mores Without The Bonfire


  via Amazon

This S'Mores maker let's you enjoy this delicious treat any day of the year. No bonfire necessary! It easily stacks 6 s'mores and securely locks them into place for cooking in the oven, bbq, or toaster oven. Perfect for any movie night! 


Upgrade Your Storage Space With This Ultra Slim Storage Cart


  via Amazon

Measuring just 5 inches wide, this slim storage cart is a genius solution for any unused space in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom (or wherever you might need it). It's sturdy, stable, and wheels right into place!

This Countertop Pizza Maker Is 25% Off


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Have a pizza party whenever you want with this portable countertop pizza maker. You can cook a full 12" pizza in under 5 minutes for a fraction of the cost of delivery. It's as fun as is it delicious!

This Magnetic Meal Planner that’s Perfect For Any Kitchen


  via Amazon

Before you even start cooking, it's a smart idea to have a plan in place. Stick this magnetic dry erase menu onto your fridge so you can easily plan out your meals for the week. It's also a great way to keep track of your grocery list!


Keep Your Sponges Mold-Free With The Sling Sink Caddy


  via Amazon

Unlike other caddies on the market, Sling Sink Caddy forms to your sink so you don't have to deal with those pesky suction cups. The cutouts promote proper drainage, so you can save on sponges by preventing moisture buildup and mold.

This Box Cheese Grater Leaves No Mess


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This is by far the best cheese grater we've ever tried. It holds all of the shredded cheese without having to deal with a mess all over the counter. It comes with several different stainless steel shredding plates and it’s super easy to clean! As a bonus, it also comes with a garlic press and vegetable peeler. 

This Olive Oil Sprayer Is A Game Changer


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This little oil sprayer is perfect for evenly adding your favorite oil to your veggies, meats and pans as needed. It's totally mess-free and with over 9,700 5-star ratings, it's a chef approved tool for any kitchen. It's on sale for 24% off, so you can grab one for only $12.99. 

This Avocado Hugger Will Save Your Precious Avocados


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Once they are cut in half, avocados tend to spoil super fast. You end up throwing out the other half which is a total waste. The Avocado Hugger gives you an air tight seal which keeps browning at bay - keeping your avocados fresh for days. Guac lovers unite! 

This 35 Piece Kitchen Set Is Literally All You Need


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Whether you are starting from scratch or just need to replace a few tools, this 35 peice kitchen set has you completely covered. it's currently 20% off, so for only $34.39 you can fully stock your kitchen will everything you need to get cooking. 

This Amazing Vegetable Chopper Makes Prep Time A Breeze 


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Enjoy 25% off this vegetable chopper that fulfill all of your chopping, slicing, and grating needs. The catch basin makes cleaning effortless and the whole thing is dishwasher safe. 


This Salad Spinner That Makes Your Lettuce Fresh, Crispy And Clean 


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Cleaning your lettuce is probably a step you don't want to skip when making a salad. This handy salad spinner makes cleaning lettuce a breeze without it ended up a soggy mess! 

These Magnetic Storage Racks Stick Right Onto Your Fridge


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These impressively strong magnetic shelves are the easiest way to gain a little extra storage space in your kitchen. Perfect for your spices and pantry goods, at 25% off you can get a pack for 4 for $18.39.  

Never Buy Ice Again With This Countertop Ice Maker


via Amazon 

Have you ever had people over only to look in the freezer and realize you're out of ice? Instead of waiting hours with ice trays or making a trip to the store, you can have the perfect ice in only 6 minutes! It makes two different sizes and even has a self-cleaning function to make sure your ice stays clean.

Become A Master Chef With The CHEF iQ Smart Meat Thermometer


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Get the perfect cook every single time. This wireless smart meat thermometer connects to free app that tells you exactly when your meat is cooked exactly as you like it. It will even walks you through every step of the cooking process to guarantee perfect and consistent results.

Stand Comfortably On These Kitchen Mats While You Do The Dishes


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These kitchen mats honestly feel like your standing on a cloud. They are so comfortable, you might just end up offering to do the dishes so you can stand on it longer. 

The Refrigerator Deodorizer That Lasts for Up To 10 Years!


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This fridge deodorizer is more effective than baking soda or carbon without any of the fragrances or chemicals. Plus, the filter sucks up those nasty gases that causes food to spoil. Did we mention is lasts 10 years!? It's currently 11% off so you can grab one for $24.99 and enjoy a clean smelling fridge for the foreseeable future.

This Snap N' Strain Silicone Strainer is over 60% Off. 


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The easier way to strain your food! It's specially designed clips easily snap on to round pots, pans, and bowls of all sizes, so you never have to lose your noodles again. 

This Bamboo Cutting Board Comes With Containers For A No Hassle Clean Up


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This multifunctional bamboo cutting board is amazing for prepping your fruits & veggies, shredding cheese, and making salads. It makes meal prepping a breeze! It's the perfect addition to any kitchen or gift for any home chef. 

Cleaning Your Kitchen Just Got Easier With This Touchless Vacuum


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The EyeVac Home is an ideal addition to your kitchen or any area with hard flooring. This compact touchless canister vacuum is equipped to handle any mess with ease. From dirt and dust to sand and more, it effortlessly manages all types of debris, so no more bending over with a dustpan!

Turn Your Garbage Into Natural Fertilizer With The LOMI Smart Waste Upcycler


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The LOMI Smart Waste Upcycler is the ultimate kitchen appliance for turning food & waste into nutrient-rich compost. With the touch of a button LOMI uses advanced technology to break down food waste quickly and efficiently, producing compost in as little as 24 hours. It's the ultimate 'green' addition to any kitchen, allowing you to reduce your waste and feed your garden with ease.