Don't Be Boring—20 Mother's Day Gifts She'll Actually Like

Don't Be Boring—20 Mother's Day Gifts She'll Actually Like

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and she deserves a gift as special as she is! From gardening supplies to hotel stays, here are 20 unique gift ideas to get the ball rolling. 

1. Handwritten Notes

At the end of the day, moms want to be appreciated. No matter how old you are, a handwritten note acknowledging your love goes further than anything with a price tag. You can also send it via snail mail instead of a card (because no one wants to pay those prices).

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2. Tea Sampler

Try and veer away from chain stores and invest in more luxurious items. Gourmet tea bags and leaves exist from multiple sources online, meaning it’s easy to bring some of the best flavors to your kitchen.

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3. Bond Touch Bracelet

If you don’t live with your parents but want a unique way to keep in touch, look into bond touch bracelets. They allow you to connect with someone else through a series of taps. So long as the person on the other side also has a bracelet, you can tap the screen on yours to send vibrations in that pattern to them! 

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4. Personalized Book

Stationery companies have lots of personalized book and coupon options. Some have I-O-U coupon booklets to take the load off your mom’s shoulders, and others have “Things I Love About You” books just waiting to be filled out!

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5. A Proper Tumbler

Whether it’s coffee throughout the day or a good serving of tea, moms could do with a proper tumbler. The right one can keep drinks hot all day without the risk of spillage or flimsy materials. 

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6. Royal Pet Portrait

All kinds of pet portraits are available for purchase, but the one that stands out to us is having your pets transformed into royalty! All you need to do is submit a photo of your pet and choose the royal title you’d like to give them, which impacts the final uniform they’re painted with. It’s an adorable gift pet (and real) moms everywhere will love.

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7. Spa Day

Nothing pampers people like a trip to the spa. Packages range in price, too, so you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to treat momma right. Facials, manicures, or just a nice massage do wonders for rejuvenation.

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8. Hotel Stay

Honestly, some moms would love a quiet evening away from it all. Between the laundry and the cooking and the bills, there’s hardly time to breathe, let alone relax. Book a hotel weekend so your mom can relax the right way.

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9. Silly Photoshoot

In case you missed it, the resurgence of embarrassing photoshoots is upon us—even if done ironically. No matter what age you are, surprising your mom with a hilarious mall photoshoot will bring a tear to her eye from laughter and appreciation! 

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10. Matching Pajama Set

When was the last time your mom had her hands on a good pair of pajamas? Right the wrong this year by investing in a solid set for her. It might sound like a bland gift, but given all the fabrics and embroidering options available, pajamas allow her to hit the hay in style.

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11. A Day Off From Cooking

Make it a Mother’s Day to remember by taking the burden of cooking off her hands, even for the day. You may not be able to whip up the same meals she can, but she’ll appreciate the time to herself. 

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12. Bird Feeder

Encourage more backyard friends with a nice bird feeder. Some are far fancier than others, allowing you to choose from a variety of designs and prices.

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13. Gourmet Chocolate

We’re not talking about the grocery store stuff, we’re talking about the chocolate you have to order. Anything from gourmet chocolate-dipped strawberries to decadent truffles awaits you, and you really can’t go wrong. 

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14. Time Together

Some moms may want time away, but others haven’t seen their kids for a while. If it’s been a hot minute since you last visited, book some time to see your mom! Even if you can’t be with her, schedule a video call for a little face-to-face time.

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15. New Cookware

If your mom has used the same cookware since you were a kid, consider grabbing her a new set. It doesn’t have to be one of those 30-piece dealies that cost a kidney, but it can be a simple set that refreshes her kitchen. You can also splurge on one item she’s really craving. 

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16. Gardening Supplies

With the winter hellscape behind us all, it’s time to garden! Whether it’s grabbing her a good set of tools or an adorable gnome to watch over the tulips, your mom will love the additions. 

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17. Bathtub Caddy

If your mom can’t away, bring the spa to her with a solid bathtub caddy. She won’t have to worry about resting her wine glass on the floor or looking for a place to put her phone. Caddies aren’t that expensive either, so you get all that practicality for low cost.

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18. Paint-By-Numbers Kit

People don’t give paint-by-numbers enough credit. They seem like a children’s activity at first glance, but elaborate drawings exist for adults, and the end result is quite spectacular. Gift one to your mom so she can show off her creative side.

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19. No Chores for the Day

Cooking is the tip of the iceberg. If you really want to impress this year, take all chores off mom’s hands. That includes laundry, the dishwasher, cooking, and household maintenance (among other things). Maybe your mom can finally squeeze in a nap.

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20. Pay Attention

Is there something around the house that needs replacing? Has your mom mentioned a to-die-for item she’s been meaning to grab? Now’s the time to pay attention to the little details. 

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