20 Annoying Habits Your Rude Coworker Does That You Hate

20 Annoying Habits Your Rude Coworker Does That You Hate

Everyone at work is just trying to get through their tasks, finish their work, and head home for the day. But just when you thought your routine was going smoothly, sometimes, there's that one coworker who seems to make it their job to make your life harder. Here are 20 annoying habits that one nosy coworker does that everyone wishes they would stop doing.

1. Loud Phone Conversations

Listen, it's fine if you have to make a quick phone call at your desk, but just remember that there are other people sitting near you trying to get their work done. We've all been there before - having to share a space with an annoyingly loud coworker who somehow gets even louder when on the phone at their desk. It's just way too distracting!

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2. Poor Time Management

Having to work with someone who repeatedly misses deadlines or isn't able to complete tasks can be immensely frustrating. Anything that impacts your own work is just so annoying to deal with! Not only will it delay the entire project, but now everyone else on the team has to work extra hard to cover for their shortcomings. It's just hard to work with someone who doesn't do their best in a professional setting, no matter where you work.

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3. Not Participating in Cleaning

No one really loves cleaning, but hey, we do it anyway to be respectful of the workplace and of others. So that one coworker who never helps out with cleaning the communal areas? They're definitely not at the top of your list of "favourite coworkers." 

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4. Micromanaging

If there's one thing that people absolutely hate having to deal with at the workplace, it's micromanagement. No one wants to have someone breathing down their neck every single moment during the work day! All it does is create a stressful, tense work environment that holds the team back from expressing how they truly feel.

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5. Constant Complaining

We already find it annoying when you have a friend, family member, or partner that complains way too much, but somehow, when it's a coworker, it's 10x worse. When we're at work, we've got things to do - we don't have time to sit around listening to a coworker wallow! Not only does it feel draining on a personal level, having a negative attitude can make the workplace less enjoyable for everyone.

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6. Ignoring Emails

Time is of the essence in many workplaces, which means dealing with a coworker who is slow or completely ignores your emails is not only detrimental to the team, but also just so frustrating to deal with. Especially if you're working on a collaborative project, not getting the answers to your question is simply disrespectful from your coworker's end.

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7. Overuse of Speakerphone

Just when you thought loud talkers were annoying already, imagine combining that with someone who only uses speakerphone. So now not only do you have to deal with all the loud noises distracting you from your work, you can't help but listen in on someone's personal conversations! It's not just a matter of noise, it's about forcing everyone to listen in on your private talks.

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8. Inappropriate Humor

The moment people step foot into the office, everyone should be putting their professionalism caps on. While most people are able to follow that smoothly, there's always that one coworker who doesn't see anything wrong with using inappropriate humour. Save the offensive jokes for your personal space, okay? Who wants to deal with HR anyway?

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9. Taking Credit for Others' Work

If you didn't contribute or make the idea, don't take credit for it. It's as simple as that. It was annoying when it was done to you in school, but it's even more annoying when it happens now as an adult! Just when you thought everyone grew up and matured, that one coworker who shows these dishonest behaviours can be a real pain to work with.

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10. Frequent Last-Minute Requests

As you watch the clock tick down to 5pm when you're just about to head out...that's when your nosy coworker sticks their head in the door to ask you for a last-minute request. If they need help, they should've asked earlier in the day! It just demonstrates a lack of planning on their end, and a lack of respect for your schedule and workload.

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11. Excessive Gossiping

Light gossip can be harmless and fun, but coworkers who engage in excessive gossip only create a toxic work environment that can be very negative for others. It's one easy way to create conflict and a lack of trust between team members. It should be the opposite; everyone should be working together to bring up team morale, not knocking it down.

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12. Refusing to Adapt to Change

The workplace is always changing, whether it's improving procedures, getting new technology, or trying out new techniques. It's important that you always stay flexible and are willing to learn and adapt. But lo and behold, there's always that one person who refuses to try. Their resistance to the changes that are meant to improve efficiency ends up just slowing everyone down.

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13. Overusing Perfume or Cologne

This point is just a matter of being considerate to others. In most workplaces, coworkers are seated next to each other so that they can interact and work together. While wearing some light perfume or cologne can be nice, wearing something too overpowering can be uncomfortable for many people. Ever smell a heavy fragrance in an enclosed space? It's way too strong and unpleasant!

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14. Personal Calls at the Desk

Taking work calls is one thing, but taking personal calls is another. You should always try to be respectful to the people working around you, and taking personal calls either frequently or for long periods of time can be very distracting. No one wants to hear your conversation with your partner or Mom!

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15. Hoarding Common Resources

Have you ever felt the frustration of needing an office supply, not being able to find it, and then realizing it's all being hoarded on your coworker's desk? These resources are meant for everyone to use, not just one person! And in a moment when someone urgently needs something, it can be especially irritating to see this selfish behaviour.

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16. Not Respecting Personal Space

No matter where you are, whether it's on the bus, waiting in line at the grocery store, or sitting at a restaurant, having your personal space invaded can feel extremely uncomfortable and awkward. So it can feel especially surprising when a coworker feels that's an okay thing to do. When you're already feeling stressed or overworked in the office, it's the last thing you want to deal with.

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17. Ignoring Meeting Etiquette

Company meetings are important and should be respected by everyone in the office. Don't be that one worker who always shows up late, interrupts others while they're talking, or isn't paying attention during important discussions. People have things that they have to get to, and being that disruptive employee just holds everyone else back and wastes their time.

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18. Unrestrained Snacking

We get it, everyone gets hungry throughout the day and snacking is a great way to help you feel energized and focused. But if you feel it's okay to chew loudly or make a mess at your desk, well, we're here to tell you it's definitely not! Not only is it noisy and distracting, it's just plain disrespectful. If you're going to eat while you work, don't make it a distraction.

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19. Not Making Coffee After Finishing It

Here's a classic office annoyance that we're sure many of you have faced before. Coffee is what helps get people through the morning and the day, so really, it's an essential drink that everyone covets. There should always be a full pot or a fresh one brewing! So if you're the one drinking all the coffee without setting it up for the next person in line, you're just asking to be given the side eye.

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20. Leaving Print Jobs Unattended

If you've been sent out to do a task, make sure you see it through! This applies to the biggest projects and the smallest tasks, even one as small as getting something printed! There's nothing more annoying than seeing unattended print jobs in the tray, which backs up the queue and leaves everyone in a state of confusion. If you have to deal with a coworker who repeatedly does this, we can definitely see it as a source of stress throughout your day.

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