10 Signs Your Marriage Is Dying And 10 Ways To Rekindle The Flame

10 Signs Your Marriage Is Dying And 10 Ways To Rekindle The Flame

It’s hard for couples not to fall into a status quo sometimes. But if you’ve experienced these glaring issues, you may need to put in work to rekindle that dying flame. Here are 10 signs your marriage is in trouble and 10 ways you can fix it.

1. At Each Other’s Throats

Arguing occasionally is healthy for a relationship; it’s a sign that you tackle the hard stuff and work through it together. But if you’re getting in the ring at any issue, it could be a strong sign that you need to reevaluate how you communicate.

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2. Keeping Secrets

A lifelong partner is the person you should trust most. If you’re keeping secrets, or feel like you can’t trust them, then you’re looking at a breakdown of trust.

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3. Emotional Affairs

Affairs aren’t just for the bedroom. Emotional cheating is very real and can lead to a lot of heartbreak down the road. It’s also a good indicator that you aren’t happy with your current partner, which can cause you to seek out what you’re missing elsewhere.

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4. There’s More Distance

You shouldn’t feel like your partner is a stranger. Increased distance is a red flag that left unaddressed, will just cause a wider wedge between you two.

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5. Glaring Resentment

Lack of communication is a surefire path to resentment. The more resentment festers in you or your partner, the faster a marriage can crumble. 

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6. Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms

Packing up to another room can be innocent—maybe you and your partner have different sleep schedules or one of you snores. But when the spark dies and you move out to be alone, it’s time to look at your situation.

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7. Your Spouse Isn’t Your Go-To

Did you just get a promotion? Get an update that you just have to share with someone? There was a time when you’d call your partner first. But if you notice that isn’t the case anymore, take a step back and look at why.

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8. No Time Together

Having a life outside of your marriage is normal, of course. The abnormality comes from excessive amounts of time away from your spouse, or a desire to avoid them altogether.

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9. Avoiding Resolution

Conflict resolution is a must for any couple, not just married ones. If you or your spouse are unwilling to put in that effort, it suggests a resignation that the marriage can’t (or shouldn’t) be saved.

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10. No Support

If you feel like your spouse isn’t a pillar of support anymore, it could be a glaring sign your marriage is headed for disaster. Alternatively, if you no longer offer support to your spouse, that road is just as bumpy.

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1. Look For Help

There’s no shame in turning to a professional for help. If you and your spouse are willing to fight for the marriage, seek counseling to work out issues with a third party.

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2. Go On Dates

Date nights don’t stop at the wedding. Do things together again! Plan fun dates with each other to recapture what you feel you’re losing. Crew-Xcmvrpzctaq-UnsplashPhoto by Crew on Unsplash

3. Surprise Gestures

Who doesn’t love a surprise act of affection? Take care of your partner’s chores for the evening, buy them a little gift, or plan a spontaneous getaway. Let your partner know you’re thinking about them! 

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4. Show Your Appreciation

Spouses can often feel like they do everything with no acknowledgment. Change the narrative! Appreciate them with words or signs of affection so they know you care.

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5. Do New Things Together

If your marriage has gone a little stale, schedule new events together. Trying new things can be a great way to discover new hobbies and share experiences.

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6. Reminisce On Good Times

Get closer to your partner by remembering the good times. You two have shared a life thus far, and reminiscing on beloved memories can remind you both of all the love there.

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7. Get Experimental

Experimentation can extend to the boudoir. Physical intimacy is one of the pillars of a healthy relationship, so trying new things can help rekindle that flame!

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8. Invest in Connection

Create a safe space to have meaningful conversations that go beyond the surface-level stuff. Open communication builds trust among partners, even those who have been together for years.

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9. Share Responsibilities

Sharing the workload shows your spouse that you see them as an equal, not someone who does everything for you. Share responsibilities with them to foster a level playing field.

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10. Practice Forgiveness

When you let go of grudges it can be a good chance to start over. Practice forgiveness with your partner not just for the sake of your marriage, but for peace of mind.

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