20 Annoying Things People Should Stop Doing At The Airport

20 Annoying Things People Should Stop Doing At The Airport

Most people often find navigating the airport a difficulty - from changes to your boarding assignment, chaotic crowds, or long lines, there's a lot that could go wrong! But here's how you can do your part in making the airport environment a little less hectic and a little more manageable. Here are 20 annoying things people should stop doing at the airport.

1. Blocking the Walkways

Honestly, this applies no matter where you are. Never stand still in the middle of busy walkways; all it does is disrupt the flow of traffic and create massive holdups! If you have to take care of something, move to the side. Don't be inconsiderate of others who have places to be.

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2. Loud Conversations

When in a public space, people should always remember that you should still be respectful to those around you. And that includes keeping your conversations at a reasonable noise level! If you've got kids with you, it's extra important that you keep them from screaming, shouting, or making exceptionally loud noises that disturb others.

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3. Not Preparing for Security

Ah, the dreaded security line. How many times have you waited a little too long behind someone who just didn't get the memo? It's a good idea to always have your bags and items prepped for security so that you don't slow down everyone else. That includes having your liquids and tech items ready to be taken out quickly.

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4. Hogging the Power Outlets

Given how technological our society is nowadays, everyone is always either on their phone, laptop, or tablet at the airport. And using those devices means needing a power outlet. If you find you're running low on battery, don't stick around and hog up the outlet space - make sure you leave once you're fully charged so that others get a chance to use it too.

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5. Spreading Germs

After the COVID-19 scare which made airports seem like a dangerous place to be, there's a general etiquette around coughing and sneezing that should always be followed (not that it shouldn't have already been followed before COVID!). Always cover your mouth, especially if you're in a tight space with others around you. It's how you show your respect to everyone else!

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6. Boarding Out of Turn

For some reason, people get unnecessarily antsy when planes start to board. Even if your group is yet to be called, some people love to start getting in line. This can be problematic because it creates chaos and congestion. It's pretty simple - just wait for your turn! 

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7. Excessive Carry-On Luggage

Airlines make it clear what luggage sizes are fit for their planes, so always check online before bringing your carry-on to the airport. Not only is it awkward if you bring an excessively large case that doesn't fit the guidelines, it can also slow down the boarding process or take up too much space in the aircraft. 

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8. Ignoring Personal Space

No matter where you are, whether you're in an office, at a park, or in a movie theatre, personal space should always be respected. So naturally, you should be following this rule even at the airport! There's no need to make others uncomfortable, and even if things get a bit crowded, make sure you do your best to leave as much room as possible.

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9. Disregarding Quiet Zones

Some airports provide quiet spaces for people to either rest or work. If you find yourself in one of these zones, make sure you respect it! Don't make unnecessary noises or ruin the peaceful environment for others around you.

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10. Not Watching Their Kids

Airports can get very crowded and chaotic, so it's important that if you're bringing kids along, you're watching their every move. It can be dangerous for them - they can easily get lost given how large airports can be! Not to mention, if you let your kids roam free to do whatever they want, it might frustrate or annoy other travelers if they're being rude or loud.

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11. Overcrowding the Baggage Claim

We know people want to get on their way after deboarding a plane, but rushing to the baggage claim carousel first won't make your bag come out any faster. There's no need to overcrowd or hog the area - make space so everyone can see the suitcases coming out. 

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12. Forgetting to Use Headphones

There's no need to let everyone else around you listen in on your private conversations, videos, or music. Always use headphones so that you're being respectful of everyone else's space and environment. 

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13. Being Rude to Staff

Seeing someone be rude or disrespectful to airport staff just makes everyone else uncomfortable. There's no need to be mean! Always approach staff and customer service workers with patience and respect, as you would with your friends and family. Try to be as understanding as possible - some things aren't even in their control!

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14. Blocking the Boarding Gate

Boarding can often get messy real quick, so everyone should do their part and be as patient as possible. We know you want to get on board, but standing close to the gate and creating congestion does no good to anyone - including you! 

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15. Rushing to Deplane

Once the plane has finally landed, everyone is usually in a rush to get out of the aircraft and back into the airport. But here's the thing - just because you got up and are ready to leave, you're still stuck there! You have to wait for the people in front of you to get off first before you can, so there's no need to rush. Be patient, you'll get off soon enough.

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16. Taking Up Multiple Seats

While waiting in the airport, we've all seen those seat-hoggers who take up so much space and leave no room for anyone else. You definitely don't want to be that person. You should always be considerate and make space for others to sit too.

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17. Leaving Trash Behind

Always put your garbage and trash where it belongs: in the trash bin. Don't leave behind your mess for staff to clean up. Not only is it disrespectful to the workers, it's also rude to everyone else. It's your duty to keep the airport environment clean for everyone to use. 

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18. Cutting in Line

Look, it goes without saying, but cutting in line is just unfair and incredibly rude. If you get some nasty looks from other people, you can't blame them! Wait for your turn fairly and patiently; it's what everyone else is doing anyway!

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19. Ignoring Priority Seating

If you see a senior, someone with a disability, or a pregnant lady struggling to find somewhere to sit, always do the right thing and give up your seat. They need it more than you do! Sometimes, seats should be reserved for those that really need them. 

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20. Ignoring Gate Announcements

Things at the airport can move quickly and suddenly at times, so make sure you're alert and pay attention to any gate announcements that may affect you. Never assume what's been handed to you is what's going to happen! Gate changes, delays, or early arrivals can always happen and affect your schedule.

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