Swipe Left on Fear: Hilarious Horror Stories from the Online Dating World

Swipe Left on Fear: Hilarious Horror Stories from the Online Dating World

In the tech-savvy era of the 21st century, the quest for love has taken us to the realm of online dating. We've all heard tales of catfishes, ghosting, and downright bizarre first dates that make you question the sanity of humanity. The horror, the drama, the comedy! It's like living in an unending episode of 'The Twilight Zone.' We're about to embark on a rollercoaster ride through the harrowing, humorous, and sometimes downright horrifying world of online dating.

1. An Atheist's Encounter

I met an amazing girl on a dating site. There was an effortless connection between us, and her appealing looks were an added bonus. One day, prior to our second date, she curiously inquired if I attended church. I responded, 'No, I'm an atheist. However, I wouldn't mind accompanying you to church if it holds significance for you,' because I believe I'm a fairly decent person. Unfortunately, she expressed that she couldn't date me, but we could remain friends. Needless to say, that was disappointing.

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2. World of Warcraft Romance

This is quite a lengthy tale, but I believe it's worth the read. Several years ago, I was playing World of Warcraft and was just having friendly banter in the guild chat. One of the guild members, who I had never met, commented on the conversation and we began to talk. I paid it little mind, but enjoyed an interesting conversation nonetheless. We talked a bit more the next day, and she revealed that she was a girl and lived in the part of the world where I had grown up, and where my parents still resided. Again, I paid it little mind and minded my own business. Over the course of a few weeks, we actually started to form a pretty strong friendship; we would do things together in-game and have conversations over Ventrilo and eventually even over the phone. I didn't take things seriously at all, even when we started telling each other 'bedtime stories'. After a few months, I started to really consider her a good friend. Our conversations were often rather deep and she seemed genuinely interesting to talk to, a quality I found lacking with most of the women I came in contact with. About 4 months after we started talking, a very dear friend of mine who was in the navy called me up and said that he was going back home (where I was from, where she lived) and wanted to see me. He bought me a ticket and insisted that I come visit him, so I did. I made a point to let her know that I would be there and I would like to meet her. Long story short, I went to meet her and we really seemed to hit it off; we even made a lot of our 'bedtime stories' come to life. A few days later, I got a motel room and we had another incredible night. I went back home, halfway across the country, after my vacation and I just couldn't seem to get her out of my head. I ended up coming to this point where I realized I had a choice... a huge fork in the road and no matter which path I took, I would always wonder what would have happened if I had taken the other path. I decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue love. Anyway, the next 2 years of my life were somewhat of a living hell... we had financial problems, legal issues (complicated, not getting into details), more money problems, loss of jobs, loss of house, lots of moving, but I stood by her side the entire time and she stood by mine. We've been together just over 4 years now and we have a beautiful baby boy who melts my heart every time he looks at me. We've been through some incredibly tough times together but we've come out smelling like a rose. We're actually about to buy a house together and really settle down. I had to add this here to remind everybody that not EVERY online relationship is a horror story, sometimes taking a risk can really turn out for the better.

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My Nightmare Date: A Small Town Horror Story

The worst date ever... I was forced to leave my house for the evening due to a half-downed tree threatening my home. After posting about the situation on Facebook, an acquaintance of mine, who had been asking me out for weeks, texted me immediately and offered to take me out for dinner, drinks, and a concert to distract me from the looming threat of the tree. I wasn't particularly interested in him, but I appreciated his effort to cheer me up, so I went. The dinner and drinks were fine, and the conversation was okay, but we didn't have much in common. At the concert, where I knew a lot of people due to the small town we live in, things started getting weird. When I introduced him to my friends, he didn't say a word and just stood behind me the entire time, staring at me. On the dance floor, he refused to dance and just sat down, continuing to stare at me. I suggested leaving, giving him the benefit of the doubt, thinking perhaps he just really hates dancing. We decided to get another drink. When my friends invited me to a party, I asked him if he'd like to go. He agreed, albeit vaguely. At the party, he once again refused to engage in conversation with my friends and followed me around without speaking much to me either. After a while, I tried to focus on my girlfriends, hoping he'd find someone else he could relate to. I even started playing a card game with them. He asked for my keys, presumably to get something from the car, and disappeared. An hour later, I found multiple text messages from him on my phone, accusing me of ignoring him and flirting with other guys. I was livid. He had been sitting in my car for an hour, sending me absurd text messages. He got angry and walked home. The next day, he sent me a flurry of Facebook messages, first insulting me and then apologizing. He deleted me from his friend list and then tried to add me again. Needless to say, I declined. Thankfully, I haven't spoken to him since.

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A Humorous Tale of Online Dating, Clubs, and Mysterious Disappearances

This is kind of funny - I met these two roommates on an online dating site. We hung out a few times, but nothing ever happened. One was annoying, and the other did nothing but talk about her boyfriend in Canada whom she hadn't seen in years but still loved. So, one day, I'm talking to them online, and they say, 'we met some guy online who is taking us to the club and is going to give us ecstasy pills.' I never heard from them again. I assume they got killed and cut into a million tiny pieces.

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Shocking First Date: A Tale of Unusual Questions and Profile Stalking

About an hour into our first date, the guy asked me if I had ever attempted suicide. He posed this question because he had tried it himself and was attempting to find common ground. This left me completely taken aback. In addition, I found out he had been stalking my profile for a few months, which was another shocker.

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Navigating the Dating Scene: Tips to Make a Great Impression on a First Date

Fellow Redditors, I have a date tonight. Wish me luck. As a guy, it's not every day that a girl reaches out and initiates a conversation with me. She seems cool and all, but I'm feeling a bit nervous. Any words of wisdom on how to ensure this date goes well? Any advice on how NOT to mess this up?

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Unforgettable Encounters: My Gay Friends in San Francisco

I've never encountered anything truly terrible, but during my time in San Francisco, I met a few guys who were unmistakably gay. Normally, this wouldn't be an issue, except for the fact that I am a girl.

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Caught in a Web of Deceit: My Catfishing Experience

As soon as I find a relevant thread to share my story, it's immediately on the front page, so I'm likely to get buried beneath other posts. Regardless, here goes: I began chatting with an extraordinarily attractive girl on a website. She seemed totally into me, which kept me intrigued. We began texting, and this continued for several weeks. I had invited her to hang out, but she made an excuse about having food poisoning and this lasted for about a week. All the while, she kept talking to me, raising my hopes about this seemingly perfect girl. Eventually, we set a date to hang out, and I told her that no matter what, we were going to meet, and she agreed. However, on the morning of the date, she texted me saying she had lied about her entire persona. She revealed that she was actually a large-sized hairdresser living about two hours away from me. I was so shocked and embarrassed that I unleashed quite the verbal assault and stopped communicating with her afterwards. A couple of weeks later, after having created a new account (I deleted the old one because of her), she messaged me from a new fake account. I recognized her tricks pretty quickly and she blocked me. I reported her and haven't heard from her since. People like that truly upset me.

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The Unpredictable Adventures of Online Dating: A Tale of Two OkCupid Experiences

My friend met a guy on OKCupid who claimed he was a 5'10 bodybuilder, bearded, and recently started working in 'law enforcement'. However, he turned out to be a 4'11 Neo-Nazi with a Norse tattoo that read 'White Power' in runes on his head. His 'law enforcement' job was a sarcastic reference to his recent 18-month stint in prison for armed robbery. Meanwhile, I met my current boyfriend on OkCupid, a handsome scientist who enjoys brewing and skiing. We've been together for almost two years. You win some, you lose some!

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The Wild Side of Online Dating: A Hilarious Misadventure

This is most likely going to get buried. Here goes, hopefully, it will give someone else a giggle, as my friends regularly tease me about it. After a particularly bad breakup, I decide to give internet dating a shot. Egged on by a couple of friends, I join Plenty of Fish. It's free, so there's nothing to lose! I join up, don't really send any messages, and look around every now and then when... BINGO! I get my first message. An attractive, polite girl who seems smart and has a job. All boxes ticked so far. We chat for a fair while, when she springs the trap and asks to meet. I agree, and drive around 45 minutes to the middle of nowhere to meet her. I enjoy driving, so it's no big deal. I get to this pub, drop her a text to say, "Hey, I'm here a little early, shall I grab you a drink?" I wait 5 minutes, no reply, no sweat, I get myself a beer and open a tab to make life easier. I'm sitting there for at least 25 minutes, contemplating calling it quits. I finish my beer, look at my phone, nothing. Just as I'm grabbing my coat, she appears. She apologizes and I half expect her to say that her car broke down, or the bus was late, something akin to this. But no, she was over the other side of the pub, with her friends... That's pretty weird, but she's here now, so no point in dwelling. We start chatting, I buy her a large glass of wine (she lives walking distance to the pub). After about 15 minutes of fairly open conversation, she starts telling me about how she owns her own house and has a friend living with her who gets drunk often and likes to vomit all over the place. Lovely! However, this kind of dominated all the conversation for the best part of an hour. All the while, she keeps those large wines coming... on my tab. Eventually, she looks at me, completely intoxicated. She can't even sit up straight without propping herself up! At this point, I decide that this woman is not for me. I make some quick excuses about work and then I realize that she can't actually stand up. I insist on driving her home, as she would most likely have ended up lying in the middle of the road if left to her own devices. She finally agrees with the condition of, "no sex." Not to worry, that's the last thing on my mind right now. I take her to my car, open the door for her and she... falls in. It's hard to graciously explain this situation. She is literally sitting in the footwell, looking up at me as if I tripped her. I can't even be bothered anymore. I close the door, walk around and start the longest short trip in history. She is giving me nonsensical directions. "Right on the roundabout..." but it's a one-way street, etc. Anyway, I'm driving, and by this time she is now sitting in the seat. She looks to me and says, "You're a jerk. I know this. You have a nice car, you must be a jerk." I have a relatively nice car which I worked hard for. I don't even answer her. We finally, after multiple wrong turns, get to her house. I say, "Thanks for the enlightening afternoon" (yup, it wasn't even an evening date). She doesn't say a word, stumbles out of the car, and slams the door. I drive away with yet another dent to my self-confidence. The moral of the story? Girl gets insanely drunk and calls me a jerk for trying to be a nice guy.

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My Unforgettable Blind Date: A Comedy of Errors

Oh, what a story I have to tell. I met this man on POF and we seemed to click instantly. We shared similar interests and had the same sense of humor. Despite my initial hesitation, he managed to convince me to meet up for coffee after a month of chatting. I found myself picking him up from his house, as he didn't have a car and lived with his parents - an odd situation given he was 28 and I was 26. His home was quite a sight, looking more like a scene from 'Hoarders' than a conventional house. There was trash strewn everywhere, with furniture scattered across the yard. I chose to overlook it, assuming it was more reflective of his parents than him. As he approached my car, he was sporting a rather snazzy South Pole jacket with a fur-lined collar. However, the moment he entered my car, the overpowering scent of pet urine and stale cigarettes hit me. I tried my best to hide my repulsion. His yellowed teeth, clearly unbrushed, didn't help his case. Despite all this, I continued our planned coffee date. However, when he tried to hold my hand, I pulled away. After a few minutes of conversation, I fabricated an excuse that I was on call for work and needed to leave. Upon dropping him off, he invited me in, asking me to enter through a storm cellar in the back as he lived in the basement. I declined, insisting I needed to go. As he lingered in the car, I could tell from his body language that he was planning to lean in for a kiss. He began complimenting me and rubbing my arm, but I avoided eye contact and firmly asked him to leave. He stormed out, slamming the door behind him, and returned to his basement. He continued to contact me afterwards, but I never responded.

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My Unexpected Online Date: A Walk, Ice Cream, and Dinosaurs

I met a gorgeous girl online, and we decided to meet for a stroll on the beach and some ice cream. Our conversation flowed smoothly for about 10 minutes, until she boldly declared her disbelief in evolution and the existence of dinosaurs. With the utmost politeness, I found myself needing to excuse myself from the situation.

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Balding at 20 and Love Declarations: My Online Dating Misadventure

I met a guy online who cropped the top of his head out of all his photos because he was balding, despite being only 20. However, I'm not superficial, so I gave him a fair chance. Surprisingly, he ended up telling me he loved me after only three dates, and during sex no less, so I wasn't even able to enjoy the moment! When I didn't return the sentiment, he got his friends to harass me and sent me threatening messages over MySpace. To clarify, a balding guy isn't a deal breaker for me. I would have accepted the date just as easily if he'd shown his baldness in his picture. It was the fact that he took the male equivalent of an angled, high-contrast MySpace picture to conceal it that bothered me.

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Shocking Twist: Bisexual Man's Secret Unveiled During an Intimate Encounter

A man invited me back to his house for an intimate encounter. He instructed me to be silent because his wife and child were sleeping upstairs, oblivious to his bisexuality. What a shocking turn of events!

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The Ups and Downs of Online Dating: A Journey Towards Love

1. I met a guy through Reddit. He turned out to be selfish and cowardly, ultimately ending up with one of our mutual friends. I discovered this through pictures on his Facebook and messages from his sister-in-law, who offered an apology for his poor behavior. 2. My next encounter was with a guy I met on PlentyOfFish. He was okay at first, then abruptly ended things via text at 2:30 in the morning. He called the next day wanting to reconcile, but I stood firm, telling him, 'I don't date cowards'. 3. Currently, I'm with a boy I met on OkCupid. We've been together for almost 10 months and we love each other dearly. He's everything I could ever hope for. In conclusion, don't give up! I don't necessarily believe there's someone for everyone, but I do believe that if you possess self-confidence and understand what you're seeking, you can find happiness.

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E.T., DNA and the Date We'll Never Forget: A Mother's Tale

This is not my story, but my mother's. My sister and I were in our tweens and teens, and we found ourselves chaperoning a first, blind date between my divorced mom and this man. One of her colleagues from the Biology Department at the local college had set them up. We went to watch the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Yes, it was the first time it was showing in theaters, so you can guess how old I am. The man, who I'll refer to as Mr. Dork, was visibly frustrated as he tried to follow the action, occasionally asking my mom, 'Why did he do that?' as if she had seen the movie before. Each time the alien learned a new trick, he'd exclaim, 'How can he do that?' or 'What the heck!' with increasing volume. In the film's most tense moments, when the alien was dying, and government agents took over the house, the characters began yelling, 'He's got DNA! He's got DNA!' At this point, Mr. Dork had had enough. He stood up in the theater and yelled, 'What on earth is DNA?' Granted, it was the 80s and not everyone worked in the biology department, but DNA wasn't obscure knowledge, even for kids who didn't grow up with biology textbooks. As we left the theater, my sister and I explained to him what DNA is, what it stands for, and why it would be crucial to know about aliens. We never heard from Mr. Dork again.

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My Unexpected Encounter with a Stoner Vampirella and Her Drug-Dealing Crew

A girl invited me over to her house after about a week of intermittent OkCupid chatting to watch the Breaking Bad finale. We both liked the show. On the way to her house, which was about a 15-minute drive away, she chose to confide in me that she was actually a drug dealer, and she hoped I was okay with it. Now, I'm not a big drug user, maybe the most casual, once every couple of months smoker at best, but I'm an open-minded person, so I said what the hell. I was already closer to her place than mine, and I wanted to see what was on Breaking Bad. When I arrived, a few things were blatant signals that something was wrong, which I, in my laid-back naivety, chose to ignore. Firstly, she was about half a foot shorter than her listed profile height and maybe twenty pounds heavier. This was a problem because I'm already a tall man, so at this point we've got a nearly two-foot height differential. Additionally, she was dressed like a suburban stoner vampirella, and the whole house was unheated, in November no less, and unlit except for many, many candles. I could clearly tell that this wasn't going to work out. But still, I soldiered on for the sake of Breaking Bad. I sat down on a couch, and she just disappeared for roughly ten minutes. I didn't dare to turn on her television for fear of being rude, and also because I wasn't 100% sure that this house had power yet. When she returned, she brought her Dealer Boss with her, and with him, perhaps the biggest bag of weed I've ever seen in my life. The two proceeded to lay it out on the table and take out little baggies, building up smaller stores for sales or whatever. Throughout this whole time, the girl barely spoke to me at all. Her dealer-boss and I had a polite conversation about various things, and honestly, I was a bit surprised that they were displaying this whole operation to some guy she met on the internet. I must have one of those faces. I mentioned my interest in Breaking Bad, my only hope of salvation, and they turned on a little television in the corner. The volume was low though because apparently, I was interrupting their business meeting with my quality television. About twenty minutes in, they got a knock at the door, and several other members of their dealer crew came in to help with their community harvest. There I was, sitting on a couch in the corner, a fly on the wall, while six people just talked shop about drug dealing while bagging up little weed parcels for all the good boys and girls. The girl barely spoke to me at all, and the other people made more polite small talk. After Breaking Bad, admittedly I missed a lot of the plot, I excused myself and left.

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The Chronicles of Quirky Dates: A Journey Through OKCupid

I've dated a lot of oddballs from OKCupid, some of which I've mentioned on Reddit before. For instance, there was a guy who tried to impress me by taking me shopping on our first date. Then there was the man who couldn't make up his mind about whether or not to kiss me, deliberated on his dilemma for 5 minutes, and finally opted for a high-five instead. However, my all-time favorite has to be a man who I suspected might be a tad strange. Because of this, I decided that a casual coffee date would be a good idea. However, he chose to 'suit up' for our coffee date and spent an hour telling me how I was out of his league and appeared to be way better than his ex, who he claimed was 'too smart.'

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From Internet Romance to Domestic Nightmare: A Personal Tale

Although this isn't exactly about me, it involves my father. In my 8th grade, my father married his current, second wife. They had met online and I had barely interacted with her prior to the marriage. Initially, she seemed pleasant and her children were ordinary. She would occasionally attend school events and would buy us new games every week - things that kids generally enjoy. However, post-marriage, she unveiled a completely different personality. She turned out to be an antisocial control freak. When she moved into our house, she attempted to alter every rule, which, as a teenager, was a major turn-off for me. She ensured that my brother and I knew who was in control. Her children, aged 11 and 8, fought daily, indulging in screaming matches and violence over trivial matters. Meanwhile, I was relegated to the basement, which became my room to accommodate her kids. She consistently manipulated my father, ensuring that my brother and I were not treated as equally as her own children, both financially and emotionally. After enduring this for a while, I moved out and lived with my mother. Despite expressing my concerns to both of them, nothing has changed. In summary, my father's internet girlfriend, who seemed cool initially, transformed into a difficult person post-marriage.

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Finding Happiness in Solitude: A Mid-life Dating Experience

I am 57 years old. I was married for 29 years until I lost my wife to cancer. After a period of grief, I spent around 18 months to 2 years trying to date again. Everyone I met was negative, critical, and dissatisfied. I won't bore you with the details of each tedious, failed date. However, I do appreciate the humorous wisdom my sister-in-law shared with me during one of my latest dating fiascos. She said, 'Dating in mid-life is like trying to find a parking place at the mall around Christmas. There are only a few and they're all handicapped.' I haven't dated for a couple of years now and I've found that I'm much happier alone.

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An Unexpected Encounter: My Date with a Hoarder

One word: hoarder. I thought that the clutter surrounding him in his tiny space was something easily cleaned. Oh no, I was mistaken. I could barely close the door to the bathroom, which was practically in the middle of his studio apartment, because of the amount of debris on the floor. I informed him that while he was a lovely individual, he was not my cup of tea.

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Unpleasant Encounters: My Single Dive into the World of Online Dating

Wow, it seems he might not be the most pleasant character, potentially even veering towards abusive behavior. I've had a single experience with online dating, and unfortunately, the guy had some significant hygiene problems. Upon meeting him, it was clear he hadn't washed in a while, as he carried a strong, unpleasant odor. Not to mention his dental hygiene appeared to be lacking as well. I wish I could say that was the end of it, but due to my self-esteem issues at the time, I decided to try and inspire him towards cleaner habits. Fortunately, he lived 300 miles away, so our encounters were limited. However, it was enough for me to realize he wasn't going to change. It also gave me time to notice his extreme clinginess and jealousy towards my male friends, even my gay friends.

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Dating Misadventures: An OKC Story of Comedy, Cars, and Crying

Oh OKC, you have been so good to me! Well, good at allowing me to tell great stories. I decided to go out with a reasonable looking, funny guy from the internet. We met at a bar near my place, then I suggested we go to a second place a little further away for a few more drinks. I also had a friend working there and wanted her to 'check him out'. She was always tossing me awesome free drinks. Anyways, we got into his car, which wasn't totally run down, but he was having a super hard time starting it. Even after the one beer we had, this was not ideal, but hey, it's the south. I suggested, 'Hey, you should get that checked out.' He replied with, 'It always starts, it will be okay.' We were on a pretty busy road when the car just died in the center lane. He tried to restart it about twelve times, then let out the most horrible, sad, primal scream I've ever heard and hit his head against the steering wheel. I asked, 'Hey, you got AAA?' He responded, 'I'm sorry, I'm going through a divorce right now and tonight has been really depressing. You should try to catch a cab.' So, I walked the remaining two miles to the bar. My friend, whom I had texted to say I was coming, asked, 'Hey, where is your date?' I replied, 'He is on the side of the road crying.' Moral of the story - dating me is a truly depressing experience. If any of you want to make funnier horror stories, click here! http://www.okcupid.com/profile/glittendo

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The Cat on the First Date: A Whacky Love Story from the 90s

This is the story of a unique first date that my friend, Doreen, embarked on. It took place back in the 1990s, before the era of online dating. Doreen had met her date through a newspaper advertisement. Upon arriving at the woman's home, Doreen was taken aback by the mountains of possessions that were piled up everywhere. Her date turned out to be a slim, extremely energetic woman who dominated the conversation, leaving Doreen with no opportunity to speak. As both of them were sporty and loved the outdoors, they decided to go rowing on a nearby lake. However, the date took an odd turn when the woman insisted on bringing her pet cat along with them in the rowboat. This was a peculiar twist as she apparently never went anywhere without her cat. Doreen made her exit as soon as she could. Eventually, Doreen met J, the love of her life, and they are still together to this day. One day, while sharing past dating horror stories, J revealed that she had also been on a date with a woman who insisted on bringing her cat along.

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When Online Connections Turn into Real Life Nightmares: A Personal Experience

The worst experience was when I met someone from R4R here, and they had such a bad odor that I had to suggest they take a shower, in the nicest way possible. This encounter still haunts me.

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The Eccentricities of Dating: A Rollercoaster of Unexpected Experiences

Most of my dating experiences have been decent, but they've never quite worked out. For instance, one of my dates was bipolar and vanished after our second date, only to return a couple of weeks later asking for another chance. Another date was a former stripper, who, I understand, was trying to support her child. Unfortunately, she contracted mono while we were dating and was subsequently diagnosed with panic attacks, bipolar disorder, and depression. Then, there was the stereotypical gold digger. Another misleading instance was a woman who posted an attractive photo of herself, but in reality, she was significantly larger. Lastly, there was one woman who wore an excessive amount of makeup. It didn't bother me initially, but when she removed her makeup, her appearance drastically changed to the point where I was taken aback.

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The Dark Side of Online Dating: My Brush with a Cyber Stalker

I was late to the online dating game and almost immediately regretted creating an account on OKCupid. The platform was interesting, but also time-consuming, and frankly, most of the people were surprisingly off. I did meet a few individuals and even went on some great dates, but as I was genuinely looking for long-term potential rather than hook-ups, it usually resulted in an awkward goodbye when my date realized he wasn't getting any. One guy, in particular, messaged me and seemed incredibly awesome. Despite only being 24, he had been an Airforce mechanic, traveled the world, and was now driving a truck to afford more travel. Although this may have been a red flag to some, I found it intriguing. We chatted every night for a while, and he would give me sound advice on shop-talk as I was apprenticing in an auto shop at the time. He made me laugh, but then one day, he revealed something that made my hair stand on end. Unintentionally, he mentioned my ex's mother's name, a detail I had never shared. Unable to let it slide, I confronted him, only to find out that he had thoroughly stalked me. He knew my previous residences, jobs, social media accounts, and even my current residence down to a six-block radius. I was terrified. I changed my phone number, deleted my OKC account, and remade my profiles. Nothing ever happened, but the fear lingered, especially when months later, I received a new message to my new phone from him saying, 'We could have traveled together. You said you had nothing tying you down. I thought you were perfect.' At that time, I swore off online dating, but then I met my current significant other who promised me a magic carpet ride (and no, it's not what you're thinking!).

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From Chat Room to Aisle: A Soldier's Long-Distance Love Story

I first met her in a Yahoo chat room. We maintained contact for a while during my time in South Korea. I returned home after Katrina hit as we both hailed from a similar area in Southeast Louisiana. We decided to date, and I returned to South Korea while she started college. A few months in, she called me saying it was too difficult for her with me not being around, so we decided to split. A year later, I moved back stateside. We talked and agreed to give our relationship another shot. She stayed by my side during two deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq respectively while I was stationed in Virginia. I was discharged in 2009 and moved back home. Not too long after, I proposed to her. We are set to be married at the end of this June.

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The OkCupid Date Disaster: When Online Doesn't Match Offline

I met a girl on OkCupid and had some pleasant online conversations with her. She came across as really nice and cool. We scheduled a night to meet at a bar. When I arrived, I noticed a girl who bore some resemblance to the girl from the profile pictures. However, her hair was blonde instead of brown, and she appeared quite overweight. Trying to make eye contact, I found her with 4 other people at a table, seemingly ignoring me. I presumed she was someone else and continued to wait while sipping on a beer. Eventually, she came over and introduced herself with a heavy slur. She was completely intoxicated and was quite upset with me for not approaching her to say hello, even though I didn't recognize her from her drastically different profile pictures. Brushing off the awkwardness, I decided to just enjoy my beer. However, as we had a couple of beers, she seemed to be getting excessively drunk, beyond what could have been caused by the beer alone. Later, I discovered she had been secretly consuming 151 in the bathroom with two of her friends. Both of her friends were equally unpleasant, openly expressing their views that I wasn't a 'real man'.

photo-1517805686688-47dd930554b2Image by jonatron

My Bizarre OKCupid Date: A Lesson in Caution

You may have heard stories like this before, but here's mine. I'm new to the gay dating scene and decided to try out OKCupid. I was messaged by a guy who, under the guise of being a dental student, asked probing questions about my teeth. To humour him, I answered his questions in my free time. Eventually, he asked to switch from texting to phone calls, expressing a preference for daily hour-long conversations. Despite some red flags, such as the absence of a photo or age on his profile, I agreed to meet him due to my susceptibility to peer pressure. Our meeting spot was a pizza place in the city. I was greeted by a man in his 40s, overweight, bald, and wearing a baseball cap. My aim on OKCupid was to make friends and take things slow, but he had other plans, talking about our future sexual encounters. Curiosity led me to ask why he was wearing a hat, and upon removal, he revealed a cyst-like lump on his head. Throughout dinner, he continued to make me uncomfortable with his explicit conversation. Post dinner, he insisted on inspecting my teeth before I left. Despite my refusal, he was insistent and produced a set of tools from his glove box. He examined my teeth and took pictures for 'classroom use'. Before I left, he asked for a make-out session, to which I lied about having a boyfriend. However, he was undeterred, claiming our relationship would be superior due to his experience. At this point, I ran back to my car and escaped as fast as I could. He was a self-absorbed 42-year-old man, and I was a timid 20-year-old. From then on, I vowed to demand a face picture before engaging in conversation and to always be cautious.

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The Unsettling Side of Online Dating: A Personal Experience

I once met a military man on an online dating site, Plenty of Fish - which in hindsight, was my first mistake. Before this encounter, I had never dated Caucasian men. However, after a series of unsuccessful attempts with other demographics, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone. We decided to meet for coffee after my work, and surprisingly, things seemed to be progressing well. He then suggested we go for dinner. Having just finished a grueling 14-hour shift, I was famished and readily agreed. As we got into his car, I noticed a large jackknife in the cup holder. This was somewhat unnerving, but I brushed it off, assuming it was part of his military routine. A few minutes into the drive, he began discussing meeting his parents and how much he liked me. He even started planning a trip for us to PEI to meet his sister, along with other plans that couples would typically make. At this point, I began to realize I was in the car with someone who seemed unstable. However, given the large knife in his possession, I hesitated to disagree with his future plans for us. I made some non-committal responses, then feigned illness, asking him to reschedule our dinner and take me home. Upon arriving home, he pleaded with me to let him in, even declaring what seemed like premature feelings of love. I quickly distanced myself, locked my house, and had to endure a barrage of unsettling messages for days before finally changing my number and the locks on my door. In conclusion, I've decided that internet dating is not for me.

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When Masculinity Takes an Unexpected Turn: A Hilarious Encounter

A guy once told me, 'Oh yeah dude, I'm super masculine.' I responded, 'Are you sure?' to which he confidently replied, 'Oh bro, I'm sure.' We decided to meet up. Upon meeting, he greeted me with an unexpected, 'Well, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, want to go have some mimosas or something in boys town?' I was left speechless: http://theotaku2anime.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/ffuuu.jpg.

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A Twist in the Tale: My Unexpected Date Night

I recently went on a date with a girl, as I identify as a bisexual woman. I was expecting a typical date, maybe some typical lesbian experiences. However, I was surprised to find out that she was a trans woman, a detail I was unaware of when I agreed to the date. She had a stubbly mustache, her pants were unzipped and she had an unpleasant odor. Our destination was a gas station taco stand. The conversation was rather disheartening, comprising of her criticizing my taste in music, sharing her depressing life circumstances and discussing her distaste for her fast food job. I decided at that point that I didn't want her to contact me again. So, I devised a plan to ensure this, pretending to be the most erratic person I could imagine. I fabricated a story about stalking my ex, slashing his tires and experimenting with various drugs. My plan worked, as she didn't call me back. Was that a success? I'm not sure. Dating is hard.

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From Nightmare Dates to Dream Mates: My Online Dating Journey

I only had one unfortunate experience with online dating. I was typically an OKCupid user due to the casual feeling of their website, but once I decided to check out another website, Webdate, to see what other dating sites were like. I was quickly contacted by a young blonde who seemed to be just my type. We exchanged a few messages and finally arranged to meet for coffee followed by a movie at a local mall where I was working after my shift. I did not even notice her approaching me as she looked nothing like her photos. She was much shorter, chubbier, and had a significant amount of eye makeup on. Her nose appeared as if it had been broken and poorly set. To put it bluntly, I was not attracted to her at all. She immediately gave me an overly familiar hug and commented on my appearance. I spent the entire time at the coffee shop trying to hide my disappointment, but I have been on lackluster dates before. I figured I just needed to get through it and move on. We proceeded to the movie, which was terrible, and she started making advances, which I was not reciprocating. Eventually, she began moving her hand from my knee to my inner thigh, at which point I had to reject her advances. After the movie, she suggested we go to dinner. I tried to excuse myself by saying I was short on cash, but she offered to pay since I had paid for everything thus far. Exhausted from a long shift and the movie, I was unable to come up with another excuse, so we went for a quick burger. Most of the conversation revolved around her cat, which she had been talking about all night. When the check came, she glanced at it and then slid it back to me. I just wanted to end the date, so I paid the check and drove her back to her car. I tried to end the evening with an awkward hug and a quick goodbye, but she asked if I wanted to go back to her place. I declined, which resulted in her breaking down in tears. She confessed her feelings for me and her insecurities about not being wanted by men. I convinced her that I would call her and she finally left my car. Needless to say, I never contacted her again. However, I did eventually meet my wife on OKCupid. We would never have met in real life without it. She was in med school and too busy to meet people outside her established circles. We are incredibly compatible and I don't want you to think that it's all horror stories and duds.

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Online Dating Nightmare: Single Mom Unknowingly Moves in with Convicted Sex Offender

While this isn't exactly a dating 'horror story', it's a tale that shares some similar elements. I learned about this incident today from a friend of mine, who we'll refer to as Sean. Sean's sister, Sally, met a man through online chat rooms. They conversed for about a year before deciding to meet in person. Sally is a single mother of two children. The man, who we'll call Sam, doesn't have any children of his own but had a long-term relationship with a single mother of a teenage girl. After about a year of meeting up, Sally and Sam decided to move in together. Coincidentally, Sam's name came up in a conversation with one of Sean's friends who recognized him. It was then revealed that Sam had been convicted for having sex with his previous girlfriend's underage daughter and had been placed on the sex offender's list for six years. Sam confessed this to Sally but claimed that he met the girl in a nightclub and was under the impression that she was 18. Sally, feeling uneasy, sought help from her cousin who is a CID officer. The cousin informed a social worker about the situation, who in turn revealed to Sally that Sam had in fact been involved with his ex-girlfriend's daughter, and was aware of her age. Sally has since removed Sam from her home, but the subsequent events remain uncertain. To summarize, a single mother unknowingly gets involved with a convicted sex offender, moves halfway across England to live with him, and then learns the truth about his past.

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Three Unforgettable Online Dating Horror Stories

My first dating experience involved a woman who was significantly larger than her photographs suggested. Her profile pictures didn't indicate her size, a lesson in ensuring a prospective date has a full body shot. We met at my place, another mistake as it's always advisable to meet someone for the first time in a neutral location. As we ascended the stairs to my apartment, each step creaked ominously under her weight. We attended a party with her friends, who proved to be quite intrusive. Despite my discomfort, she attempted to hold my hand and kiss me. I should have been assertive, but ended up returning to my place, where I drank enough to fall asleep. She followed me to bed and tried to initiate physical contact, but I excused myself, citing ill health. Later, I was disturbed to hear her pleasuring herself. We never spoke again after she left the next morning. My second horror story involved a dinner date with a girl who arrived in pajamas. She shared her past experiences in juvenile detention, recovering from heroin addiction, and assaulting her ex with a broomstick. I decided not to contact her again. My third disastrous date involved a girl with an incredibly shrill voice. I realized I should have spoken with her on the phone before agreeing to a date. At Red Robin, she ordered a Freckled Lemonade, then berated the waitress when she received exactly what she ordered. Our date ended with a heated argument, followed by awkward silence, after which I hastily made an excuse to leave.

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The Unexpected Message: A Shocking Encounter on a Dating App!

I recently signed up for Plenty of Fish (POF), and to my surprise, I received a message that said, 'hey sexy, wanna hang out?' The shocker was that it was my best friend's sister's husband who apparently didn't recognize me. His wife is three months pregnant at the moment, making the situation even more awkward.

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The Unseen Struggles of Dating as a Paraplegic

I'm a paraplegic and I have been stood up many times when going out on dates. They never show up at the place or when I come to pick them up. One time, I even drove 250 miles to meet what seemed to be a cool woman. We hit it off well, had dinner at Chili's, and went back to her place to watch a movie in her room on the bed. The way a person who is paralyzed transfers onto the bed, is by reaching down and lifting their legs onto the bed. For some reason, she stared at my legs for a good 20 seconds without blinking. I tried to ignore it, attempting not to make an already awkward situation even more uncomfortable. However, after 20 seconds, I looked at her and asked, 'Are you okay?' She didn't even look at me, kept staring, and finally said, 'I don't think I can do this.' I understand my condition, and I'm okay with it. I've always tried to be the coolest guy about everything, even making jokes about my paraplegia, giving off a vibe that I've accepted what happened to me and that I'm moving on. But that moment... well, it tore me up. I burst into tears, uncontrollable. The sad part was, we were on the second floor, and I had to get some neighbors to help me down. I hate being paralyzed. It's difficult enough having to enlighten any girl that is even remotely interested in me about the realities of my sex life, because most assume that I can't do it. Life can be so unfair sometimes.

photo-1609852234838-147db6815968Image by enginakyurt

MySpace Misadventures: The Fabricated Love Story of a Teen

When I was sixteen, a girl I knew suggested that I add her male friend on MySpace. He and I would stay up all night, engrossed in our chats on AIM, and eventually, we decided to give a long-distance relationship a shot. He kept making promises of visiting me but that never happened. Gradually, I began to understand the truth - the girl had made him up. She proceeded to pull off the same stunt with another friend, who, despite my warnings, refused to believe that the guy didn't exist. Oh, the naivety of teenagers!

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When 'Perfect Gentleman' Turns Disastrous: A Tale of Online Dating

In the days of AOL and dial-up, my mom encountered an interesting character through an online dating platform. His username was 'a_perfect_gentleman'. They decided to meet up at a gas station. Unexpectedly, he opened her car door and climbed in, startling her. She was immediately filled with regret. This man was far from her initial expectations; he had yellowed teeth, glasses held together with tape, and an unidentifiable odor. Despite the awkward start, they continued on to Denny's for coffee. He confessed his recent financial troubles and asked her to pay. His conversation revolved around his children, child support issues, and other personal problems. After the meal, she dropped him off at a rundown apartment in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. He invited her up, warning her that he was sleeping in the living room and would need to keep quiet. She declined the invitation and hastily left. A perfect gentleman, indeed. The experience was enough to deter my mom from further internet dating.

photo-1485217988980-11786ced9454Image by brookecagle

My OKC Dating Adventure: A Surprising Twist of Events

I once dated a guy from OKC who was quite nice and funny. However, he didn't disclose to me that he had a son until our fourth date, which surprisingly, I was fine with because I like kids. After dating for four months, he abruptly ended things. To my shock, just two days after our breakup, he was in a Facebook official relationship with another girl. I later discovered that he'd been seeing this second girl all along, but she was studying abroad at the time. It seemed I was merely a placeholder in her absence. Quite the experience, I must say.

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From Messed Up Dates to a Happy Family: A Love Story

I signed up on a dating site, took the whole personality test, and was matched with a woman who was a 99% match, according to the site. So, I started messaging her and we exchanged phone numbers. As we planned our first date, it turned out she had given me the wrong phone number, just one digit off, so I couldn't reach her. I didn't really know what she looked like as her photo on the dating site was quite old. So, I found myself asking random women at the agreed location if they were my date, but no luck. When I returned to my apartment, I waited a few hours and logged back into the dating site. She had logged on and was not happy with me for standing her up. I explained the situation and told her that she had given me the wrong phone number and she could have called me. Apparently, she had also noted down my number incorrectly. We rescheduled our date and this time we made sure to exchange the correct phone numbers. However, on the way to meet her for the first time, my phone battery died. I rushed back home, plugged in the charger, and called her. Luckily, she hadn't left yet and agreed that we were now even, as she had messed up the first time. We eventually met 30 minutes later at an Italian restaurant and enjoyed pizza together. We've been together for over 3 years now and have a son.

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The Unbelievable Encounter: A Tale of Superficiality

I have far too many stories to share. However, one that stands out is from about six years ago. At that time, I was heavier by about 50lbs. I remember waiting outside for a guy who was supposed to pick me up for a date. After he saw me, he texted me, 'I can't go out with you. I'm too superficial.' I was taken aback and felt down about it. But then, I received another text from him saying, 'Ok, we can have sex, but no dating or relationship stuff.' It was unbelievable.

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Wild Romance: A Month of Shocking Revelations

I met a woman, and all she wanted to do was have sex. About a month into our relationship, I found out she was on probation for possession of illegal prescription drugs and DUI. She was in rehab and had to breathe into a breathalyzer just to get her car to start. To top it all off, I also discovered she was still married.

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The Wild, Weird, and Wacky World of My Online Dating Experiences

Here are some anecdotes from my colorful dating life. One of my dates from Match.com had a bunch of face pictures, extremely attractive, and claimed to be 'athletic' when, in reality, she was extremely overweight, probably 5'5 and near 300 lbs. We met at Starbucks and spent a half hour chatting, then I gave her a polite 'nice to meet you' conclusion and never spoke with her again. A day later, she sent a lengthy, angry email accusing me of being superficial about her weight. I found this baffling as I had never even mentioned it, despite her misrepresentation of her body type. Another date I had was with a girl who turned out to be a severe alcoholic, the worst I've ever seen, and I grew up with an alcoholic father. She drank straight Vodka as if it was water, got into fist fights, and was often publicly inappropriate. She was so inebriated at the end of our first date that I had to take her home and care for her like a sick child. A different girl I dated twice confessed, 'Oh, I thought I should tell you this: technically I'm still considered married in Bermuda.' I immediately cut contact, only for her to become obsessively stalker-like, bombarding me with messages. Someone else I dated for three months, whom I was absolutely smitten with, ended up cheating on me the entire time with her drug-addicted ex from NYC. I found out when I started receiving late-night prank calls from him with her laughing in the background. I had to get a restraining order against both of them. During the second date with my college ex, we discovered her house had been robbed. Her father, a large Polish man who was often drunk, responded by causing a commotion in the neighborhood. Finally, I dated someone from downtown NYC for over a month and a half, and we did nothing physical. She eventually called me, sobbing, and confessed that she had herpes and didn't want me to catch it. We never spoke again. These are all reasons why I had to move out of New Jersey.

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My Twilight Zone Relationship with an NYPD Officer: A Craigslist Love Story Gone Wrong

I met a guy on Craigslist. After talking to him on the phone for a few weeks, I decided to meet up at his place for our first date. It turns out the second bedroom in his apartment is a shrine to his deceased grandparents. I figured, since they raised him, it must be his way of remembering them, so I let it go. We dated for a few months and it just so happened that he demanded we take showers and sleep nude every night so as not to 'contaminate' the bed sheets. One time, I got out of bed for a glass of water and ended up getting scolded for thirty minutes about how I brought germs from the living room into the bedroom. The whole relationship was like something out of the Twilight Zone. We broke up shortly after he demanded my mother sign a letter saying she will respect his wishes not to meet her and have it notarized. The scariest thing about all of this is that he's an NYPD officer. This is not exactly the person I want out there protecting the streets.

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When Online Dating Meets Deception: A Shocking Turn of Events

A friend of mine recently established an account for a presentation on 'the successes of modern technology in the dating scene'. His final report was quite an interesting narrative. He encountered a woman who was presenting herself online using her daughter's photos, claiming to be 25 years old when in reality she was 55. She justified her actions by stating she had no ethical issues with lying online, as long as she was truthful in person. To make things even more interesting, she was on her third marriage and operated multiple Facebook accounts. This unexpected revelation transformed his research from focusing on 'Technology Augmenting Dating' to a presentation on 'Protecting Yourself Online'.

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The Unexpected OkCupid Date: A Twist of Events

Well, I wouldn't call this a 'horror story' but it was pretty ridiculous. I had been talking to this guy, K, over OkCupid. He seemed lovely and kind of cute, despite being a massive hipster with clear, giant glasses. He lived about two hours from me and decided to take a trip to meet me. I wasn't opposed to it. When he got here, he looked nothing like his photos. He was 5'3/4 (his profile said he was 5'7). He was pudgy, contrary to his profile stating he was 'thin'. He had super crooked teeth. Either way, I was still willing to give him a chance. I'm not that shallow. He brought a bottle of wine (I don't really drink much). We went out to lunch, which was nice enough, and then went to hang out at my apartment. He finished the entire rest of the bottle before 4 PM. Next thing I know, he's begging me to make out with him. I gave it a go for a minute before becoming really turned off and stopping. He then started complaining that he was tired and drunk and that he wanted to sleep. I told him that he was welcome to crash on my couch for the evening. He asked if he could sleep in my bed. I said that it would be okay and that I'd sleep on the couch. But I guess he really wanted to sleep with me because the next thing I know, he is throwing a fit and storming out of my apartment to drive back to where he came from while totally drunk. Apparently, he got home safe. I didn't really talk to him again, though, after that incident. To sum it up, a guy came from 2 hours away to visit, got drunk when I didn't drink, tried to make out with me, wanted to 'sleep in my bed', threw a fit when I didn't let him, and drove drunk back to where he came from.

photo-1484807352052-23338990c6c6Image by szolkin

The Unseen Side of Online Dating: A Six-Month Journey with No Dates

After six months of using online dating sites, I've had zero dates and maybe two messages. No one has returned my messages. My confidence is totally flagging. I believe I'm worth dating, but clearly, nobody else does. To me, that's a horror story.

photo-1511406361295-0a1ff814c0ceImage by charlesdeluvio

Misleading Myspace Photos: An Awkward Date Tale

This tale takes us back to the era of Myspace, a time when top-down bathroom photos were all the rage. I stumbled upon a girl who appeared quite attractive in her pictures. We connected online and decided to meet up in person. I found myself waiting for her at a designated spot in a mall when I received a call. She mentioned, "I think I can see you. Are you the one standing in front of the store?" I was scanning the crowd trying to spot her, but there was a significantly large girl obstructing my view. So, I asked, "I can't see you; are you behind that huge lady?" There was a moment of silence... and then it dawned on me - the 'huge lady' was her. In my defense, this girl was close to 300 pounds, a stark contrast to her misleading photos. Needless to say, the date turned out to be quite awkward. She did consume a lot of food though.

photo-1438761681033-6461ffad8d80Image by chrisjoelcampbell

Adventures in Dating: The Self-Absorbed Lawyer's Tale

I went on a single date. The man I met could not stop talking about his so-called 'gorgeous' ex-wife. In addition, he constantly mentioned his profession as a lawyer, his extensive property, and his promiscuous behavior post-divorce. He seemed very self-absorbed and was clearly just looking for casual relationships. The following day, he texted me: 'The fun committee is meeting at my house tonight.' When I asked him what he meant by 'the fun committee', he replied, 'Yeah, you and me are the only members.' To which, I could only respond with silence.

photo-1452626212852-811d58933caeImage by nwphoto

Caught in a Mass Text: A Creepy Encounter with a Stranger

There was a man I never actually met. I received a super creepy vibe from him, which discouraged any potential meetings. Despite this, he would regularly send out mass texts, asking if I was free to do anything that night. I was certain it was a mass text because my iPhone displayed the numbers of everyone else he was texting. The conversation, following many ignored texts, went as follows: Him: 'Hey, want to do anything tonight?' Me: 'Can you please remove me from this mass text list? I've never even met you.' Him: 'This isn't a mass text, lol.' Me: (I sent a screenshot where it lists everybody else he's texting) Him: 'Oh, lol. You caught me.' A random stranger interjected: 'Yeah, we can all read this.' I concluded the conversation with: 'Yeah, bye.'

photo-1467103789230-f91a5ff8048aImage by vogelina

Navigating the Dating Scene after a Year: The Journey of Self-Consciousness

This is not the type of thread I should be reading after finally securing a date with a girl for the first time in over a year. I am going to be self-conscious now.

photo-1438761681033-6461ffad8d80Image by chrisjoelcampbell

My Hilariously Awkward OKCupid Adventure: From Bizarre Dates to Finding True Love

It wasn't the worst, but certainly the most entertaining of my experiences. I created a profile on OKCupid, and was messaged by a random girl. She was pretty, pretty strange, and pretty open about being pretty strange. Most people on their first few dates show the best side of themselves, not her though. She shared stories such as losing her virginity at 15 to a hobo, who would hop trains in her town, and how she smuggled him into her basement to live there off and on until her father found out. Her father, apparently, wasn't around much, or didn't use the basement. The other stories were equally weird. I didn't feel like what she was sharing was any of my business, but I didn't want to be impolite. At the end of the date, she wanted to hook up, but I needed her to know we couldn't be exclusive. I had never suggested we sleep together, asked to be exclusive, or indicated I was interested in having sex with her to begin with. She simply wasn't my type. I wanted to end it with a hug. When I clarified my intentions, she mentioned she would only perform oral if I reciprocated. So, I reiterated I only wanted a hug. It took a good 10 minutes to gently explain that I wasn't interested in anything sexual with her. I expressed that we weren't a good match, wished her the best in the dating world, and moved on. A week later, I had a 10-hour hike for my field biology class that I had put off until the last weekend of the semester. I was supposed to be taking one-hour walks a week for ten weeks and keeping detailed journal notes. Instead, I took one long hike, got rained on, and was thoroughly exhausted by the end. I called up my lab partner to share my experiences, but due to a poor connection and my tired state, I ended up dialing the wrong Amanda, the girl from last week's date. The awkwardness of the situation was beyond words. I played it off, wished her the best again, and deleted her number from my phone. On an up note, I met my wife a few dates later on OKCupid. We're happily married and expecting our first child soon.

photo-1516980907201-943c13a8d03cImage by shairad

The Unexpected Turn: A Bizarre Online Date

I engaged in online conversation with a man for a few days, and upon discovering that we shared a favourite bar, he extended an invitation for a drink there. He arrived late, which initially annoyed me. However, his physical appearance far exceeded the expectations set by his photographs. His attractiveness was so overwhelming that I felt comparatively unattractive. Despite our mutual admission of shyness, we held a captivating conversation. After several drinks, he offered to accompany me home. Anticipating his intentions, I was comfortable with the progression. Upon reaching my room, we sat on the bed in an awkward silence. Despite our inebriation, the awkwardness prevailed. Observing my glasses on the nightstand, he placed them on my face, studied me momentarily, then initiated a kiss. His unusual kissing technique was followed by a strange admission, he confessed he found it difficult to touch me without my glasses on, as he was particularly attracted to them. As we undressed, he maintained a series of exaggeratedly sensual expressions. Just as I was contemplating asking him to leave due to the strange turn of events, he experienced premature ejaculation. Although shocked, I reassured him, acknowledging that it was a common occurrence. After dressing, he became quiet and introspective under the covers. His presence was no longer desired, but I didn't know how to address it. He then began to share his struggles with suicidal thoughts and his general dissatisfaction with life. He confessed to using me as a means to vent his frustrations. Despite my attempts to comfort him with the hope of his departure, he continued to express distressing thoughts. Eventually, I requested that he leave and escorted him to the door. Before leaving, he kissed my forehead and continued to watch me as he retreated down the hallway towards the stairs.

photo-1511499767150-a48a237f0083Image by charlesdeluvio

One Date Disaster: From Love to Loathe in a Text String

I once met up with a girl from OkCupid, who looked nothing like her photo in real life, and unfortunately, not in a good way. During the date, she spent about an hour talking about her constant falling outs with friends and being generally self-obsessed and uninteresting. I felt no connection or spark and, though polite, I told her I didn't want to see her again. I made my excuses and left. Mere minutes after leaving, she texted me saying that she had never met anyone like me and thought we had something special. I replied politely and reiterated that I didn't want to see her again. She persisted with her texts, which I ignored because she wasn't getting the message. A couple of weeks later, she sent me a string of abusive messages saying 'why are all guys the same', 'you should put on your CV that you're a jerk' and so on. All this after one brief date! In short, I met a girl once who fell in love with me, went crazy, and sent me a string of abusive texts.

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The Witch Trials of Online Dating: A Bewitching Tale of Match.com

About four years ago, still recovering from a harsh breakup, I decided to give Match.com a shot. A couple of weeks after signing up, I received a message from a guy named Justin. He was charming and just my type, so we arranged a date. We got along really well in person and ended up going on a few more dates. It seemed like everything was going smoothly. Justin lived in Fullerton and it was my turn to drive to him for a date. We headed over to Dave & Busters, had a great time playing air hockey and Dance Dance Revolution. Later, we decided to retreat back to his place to watch a movie. We had kissed a couple of times, and Justin was an excellent kisser. I was looking forward to more cuddling and kissing. But first, we decided to make a pit stop at 7-11 for some snacks. We collected a couple of sodas and some candy and took them to the register. '$6.66' the cashier announced as I pulled out my wallet to pay. Justin gasped loudly, exclaiming that we couldn't possibly leave the total at $6.66 as it was the 'mark of the devil'. I laughed it off, but Justin was serious, fearing a car accident if we left the total that way. I told him to grab something else if it bothered him that much, so he threw a York Peppermint Patty on the counter and was satisfied when the total became $7.42. We then headed back to his place. After selecting a movie, we grabbed our bag of snacks and settled down on his bed. I proceeded to take off my shoes and get comfortable. But Justin gasped again. 'Are those socks with separate toes? Those really freak me out!' he said, referring to my striped toe socks. I was baffled by his reaction. His fear seemed to grow as he began to accuse me of being a witch due to my black cat, love for bats, 'witchy' socks and indifference towards the $6.66 total. I laughed it off, but he was serious. I refused to take off my socks despite his pleas, even when he offered to pay me any amount to do so. In response, I cheekily asked for $6.66. He glared at me as I packed up my stuff and left. That was the last I ever saw of Justin.

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My Bizarre Date with a Navy Boy: A Boardwalk, A Yellow Camaro, and Shrek

There are a few stories I'd love to share that unfortunately involve Redditors, but here's one that doesn't. I once went on a date with a Navy boy who seemed smart and sweet online. He picked me up in an incredibly ostentatious yellow Camaro. I had the sneaking suspicion he'd borrowed it, as it was a stick shift and he was having a hard time driving it. We decided to walk on the boardwalk for a while, which led us to a parking garage. In his attempt to park, he completely sideswiped the car next to us, leaving yellow paint all over their vehicle. He acted as if nothing had happened, so I pointed it out. His response? He suggested we park somewhere else and quickly left before I could say anything. The date was going poorly, as you can imagine, and it was miserably hot out. So, we decided to see a movie - Shrek The Final Chapter. During the movie, he refused to remove his feet from the seats in front of us, even when a father holding his toddler daughter came in and had to sit there. After the movie, he asked if I wanted to go to dinner. I declined. He dropped me off and asked when he could see me again, saying that he had a great time. Spoiler: We didn't get married. In fact, I took a mental note of his license plates and reported him to the parking garage. I never saw him again.

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An Unexpected Comment: A Single Date Story

He made an offhand comment about my father, labeling him with a derogatory term. His rationale? He was under the misguided impression that my father's colon cancer diagnosis was somehow linked to his sexual preferences. Needless to say, he didn't earn a second date.

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My Bizarre Date: A Walk in the Park Turned Wizardry Misadventure

I met a guy for a walk-and-talk through my favorite park. We had a nice vibe online and I had hopes that we'd at least have a good time even if we weren't attracted to each other. However, he turned out to be completely bizarre. He spent a lot of time trying to convince me that he was some sort of psychic or wizard with magic powers. He then asked for a ride to the bus station from the park, which surprised me as I had no idea he hadn't driven himself there. To top it all off, he suddenly needed to use the restroom during the 5-minute drive. Unfortunately, he wet his pants just before getting out of the car.

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A Wild Night in West Hollywood: An OKCupid Date to Remember

In the summer of 2006, on OKCupid, I met a girl from West Hollywood, and we went out for dinner. She was significantly larger than her photos suggested, and it turned out she was extremely wealthy - the daughter of Ozzie Osbourne's cardiologist, or something to that effect. She also had a troubling cocaine habit, spending most of the date in the bathroom and barely touching her food. After dinner, we went back to her place where I noticed her spiking my drink. She then asked me to tie her up. However, when I tried to leave, she wouldn't let me drive my car out of her garage. I ended up spending the night in my car, and left the next morning following someone else's car out. Three days later, she called to tell me that I had caused her to have a miscarriage, a pregnancy I wasn't aware of.

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How I Found Love in the Cosmic Chaos: My OKCupid Adventure

In the fall of 2010, I joined OKCupid. Fresh out of a marriage, I wasn't seeking another relationship. I just wanted to go on some dates, have a few funny stories to tell, and maybe even get laid. My profile was replete with answers to a ridiculous amount of questions, and it was clear that I was particularly interested in astrophysics and the universe, due to the mind-boggling feeling it gave me. A few weeks in, a message from a guy with a 99% match rating (the highest in the entire country, who lived just a few miles away!) popped up in my inbox. His question, 'how do you feel about string theory?' was a breath of fresh air after weeks of shallow messages. We chatted, added each other on Facebook, and scheduled a date for the next weekend. Our conversations flowed easily, and the connection was palpable. On the date, we ordered dinner, smoked a hookah, and before we knew it, the waitress was kindly asking us to leave as it was 2 a.m. and the restaurant had closed an hour ago. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we lost track of time. I was smitten. Fearing rejection due to my curvaceous physique, I was prepared for an awkward goodbye. However, he pulled me in for a passionate kiss, and we ended up making out like teenagers until the crack of dawn. Our next dates revealed incredible sexual chemistry, and we eventually started a relationship. We fell in love, moved in together, and our compatibility was beyond anything I had ever experienced. I love coming home to him every night, reading the Stephen Hawking books he buys for me, having breakfast together, watching documentaries, and having amazing sex almost every day. We're now trying for a baby. Online dating really can help you find an incredible partner. As a side note, I also once met a man on OKCupid who spent our entire date spewing conspiracy theories, but I just got drunk and played on my phone.

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My Wild Dating Adventures: Eccentric Encounters and Unexpected Lessons

Oh, the eccentric people I've encountered over the years! It's 3AM, and I find myself reminiscing about these unique individuals. Let's start with Girl #1. We met in college via MySpace. She was extremely religious and bipolar. One moment she'd say, 'side hug only, Jesus is watching,' and in the next, she'd ask for something quite intimate. My first sexual experience was with her, and it ended with her crying on the floor in my parent's house, causing me to fear my parents would think I had harmed her. She also lied about being pregnant, and we spent the rest of the night in an unusual mix of activities. Girl #2 was my first relationship after college. We met on eHarmony and had a perfectly normal relationship. It was probably the only normal relationship I've ever had. Girl #3 was another eHarmony connection later in college. We really connected over the phone, but when I went to meet her, I found out she was a stripper and was larger than I had anticipated. We had unprotected sex, which was unwise. Girl #4 was a college freshman who wanted to have my baby because she thought I was the 'perfect man.' Needless to say, I moved on. Girl #5 was a post-college connection from eHarmony who was overly enthusiastic about her cats, and I'm a cat lover! Girl #6 was another post-college eHarmony date. We hit it off over the phone and exchanged photos, but upon meeting, I found out her photos were quite outdated and she was significantly larger than I had expected. I took her to dinner anyway but ended the evening early. Girl #7 was from OKCupid. Everything was going fine until she had a breakdown in a restaurant. The next time we crossed paths, she literally ran away. And lastly, Girl #8, also from OKCupid. Everything was going well until she accused me of lying and cheating, then threatened to call the police if I contacted her again. After these experiences, I decided to take a break from dating for a while. I may have mixed up the order of these events, but the memories remain.

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