The 20 Biggest Deal Breakers In Any Relationship

The 20 Biggest Deal Breakers In Any Relationship

In any relationship, there's only so much you can take. While it's okay to have your differences and argue from time to time, there are a couple of common deal breakers that everyone can agree is one step too far. Here are 20 of the biggest deal breakers no one ever wants to deal with. 

1. Addiction Issues

Any sort of negative addiction, whether it be substance abuse, gambling, or anything along those lines, can be too much to handle in a relationship. It can quickly overpower any other positive aspects, with the focus changing from growing together as a couple to having to cope with the consequences.

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2. Different Life Goals

Even if being together is nice in the moment, if you and your partner have different ideas of what you want to do in life, it's going to be difficult. Planning a future together will be impossible if you have differing career goals, views on family, or lifestyle choices. There should never be anything pulling couples in opposite directions long term.

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3. Financial Irresponsibility

Money is a hard topic to talk about for most couples, but it's an important one. Financial struggles are a common source of stress, and is a common reason why many people break up or divorce. It can be about poor spending habits, secret debts, or just overall different views on how to manage money. This isn't something you can just put aside differences on.

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4. Unresolved Past Issues

Is your partner bringing in baggage from past toxic relationships? Or are you? No one should ever have to deal with a partner who hasn't resolved personal issues from the past - it will always seep into your current relationship, bringing forth an unwanted negativity that causes problems.

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5. Emotional Unavailability

If you or your partner are emotionally unavailable, it just means you're not ready or in a place to be in a relationship to begin with. Being with someone means you need to support them and be there for them no matter what. If you can't even do that much, it'll be impossible to become closer.

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6. Abuse

Abuse on any level, whether it's physical, emotional, sexual, or psychological, is never okay. It's the biggest dealbreaker that can't be forgiven. You should never put yourself in such an unhealthy environment that is harmful and dangerous for you. Immediate action should always be taken.

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7. Incompatibility

Sometimes nothing bad has to happen for a couple to break up. Sometimes, it's simply just an incompatibility between two people that causes them to separate. It can be differences in personality, life goals, hobbies, or ways of thinking that might create an unhappiness that is hard to overcome.

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8. Different Values

While opposites may attract, the same can't be said about having opposite values. Especially if they're core beliefs. What you believe about family, religion, and morals needs to be agreed upon or at least respected by your partner. Having conflict on this topic will only lead to constant arguments and disagreements.

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9. Poor Conflict Resolution

Every relationship will always deal with some sort of conflict, and that's okay, as long as you and your partner know how to effectively resolve it. Leaving arguments as they are or handling them poorly will only build up frustration and resentment, ruining the relationship.

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10. Incompatibility with Family and Friends

As much as you want your friends and family to get along with your partner, sometimes that just isn't always the case. And that's okay, unless boundaries are getting pushed and your partner is being disrespectful. This ongoing tension can really put a strain on any relationship.

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11. Different Sexual Preferences

Physical intimacy is incredibly important in a healthy relationship. It's how couples can get closer and feel a deep connection. So if sexual compatibility isn't there, it's a bigger problem than you might realize. All it'll do is create dissatisfaction and a growing frustration that can't be ignored.

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12. Chronic Negativity

No one wants to be around someone who's constantly negative and brings you down. It's the last thing you want from a loving partner too. You should only be with someone who energizes you, lifts you up, and supports you, not someone who brings you down and makes you see things in a bad light.

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13. Different Parenting Styles

For married couples or couples looking to start a family, having differing parenting styles can be a bigger burden than initially thought. It can create a lot of unwanted tension in the relationship, especially when it's on big matters like how to displicine your child, education choices, and overall family values.

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14. Overcommitment to Work

While working hard and doing well at your job is important for anyone, it's not good if you start prioritizing it over your relationship. Work life balance is so vital, and if your partner is starting to feel neglected, that's a bad sign. It's a quick way for any relationship to start deteriorating.

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15. Overdependence

Look, no one enjoys being with someone who is clingy! While it's nice to know that your partner always wants to be with you and sees you as the first person to call when they need help, being overdependent is more harmful than good. Everyone needs their own space and time to be alone.

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16. Long-Distance Challenges

Does distance really make the heart grow fonder? There's no surprise that maintaining a long distance relationship is a difficult challenge that doesn't always work out. Not being able to see your partner, touch them, or be with them, can take an emotional toll on anyone. Not everyone is always willing to wait things out.

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17. Dishonesty

Whether they're big lies or small, lying to your partner is never a sign of a healthy relationship. Dishonesty is what breaks trust and all the foundations you've worked so hard to build up. It's safe to say it's impossible to have a functioning, safe, and reliable relationship without trust.

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18. Inflexibility

Relationships are all about compromise - not everything is always going to go your way! If you're with someone who is rigid, strict, and unwilling to be open about change or trying things a different way, it may just be a lost cause. How can you expect to navigate life's challenges together if they're already showing they don't want to try?

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19. Infidelity

Cheating or any form of infidelity is an immediate deal breaker and relationship ender for most people. It's the worst kind of betrayal you can feel from your partner. 

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20. Poor Communication

As everyone will tell you, good communication is necessary for any relationship to thrive. Not being able to openly talk to your partner about your feelings or resolve conflict in an effective manner is very damaging. If you can't even talk to your partner, how do you expect things to work out?

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