40 Historical Facts About World War 2 You Probably Didn't Know

40 Historical Facts About World War 2 You Probably Didn't Know

World War II, one of the most defining and devastating periods of the 20th century, is a vast tapestry of stories, strategies, and significant moments. While many of its events are extensively studied in history classes and documented in films, there exists a myriad of lesser-known tales and tidbits that remain in the shadows. In this article, we delve into 40 lesser-known facts about this global conflict, offering readers a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the many facets of World War II.

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1. Operation Vegetarian

The British developed plans to drop anthrax-infected cattle cakes over Germany to kill their livestock.

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2. Bat Bombs

The U.S. considered using bats to carry incendiary devices into Japanese buildings.

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3. Ni’ihau Incident

A Japanese pilot crash-landed on the Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau. The events that followed would influence the internment of Japanese-Americans.

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4. Ghost Army

The Allies had a deception unit that simulated military operations with inflatable tanks and sound effects.

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5. Ice Aircraft Carriers

The British considered building aircraft carriers out of pykrete (a mixture of wood pulp and ice).

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6. Fu-Go Balloon Bombs

Japan launched over 9,000 balloon bombs towards North America; some landed as far inland as Michigan.

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7. Hitler’s Nephew

William Patrick Hitler moved to the U.S. before WWII and joined the U.S. Navy during the war.

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8. Unsinkable Sam

A cat named "Sam" survived the sinking of three warships in both the German and British navies.

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9. Jewish Soldiers in the German Army

There were Jewish soldiers in Hitler’s army, especially in the earlier years of the war.

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10. War Pigeons

The UK used over 250,000 messenger pigeons during WWII.

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11. Polar Bear Units

Britain’s 49th Infantry Division was stationed in Iceland and known for its polar bear emblem.

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12. Bear Soldier

A bear named Wojtek was enlisted in the Polish army, helping to carry ammunition.

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13. Operation Mincemeat

The Allies tricked the Nazis with a corpse dressed as a Royal Marine officer carrying fake war plans.

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14. Piggyback Ride

During the Battle of Okinawa, an American pilot carried his injured friend on his back while flying his plane.

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15. Audie Murphy

One of the most decorated American combat soldiers in WWII, Murphy was only 5’5” and weighed 110 lbs at enlistment.

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16. The Double Agent

Joan Pujol Garcia was a double agent for the British who managed to deceive the Germans throughout the war.

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17. Jelly Bomb

The British developed an explosive using gelignite that was malleable and waterproof.

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18. Night Witches

Soviet female pilots in wooden biplanes carried out nighttime bombing raids against the Germans.

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19. Asian Participation

Over 2.5 million Indians fought for the Allies.

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20. Foxl

A small dog found in the Australian bushes became the mascot for the Australian Air Force in Papua New Guinea.

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21. Oskar Schindler

Though well-known from Spielberg's film, many don't realize he was a member of the Nazi party and initially sought to profit from the war.

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22. Russian Liberator

The first foreign officer to enter the liberated Auschwitz was Anatoly Shapiro, a Jewish officer in the Red Army.

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23. German King of England

King George VI of the UK was also the last Emperor of India and the last King of Ireland.

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24. Mussolini’s Rescue

Otto Skorzeny, an Austrian SS officer, led the mission to rescue Mussolini from imprisonment.

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25. Kamikaze Torpedoes

Apart from planes, Japan also had suicide torpedoes called "Kaiten."

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26. Fake Paris

The French built a fake Paris to confuse German bombers.

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27. Japanese Holdout

Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese soldier, didn't surrender until 1974 because he didn’t know the war was over.

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28. The Candy Bomber

During the Berlin Airlift, an American pilot named Gail Halvorsen dropped candy for the children of Berlin.

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29. Oldest Paratrooper

James "Maggie" Megellas is the most decorated officer in the history of the 82nd Airborne Division, serving at the age of 46.

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30. Operation Long Jump

There was a German plan to simultaneously assassinate Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin during the Tehran Conference.

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31. Bagpipes on the Beach

A Scottish soldier named Bill Millin played the bagpipes during the Normandy invasion.

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32. Jewish Avengers

A group of Holocaust survivors plotted to poison six million Germans as revenge.

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33. Switzerland

Often seen as purely neutral, Switzerland actually had plans to resist a Nazi invasion.

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34. Vatican Radio

Broadcasted coded messages to assist the Allies.

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35. Leningrad Symphony

Despite a brutal siege, the Leningrad Philharmonic performed Shostakovich’s Seventh Symphony.

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36. German Jet Fighters

The Germans developed the world’s first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft, the Messerschmitt Me 262.

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37. Haberdashery Spy

Roald Dahl, the famed children’s author, was a British spy in the U.S. during WWII.

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38. The First Kamikaze

The first official kamikaze mission took place on October 25, 1944.

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39. Penicillin

WWII saw the first widespread use of penicillin.

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40. Deafness Weapon

The U.S. had a project to create a bomb that would deafen people.

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These facts provide a more intricate look into the many facets and stories that are part of World War II, reminding us of the immense complexity of this global conflict.