It's Not Too Late To Make Friends As An Adult - Here's How To Do It

It's Not Too Late To Make Friends As An Adult - Here's How To Do It

Trying to make friends in adulthood is a little like being a kid again. You’re nervous, you don’t really know what to say, and the slightest mishap could send you into an inescapable pit of humiliation. We’ve all been there! But making friends isn’t as hard as our anxiety tells us. Here are 20 simple ways to meet new people as an adult, and hopefully make some new friends!

1. Join a Book Club 

When was the last time you read a good book? Now’s the perfect time to discover, or rediscover, your love of the written word with like-minded people. Book clubs are often a low-key way to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere.

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2. Use an App 

Much like anything in today’s world, there’s an app for that. But seriously, Bumble for Friends or MeetUp are two great places to start. You can speak with new people or learn where local groups are meeting—go where your heart takes you.

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3. Look at Local Events

Your city or neighborhood probably has an online community where you can peep upcoming events. If you’ve never given it a shot, you may be surprised to see just how much happens around you! 

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4. Try the Library 

The library is often packed with classes and lectures you can attend, regardless of age. Chances are you can find classes or listen in on talks, and there’s usually a chance to mingle afterward. 

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5. Don’t Fear Rejection 

Rejection is a scary, disheartening experience, so it might sound strange to embrace it. But try and look at rejection as part of the process, not an indication of your worth. Romantic and platonic relationships have this in common: not everyone is compatible!

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6. Head to the Gym 

If you’ve sat on the idea of a gym membership, now could be the time to engage. Even if you don’t want to commit a year, plenty of gyms offer classes you can try. Both are good opportunities to meet new people!

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7. Connect With Friends of Friends 

Your friends are a perfect in to meet new people. Tell your buddies that you’re interested in meeting new people and odds are they’ll bring someone else to your next outing.

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8. Reach Out to Acquaintances 

Is there someone at work you’re friendly with? A neighbor you’ve chatted to once or twice? Get to know them better!

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9. Volunteer 

You’re helping the community, you’re meeting new people…what’s not to love? Volunteer for a cause that matters to you. Charity events or community work puts you in contact with like-minded people, which is a good conversation starter.

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10. Peruse Facebook

Facebook is crawling with groups to join! Everything from hobbies to local events usually has its own Facebook page and they’re easy ways to get started. A bonus is that if you’re not ready for a physical meetup, you can chat with group members online first.

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11. Meet the Neighbors 

Lots of new people are literally right around the corner! Host a backyard BBQ or just go over and introduce yourself. Even if you don’t make friends, it’s always better to be a good neighbor.

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12. Get a Dog 

This isn’t a decision to be made on the fly. Dogs are a huge responsibility but if you’re up to the challenge, a furry companion introduces you to tons of people. Whether it’s a walk around the neighborhood or heading to the dog park, you’ll inevitably meet someone new.

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13. Visit Galleries and Museums 

A day at a museum or art gallery is time well spent regardless of who you meet. But they’re also often the stage for talks and readings and special exhibits. Mosey through one and see if you can strike up a conversation with someone.

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14. Say Yes More Often 

We understand wanting to veg at home, but you’re not building a social circle that way. If your friends send an invite, make an effort to go out more often. Use it as a chance to get out of the house and push your boundaries!

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15. Put in the Time 

New friendships require a bit more time. Your other friends may understand your schedule but others have no idea. Make sure you keep in contact with new pals to really get that spark going.

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16. Use Social Media

Social media is frequently called the scourge of society, but it can be a simple place to reconnect with people. If you lost touch with a friend after high school or haven’t spoken to someone in a while, reach out via social media.

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17. Attend a Class  

One-time classes are everywhere! If you’re more interested in the social aspect, head to a class in your area for something that piques your interest. You’ll learn something new and maybe walk away with a new acquaintance.

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18. Stick With Your Interests 

Don’t stretch yourself too thin. It’s important to make friends organically and stay true to your interests. Try not to join any old class or Facebook group. The point of making new friends is to be comfortable, not to pretend you’re someone else.

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19. Go Cycling 

Believe it or not, biking is a terrific way to meet new people. Between local trails, community events, and charity rides, you have every opportunity to hit it off with someone new. You can also head to a bike shop and get to know the owner!

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20. Be Yourself 

At the end of the day, you need to be yourself. There’s no point in changing your personality or hiding your quirks because true friends accept who you are! Trust that you’re someone people want to befriend.

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