10 Traits That Clearly Show You're A Dogs-Over-Cats Person & 10 That Show Otherwise

10 Traits That Clearly Show You're A Dogs-Over-Cats Person & 10 That Show Otherwise

We know this is going to be a difficult (or not) question to answer but, are you a dog or cat person? If you love all furry animals, this may be extra challenging. But did you know, based on some of your traits, we can probably guess which one you likely are? Although it's not completely accurate, here are 10 traits that might help us decide you're a dogs-over-cats person, and 10 that would definitely show us otherwise. Did we get it right?

1. Preference for Outdoor Activities

If you love being outside in the fresh air, a dog is likely the best pet for your lifestyle. Dog lovers often enjoy spending more time outdoors, whether it's for a walk, a run, or playing fetch in the park. Because dogs require regular exercise and outdoor activities, it aligns well with those who also love nature.

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2. Value Companionship

A best friend doesn't have to be another human being; if you thrive on close companionship and loyalty, you're likely a dog person. Known for their devotion and title of being "man's best friend," dogs tend to follow their owners around, providing endless affection and good vibes.

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3. Enjoy Physical Affection

Love cuddles on the couch? If you appreciate physical affection such as cuddling, petting, and hugs, you'll definitely love the closeness that dogs want. Usually wanting to be close to their humans, they always seek out physical contact, especially when they want a good belly rub or two.

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4. Social and Outgoing

While of course this isn't always the case, if you are a more social and outgoing person, it's likely that you're more of a dog person. Dogs are incredibly active, forcing you to go out and take them for walks which can often lead to interactions with other dog owners. This can lead to a beautiful sense of community and encourage you to have conversations with others. 

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5. Active Lifestyle

If you lead an active lifestyle, you might lean towards being a dog person simply because your preferences match. Dogs need consistent outdoor exercise to stay happy and healthy, which can in turn, motivate their owners to also be more active and engage in physical activities together.

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6. Patient and Responsible

Dogs aren't always complete angels - sometimes they can be absolute menaces! Owning a dog requires a great deal of patience and responsibility from your end. From training sessions to dealing with occasional mischief, you'll never know what your dog is thinking. So if you're naturally patient and take responsibility seriously, you won't be as thrown off by your dog's behaviour.

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7. Appreciate Routine

Are you the type of person who loves structure and following the same routine every day? Turns out being a dog parent might just be for you. Dogs thrive on routine, including regular times for meals, walks, and play; if you're someone who enjoys this type of structured daily schedule, a dog's need for a predictable routine perfectly lines up with this. 

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8. Enjoy Vocal Communication

Do you want a pet that can "talk back" to you and communicate? Dog people love it when their dogs communicate through barks, howls, and whines, meaning you're likely a dog person too. Many owners love these fun vocal interactions, seeing it as if they're communicating in different languages.

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9. Protective Instincts

Dog lovers often value and appreciate the protective instinct that many dogs have. If you feel safer with a pet that is alert and can fight off potential intruders, you might lean towards being a dog person. While dogs might be playful around their beloved owner, it's amazing how quick a flip is switched when they see them in danger.

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10. Preference for Training

If you want a pet you can train and try fun and unique challenges and tricks with, you'll definitely love getting a pet dog. Dogs can be trained to perform a variety of tasks, offering a rewarding experience for both the pet and the owner. It's fun bonding time that both sides will love!

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1. Appreciation for Independence

Not really into the idea of having to constantly care for a pet? You're definitely a cat person. Cat lovers often admire the independence these creatures have and appreciate their self-sufficient nature which requires less constant attention and interaction than dogs. Cats just love minding their own business!

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2. Enjoy Quiet and Calmness

If you prefer a quiet and calm environment instead of a rowdy, playful one, you might just be a cat person. Cats generally tend to be much quieter than dogs and are less likely to disrupt the peace with loud barking or howling. So if you value your space but still want a pet, you're probably leaning towards a cat.

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3. Smaller Living Spaces

Living in an apartment or just a small space in general? Cats are definitely the best option for you. These pets require less space, are more flexible, and are more adaptable to indoor living. This makes them an extra convenient choice for compact living conditions!

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4. Less Time for Pet Maintenance

If you have a busy lifestyle or simply don't want to spend all your free time on pet maintenance, you're probably a cat person who loves their carefreeness. Not only do they groom themselves, they don't require daily walks which better suits anyone with a hectic schedule or less free time.

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5. Fascination with Grace and Agility

If you think dogs are a bit too powerful or crazy in their movement around the house, you probably appreciate the opposite which is the grace and agility of cats. There's definitely a unique and mesmerizing elegance to their athletic nature in the way they jump and move!

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6. Preference for Subtle Affection

Not so crazy on constant physical affection? If you appreciate more subtle forms of affection, our guess is you're a cat person. Anyone who says cats don't show affection is wrong - they just show their love in less overt ways! Whether it's slow blinks, gentle headbuts, or simply sitting near you, these are all clear signs that they care and appreciate you.

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7. Interest in Quiet, Mysterious Personalities

Compared to dogs who tend to have brighter, more energetic personalities, cats are known for their mysterious auras. What exactly are they thinking about? If you find it fun trying to understand a pet's behaviours and moods, or simply find it hilarious watching them in their day to day life, you might just want to get a cat.

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8. Appreciation For Playful Independence

One major thing that cat lovers always appreciate is the playful yet independent nature of their feline friends. While cats enjoy playing with their owners via laser points or fishing lines, they also find fun in playing on their own. While dogs need constant attention when it comes to playtime, cats can easily find entertainment by themselves. 

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9. Love Personal Space

If you're someone who loves time for themselves, funnily enough, cats do too sometimes. They love being left on their own to roam around the neighbourhood, or love staying in one spot for an abnormally long amount of time. So if you're someone who loves their personal space, cats do too, making you both a perfect match.

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10. A Night Owl

Are you more of a night owl? If so, you might find cats to be more aligned with your lifestyle. Cats are crepuscular, meaning they are most active during the dawn and dusk. Though many housecats learn to adopt the same schedules as their owners (being up in the daytime), cats might be a good buddy to have around if you love staying up later at night.

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