45 Things Only 80s Kids Will Remember

45 Things Only 80s Kids Will Remember

Welcome back to the 80s! Today, we're revisiting some nostalgic pieces of history that are sure to make any 80s kid cry with joy. From Walkmans to rotary phones to Moon Boots, let's see how many of these you can remember! Let's take a blast to the past together.

1. Walkmans 

Before streaming and MP3 players, we had the Sony Walkman. This portable cassette player was the ultimate accessory for listening to your favorite mixtapes on the go.

Li-Zhang-Icpur6Wyth4-UnsplashPhoto by Li Zhang on Unsplash

2. Saturday Morning Cartoons 

Waking up early on Saturdays wasn't for chores, but for a marathon of your favorite cartoons. "The Smurfs", "DuckTales", and "Transformers" were just a few of the must-watch shows.

Sebastien-Le-Derout-Embahqskmys-UnsplashPhoto by Sebastien LE DEROUT on Unsplas

3. Floppy Disks 

These were the primary method to save and transfer our digital data. Having a box of these meant you were tech-savvy.

Kelsy-Gagnebin-R52Yghra Ik-UnsplashPhoto by Kelsy Gagnebin on Unsplash

4. Rotary Phones 

Dialing a number meant turning a circular dial for each digit. It was slow, but there was a satisfying mechanical feel to it.

Wesley-Hilario-Cnsh-Jgewti-UnsplashPhoto by Wesley Hilario on Unsplash


5. The Original NES 

Nintendo's first major home console, the NES, brought us classics like "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda". Many hours were spent trying to rescue Princess Peach!

Ravi-Palwe- Jtf0Prc7Jc-UnsplashPhoto by Ravi Palwe on Unsplash

6. VHS Tapes and Blockbuster 

Renting a movie meant going to the video store and hoping your pick was in stock. And then, of course, the reminder to "be kind, rewind".

Stephen-Holdaway-Wa6Za80 R K-UnsplashPhoto by Stephen Holdaway on Unsplash

7. Slap Bracelets 

These fun, colorful accessories were a fashion statement. You'd slap them onto your wrist, and they'd coil around it perfectly.

Neon Green Slap Bracelet Rolled Up And Seen From OverheadSer Amantio di Nicolao on Wikimedia Commons

8. Lite-Brite 

A toy that let you create glowing pictures with colored pegs. It was a magical experience when you turned off the lights!

Kelly-Sikkema-Zjx827Svuaq-UnsplashPhoto by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

9. Popples 

These stuffed creatures could be turned inside out to form a ball. They were both toy and pillow, and were adored by many.

1024Px-Popple (2624547099)Spider.Dog from United Kingdom on Wikimedia Commons

10. Cabbage Patch Kids 

These unique dolls, each with their own birth certificate, were all the rage. They even caused shopping frenzies during the holiday season.

Cabbage Patch Kids DollsBernard Gotfryd on Wikimedia Commons


11. Jem and the Holograms 

Jem was a pop star by night and a businesswoman by day. Her dazzling adventures and music made her a beloved icon of the decade.

1024Px-Dragon Con 2014 - Jem And The Holograms (15448489657)Ryan Quick from Greenbelt, MD, USA on Wikimedia Commons

12. Squeeze It Drinks

These fun fruit drinks came in plastic bottles that you'd squeeze to drink. They were a staple in many kids' lunchboxes.

Piotr-Chrobot-X2Bygrisqyg-UnsplashPhoto by Piotr Chrobot on Unsplash

13. Big Hair and Hair Crimping 

The bigger the hair, the better. Crimping irons were essential for achieving that iconic 80s texture.

Omid-Armin-A7Itxabwl8U-UnsplashPhoto by Omid Armin on Unsplash

14. Trapper Keepers 

These colorful binders were a must-have for school. With their velcro closure and cool designs, they kept all your papers organized.

1024Px-Trapper KeeperYortizsoto16 on Wikimedia Commons

15. Garbage Pail Kids Cards 

A more grotesque answer to Cabbage Patch Kids, these collectible cards had funny, and sometimes gross, illustrations. They were a must-have in the schoolyard.

2H-Media--Ircq2Crr2Q-UnsplashPhoto by 2H Media on Unsplash

16. Teddy Ruxpin

This storytelling bear was a beloved toy. You'd pop in a cassette tape, and Teddy would move his mouth and eyes as he read stories out loud.

Teddy Ruxpin Mechanical Animal - Dpla - 25Ec4B9Fcc42F658529B1B4072586A84 (Page 1)via Wikimedia Commons


17. Rubik's Cube

Kids and adults alike fell in love with this colourful and twisting puzzle that was equally entertaining as it was frustrating. Solving the cube is like wearing a badge of honour!

Olav-Ahrens-Rotne-4Ennrbj1Svk-Unsplash (1)Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash

18. Care Bears

With a diverse cast representing different feelings and traits, these colorful bears were all about spreading love and care. Their merchandise, from toys to bedding, was everywhere.

1024Px-Childhood Museum - London - September 2008 (2962359888)Cristian Bortes from Cluj-Napoca, Romania on Wikimedia Commons

19. Speak & Spell

An electronic learning toy by Texas Instruments, it helped many kids learn to spell. With its robotic voice, it was both educational and fun.

1024Px-Speak & Spell (Original Style)FozzTexx on Wikimedia Commons

20. He-Man and She-Ra

Set in the mystical land of Eternia, these action figures and their associated cartoons told tales of heroes and villains. "By the power of Grayskull!" became an iconic catchphrase.

She-Ra 2018 LogoMattel Creations, DreamWorks Animation Television, Netflix on Wikimedia Commons

21. My Little Pony

These colorful, mane-tossing ponies were not just toys but symbols of friendship. Each pony had its own cutie mark, representing its unique personality and abilities.

My Little Pony - Kleiner Patient CheerileeTolbxela on Wikimedia Commons

22. Atari 2600

Before the high-definition games of today, there was the Atari. Its joystick and single-button control gave us classics like "Pong" and "Space Invaders".

Atari-2600-Wood-4Sw-SetEvan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons


23. Max Headroom

With his stuttering digital voice and CGI appearance, Max was a unique TV personality. He was a symbol of the intersection between technology and pop culture.

Possessed-Photography-Hwhr6Lbn5Xu-UnsplashPhoto by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

24. Pound Puppies

These adorable stuffed dogs came in a cardboard kennel. Adopting one meant you promised to take good care of your new plush pet.

Jametlene-Reskp-Fliwkbbs7Om-UnsplashPhoto by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

25. The Smell of Mimeograph Paper

Before photocopiers became ubiquitous, teachers used mimeograph machines to print worksheets. The fresh, inky smell of those papers is unforgettable to any 80s student.

Brandi-Redd-Ajtiw00Qqti-UnsplashPhoto by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

26. LA Gear Sneakers

With their bright colors and light-up features, these sneakers were the height of fashion. Tying those multiple laces was a chore, but it was worth the style.

Vi-Tran-P7Nzz87I0Ue-UnsplashPhoto by Vi Tran on Unsplash

27. MTV Music Videos

When MTV first launched, it was all about the music videos. Watching world premieres of videos from top artists was an event in itself.

Mtv Hits 2007Neha Chandrasekaran on Wikimedia Commons

28. Voltron

Five robotic lions that combined to form a massive robot warrior—what wasn't to love? The battle against evil never looked so cool.

New York Comic Con 2016 - Voltron (30193726036)Richie S from Brooklyn, NY, United States on Wikimedia Commons

29. Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers

Collecting and trading these stickers was a pastime. From sweet to strange scents, each sticker was a sensory surprise.

Paulo-Mergulhao-Anlqyvfyp9I-UnsplashPhoto by Paulo Mergulhão on Unsplash

30. Magic Sand

This hydrophobic sand was a marvel. Pour it into water, create underwater sculptures, and then retrieve it completely dry!

Hydrophobic SandSteve Jurvetson from Menlo Park, USA on Wikimedia Commons

31. Alf

A furry, sarcastic alien from the planet Melmac. His love for cats (as food) and witty remarks made the TV show a hit.

Toronto Comicon 2017 AlfNicholas Moreau on Wikimedia Commons

32. Glo Worms

A soft toy that glowed in the dark when squeezed. It was the perfect comforting buddy for bedtime.

Kalea-Morgan-Hwofuvemnsc-UnsplashPhoto by Kalea Morgan on Unsplash

33. Fraggle Rock 

Jim Henson's Muppet-filled show introduced us to a world beneath our feet, filled with Fraggles, Doozers, and Gorgs. Their catchy songs, lessons about friendship, and unique universe made it a beloved classic.

Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock LogoThe Jim Henson Company on Wikimedia Commons

34. Hypercolor T-Shirts

These shirts would change color with heat, allowing you to leave handprints or other cool patterns temporarily. A staple fashion item that was as entertaining as it was stylish.

Parker-Burchfield-Tvg4Wvjgsey-UnsplashPhoto by Parker Burchfield on Unsplash

35. Micro Machines

Tiny cars with intricate details. Their fast-paced commercials and expansive playsets made them a must-have for every toy collection.

Micro Machines Collection (4)Toxophilus on Wikimedia Commons

36. Simon Says Electronic Game

A circular device with four colored buttons that lit up in sequences. The challenge was to repeat the sequence, and it got faster as you progressed.

Vintage Simon SaysWilton Taylor on Wikimedia Commons

37. Mullets

Business in the front, party in the back. This iconic hairstyle was a defining look of the decade.

1024Px-Euskal-Mullet-1991Txikillana on Wikimedia Commons

38. Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

These dolls not only looked cute but also smelled like the fruits they were named after. From Blueberry Muffin to Orange Blossom, each had its unique fruity scent.

1024Px-Murpubphoto8X10MurielOK on Wikimedia Commons

39. Pac-Man Fever

Arcades were the place to be, and Pac-Man was the game to play. The simple yet addictive gameplay made it a cultural phenomenon.

Sei-Bs46Iaxwao4-UnsplashPhoto by Sei on Unsplash

40. Roller Skating Rinks

The social hotspot for many teenagers. Whether you were skating to the latest hits or hanging out at the snack bar, roller rinks were the place to be seen.

Lukas-Schroeder-Mtwzyshnoxe-UnsplashPhoto by Lukas Schroeder on Unsplash

41. Moon Boots 

These were the ultimate winter footwear, known for their oversized, padded design. Brightly colored and super cozy, they made anyone wearing them feel like an astronaut on a snowy planet.Moon Boots - PanoramioTobias Barkskog on Wikimedia Commons

42. Rainbow Brite

Does anyone remember this show about a young girl tasked with bringing color to a gray world? With her colorful friends, Starlite the horse, and the Color Kids, she battled the gray-making villains in her vibrant animated series.

Rainbow Brite Cosplay Youmacon02Michael Carian on Wikimedia Commons

43. Ouija Boards

These mysterious boards promised to connect users to the spirit world. Late-night sessions trying to summon messages from "beyond" were both thrilling and chilling.

Colton-Sturgeon-R7Yp57 Dbh8-UnsplashPhoto by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

44. Members Only Jackets

The epitome of 80s cool, these jackets were instantly recognizable by their unique design and "Members Only" label. Wearing one was a statement in itself.

Man In Leather  Members Only  JacketAttorneyatfunk at en.wikipedia on Wikimedia Commons

45. The Boombox

Long before portable Bluetooth speakers, the boombox was the go-to device for outdoor jams. Hoisting one on your shoulder while blaring the latest hits was the ultimate sign of being hip.

Eric-Nopanen-8E0Ehpux3Mo-UnsplashPhoto by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash