Budget-Friendly Clever Car Gadgets

Budget-Friendly Clever Car Gadgets

Chances are you spend loads of time in your car, whether you make daily commutes or enjoy long road trips when you get the chance. And, in order to make the time you spend in your sanctuary on wheels an even more enjoyable experience, here are 5 budget-friendly clever car gadgets to consider purchasing.

meritt-thomas-BwBxVVdlpYE-unsplash-1024x683.jpgMeritt Thomas

Ztylus Stinger

This 3-in-1 cellphone holder is a must-have for your car convenience. Not only does it keep you phone securely held with magnets but can double as a seat-belt cutter in case of an emergency and triples as a loaded window punch. For less than $20 it's a steal for a lifesaving investment.


Roav Alexa-Enabled Car Charger

Are you looking for a great combination of a smart device and a car charger? Look no further. For $70, you can enjoy the luxury of having Alexa play your music while powerfully charging your phone with a USB charger. This gadget is a steal considering what regular car chargers are going for nowadays and, Amazon's Alexa is about $70 on its own. You can keep your eyes on the road with hands-free connectivity to your car ride playlists and make calls on the go.

nicolas-j-leclercq-6QWdecFKyYA-unsplash-1024x683.jpgNicolas J Leclercq

Lantoo Tire Pressure Gauge

Tire pressure is the main concern for drivers even though the average driver has it go unchecked for a while out of sheer negligence. With the Lantoo Tire Pressure Checker, you can make sure you have the correct pressure at all times and save yourself the hassle and more money in the long run. The gadget easily attaches to your tire and cheks your pressure within minutes and all for $15–a lifesaver.

obi-onyeador-Irdm0-tevPc-unsplash-1024x768.jpgObi Onyeador