The Most Popular Baby Names From Different Major Countries Around The World

The Most Popular Baby Names From Different Major Countries Around The World

With so many different countries around the world, each with unique cultural backgrounds and rich historical tapestries, it's safe to assume we'd all have different naming preferences too, right? Right! This article is going to highlight some of the most popular names from different major countries around the world, showcasing all that goes into picking the perfect name for your newborn baby girl or boy.

1. Olivia - United States

A name that continues to feel timeless across generations, Olivia is a popular baby girl's name that's adored for its lovely and graceful sound. Parents just seem to be absolutely charmed by it as the name continues to hold a high position on every list of most popular baby names in America.

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2. Lucas - Canada

Our neighbours up north are seriously loving the name Lucas! In Canada, many parents have been continuously attracted to the name Lucas, probably thanks to its strong yet approachable feel. Kind of gives you the "friendly neighbour next door" vibe doesn't it?

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3. Charlotte - Australia

Charlotte is just one of those baby girl names that has international appeal. It's a popular name in Australia as it turns out, but it's popular all the way here in North America too! Perhaps thanks to its royal connotations and incredibly feminine feel, this is one name that we don't see dying down anytime soon.

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4. Himari - Japan

Himari is one of the most beloved names in Japan and it's easy to see why. It symbolizes the sun and beauty, making it a lovely name with an equally lovely meaning. The Japanese love names that sound beautiful but also have positive meanings, which makes sense why Himari is a name so highly valued in Japanese culture.

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5. Aurora - Norway

Whether you're reminded of the Aurora Borealis, Aurora the Sleeping Beauty, or you just like it because it sounds pretty, you can't deny how gorgeous this name is. It's got a celestial and magical quality to it, drawing in parents by the masses.

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6. Luna - Mexico

Luna has been a popular name in Mexico for quite some time now, and we don't see this trend falling off any time soon. Inspired by the moon, there's just something so romantic and mysterious about it, making it the perfect name for any beautiful newborn girl. It's a bonus if you're a Harry Potter fan too! 

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7. Harper - United Kingdom

If you're a parent looking for a baby girl's name that doesn't feel too girly or feminine, get inspired by this UK favourite: Harper. Somehow feeling both traditional and modern at the same time, it's a unique sounding name that British parents are just loving!

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8. Aarav - India

Meaning peaceful and wise, Aarav is an incredibly popular name in India thanks to its beautiful meaning. Not only does it sound lovely and roll off the tongue nicely, its translation is one that feels rich and cultural, which continues to draw plenty of parents to it.

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9. Gabriel - France

Known for their beautiful sounding language, it's safe to assume the French have good taste in baby names too, right? Correct! Over in France, Gabriel continues to be a top boy's name that refuses to take its foot off the pedal. Only growing in popularity, this flowy, melodic name is beloved for both its timelessness and its strong biblical roots. The name is derived from Hebrew which means "God is my strength" after all!

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10. Seojun - South Korea

Let's travel all the way to South Korea now to check out one of their most popular baby boy names: Seojun. Even if you don't speak the language, there's something about it that just flows nicely, right? Perhaps brought to mainstream popularity thanks to beloved actor Park Seojun, this is one name that is seriously taking over the country. 

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11. Noah - Germany

Short, sweet, and simple, Noah is a favoured name over in Germany, but also in several other countries too. And it's obvious why! There's a very friendly and endearing tone to the name that is clearly attracting many parents, but it's also definitely appreciated for its biblical roots. Can't go wrong with a name that has all those great qualities!

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12. Viktoria - Bulgaria

Translating to "winner" or "victory," it makes sense why Viktoria is such a cherished name in Bulgaria. Citizens in this country love picking names that have deep and strong meanings, and honestly, does anything resonate more than a name that literally means winner? It's the perfect name to give your baby girl if you want to impart those wishes for them!

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13. Wang Wei - China

Chinese citizens can be quite superstitious with their beliefs, and names are no exception. The names chosen for babies in China tend to be deeply symbolic - they're chosen for their meanings and what they hope to pass on to their child. That's why Wang Wei has become quite the popular name; it signifies greatness and power!

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14. Alexander - Russia (Moscow)

Arguably one of the most popular names in Russia (that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon), Alexander is admired by parents for both its historical and royal associations. Because why wouldn't you want to name your baby boy after famous emperors? Bringing forth feelings of strength and power, it's easy to see why so many parents lean towards this name.

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15. Arthit - Thailand

Arthit essentially translates to "the sun," making this a lovely name to give any baby boy who really brightens up the room. It's a beloved name in Thailand, following the common tradition of naming your son something strong and powerful. 

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16. Emma - Luxembourg

Simple yet ever so graceful, Emma has seen widespread popularity among baby girls in Luxembourg. For parents who don't want to overcomplicate things and want to keep things sweet and short, look no further than this beloved name. It has a universal and timeless appeal that continues to transcend time and language barriers.

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17. Mia - Croatia

Following our points on why Emma is so popular, Mia follows suit in Croatia, capturing the hearts of many parents thanks to its short but lovely sound. Sometimes, three letters is all you need for the perfect name! There's just something so warm and friendly about the name Mia, which evidently everyone feels given how common the name is.

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18. Jakub - Czech Republic

It's Jakub, not Jacob over in the Czech Republic! With a very strong biblical origin, this name resonates with a lot of parents who want to go down this route when naming their child. It's consistently been a favourite among Czech parents for this reason, but we can also see it maintaining its popularity thanks to how effortless and classic the name sounds too.

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19. Chia-Hao - Taiwan

Over in Taiwan, one baby boy name that continues to maintain its popularity over the past decade is Chia-Hao. When translated, it's associated with many auspicious traits that Taiwanese people value. And with so many positives, who wouldn't want to name their baby something that's tied to wisdom, prosperity, and strength? It's the perfect name that embodies these Taiwanese traditional values.

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20. Amir - Iran

As one of the most popular names in Iran, you can likely suspect that Amir has some pretty amazing meanings. And you'd be right to assume that! Translating to "prince" or "leader," it's a solid name choice if you're hoping to pass on traits of leadership and power to your baby boy. After all, in countries like Iran, the meaning behind the name is just as important as how it sounds.

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