Surviving the 9 to 5: 40 Memes to Lighten Your Workday

Surviving the 9 to 5: 40 Memes to Lighten Your Workday

In the throes of daily deadlines, back-to-back meetings, and the incessant ping of email notifications, there's a beacon of hilarity that provides a much-needed respite: the mighty meme. These bite-sized pieces of humour are the unsung heroes of the digital age, sprinkling joy into our coffee breaks and turning monotony into mirth. Whether you're battling the Monday blues or stuck in a mid-week slump, let's dive into a collection of memes guaranteed to inject some levity into your workday. Prepare to chuckle, chortle, and maybe even snort out that morning coffee. 

1. Resume Booster

Make sure you put MS Office skills on your resume. As well as your pun skills.

2. Ha ha.... ha

If you want to live to see your annual bonus, just laugh. Make sure you perfect your work laugh.

3. Right On Track

Everything is fine, I swear.

4. I'm Not Ready

There is nothing quite worse than going on vacation and having to come back to find your job is still there. 



5. New Life Awaits

I'll take the latter option. A new life sounds great. 


6. What Would Julie Andrews Do

She'd be frolicking in the hills with real mountains to look at, not sitting behind a desk behind mountains of paper work. 


7. Hmmm

That's what they think. Bills need to be paid. 


8. Capitalism, dude

There's really no other reason.

9. ESC

It's not working. How many more times do I need to press the thing?

10. Good job, Susan

What question is worth 25 extra minutes on a meeting? Couldn't have saved it until the meeting was done, huh?


11. I Can't Do It Anymore

I hate all days that end in "day" when I have to work.

12. Honest Mistake

I swear I didn't mean to forget to set my alarm, I totally intended on coming to work on time.

13. Vicious Cycle

It never ends. It's like those movies where the main character dies and then wakes up just to live the same day over and over again.

13. I Don't Care

Sorry, "caring" wasn't in my contract. I'm only paid to show up.

14. Nobody's Gonna Know

They're gonna know? How would they know?

15. Do Not Disturb

It's hard to care when you have a margarita in hand. Figure it out yourselves.


16. Nothing Is THAT Urgent

There's really no need. I'll get to it when I get to it.

17. I'll Take a GRANDE

There's not a big enough cup in the world to get me started. I need it in the veins.

18. It's Tough Out Here

You know, my sometimes all it takes is a boss to treat their employees like actual human beings. Good bosses are hard to come by.

19. Slaving Away

If I can't leave a few minutes before 5, then don't expect me here a second before 9.

20. Busy Busy Busy

Let me just open up a blank email quickly and start typing random words.

21. Torn In Two

There's nothing quite like the bond you make with your coworkers when you all hate your job for the same reasons. It's a bond that can't be broken.


22. There's No Winning

A meeting is too long and an email notification is just an inconvenience. There needs to be a happy medium.

23. Cheers To The Freaking (Long) Weekend

There's nothing quite like a 3-day long weekend. So much time for activities!

24. It's The Little Things

Food, housing, supporting my kids. You know, same as everyone else.

25. Time For a Raise

Sometimes all you can do is smile through the pain. And consider negotiating that raise.

26. Happy Friday! 

You did it! Now you can spend the weekend in anticipation of doing it all over again next week.

27. Win-Win?

Maybe work... less hard. So that they don't ask you to do more than you want to.

28. Work Hard, Play Hard

You can't get the best of both worlds, unless you marry rich.

29. Why Tho

There is a time and a place, and this is NOT the time.

30. Priorities

It's good for my mental health okay? No judgment needed here.

31. Comfy Vibes Only

Really, at this point you should not be expecting me to show up to the Zoom call with a full face of makeup and a blazer on. I will be in comfy mode.

32. Just Keep Working

Like a shark, if you stop swimming, you die. Just keep swimming.

33. Business Meeting

No better time to do it. Just tell your boss you have a meeting.

34. Time To Party

Call me Gatsby, because I'm ordering the finest bottle of champagne. Even though that paycheck will be gone the second it hits.

35. Is It Payday Yet? 

I need my money and I need it now!!