20 Things Women Do That Men Secretly Love

20 Things Women Do That Men Secretly Love

From tying your hair in a ponytail to squealing about every neighborhood dog, women do all kinds of things that drive men wild. Though this list could easily take all day, we’ve chosen 20 chart-toppers. 

1. Making the First Move

Whether it’s messaging first, initiating a night together, or simply sending the first text, men love it when women make the first move. In today’s day and age, men are often expected to move their pawn first—using the Uno reverse card scores all kinds of brownie points.

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2. Being the Big Spoon

Your partner may be taller than you, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t enjoy being the small spoon. In fact, there’s something so intimate about a woman taking over as the big spoon, and it’s a move that makes men melt. (Now they can worry about holding gas.) 

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3. Wearing His Clothes

Just about every man loves seeing his clothes on a partner. Grabbing one of his tees or wearing (and returning) his hoodie is guaranteed to bring a smile. 

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4. Playing With His Hair

Who needs head scratchers when you have the gentle caress of nails? Run your fingers through his hair or give a light scalp massage. Not only does it feel good, but it’s also an intimate gesture men eat up.

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5. Talking Passionately 

Not everything needs to be a prelude to the boudoir—men also love it when you speak passionately about what you love. They may not get the plot of your latest book, but they do love seeing how excited you are.

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6. Being in “Bad” Photos

You might hate how you look in that candid, but men love snapping authentic photos of their partners. Try not to get too offended at their collection, think of it as more of a highlight reel. They love getting the best parts of you. 

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7. Hugging From Behind

A surprise hug goes a long way in a relationship, and men can’t get enough. It doesn’t even need to be from behind—snuggling on the sofa or just holding onto them for an extra beat does wonders too.

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8. Genuine Laughter

There’s truly nothing better than your laughter, especially if they’re the ones responsible. Honest laughter is a well-beloved gesture, and that includes all the unabashed snorting and knee-slapping.

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9. Joining His Hobbies

Accepting his hobbies is one thing, but a genuine interest shows you truly care. Whether it’s an e-sports tournament or a thorough game of Dungeons and Dragons, join in! You never know what you’ll invest in and men love the effort. 

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10. Gift Reversal

Ladies love flowers, cards, and teddy bears—but so do men! Don’t be afraid to gift them a bouquet of roses for your anniversary or Valentine’s Day. It’s an unexpected gesture of love that men genuinely enjoy. 

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11. Dressing Down

We all know men love high heels and summer dresses, but sometimes the best attire is a messy hair bun and oversized pajamas. You’re at peak comfort and there’s something about the look that does it for partners. 

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12. A Hand on His Chest

Who knew a simple hand on the chest accomplished so much? Men go weak in the knees when you lay a gentle hand on their chest—and there are so many opportunities to do so. From cuddling to sharing a kiss, this unassuming move is a favorite.  

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13. Tying Your Hair Back

Women often don a look of concentration as they spin their hair into a messy bun or ponytail, and men love a front-row seat. It’s an everyday action many don’t think about, but something about it kickstarts a man’s heart. 

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14. Cuddling With Them

Never shy away from cuddling with a willing partner. It doesn’t have to lead anywhere spicy either—sometimes cuddles just bring you both together for a serene moment. Bonus points if you’re in one of his shirts. 

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15. Being Honest

Countless sitcoms and romcoms reminded us, “Men aren’t mind-readers!” They might be a tad clueless about some things, but your honesty bypasses any confusion. You’ll both be happier, but men are especially grateful when you’re just upfront. 

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16. Remembering Details

“Little details” are suddenly big when you see the smile on his face. Remembering little things about him not only shows you’re invested in him, but it also lets him know how much you care about him—and it’s one of the things men love most.

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17. Spontaneous Dates

Book a reservation at your favorite haunt! Take care of the reservations, the babysitter, or activities for the evening. Men love not having to worry about that kind of stuff and will be incredibly grateful the chore is off their plate.   

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18. Random Singing

From singing in the shower to humming a tune on the road, men love listening to their partners belt it out. It’s even better when they catch you in the act and you get a little embarrassed—just one more adorable tally on the board. 

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19. Excitement Over the Little Things

Hey, a dog! Oh, a lonely lamp we have to buy so its feelings aren’t hurt. Men love that women get genuinely excited about the little things, no matter how mundane. It’s what makes you you—and who could turn that down?  

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20. Eye Contact

Not only is eye contact intimate, but it’s also something men love most. Look at him during a conversation. Make eyes at him when you’re in the mood. Keep his gaze when you catch each other’s eyes across the room. It’s an effortless way to get the blood pumping. 

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