20 Cheap Date Ideas To Keep Your Heart And Wallet Full

20 Cheap Date Ideas To Keep Your Heart And Wallet Full

Life is expensive and the last thing you want is more damage to your bank account. A fancy restaurant or nice bottle of wine sounds good, but there are lots of low-key ways to impress, too. Here are 20 dates to go on that are romantic and inexpensive.

1. Take a Walk

Walking is a great way to catch up and get to know your neighborhood. Go hand-in-hand down a park trail or pier, or bring your pets to make it a double date! It’s also fun to travel somewhere different and explore new ground together.

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2. Go for Breakfast

Breakfast is often the more affordable option, which makes it an ideal cheap date. Start the day together over a healthy serving of pancakes.

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3. Get to Know Each Other

Learn more about each other with the question game. Card games and online prompt lists have dozens of get-to-know-you questions that include everything from childhood memories and aspirations to would-you-rather and what-ifs. Meet up, bring some snacks, and get even closer!

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4. Visit the Library

The library doesn’t get enough credit. You have access to free movies and books, passes to museums and events, and a wide range of free classes. Check out your local library’s schedule and plan something with your date.

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5. Board Game Night

Even if they’re buried in the basement, just about everyone has a board game. Ask your date to bring one too and make it an evening of good fun…just don’t play Monopoly.

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6. Get Cooking

If a restaurant isn’t in the cards, cook with your date at home! You can follow an online tutorial, take a page from a cookbook, or share a family recipe. It’s the perfect way to bond and learn something new.

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7. Backyard Camping

Pitch a tent in your backyard, grab some snacks, and have a campout. Backyard camping is an inexpensive way to share a night under the stars and it’s even better if you have a firepit. 

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8. Try a Food Truck

If you’re looking to save some green without sacrificing quality, look no further than a food truck. You get affordable options, a chance to walk around the neighborhood, and quality time with your date.

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9. Stargaze

Go for a drive away from all the light pollution and gaze up at the night sky. You may be surprised at just how many stars await you outside the city.

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10. Open Mic Nights

Comedy nights, karaoke events, and poetry readings happen more often than you think—and for cheaper than you think, too. Go online and take a look at upcoming shows in your area.

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11. Drive-In Movie

Gone are the days when traditional movie theatres were cheap dates, but drive-ins thankfully came to the rescue. It’s up to you how to enjoy it, but there’s always the option of relaxing in your car or making it an outdoor adventure.

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12. Window Shop

There’s no shame in window shopping if you’re on a tight budget. Even if you’re not, perusing local shops with a date is fun anyway! 

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13. Put a Puzzle Together

A puzzle is an enjoyable way to engage in conversation, listen to some music, and just be with each other. Plus, there’s the added satisfaction of completing something together.

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14. Head to a Bookstore

Bookstores provide a ton of insight into your date. You learn about their interests and which authors they’re drawn to, and it’s a great place to share your fascinations, too. Secondhand bookstores are also a terrific way to shop on a budget.

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15. Video Games

There’s nothing like retro fun, and what better way to indulge than video games? Head to an arcade or plan a game night at home to engage in friendly competition—or a two-player game so you can work together. Free video game rentals are always available at the library, too!

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16. Watch a Sunrise or Sunset

Watching a sunrise or sunset together is nothing short of romantic. Head to a good spot or hike to a vantage point for the best view possible.

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17. TV Night

Sometimes all you want to do is veg, so why not extend a lazy day invite to your date? Streaming services often have a free catalog to browse through and your local library has movies and TV shows to rent for free. 

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18. Meet at a Cafe

A coffee shop is an easy, inexpensive hangout spot. Shoot the breeze over a cup of joe and some goodies, neither of which will break the bank.

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19. Cheap Shopping

Flea markets and garage sales are a godsend for those looking to save money. Bring your date along to see what treasures you can find, even if you don’t take any home with you.

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20. Plan a Picnic

Picnics are timeless, romantic dates that you can make entirely your own. You can go where you like, eat what you want, and spend all day with a person.

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