Horrible Ways People Learned They Were Being Cheated On

Horrible Ways People Learned They Were Being Cheated On

Falling in love and getting into a serious relationship is truly a special feeling. But while it's great to feel cared for and loved, it goes without saying that there needs to be a certain level of trust and commitment there. Unfortunately for these lovers down below, they got their hearts ripped out in the worst way possible. Because really, is there a worse feeling than being cheated on and betrayed by the one you hold closest?

1. The Unraveling of a Lifelong Bond: Trust, Betrayal, and Love

My ex-partner once initiated a conversation about how I would cope in a hypothetical situation if she decided to end our relationship. We share two children and I found her question strange, but reassured her of my commitment and love for her. However, she then revealed that a coworker had been flirting with her and she wanted to break up. 

The following week felt surreal as I struggled to come to terms with the shock. A month later, she approached me, expressing regret and a desire to reconcile. Initially, I refused, but a year later, we did rekindle our relationship. Yet, I soon realized that once trust is broken, it's almost impossible to fully rebuild. 

I had envisioned spending my entire life with her. I supported her, we built a family together, and I even moved mountains to secure us a house. However, it all seemed insufficient. She began distancing herself from me, a behavior she had exhibited before our first break up. This time, I chose not to tolerate it and ended things myself. Our lifelong friendship was ruined and trust broken for a fleeting fling with a coworker. Since she was my first serious relationship, I'm now skeptical about trusting anyone again.

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2. Blindsided: A Tale of Betrayal, Trust, and the Struggle to Move On

I learned about my fiance's betrayal the hard way. The other man's wife contacted me on messenger with her suspicions but lacked concrete evidence. I decided to confront my fiance, and that's when she confessed and shared every gut-wrenching detail with me. Now living with it, every day is a struggle; I was completely taken by surprise because I trusted her so much. Even though there were indicators in the past, I chose to trust her and not delve too deep into it. Guess that was my fault.

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3. From Betrayal to Bliss: A Tale of Heartbreak, Healing, and New Beginnings

One day, I started noticing my husband was acting weirdly around me. I asked him if he was okay on several occasions but everything seemed to be fine, so we carried on. However, one day I forgot to take my medication and felt terrible at work. I phoned him to ask if he could bring them to me, as I was unable to leave to get them. His response was a simple 'No'. Concerned, I asked him if he was okay, but he offered no reply. For some reason, I felt compelled to ask, 'do you still love me?'. His response was a heartbreaking 'No, I'm sorry', before he hung up. 

I spent the next three hours at work in tears. At the time, we had been married for 11 months and had a 10-month-old child together. I also had a six-year-old from a previous relationship. About a week later, I took a closer look at our cell phone bill. To my shock, I found numerous calls to and from the same number on his line. Upon checking our previous bills, I discovered this had been going on for the entire 10 months since our child was born. I attempted to confront him about it, but he didn't answer. 

In my distress, I ended up venting my frustrations to his mother. She patiently listened until I broke down in tears, then comforted me. Despite everything, I still have affection for his family. His girlfriend moved in the day after I relocated to my new home, stepping into my former role as a mother and wife. Despite the circumstances, I allowed our children to visit each other. It was difficult, but their love for each other was undeniable. His mother and sister were surprisingly supportive, even going so far as to criticize him for his actions. Fast forward to 18 years later, I am happily remarried and blessed with two step-sons. Despite the painful past, we've managed to put our children first and maintain a cordial relationship.

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4. Heartbreaking Confessions: My Partner's Infidelity and the Stolen Car

She informed me that someone had stolen my car, only to later confess that the perpetrator was the man she had been unfaithful with. However, it didn't just stop there, she admitted that this had happened on multiple occasions. As the revelations continued, I was shocked to learn that there were multiple men involved and this had been happening more frequently than I could ever imagine. In fact, it seemed like every man between the ages of 20-30 in our zip code had been involved; bearing in mind we are both in our mid-40s. 

The final confession was the most heart wrenching of them all - she confessed that she had fallen pregnant from one of these affairs and had subsequently had an abortion. This was a crushing blow, especially since we had been trying to have children for a decade.

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5. The Unforeseen Betrayal

My girlfriend at the time used my laptop to boast to her friends about cheating on the guy she was cheating on me with (yeah, that's a mouthful isn't it). She then left the browser open when she went to work. When I sat down to watch movies, it was the first thing I saw. 

Upon confrontation, she spat at me. She accused me of invading her privacy, called me a stalker, and said I couldn't be trusted. She also mentioned that she would need to stay at the house for another month or two until she found another place. On some level, I still admire her conviction, though she was a terrible person.

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6. Surviving Heartbreak in Quarantine: A Personal Journey

My ex-wife began acting strangely distant during our quarantine in our home country. When confronted, she expressed a lack of attraction towards me but denied having an affair. A few nights later, a glimpse at her phone revealed she was indeed having an affair. A month of my attempts to mend things followed, but she eventually returned to our old home to live with her lover, leaving me to relocate to a new city. Currently, I'm madly in love again, but the emotional toll of that breakup continues to affect me from time to time. 

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7. My Brave Decision After A Betrayal

He had left his Facebook messenger logged into the iPad. When he departed for military training, I started receiving all his message notifications. It was far from the ideal way to discover that he had been seeing someone else for quite some time. My anger surged uncontrollably after this revelation, and I decided to move out before he returned from his training. I even picked him up at the airport when he came home, only to drop him off and drive away.

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8. Betrayed in Broad Daylight: An Unexpected Discovery

He casually handed me his phone to contact his daughter's mother through messenger as she did not want either of us to have her number. As I scrolled, two or three threads underneath hers, I stumbled upon a message from a girl saying 'Good Morning sexy'. Curiosity piqued, I clicked it and to my dismay, I found they had been exchanging inappropriate messages for months. 

At that time, my son was just two months old. My significant other had stopped sleeping in the bed with me, and I had naively believed it was because of the baby. But no, he had been spending hours talking to her on the phone and messaging back and forth. Additionally, I discovered a folder with her name, filled with more than 700 videos and pictures, most of them being nudes. When I confronted him that very night, he claimed he didn't think that what he was doing was wrong. I was 23 and he was 35 at the time.

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9. Betrayed on the Battlefield: An Unlikely Encounter

An internal investigation into one of my underperforming soldiers revealed that he was visiting my wife while I was on duty. He was a constant issue and also a deceitful individual. An official investigation was initiated when it was observed that he was frequently visiting a set of quarters (where he didn't reside) while the rest of the unit was on the field. 

We had just returned from a 28-day field service, and I vividly recall smelling unpleasant after spending a week under the sun when I was summoned to the Commanding Officer's office. All I wanted at that moment was a shower. As soon as I entered and saw my Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, First Sergeant & Commanding Officer, I realized that something wasn't right, but couldn't comprehend the situation. They promptly explained the situation, revealing that they had caught the soldier at my quarters with my wife and requested that I avoid the soldier and not return to my quarters for the time being. I had no issues with that and decided to spend the night in the barracks where I 'coincidentally' encountered the deceitful soldier. He ended up with 23 stitches and some dental implants to replace the teeth he lost when he 'fell' down, while I had a peaceful night's sleep.

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10. The Night My Marriage Unraveled

I was in the process of putting our children to bed. We had planned on being intimate that night so I had prepared everything - nice wine, sexy lingerie, and even did my makeup. As I walked into the living room, I was met with a disheartening scene. My husband was asleep on the couch, his phone revealing the truth on his chest. He was sexting someone else as I was getting ready to make love to him. The person who he claimed was 'just a friend', turned out to be much more than that. He was in a full-fledged relationship with her.

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11. How I Exposed my Ex's Secret Love Triangles

My ex once borrowed my phone to log into his Instagram account since his phone was dead. He specifically told me not to save his profile information, but I did it anyway because I tend to overthink things. A few days later, I decided to log into his profile, where I discovered conversations with about three girls, all of whom he claimed to love.

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12. Confessions of a Cheating Ex: A Tale of Betrayal and Murder Plots

My ex decided to tell to a mutual friend who couldn't believe what she had told her, so she recorded the conversation on her phone. The conversation included the admission of her cheating and a casual talk of ending my life or having me killed with the guy she had been unfaithful with. Indeed, alcohol can be a hell of a drug.

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13. A Journey through PTSD and Recovery

I once had a gut feeling that something was going on and decided to check my security cameras. The footage showed my wife's coworker coming over after I had left and they would spend the morning together. I was uncertain about which was worse, finding him in my bed with my wife or him petting my dog! 

Our relationship struggled for a few years following this, and my wife began severely abusing alcohol. Eventually, I filed for divorce. Sadly, two months after this, she committed suicide. Today, I've fully moved on and am happily remarried. I had to deal with a lot of PTSD related to that past relationship, but now I feel I'm in a way better place both physically and emotionally. 

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14. A Heartbreaking Tale of Infidelity and Its Unseen Consequences

When my son was just six weeks old, he was hospitalized with pneumonia. The doctors struggled to diagnose his ailment, and he was consequently moved to the ICU. The cause of his distress was identified as bacterial pneumonia, a complication stemming from an unexpected source. Turns out his father, who had been unfaithful during my pregnancy, had transmitted chlamydia to me, which subsequently affected our son's lungs during his birth.

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15. How Tech Exposed an Abusive Relationship

I downloaded an app onto my phone that retrieves all deleted texts within the last 90 days. This was after I had been using a MacBook we shared for work, and he received an iMessage that said, "okay this is our story if they ask why I sent you a picture like that". He worked with her and she had sent him a provocative picture that their mutual coworkers saw her take. They all knew me as well, so I guess she made up a story. 

I confronted him and he called me crazy, said he loved me more than anything and couldn't even think of another woman in that way. I was so naive. I confronted her and she swore nothing happened and they were just friends, but this made me suspicious. I bumped into her sometime later and greeted her in a friendly way. We chatted and before we parted, she said to me, "he's a really bad guy, I hope you know". I smiled, gave her a hug and moved on. I hope she's doing well. I'm not sorry about invading his privacy, it gave me the strength to leave. He was sexually, emotionally, verbally and at times even physically abusive. I'm still dealing with the trauma from the sexual abuse years later. It is what it is.

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16. Betrayal, Divorce, and Finding True Love: A Single Mother's Journey

My husband returned home one day and, out of the blue, declared he didn't want to be married anymore. I was devastated. We had a one-year-old daughter and I was on the verge of completing my undergraduate degree. How was I supposed to handle being a single parent? I sought comfort from my best friend, who angrily responded, 'What a scoundrel! How dare he cheat on you. What a jerk!' 

As a result, I kicked my husband out. For the next two weeks, I kept receiving hang-up calls around 3 am every night on our landline, which had no caller ID, which was very peculiar. Eventually, I discovered that he had been cheating with my best friend, the one I had confided in that day. I knew it was her when I heard her parrot in the background of one of those anonymous calls. I wasn't sure who I was angrier at - her or him. But I bid good riddance to both. 

Divorcing him turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. I met my soulmate two years later, who adopted my daughter and effectively relegated my ex-husband to the role my daughter, even 35 years later, still refers to as 'The Sperm Donor.'

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17. Blindsided: When Everyone Knew She Was Cheating Except Me

I had a girlfriend in college. She told me she was hanging out with her friend, Kenny. I knew Kenny a little bit and being a trusting guy, I didn't think anything of it. A couple of days later, I was helping her put her laundry away and found Kenny's shirt. She explained it away as innocent and I gave her the benefit of the doubt. I mean, I didn't think anyone cheating would be so foolish as to get caught that easily. 

I casually mentioned this to a mutual friend Kenny and I knew because I was still a little suspicious. They were like, 'Yeah...she's definitely seeing Kenny...and has been for your entire relationship.' Apparently EVERYONE knew except me and my friends just didn't know how to tell me. To this day, I still think my friends not telling me that the girl was cheating hurt more than the actual cheating.

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18. Revelations from a Forgotten Facebook Message

I was bored at work and decided to browse Facebook for the first time in quite a while. To my surprise, I found a year-old message from a woman I didn't recognize. She claimed her boyfriend had been involved with my girlfriend at the time. Initially, I didn't believe her and asked my girlfriend about it. She denied knowing the woman.

My disbelief persisted until the woman's ex-boyfriend, the one alleged to have been with my girlfriend, messaged me with proof. This apparently took place right before my girlfriend got into pharmacy school, and before I relocated to a city I had no desire to live in, taking on two jobs to support us. 

When I confronted my ex-girlfriend at home, she confessed to everything. I then asked if there had been others, and to my shock, she confessed that she had cheated on me multiple times with various people over the five years we were together. Some of these people were her friends, individuals I had met and even helped on numerous occasions. Every few months, she sends me a message, asking if I would ever consider getting back together. My answer is a firm no.

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19. The Day I Found My Fiancé with His Employee

My fiancé and I shared a bedroom wall with another tenant. Our apartments were separate but directly adjacent, which might sound confusing. One day, while I was at work, I received a text from our neighbor asking if my fiancé and I could 'keep it down' due to the noise in our bedroom. I replied that I was at work, not at home. The neighbor then informed me that someone was in the room with my fiancé. 

Leaving work immediately, I rushed home, which was just a 15-minute walk away in Wellington, New Zealand. Upon arrival, I found my fiancé's clothes scattered across the floor and him in bed with one of his employees. That night, while he was at work, I moved all my things out. We never spoke or saw each other again. Shortly after, I left the country.

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20. From Heartbreak to Healing

I decided to become the so-called "crazy person" and check her phone after months of her being distant, cold, and our intimate life basically coming to a halt. I discovered texts that spanned 4 out of the 5 years of our relationship. She was communicating with a guy she met on a high school trip to London. The texts were graphic, with nudes sent and received, and there was a history of long Skype video calls. This was back in 2018. 

I found out that the guy had moved to the States and was living in our city. He had been boasting about how he was going to fight me and steal her away from me. She had even told him how exciting that would be, and shockingly, she gave him my address and gate code. I ended up breaking up with her and had a significant meltdown, although I managed to stay non-violent even when she slapped me. I don't believe in hitting women.

A week after I ended things with her, I heard a British man yelling outside my apartment window at 2am. He was calling for me to come outside. I knew exactly who it was. When I told him 'no, I'm not fighting you', he insulted me and threw a rock at my window, which cracked it. That was the last straw. I went downstairs and proceeded to beat him senseless. I've since moved on, met my fiancée who is the mother of my beautiful child, and I've sobered up and avoid violence at all costs. That was a terribly unfortunate situation.

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21. An Unraveling Thread

To cut a long story short, she lied about watching a movie that wasn't due for release for another two weeks. When I probed further, the truth finally surfaced. We decided to stick together, under the pretense of working on our relationship and addressing the existing issues. I put in my utmost effort. Two months later, a mutual friend revealed that she had been seeing this particular guy. Upon confronting him, I found out that she had been involved with him and another three people, without practicing safe sex, leading to pregnancy.

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22. The Night I Uncovered My Ex-Husband's Secrets

My ex-husband once asked me to log into his email to retrieve the address and directions for his gig that night. When I asked him for his password, he quickly changed his mind and came up with all sorts of excuses as to why he no longer needed the directions. Despite his reluctance, I insisted on getting the password and ended up discovering an entire email exchange of him cheating.

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23. An Unexpected Discovery on My Partner's Phone

He left his phone in the bathroom. I decided to take a flirty photo and noticed that the last picture he had taken was a selfie. He never takes selfies. 

To my surprise, I found the Hinge app on his phone. He was conversing with a Chinese woman and had even sent photos of his time in Chinatown, which were taken during our visit to my family. He was talking about all the Asian customs and traditions I had taught him. What astonished me more was that he bragged about a job, a job I had risked everything to secure for him. That same year, for my birthday, he had gifted me a wedding dress.

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24. Betrayal in the Workplace: A Tale of Late Night Deception

I arrived home after a grueling 16-hour shift. It was 3 am. Carefully, I moved through the darkness, not daring to turn on any lights to avoid waking her. Suddenly, her phone lit up. A text message reading, 'I wish you were in my arms again tonight.' 

To my shock, I recognized the number immediately - it was my boss. He had given me the excuse of being caught up in personal issues, and I covered for him, working extra shifts. I was accused of neglecting her because I was working too much. That night, I asked her to leave. I didn't even let her get dressed. She was thrust out the front door, as bare as the day she was born. When the regional manager found out about my boss's actions, he was fired and subsequently blacklisted from all the places he had influence over.

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25. Heartbreak, Loss, and Lessons: A Young Man's Journey

I walked in on her with a colleague and my heart and stomach sank instantly. This incident occurred shortly after attending my dad's funeral when I was 24 years old. I still struggle with the emotions I experienced from it five years later, in the form of nightmares. It made me realize that the 'boys are cheaters' narrative applies to people and not a specific gender.

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26. Betrayal in Subzero: A Tale of Love Gone Cold

He went to get cigarettes and I fell asleep. When I woke up five hours later, he was still not home. I drove around and eventually drove past his ex's house, where I found his car. I knocked on the door, she opened it and then slammed it in my face. I went to my place and threw all of his stuff in the snow.

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27. A Reality TV Show of My Own

This is a complicated one. Me and my ex-boyfriend were closeted. He got drunk and slept with someone else. Overcome with guilt and without anyone to confide in, he told one of our mutual friends that he had slept with someone, as a way of talking it out. He did this without exposing that we were in a relationship or that he had cheated. That friend, in turn, told me that he had slept with someone. This led to me yelling at him in the middle of suburbia, akin to a scene from a trashy reality TV show.

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28. From 'Home Aloned' to 'Acting Crazy'

He updated his Facebook status to 'in a relationship with' and it was another girl. Apparently, they had been dating for three months already and he claimed our relationship was so boring that he had just forgotten about me. I got 'home aloned' by my own boyfriend. 

I tried to message him, but he had blocked me. When I messaged his then-girlfriend to say 'I'm his girlfriend, what is going on?', she tried to fight me, asserting that I had no business in their relationship. She then posted on Facebook about how she had a stalker. When they broke up, she cited me 'acting crazy' as one of the reasons. 

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29. Betrayed in the Days Before Netflix

Back in the days before Netflix and Whatsapp, my boyfriend and I were students at different universities. He was staying over at my house for the weekend. We were engrossed in a movie or show on his laptop when he excused himself to use the bathroom. Suddenly, a message popped up on the screen in the style of instant messaging, a nod to simpler times. 

The message was from one of his friends. It informed my boyfriend that a girl named Katie was extremely upset because he had decided to visit me. The message indicated that Katie had been nothing but loyal to him. Looking back, I don't condone my behaviour. I was young and impulsive. But in that moment, that cheating boyfriend of mine received a swift punch to the chest, and all his clothes were promptly thrown out of my window.

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30. Caught in the Web of Deception

After my grandpa passed away, I went through a period of depression. During this time, I wasn't able to give her the attention she needed and I could feel her slowly drifting away from me. I questioned if there were other men in her life. Despite her denials, I remained unconvinced. One day, after she returned from 'staying the night at her friend's house', I decided to browse through her messages on the watch I had gifted her and learned the truth the hard way. Sadly, my gut feeling was right.

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31. Unexpected Email Reveals Betrayal

I received an email from an acquaintance I had met once at a mutual friend's party. He informed me that my wife was secretly seeing his former housemate. Having experienced the pain of infidelity himself, he decided to help me out. He gave me the address and suggested I check my EZ pass and phone records. The very next day, I caught and confronted my wife as she was leaving the man's house. We were fortunate not to have any children involved in this mess. It's been almost a decade since our divorce, and I've never been happier.

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32. Late Night Revelations: A Twist in Friendship and Love

I was working late until 1am and I always called my ex on the way home because she would stay up to hear about my day. I asked her what she was doing and she said she was laying in bed, but I could hear people talking in the background. At first, I believed her. However, her house was literally on the same street I took home and her car wasn't out front. 

So, I stopped by and texted her that I was on the front porch and she should come out to say hi. Her mom, who happened to be awake, saw me on the porch and came out. She said, 'she told me she was with you.' As it turned out, she was with my best friend who had lived with me for 4 years but had recently moved out.

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33. Betrayed After Love: A Tale of Emotional Turmoil

Here's how my story goes. We had just finished making love when he turns to me and confesses that he's in love with someone else. He had been seeing a girl from work who had just left her husband. So, he decided to get together with her. Yet, I guess he couldn't tell me that before he had one last tryst. This revelation messed me up emotionally for a long time.

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34. Betrayed and Infected: A Tale of Disloyalty and Disease

A lump appeared on my body, growing in size and causing such pain that I found myself crying to sleep. Upon visiting the doctors, I was diagnosed with syphilis. My partner, who had no symptoms and showed no sympathy, was seemingly unaffected. 

A week later, we had an appointment at the clinic. After receiving the necessary treatment, the clinic contacted me a week later to inquire if I had discussed my partner's results with him. I confronted him while he was at work, demanding an immediate explanation. To my astonishment, he had contracted gonorrhoea. It became clear that he had contracted it in the week after my initial doctor's visit, furthering my infection. Cheaters are the absolute worst, but people who fail to use protection when cheating and then infect their loyal partners are truly the lowest of the low. What a scumbag.

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35. A Decade to Trust: A Tale of Love, Betrayal and Healing

After ending my first relationship, I reconnected with my ex six months later due to her moving in with my mother. During our conversation, she confessed to me that she had been unfaithful with six different men throughout our two and a half year relationship. One of them was even her own stepfather. To add insult to injury, she went on to tell me that they were all far superior to me in satisfying her needs. It took me a decade before I could bring myself to trust a woman again and enter into another relationship.

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36. When Love Turns Toxic: A Tale of Betrayal and Revenge

This event took place many years ago. The boyfriend of a couple we used to socialize with had a significant crush on me. For some reason, the three of them came to a decision: if my boyfriend hooked up with this guy's girlfriend, then I would have to sleep with him as a form of revenge. I was utterly disgusted with all of them! Naturally, I didn't entertain this loser, and my boyfriend and I ended our relationship. There were numerous issues with this relationship, and this incident was like the cherry on top of the sundae.

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37. The Text That Ended It All

He gave me his phone to hold while he was having a minor medical procedure. While in the waiting room, a text came through. It read something like 'Ha, so we can do the deed again?' I was completely bewildered, so I scrolled up through the text thread. Among the messages, I found 'I'm sorry if you feel guilty' and 'No, I'd only feel guilty if I still loved her.' That was the end of that relationship.

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38. When Love Turns Cold: The Unraveling of a Marriage

He stopped smiling at me, ceased kissing me good night, and quit holding my hand. His demeanor turned short and impatient, even to the point of cruelty. He didn't seem to want me around anymore. He spent an inordinate amount of time in his office, constantly on his phone. I would catch glimpses of his smiles as he received messages. Then, one day, he asked me for a divorce. In my devastation, I decided to snoop. Opening his laptop, I found all the evidence I needed. It completely destroyed me.

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39. From Betrayal to Empowerment: A Journey of Self-Discovery

He was unfaithful with one of our friends the day before he proposed. This shattering news came from her, a month before we were scheduled to get married. The day after I found out, I had to pick out flowers for the wedding. I felt so mortified and sad. After leaving the florist, I made the decision to call off the wedding. Despite being with him for more than 10 years, I was foolish to try and reconcile things with him. He was physically and emotionally abusive, which made it incredibly difficult for me to leave. But after enduring several months of anguish and undergoing therapy, I finally gathered the strength to leave him.

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40. The Untold Story of Love, Deception, and a Motorcycle Accident

This happened a long time ago, prior to the age of social media. I was using his computer to check my email when his instant messenger suddenly popped up. His 'ex-girlfriend' was eager to see him next week, expressing how she had been struggling with the long-distance between them and couldn't wait to reconnect. He had previously told me they had broken up, but clearly, they hadn't. She was unaware of my existence or the fact that we were living together. 

Suddenly, I found myself homeless. She flew in the following week and returned the ring - they had been engaged, a fact I was oblivious to as I was under the impression they had split up. Those were indeed good times. An important detail I initially left out was that I was only meant to be a summer fling. However, we were involved in a motorcycle accident which led to me undergoing five surgeries, while he required a femur replacement. He somehow neglected to mention my involvement in this incident, and the subsequent lawsuit, to his fiancée.

photo-1605459862899-f506150a7a80Image by cokdewisnu

41. Dinner, Deception, and an Ex: A Hometown Tale

My ex recently began working in my hometown, which is quite a distance from where we used to reside. She spent her evenings dining and cozying up with her boss, who also happened to be her boyfriend, in a local restaurant. This was a popular hangout spot for several people I graduated high school with. It was only a matter of time before one of them spotted her and relayed the news to me. She was never the brightest bulb in the box.

photo-1487017159836-4e23ece2e4cfImage by lucabravo

42. Betrayed by a Friend: A Shocking Dorm Room Discovery

Imagine, if you will, returning home for the Christmas break and coming back the next semester to find her almost entirely ignoring you. The only exception is when she needs something, and she's spending more time with your roommate than she ever did before. Now, picture yourself coming back to the dorm early from class, only to walk in on them in an intimate moment on your bed.

photo-1512389142860-9c449e58a543Image by anniespratt

43. Caught in a Web of Lies: The Curly Hair Mystery

I have long, straight hair, and I discovered some women's curly hair all over his bed. When I went to the bathroom, I saw a bunch more of the same hair on the hairbrush, which I used when I visited his place. He called me crazy and insisted that no one else had been at his place. But come on, it's so obvious.

photo-1571781418606-70265b9cce90Image by curology

44. Surprise Homecoming: The Moment That Turned Me Into a Single Parent at 19

I dedicate most of my time to work so that I can support our small family, but she only ever expresses dissatisfaction, always saying that I work too much. One day, I decided to surprise her by coming home early, only to realize I had forgotten the key to our apartment. I phoned her and cheerfully announced, 'Surprise, I'm home!' Her response of 'Really?' seemed joyful at first, but in hindsight, I understood it was due to her boyfriend being present. 

When I reached our apartment door, I knocked repeatedly but received no answer. Through a small gap in the blinds, I saw her helping her boyfriend hide in the hallway closet. I was in shock, so I decided to leave and drive around. She later called, wondering where I was, while claiming she was in the 'bathroom.' When I confronted her about the situation, she didn't confess until the following day. Ultimately, she decided she was too young to be a wife and a mother, and she left us. At the age of 19, I suddenly found myself a single parent.

cdc-20YP7NENJzk-unsplash.jpgPhoto by CDC on Unsplash

45. Caught Red-Handed: How I Discovered My Partner's Hidden Secrets

He started to become anxious about leaving his phone around me. As a result, I logged into his Facebook account on our shared iPad and discovered some alarming messages. The next morning, I confronted him about my suspicions, but he denied everything. However, when I accessed his messenger again, I saw him admitting that I had 'caught' them and they were planning on meeting up to discuss it.

brett-jordan-EefRxCpIxnA-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

46. The Unveiling of Betrayal: Open Relationships

He asked me to unlock his car because he had mistakenly locked his keys inside. The friend he claimed to be with was nowhere in sight. I checked his phone and discovered some suspicious messages. It took him two years to finally admit that he'd been unfaithful. He then proposed an open relationship and was upset when I ended up with more dates than him. Thankfully, we've since separated.

oli-woodman-fwYZ3B_QQco-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Oli Woodman on Unsplash

47. The Brutal Truth: Unmasking an Eight-Year Relationship

After eight years together, he told me he wanted a break to figure out 'if this was what he really wanted.' I responded with a firm 'no,' stating that we either work on things or we end it. A few days later, he admitted that he had met someone else. Essentially, he asked me to stick around while he was involved with another woman. To that one, I say good riddance.

reserveRONyPwknRQOO3ag4xf3R_Kinsey.jpgImage by morgansessions

48. A Solo Road Trip that Ended a Relationship: My Journey from New York to California

I embarked on a solo road trip from New York to California. My then-boyfriend of five years was supposed to join me in San Diego by flight, and then we planned to drive home together. The plan was to pick him up from the airport and head to a restaurant reservation. While using his phone for directions, a notification from a social media app he must've forgotten to delete caught my attention. 

I confronted him about it, and he hastily deleted the app. He admitted that he had been engaging in conversations with other women and believed that knowing the details would hurt me more. He also stated that he figured I was going to end our relationship regardless, so he wanted to save himself the embarrassment of being exposed. I insisted he call his mother and arrange for his belongings to be moved out of our shared apartment. I told him he needed to find his own way home and I completed the remainder of my road trip without him. When I returned home, it was as if he had never lived there, which was exactly what I desired.

averie-woodard-5d20kdvFCfA-unsplash.jpgPhoto by averie woodard on Unsplash

49. Betrayal Turned Besties: How an Unfaithful Partner Led to an Unbreakable Friendship

A mutual friend revealed to the other woman about my existence when she saw pictures of me, my partner, and our kids on Facebook. The woman reached out to me, apologized, and informed me that she had been under the impression that he was single. We decided to meet for a drink and compare notes. After she provided me with texts and proof that he had been unfaithful for months, we both decided to end our relationships with him. We then embarked on a fun trip to New Orleans to celebrate our newfound freedom and friendship. This unexpected event led to a wonderful friendship that has lasted for over 12 years. In a twist of fate, he turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

photo-1530103862676-de8c9debad1dImage by adigold1

50. Tales of Deception: When Double-Dealing Goes Wrong

During a casual conversation with two of my colleagues, a certain topic surfaced. One of them was informed by my ex-girlfriend that we had broken up, while the other was told that I had given her a free pass while I was on vacation. One would think she would have learned from her mistakes, but it seems that wasn't the case. A few years later, I discovered that she was repeating the same behavior with a couple of guys at the gym where she was working at the time. These two men decided to confront her by showing up at her house.

photo-1526506118085-60ce8714f8c5Image by echaparro

51. Sleeping With the Boss

She was involved in an affair with her boss, the most cliché of all excuses. I honestly believe if she had simply told me that the passion and love had vanished, we could have amicably divorced, as I was also unhappy. However, when she decided to clean out our house and bank account, it significantly altered the situation. Michelle, that was a low blow.

nick-pampoukidis-t-UV1rZqPuY-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Nick Pampoukidis on Unsplash

52. Confessions at the Hospital: An Unexpected Twist in My Relationship

The most recent incident happened when he carelessly left his messages open on my computer, which led me to kick him out. However, the most memorable event was during my time as a nurse's aide in a hospital. Unexpectedly, he showed up at my workplace. Perplexed, I asked why he was there as I wasn't expecting him. He then confessed that his friend was upstairs in labor - with his baby. I sternly told him to be gone by the time I finished my shift.

adhy-savala-zbpgmGe27p8-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Adhy Savala on Unsplash

53. The Uninvited Guest

Another woman knocked on my front door, asking me to take my child and leave so that she could be together with my husband. I told her she was welcome to him, but they'd have to find their own place to live since I was the owner of the house. I even told my husband he was free to leave. Surprisingly, he didn't. It turned out that this woman had been dropped off by her ex-boyfriend, who she had cheated on with my now ex-husband. The entire situation was incredibly awkward.

eric-ward-7KQe_8Meex8-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Eric Ward on Unsplash

54. Caught in the Act

My friends discovered the nasty truth before I did. They managed to learn that the cheaters were planning to go to the movies together, and so understanding my disbelief, my friends pleaded me to go with them so we could catch them in the act. They knew I wouldn't believe them if they just told me, so they did everything they could to get me out of this terrible situation. True friends indeed.

photo-1542204637-e67bc7d41e48Image by dmjdenise

55. Cheating Accusations: A Red Flag I Couldn't Ignore

I made the decision to divorce my husband because he persistently accused me of infidelity. After I moved out, some friends we both had informed me that he had been active on dating websites. When I returned to our house to collect some of my belongings, I discovered another woman had already moved in, merely two days after my departure. 

Everything suddenly fell into place - it seemed the saying is true, if your partner accuses you of cheating, they are likely the ones being unfaithful. I don't know the full extent of his deception, and quite frankly, I don't want to. It's better for me to remain ignorant of the specifics, rather than have my heart torn to pieces by the harsh truth. He is not worth my tears.

photo-1474658850099-527c4b3cf565Image by cassidykdickens

56. Betrayed After 24 Years: A Tale of Love, Deception and Heartbreak

A man knocked on my door one day, introducing himself as the husband of a woman with whom my husband worked. He was there to inform me of an affair that was ongoing between his wife and my husband. After this revelation, my husband never returned home. Instead, he chose to reside in an Airbnb and suggested that I hire a lawyer. We had shared a life together for 24 years.

photo-1492667154321-99c184cc8b89Image by cameronstow

57. Betrayed After 23 Years of Marriage: A Road Trip Revelation

She was using her phone for GPS while we were on a road trip, as mine was having issues. Suddenly, she received a text from the guy we had been discussing in our marriage counseling sessions. Despite her assurances that she hadn't spoken to him in months, the message was about meeting him the next day. We had spent 24 years together, 23 of them married. We had two kids and a house. Now, it all felt like it was going down the drain, ruining my life for a man who could easily be mistaken for a real-life Ned Flanders.


58. A Soldier's Heartbreak: Betrayal, Respect, and Closure

Her roommates called and asked me to meet them for lunch, stating that it was important. I met them, and they revealed that she had been cheating on me with her ex while I was deployed. They even showed me pictures as proof. They told me that I was a good man and that I didn't deserve such poor treatment. 

That morning, while she was at work, they had collected my belongings and handed them over to me. I drove to her workplace, confronted her with the pictures, and demanded the ring back. She handed it over, and I left. Later, she called me, accusing me of 'conspiring with her roommates' and trying to shift the blame onto me. She questioned why I was meeting with them. My response was, 'it's called respect and closure, and it sounds like this.' I then unplugged the phone, a landline, waited for an hour before plugging it back in, and called the phone company to change my number. After that, I never heard from her again. The aftermath was tough, and I am grateful for her roommates and the friends who helped me navigate through probably the darkest period of my life.

photo-1515626553181-0f218cb03f14Image by nickkarvounis

59. When Work Rumours Spread

I walked into work one morning when one of my coworkers greeted me with a "Congrats!" I asked him what he was talking about, and that's when he told me, "I overheard your girl talking and she said she got laid last night!"

Everyone in the office knew we were seeing each other, but I was desperately confused. I hadn't seen her last night, so what were they talking about? That's when another coworker came over and told me the same thing, but without the congrats because she knew I'd been cheated on.

I decided to confront my girlfriend, but all she cared about was who told me. Talk about priorities. Anyway, that relationship was doomed from the start. I ignored A LOT of signs so I blame myself for staying as long as I did. 

israel-andrade-yi9sivvts-unsplash-1.jpgPhoto by Israel Andrade on Unsplash

60. Well, That Came Out of Nowhere

Kind of funny, but we just had a wonderful night in with a homemade dinner and some games, and we settled in on the couch for some late night trash TV.

I don't know if anyone's familiar with this show, but in my area, the show Cheaters was a guilty pleasure of mine. We were about halfway through an episode when he excused himself by saying he wanted to go grab some snacks and drinks from the gas station.

I innocently believed him, so after a few minutes, he had messaged me confessing to have cheated on me with a co-worker. Just out of nowhere. No signs, no major changes in behavior, nothing. Initially, I thought he was joking, so I kept ribbing him and not taking it seriously, until he became more insistent.

He didn't stop seeing this person, even though he was "remorseful" and wanted to stay married, but the cheating continued, many, many times over.

He ended up leaving on his own, and it was the best thing he ever did for the both of us.

erik-mclean-U-Vu_r6qyyU-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

61. An Absolute Coward

My wife of 10 years went to go hang out with a new friend that I’d never heard of before that point. She got all dressed up and left with the smell of her perfume lingering in the air. She never came home. Her brother told me a few days later when he called to negotiate a time and date for her and the “new friend” to get her things without me home. The only time I’ve had any interaction with her after that night was hearing her phone call with the judge in court after I filed for divorce. She couldn’t even show up to get what she clearly wanted. What a coward.

engin-akyurt-Jw5Kth70hQo-unsplash.jpgPhoto by engin akyurt on Unsplash

62. Didn't You Know We Weren't In An Open Relationship?

This is a little immature, but it was the first time it happened to me with a girl i dated for four years. This all happened our final year of high school.

She posted a picture with him on Instagram. They work together, so no big deal. She then posted him as her man crush Monday (if you remember those) and called me a couple hours after I saw it. She wanted to go to a movie with him. Her words exactly were " I don't want to break up, but I'm going to a movie with (insert his name) and I promise you I won't do anything worse than kiss him."

I was in a loss at the audacity. I told her to go ahead, but I'm done. She called me crying over and over for about an hour. She then made a post about how sad she was to be single, followed by an Instagram post of her at the movies in his lap. That was wild...

I got back at her though. She was one of those jealous types who had a list of girls she hated. They all hated her and I was a bit of a handsome man back in the day. I hooked up with eight different girls that year that she absolutely despised. It was impossible for her to avoid it in our small town school. It even got to the point where she started hitting me up trying to get back with me. I wouldn't reply. I would just change my message profile picture to a different one of me with the girls she hated. It all ended with her cussing me out multiple times about it and me actually staying with the person she hated the most for the next three years. Turns out she was actually an amazing person and the exact opposite of my ex.

Years later after I had forgot about it all and was still dating the girl she hated, my ex messaged me one day out of the blue. Message said "are you seriously dating her out of spite still?" I just told her we genuinely liked each other and she refused to believe it. I left her on read and went on with my life. For some reason it haunted her and she still messaged me years later about it. It was very strange and sad, but she did it to herself.

deon-black-Cl8uwp_WQ8I-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Deon Black on Unsplash