20 Major Ways The World Has Changed In The Past Few Decades

20 Major Ways The World Has Changed In The Past Few Decades

Let's take a moment to remove ourselves from the present to examine just how much our world has changed in the past few decades. Here are 20 amazing things to consider and think about - it's crazy to see how our world has evolved in just a matter of years!

1. Digital Revolution

If you ask someone what they think the biggest change the world has gone through over the past couple of decades is, you're likely going to get the answer "everything has become digitalized." And that's the truth! The world has undergone a massive digital revolution with many aspects of our lives, from communication to work and entertainment, becoming digitalized. The addition of the internet, smartphones, and social media has forever changed how the world is able to interact and connect with one another. 

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2. Environmental Awareness

Compared to the past, people have grown increasingly aware and concerned for our environment. And with scientific proof showing us how global warming is affecting our planet, many around the world have stepped up to create change. Whether its taking proactive measures like recycling, using renewable energy sources, or making a shift towards electric cars, there's an overall growing understanding that something needs to be done to protect our home.

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3. Rise of Streaming Entertainment

Remember the old days where you'd have to wait a week before the next episode of your favourite TV show would come out? Well, with the rise of streaming entertainment platforms, that's no longer the case! Services like Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and Spotify have all changed how we are able to consume media. Everything is instant these days. Whether it's a movie, show, or new song that you want to check out, you're now able to do so at the click of a button.

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4. Globalization

The way the world is able to connect and experience other cultures has been a major change in the past few decades. Whether it has to do with language, cuisine, entertainment, or fashion, people from around the world are able to experience different cultures a lot more easily than before. It's a really great thing too - it allows us all to feel connected even if we're from opposite ends of the Earth.

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5. Advancements in Medicine

It's not just technology that's improved, we've also seen massive medical advancements in the past couple of years. Healthcare is completely different from how it once was. Many diseases in the past that were once deadly, are now more manageable or even curable. There's a newfound sense of ease knowing that we have dependable doctors and nurses in hospitals that can care for us.

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6. Space Exploration

It's safe to say that our concept of space travel and exploration has greatly changed. What used to seem far-fetched and unrealistic is now totally possible thanks to the many great minds on this planet. In fact, people even talk about space tourism and Mars colonization in day to day conversation!

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7. Smart Home Technology

From smart TVs to voice-activated assistants that help us turn on the lights, smart home devices are commonly found in many homes across the country. They're meant to help make our lives more efficient and convenient. It's crazy thinking how these creative and inventive tools are now so easily accessible and a part of our daily lives.

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8. The Coffee Culture Boom

While Starbucks definitely played a big part in it, coffee culture has seriously bloomed not just in America, but across the whole world. Cafes and coffee shops are staples in every city - people love visiting them not just for the drinks and food, but as a place to hang out or work. 

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9. Fitness and Health Trends

Certain fitness trends have gained massive popularity over the past couple of decades, including activities like yoga, Pilates, and CrossFit. These are all mainstream, creating a newfound fitness culture for those who actively take part in them. Combine that with new fitness devices like the Apple Watch or Fitbit, and it's clear to see there's been a growing emphasis on healthy living and wellness.

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10. Memes and Internet Humor

Thanks to the rise of the internet which has essentially taken over all of our lives, it's safe to say that internet humour and memes is a culture of its own. It's like it's own language! It's changed the way we view things, the way we talk, the way we interact with friends, and it's even influenced more important aspects like marketing and advertising.

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11. Mobile Payment Systems

Remember when everything used to be just paid with cash or coins? Gone are the days of having to carry around your wallet. Now, you can pay for things easily with your phone. Mobile payment systems are a growing trend; services like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, or even Venmo have made it possible for transactions to be hassle-free and so much faster.

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12. Remote Work Revolution

While there were already changes being made regarding remote work, everything got pushed forward thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which forced companies to adapt to the circumstances. Thanks to programs like Zoom and Slack, it opened the eyes of many, helping them realize that remote work was possible and still very productive.

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13. The Rise of Veganism and Plant-Based Diets

As we already mentioned, thanks to the growing concern about our environment combined with other factors like health and ethics, a lot of people have transitioned into vegan or plant-based diets as a result. It's not uncommon for you to see plant-based alternatives and products in grocery stores, or vegan options on a restaurant menu.

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14. Expansion of Gig Economy

While the typical 9-5, full time permanent job is what was once considered the norm, the growth and expansion of the gig economy has changed how we see work. Thanks to many easily accessible freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, and even services like Uber, Lyft, or Uber Eats, people are now able to choose careers that prioritize flexibility and independence. In other words, you don't have to just go down the traditional route if you don't want!

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15. Growth of eSports and Streaming

Who knew we'd grow to see video games as a professional sport! eSports has become a massive community complete with tournaments, leagues, fans, and massive prizes. It's crazy to think that becoming a professional gamer or full-time streamer are legitimate career paths now! And it's all thanks to major platforms like Twitch and Youtube.

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16. Adoption of Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR were once distant dreams, but now, they've become our reality. And they don't just have to do with video games - these advanced technologies impact education, real estate, retail, and so much more! Whether it's giving people virtual tours of houses or creating new and inventive learning opportunities, it's so amazing that we live in a world where virtual reality is possible.

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17. Decline of Traditional Retail

Thanks to major commerce companies like Amazon, they've forever changed our view and understanding of shopping. Instead of having to physically go to a store to purchase products, you can now browse and shop from the convenience of your home. Or anywhere really. With just the click of a button, you can purchase and order items and have them delivered to your house, all without you having to move an inch.

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18. Advent of Influencer Culture

The word celebrity means so much more than just actors, directors, and singers now. In today's world, social media influencers have carved their way into becoming a new class of celebrities. Their voice and opinion can deeply impact peoples' fashion choices, lifestyle, and even go as far as politics. Influencer partnerships are now a major deal when it comes to marketing and growing a business!

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19. Normalization of Electric Scooters and Bikes

As cities continue to grow, develop, and become even bigger, it's become very common to see people travel via electronic scooters or bikes. Out of concern for the environment, money management, or ease of travel, these new modes of transportation have opened our eyes to how short-distance travel can be.

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20. Popularity of Reality TV

So many years and seasons have passed, but it's truly amazing to see how shows like "The Bachelor" or "Survivor" have continued to survive and maintain their viewship. That's because reality TV continues to be such a popular genre! If anything, it's become even bigger (likely thanks to social media)! It's not just the show itself, but the culture it creates. People love going online to discuss the most recent episode, whether it's judging the contestants or voicing their opinions about competition, romance, or whatever the show is about.

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