20 People Who Married The Most Bizarre Objects

20 People Who Married The Most Bizarre Objects

Love is a powerful thing, but we didn't realize it was so powerful, some people end up marrying inanimate objects. While it's a condition that prevents people from understanding their actions, it's difficult for the rest of the world to see the attraction they sense with these...well, inanimate objects. Here are 20 strange people who married incredibly bizarre objects.

1. Love on Rails: Marrying a Train Station

51-year-old Carol Santa Fe from California found her true love, not in a person, but in a historic train station. Claiming she's been in love with Santa Fe train station since she was 9 years old, Carol married the station in 2015 after being in love with it for 36 years. That's some pretty strong dedication to say the least.

Jad-Limcaco-E8Lhah  Doo-UnsplashPhoto by Jad Limcaco on Unsplash

2. A Fairytale Romance with a Ferris Wheel

Linda Ducharme, a carnival worker from Florida, tied the knot with Bruce after rescuing him from a scrapyard. If you're wondering why he was found in scrapyard, well, that's because Bruce is a Ferris Wheel. Linda has described the two of them as having a deeply spiritual connection, and she's even stated she's been in love with an airplane and a train before too.

Max-Van-Den-Oetelaar-Dysyameva78-UnsplashPhoto by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash

3. The Lady and the Chandelier

With a shocking 56 year age difference, Amanda from England declared her undying love for a 91-year-old chandelier named "Lumiere" back in 2017. Just the usual love at first sight story - she had purchased the antique light fixture and quickly developed a deep romantic attachment to it. 

William-Krause-0Zerrbey8Xm-UnsplashPhoto by William Krause on Unsplash

4. An Eiffel Affair

Erika La Tour Eiffel, a former soldier, fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and "married" it in a commitment ceremony way back in 2007. As you've probably guessed, she changed her last name in honour of this iconic structure. Who knew the Eiffel Tower that's visited by millions around the world had a wife to begin with?

Anthony-Delanoix-Qawcifls1G4-UnsplashPhoto by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash


5. Ghostly Matrimony: Marrying a Ghost Pirate

Who knew you could marry something that isn't well, physically there? Amanda Teague, an Irish woman who worked as a Jack Sparrow impersonator back 2018, made headlines around the world when she married a 300-year-old ghost pirate. She claimed to have married him during a spiritual ceremony on a boat in international waters.

Sergey-Semin-Oa7Qsm3Stpc-UnsplashPhoto by Sergey Semin on Unsplash

6. Rocky Relationship: The Woman Who Married a Rock

An artist named Tracey Emin married a rock that she found in her garden back in 2016. Yes, by rock, we mean a literal rock on the ground that you would find outside. Although many of us are quite baffled by this relationship, Tracey claimed to feel a deep connection and love to her partner, a rock.

Ben-Karpinski-Ctww2S9Vqoi-UnsplashPhoto by Ben Karpinski on Unsplash

7. A Virtual Groom: Marrying a Video Game Character

Nene Anegasaki is everybody's dream girl, but the only problem is - she's a video game character from the Nintendo DS game, "Love Plus". This wasn't a problem for Japanese man Sal9000 though, who held a formal ceremony in Tokyo to marry his beloved. It's definitely an unconventional love!

Erik-Mclean-Qginqsplxbu-UnsplashPhoto by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

8. Berlin Wall Bliss

Now over 30 years strong, Eija-Riitta is a woman from Sweden who married the Berlin Wall after confessing her love back in 1979. She even took on a new last name to showcase her deep emotional connection to the wall for everyone to see.

Yc-Liao-Yhsxtznjbj4-UnsplashPhoto by Yc Liao on Unsplash

9. Cuddling with a Cuddle Pillow

While it's not uncommon to hear about people having "waifus" from different animes, Lee Jin-gyu from South Korea took it up a notch. He fell in love with his dakimakura (a large, huggable pillow that comes from Japan) that featured an image of Fate Testarossa, a popular anime character. Wanting to prove his love, he married the pillow in a special ceremony, even tossing on a dress for his loving bride.

Deconovo-Gvkmondbotu-UnsplashPhoto by Deconovo on Unsplash

10. Love Goes Virtual: Marrying a Hologram

Fans of fictional characters, you'll be happy to know (or not) that you can actually marry virtual idols. Such is the tale of Japanese man, Akihiko Kondo, who married virtual idol, Hatsune Miku. After claiming his undying love for her, the two got married, much to the disappointment and dismay from his mother.

Becky-Fantham-Dckkpys8Nc8-UnsplashPhoto by Becky Fantham on Unsplash


11. Bridal Bliss with a Bridge

We didn't realize it was possible to find a bridge attractive, but thanks to Australian woman, Jodi Rose, we now know it's possible. Marrying the Le Pont du Diable Bridge in Southern France, we guess age differences don't matter when it's a 600-year old bridge. 

Saint Guilhem Le Désert-Pont Du Diable-20120607Daniel Villafruela. on Wikimedia Commons

12. Real Love With A Robot

Chinese AI Engineer Zheng Jiajia decided to take matters into his own hands after his nagging family kept pressuring him to find a wife and get settled down. So what did he do? He proved his professional skill and talent by building a robot - and then marrying her. We suppose, when all else fails, we'll always have technology to comfort us.

Owen-Beard-K21Dn4Ovxnw-UnsplashPhoto by Owen Beard on Unsplash

13. A Warehouse Wedding

When we say love is the most powerful thing in the world, Babylonia Aivaz decided to really take that to heart. And so, when her beloved warehouse was threatened with demolition, she decided to marry it. That's right, she married a warehouse. We can't help but wonder what kind of attraction a run down warehouse holds...

Wilhelm-Gunkel- Rd1Pjwwpbu-UnsplashPhoto by Wilhelm Gunkel on Unsplash

14. Rollercoaster Ride of Love

Apparently, theme park rides and attractions are incredibly attractive because we've got another woman who married a roller coaster! Amy Wolfe, back in 2010, got married to the 1001 Nachts ride at Knoebels. After expressing her deep attraction to the ride, she just couldn't hold back her love anymore.

1024Px-Volksfest 1001 NachtXocolatl on Wikimedia Commons

15. The Best Video Game Ever

Back in 2018, Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan declared that she planned to marry her favourite video game of all time, Tetris. In an attempt to feel closer to the game, Hassan constantly surrounded herself with Tetris shaped objects in her room. Whether she actually went through with this marriage, it's hard to find online, but she definitely had strong intentions several years ago. We think we can guess what song played during their wedding if it did happen though...

Nik-Lwim6Fxifni-UnsplashPhoto by Nik on Unsplash

16. All The Warmth and Comfort You'll Ever Need

A couple of years back in 2019, Pascale Sellick decided to tie the knot - with her blanket. Holding a ceremony where the public could attend (as long as they were dressed in pajama outfits), she professed her love to, that's right, her duvet. Claiming that it's able to give her the love and comfort she always wanted, we suppose that's a healthy relationship right?

Jenna-Christina-Rvrnrcifivm-UnsplashPhoto by Jenna Christina on Unsplash


17. An Environmentally-Friendly Wedding

To many people's surprise, Peruvian actor and activist, Richard Torres (also known as Johnny Depp's lookalike), married a Brussels tree in Cinquantenaire Park. While it's definitely a strange engagement, Torres meant to do it as a symbolic message - he wanted to raise awareness to the massive deforestation and environmental damage being done to the country.

Yoel-Winkler-Crijlfwbtwu-UnsplashPhoto by Yoel Winkler on Unsplash

18. The Next Best Thing

When massive Twilight fan Lauren Adkins fell head over heels in love with Edward Cullen actor, Robert Pattinson, she quickly realized she wasn't going to accept anyone else. Wanting to seal the deal, she bought a life-size cardboard cut-out of Edward Cullen, brought him to a wedding chapel in Vegas, and tied the knot. Err, close enough to the real thing we suppose?

Mjk 08789 Robert Pattinson (Damsel, Berlinale 2018) (Cropped)Martin Kraft on Wikimedia Commons

19. Long-Distance Lover

We'd be careful the next time you travel on a Boeing 737 - turns out, one of the planes is taken. Sarah Rodo from Germany found love during her first flight with a Boeing 737. She's expressed her intentions to marry the plane, taking dozens of flights just so she can spend time with her "lover".

1024Px-United Boeing 737 At SfoJacobAviation on Wikimedia Commons

20. Unfortunately, Not the Barbie to His Ken

After the Coronavirus put their wedding on hold, bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko finally made his dream come true by marrying the wife of his dreams; it sounds sweet until you realize she's a blow up doll. After meeting in a nightclub back in 2018, Yuri fell deep in love. However, a couple years after their marriage in 2020, turns out Yuri has moved on - with an ashtray. Who knows how this one's going to turn out? Do we sense another wedding?

Immo-Wegmann--Nqtwtv-Eiy-UnsplashPhoto by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash