10 Uncommon Baby Names That Stand Out In A Good Way & 10 You'd Be Embarrassed About

10 Uncommon Baby Names That Stand Out In A Good Way & 10 You'd Be Embarrassed About

Straying away from the more common names like Jessica, Ashley, Ben, or George, we're going to visit the world of rare, uncommon names today. While some of these names are beautiful and will spark interest in many parents looking for more unique names, there are also plenty that sound very different but in the wrong way. Here are 10 uncommon baby names that stand out in a good way and 10 you might feel embarrassed introducing yourself as.

1. Felix

Felix is a bright boy's name that isn't too common but doesn't sound that strange either. It comes from Latin origins and means "happy" or "fortunate," further reinforcing the positive aura this name gives off. 

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2. Emilia

Emilia, with its roots in Latin, means "to excel" or "eager." You may have heard this name thanks to popular Game of Thrones actress, Emilia Clarke, but how many Emilias have you met in your life otherwise? It's a classic sounding name that's on the rarer side, but still sounds very lovely.

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3. Ansel

Of German origin, Ansel is a boy's name that means "follower of a nobleman." It's unique and memorable, and definitely a name you don't hear on a day to day basis.

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4. Valentina

Valentina is a romantic and powerful sounding name that comes from Latin origins. To back its strong energy, the name itself means "strong" and "vigorous," making it an excellent choice for parents who want their daughter to have the same vibe.

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5. Calyx

Calyx is certainly a unique name that you've likely never come across. Derived from the Latin word for chalice, this name has a refreshing feel to it that'll definitely stand out in a crowd for all the right reasons.

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6. Clover

Clover is a beautiful English name that symbolizes luck and prosperity, as you would commonly associate with a green four-leaf clover. It's fresh, lovely, and definitely on the rare side.

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7. Lucian

Lucian has Latin origins meaning "light," and is certainly an uncommon name that sounds bright and creative. It has a nice soft sound to it that will definitely resonate with a lot of parents looking for a nice sounding yet unique name.

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8. Leona

Strong and graceful, Leona is a stunning name that comes from Latin origins meaning "lionness." The name perfectly matches its meaning, evoking an image of strength and elegance. It's a powerful choice that'll attract parents searching for that energy!

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9. Lloyd

Lloyd is a Welsh name that means "grey" or "holy." There's a nobleness and regalness to the name, echoing its timeless quality. It's certainly a distinguished choice for any baby boy that wants to stand out.

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10. Rosalie

Rosalie is a French name that simply means "rose garden." It's an incredibly romantic name that sounds beautiful and has a lovely ring to it. Parents will definitely be attracted to this name for the sweetness it gives off.

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1. Wulfric

Now onto the more unique names that veer on the side of strange. Wulfric is a name of Old English origin meaning "wolf power." It has a very strong sound to it, and while it doesn't resonate with everyone, there are some individuals that love its uniqueness. It's definitely a name you'd be shocked to hear!

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2. Apolonia

Apolonia is a girl's name derived from the Greek god Apollo. It has an uncommon spelling and an uncommon sound to it, leaving plenty of room for potential pronunciation challenges. 

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3. Errol

Errol is a unique boy's name that comes from English origins. It sounds incredibly old-fashioned and is very rare in today's world, making it stand out as an unconventional choice. 

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4. October

Naming your kids after the name of months is a polarizing debate. October is one month that particularly stands out to parents as a naming option, though it's definitely a strange choice that might leave others scratching their heads.

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5. Leander

Meaning "lion-man" in Greek, Leander suggests strength and courage, but the name has a sound most people are unfamiliar with. Its uniqueness makes it a little bit too bold or out of the ordinary for some tastes.

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6. September

Like October, September is another month-name that particularly stands out for some reason as an unconventional baby name. While its certainly unique, it's definitely not for everyone's tastes. It'll make you stand out, but maybe not in the way you want it to.

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7. Isadore

Isadore has Greek origins meaning "gift of Isis." It has an old-world charm, but maybe just a little too much, as the name feels especially ancient. It's a peculiar choice for this modern age!

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8. Peridot

Peridot is an undoubtedly unique name, but it's also one that is bound to cause tons of spelling and mispronunciation errors. Compared to Ruby or Pearl who are more mainstream gem choices, Peridot has a distinctiveness that's a bold choice.

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9. Fenmore

Fenmore, a name with English roots, meaning "fen or marshland moor," has a literary and aristocratic air. However, its uniqueness and potentially pretentious sound could make it stand out in ways that might not be universally appreciated.

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10. Bracken

Bracken is a harsh sounding, gender neutral name that just doesn't fit in with modern naming preferences. It simply sounds a bit too rough and tough for it to be a favourable name with the mass majority.

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