10 Baby Boy Names That'll Never Go Out Of Style & 10 You Should Maybe Reconsider

10 Baby Boy Names That'll Never Go Out Of Style & 10 You Should Maybe Reconsider

Are you struggling to find the perfect name for your new baby boy? To help give you some inspiration, we've gathered 10 popular baby boy names that will never go out of style thanks to their timeless nature, and 10 strange and unique baby boy names that might only work for parents with distinctive preferences. Who knows which names on these lists will stand out to you? The perfect name might just be a scroll away!

1. Alexander

Alexander is a classic name that has truly stood the test of time. Commonly shortened to the name "Alex," Alexander has Greek origins meaning "defender of the people." As a name used for kings and emperors throughout history, there's enough historical significance and mainstream popularity that we're sure this name is here to stay.

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2. Elijah

With such strong biblical roots, Elijah is a boy's name meaning "Yahweh is God," presenting parents with a timeless choice that feels both spiritual and meaningful. The name itself feels very gentle, but definitely also has a powerful presence.

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3. Julian

Julian is a name that has the perfect balance between classic and unique. It comes from Latin origins and means "youthful" or "sky father." It's certainly a beloved name, with many who prefer more "soft-sounding" names listing it as a top favourite.

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4. Theodore

Theodore is a name that gives you the best of both worlds: it's a solid name by itself but it also comes with two cute nicknames like Theo or Teddy. It has a powerful Greek meaning, "gift of God," carrying with it a sense of significance and nobility. 

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5. Sebastian

Coming from Latin origins, Sebastian stands out as a name meaning "venerable" or "revered." What a powerful meaning! Combining a bit of historical depth with unique flair, Sebastian is definitely a stylish choice that will continue to stay popular.

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6. Nathaniel

Derived from Hebrew and meaning "God has Given," Nathaniel is a classic name that's timeless. People just love the sound of this name! It has a rich biblical history that may attract many parents looking for something along those lines, but it also just has a lovely sense of elegance to it that makes it an appealing choice overall.

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7. Finn

Short and sweet, Finn is a charming name with Irish origins meaning "fair" or "blessed." For parents who love names that are more simple and short, this is a great option to consider. Because despite its conciseness, the name still has a strong and powerful feel to it.

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8. Arthur

The name Arthur has some amazing historical connotations; often associated with the iconic King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table story, this name just evokes a sense of regality. Not to mention the name itself already has Celtic origins meaning "bear" or noble." Blending the perfect amount of myth, history, and timeless appeal, this is one name we're sure will stick around.

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9. Leonardo

Carrying Renaissance charm inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Hollywood flair thanks to iconic actor Leonardo DiCaprio, this name is a strong one. With its Italian origins that mean "brave lion," Leonardo is certainly a more unique pick parents might be attracted to if they're looking for something timeless but will still stand out in a crowd. 

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10. Silas

The most distinctive stylish name on this list is definitely this one: Silas. Having ancient and biblical roots, this name means "wood" or "forest." It's hard to pinpoint the reason why, but there's something both traditional and modern about this name. There's a softness to it that makes it sound natural, offering a special name option that will certain give the baby boy some nice individuality.

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1. Bertram

Bertram is a boy's name that immediately screams "old-fashioned" and "outdated". It has German origins and quite the cool meaning, "bright raven," but the name itself just doesn't fit with modern times. Although it may have once been popular, its unusual sound is one that likely won't resonate with parents of this day and age.

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2. Egbert

With its very old English origins meaning "bright edge," unfortunately, Egbert is name that just sounds very old itself. It has an awkward sound, and despite its distinguished historical lineage, it just isn't a very appealing choice for boys of this generation.

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3. Humphrey

Humphrey means "peaceful warrior," and although it has a soft, gentle sound to it, its vintage charm might not be one that translates well in today's playgrounds. It simply sounds like a name that doesn't belong in this time.

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4. Aloysius

Now here's a mouthful! Aloysius has German and Latin origins meaning "famous warrior," and is the Latinized form of many more commonly heard names like Louis, Luigi, and even Ludwig. The name is not only hard to say, but also hard to spell, which would certainly make it difficult for any child growing up. It's just too complicated!

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5. Bartholomew

Bartholomew is a name that has a lot of historical depth, which could be meaningful for some parents, but is too complex with its lengthy spelling and formal tone. Nothing about it sounds modern, making the name feel simply too outdated.

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6. Cornelius

Cornelius comes from Latin origins meaning "horn," and has a very specific sound to it that might feel too old-fashioned for parents of this generation. Unless you're looking for a name that feels a bit older, Cornelius definitely isn't one that fits with more casual naming trends.

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7. Ichabod

When you think of Ichabod, you likely immediately think of Washington Irving's iconic character, Ichabod Crane from "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." But if that's what you think of, it also signals that the name has more of an old-world feel and spooky connotation. It might not be the best fit for your bubbly baby boy. 

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8. Mortimer

When was the last time you heard the name Mortimer? For parents of this generation, it might be never! Meaning "dead sea" in French, the name doesn't exactly have the best definition either. To put it simply, for a baby boy born in this day and age, it's not exactly the most joyful name that fits current tastes and preferences.

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9. Obadiah

A Hebrew name meaning "servant of the Lord," Obadian has a strong biblical heritage that might resonate with certain parents. But for many others, its rare, unique, and old-fashioned sound might not be the most appealing choice. 

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10. Zebulon

A name you've likely never or rarely heard of, Zebulon is another unique biblical name that means "dwelling of honour." It's certainly got a vibrant, distinctive sound to it, but for many parents, it might be one that's just a little too unique. 

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