10 Popular Trends From The 70s We Want To Bring Back & 10 That Should Stay Forgotten

10 Popular Trends From The 70s We Want To Bring Back & 10 That Should Stay Forgotten

Nothing like taking a walk down memory road to revisit some of the biggest hits and misses from the 70s. There are some real gems from this era that we hope can make it back into mainstream popularity, but we also have to admit, there were some big missteps that should stay in the past.

1. Drive-In Theaters

While heading to your nearest theatre might offer you big screens and loud surround sound speakers, nothing quite beats the experience of watching movies at a drive-in theater. It's such a unique movie-going experience that can't be matched. Just imagine sitting under the starry night sky, a bag of popcorn in your hand, and sitting comfy in your own car while watching a great flick on the big projector next to so many others around you.

1024Px-Yatala Drive-In 2013NJM2010 on Wikimedia Commons

2. Bell-Bottom Jeans

Let's bring back some of the hit fashion trends from the 70s! We're singling out bell-bottom jeans, an iconic look that was popularized during this era. Having those distinctively wide legs that flare out from the knee, these were certainly statement pieces that added a lot of personality to any look. We're down to bring it back for the style and nostalgia it brings!

Wash Dc 1977 2Yves le bail on Wikimedia Commons

3. Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are a wonderful trend from past generations that we really want to come back to life. Although there are still many collectors and appreciators out there, music streaming dominates all else. But there's just something so amazing about having physical records to keep, and going through that ritual of physically placing it on the record player.

Andrea-Cipriani-Gtiutdltrka-UnsplashPhoto by Andrea Cipriani on Unsplash

4. Roller Discos

For all those days when you don't know what to do with your friends, just think about how nice it'd be to have a roller disco around to go to! As a quintessential part of 70s culture, roller discos brought the best of both groovy tunes and skating fun together. It's not really about the skating anyway - it's about socializing, dancing, and enjoying everyone's company.

Roller Disco (Unsplash)Charlotte Coneybeer she_sees, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons


5. Lava Lamps

We just don't have many fun centerpieces anymore! We're not quite sure anyone really knows what lava lamps are, but they're just so hypnotizing to look at. They're an iconic 70s decor item that could easily be found in every house back in the day, but today, you rarely see them. We'd love to see them gain popularity again and bring back that fun and quirky vibe to our modern day homes.

Martin-Lostak-Fook7Wcyofw-Unsplash (1)Photo by Martin Lostak on Unsplash

6. Shag Carpets

Shag carpets were all the rage back in the day, and it's for good reason! If you're looking for a way to make your home feel even more cozy, this simple addition can do wonders. Praised for their comfort and unique texture, shag carpets give off a nice and inviting feel to any living space in your home. There are so many colours and patterns to choose from too!

Alexander-Grey-Xeevy Ofgnk-Unsplash (1)Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

7. Pet Rocks

Here's a weird but funny one we want to reintroduce to the world - pet rocks! That's right, the 1970s gifted us with this hilarious trend of owning a pet rock, a low-maintenance "pet" for you to look after. Perfect as a funny desk accessory or simply a cute piece of decoration at home, let's bring back some objects from the past that remind us of simpler days.

1024Px-Pet Rock (1)Owner of Pet Rock Net on Wikimedia Commons

8. Macramé and Fiber Art

While modern day trends suggest everyone loves minimalism and keeping things neat and tidy, we say let's bring back some fun decor. What do you guys think about bringing back Macramé and fiber art decor? These handmade pieces of art add a nice feel to any wall, creating a bit of texture and a bohemian touch. We think they could work with a number of different styles and looks too.

Textile Piece, Macramé (Am 16090-1)Unknown author on Wikimedia Commons

9. Fondue Parties

Aren't these two words enough to convince you that we need to bring back this trend? Fondue. Parties. That's enough for us at least! Fondue parties were a social staple in the 70s, bringing forth a communal dining experience that brought everyone closer together. We don't see why current times wouldn't benefit from this togetherness either!

Michael-Pointner-Uegt83Av8Ag-UnsplashPhoto by Michael Pointner on Unsplash

10. Classic Rock Concerts

Let's be honest - all the best classic rock songs came from the past, and the 70s were definitely a stand out too. It was a golden era, where legendary bands and artists held the most iconic once-in-a-lifetime concert experiences. While concerts today are grand and spectacular too, there's something missing in the atmosphere sometimes. We miss these intimate rock concerts where it was all about the music.

Guitare En Scène 2017 (35903441472)Stéphane Gallay from Laconnex, Switzerland on Wikimedia Commons


1. Leisure Suits

Nope. Lesiure suits are one fashion trend from the 70s that we simply can't get on board with. With their less-than-flattering fit, fabrics, and colours, it's a mystery how this even became popular to begin with. Not to mention how impractical they are! They don't look comfy in the slightest for everyday wear. 

Lars Jacob, Iris Bianco Vigil & Amos E. Vigil 1976Sandra Vigil for LJP on Wikimedia Commons

2. Excessive Indoor Smoking

Compared to the old days, smoking has seen a significant change in how it's viewed. You wouldn't believe your eyes if you were transported back to the 70s - it was normal for people to smoke cigarettes indoors! Whether it's in your home, office, or even planes, you would often see people smoking and going about their day. Now that we're aware it's such an important public health concern, we're just glad this no longer happens.

Mathew-Macquarrie-Lzckzlvpyau-Unsplash (1)Photo by Mathew MacQuarrie on Unsplash

3. Excessive Tanning

For some reason, people in the 70s really loved the tanned look. They loved it so much, they took it to the extreme and created a trend of excessive tanning. But little did people know, tanning is a big concern when it comes to skin health; it not only ages the skin prematurely, but there's a significant increased risk of skin cancer. With what we know today, let's just leave this trend as a mistake from the past.

Tomas-Salas-Zsvlta6Yarw-UnsplashPhoto by Tomas Salas on Unsplash

4. Wall-to-Wall Carpeting in Bathrooms

Yeah, we really don't know how this one ever became popular, but having carpets in the bathroom was a strangely popular choice in the 70s. Well sure, we can see how it might feel warm and cozy on the feet when you first step in, there are so many unsanitary aftermaths. Not only would the carpet hold on to moisture and bacteria, we can't imagine it smells amazing either. Let's leave this interesting decor choice as one from the past.

1024Px-Bathroom At NorbulingkaMaris Burbergs on Wikimedia Commons

5. Waterbeds

Waterbeds are still a mystery to us. Exactly as they're described, these were mattresses filled with water and they were a massive fad back in the 70s. While they're often praised for being "beyond comfy" and the novelty aspect of it is kind of cool, we can't imagine the number of problems they'd bring. Surely dealing with all the practical issues like difficult maintenance and risk of leaks isn't worth it, right?

Hk 西九文化區 Wkcd M+ Plus 美術館 Museum Art Exhibition May 2022 Px3 215Tong Tong Ying Yung Lim Liu Lau on Wikimedia Commons

6. Platform Shoes

It's giving height, it's giving drama, it's giving flair, it's giving...off a weird look? Platform shoes were a staple fashion item back in the 70s, but we think it's one that wouldn't fit in with modern day looks. It's definitely a bold statement piece, but its bulky vibe and unnecessary height made us think it's better leaving this one behind.

Platform ThongButtNakedFreak on Wikimedia Commons


7. Inflatable Furniture

Although it may seem fun and portable, do you really want your living room decked out in inflatable furniture? First becoming popular thanks to its affordability and ease of use, inflatable furniture has two major drawbacks: durability and comfort. These easily deflated after just a couple of uses and definitely weren't the comfiest of seating arrangements. And in our humble opinions, they're not the most stylish either.

Intex Ultra Lounge Chair With OttomanRaj Menon on Wikimedia Commons

8. Asbestos in Home Construction

If we fly back all the way to the early 70s, it wouldn't be uncommon to find that most, if not all, houses were built with some asbestos. While it was used for their fire-resistant properties, construction workers were yet to find out about all the dangerous health risks. It wasn't until the end of the decade that regulations started taking place because people started linking it to serious illnesses. Let's treat it as a lesson learned and move forward.

Jeriden-Villegas-Vlpum5Wp5Z0-UnsplashPhoto by Jeriden Villegas on Unsplash

9. Psychedelic Prints

With their bright, vibrant colours and interesting swirl patterns, psychedelic prints were beloved back in the 70s. They were bold, expressive, and playful, giving people a chance to showcase their personalities. Although we can appreciate the creativity behind them, they don't quite fit in with today's more neutral and minimalist fashion tastes. Let's just treat it as a colourful moment from the past, shall we?

Steph-Wilson-1Lyawq5Ovss-UnsplashPhoto by Steph Wilson on Unsplash

10. Mullet Hairstyles

This is one hairstyle you either love or hate. The mullet is certainly an iconic look, but maybe not for all the right reasons. Known (and beloved by some) for its business in the front and party in the back philosophy, it was a hairstyle that first became popularized in the late 70s. But for many, we look back upon that time with embarrassment; a lot of people consider this hairstyle to be a "fashion misstep," hoping that this awkward style doesn't come back to mainstream popularity. 

1024Px-Euskal-Mullet-1991Txikillana on Wikimedia Commons