10 Phrases & 10 Actions Only Unbearable Drama Queens Say & Do

10 Phrases & 10 Actions Only Unbearable Drama Queens Say & Do

As you get older, there's a tendency to want to deal with unnecessary drama less and less. So what do you do if you've got a drama queen in your life? Here are 20 tells to identify whether you know one. These are 10 common phrases & 10 actions only the most unbearable of drama queens will say and do.

1. "You won't believe what happened!"

Ah yes, the classic phrase. It's one way drama queens love grabbing attention right at the start of their story. It's often a big exaggeration, and the actual story typically isn't as unbelievable or crazy as this phrase suggests. And if it's something they say every single time, it can quickly become annoying. 

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2. "I can't even!"

You've heard it time and time again, but "I can't even!" is a pretty common hallmark phrase that many drama queens hold up their sleeves. Whenever they're put in a situation they disagree with or can't understand, it'll only take a matter of seconds before this line comes out. It's the most frustrating when it's over a very small, inconsequential issue.

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3. "This is literally the worst thing ever!"

It's all about exaggerating when it comes to drama queens! We're not quite sure if McDonald's ice cream machine being broken is "literally the worst thing ever," but hey, they're going to say it is anyway.

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4. "No one understands me!"

Now here's one phrase that can get seriously irritating. Not only does it sound like they're asking for sympathy, it's especially frustrating for the listener who's having to hear it. If you're trying to understand and support them, it can feel like a real blow to the back if this is their response.

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5. "I'm surrounded by idiots!"

This one just screams superiority complex. By implying that they're the only who is right in the matter or is the only one "smart" enough to see what's right, it just makes them seem rude and heartless. To put it simply, no one should ever make others feel inferior.

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6. "Everything always happens to me!"

Drama queens love being the center of attention and tend to treat situations as if they're the star of the show. While everyone is busy facing their own set of challenges and hurdles in life, their poor attitude and tendency to draw focus to themselves can feel especially exasperating to deal with.

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7. "I'm just too real for everyone."

Saying that you're "too real" isn't a way to justify rude or offensive comments. That's not honesty, that's just being mean. Drama queens tend to use this phrase to defend their own actions.

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8. "I don’t do drama!"

Ironic, isn't it? As someone who loves drama, saying this phrase just shows a clear lack of self-awareness. That, or they just refuse to take responsibility for their role in conflicts. 

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9. "Trust me, you have no idea."

Suggesting that their problems are beyond anything anyone has ever experienced, it can be annoying hearing this from someone you're trying to help. All it does is come off as dismissive, and shows that they won't take any of your well-meaning advice to heart.

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10. "I'm not being dramatic, but..."

Another popular story setup phrase, lots of drama queens love to start things off with this line as a way to downplay the incoming exaggeration. It's funny because, oftentimes the next statement is a super dramatic one!

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1. Making Everything About Themselves

No one enjoys talking to people who are incredibly self-centered and only want to talk about themselves. Conversing with someone is all about give or take, not making everything about you. You need to give everyone a chance to speak.

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2. Overreacting to Minor Issues

Drama queens always make the biggest deal out of the smallest inconveniences. It can feel really exhausting dealing with it all the time, and what's worse is it's hard to know when an actual serious issue is happening. Are they just exaggerating again? Or is it really important this time? 

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3. Gossiping and Spreading Rumors

Even though you're out of high school, drama queens love staying in that age. Stirring up trouble by spreading rumors or making things into a bigger deal than they need to be, all it does is create unnecessary conflict and tension that no one wants to deal with.

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4. Seeking Constant Reassurance

For every little problem they face, drama queens will always want your undivided support and attention? Why? Because it gives them validation and makes them feel like they're being heard. Which sure, is nice for them, but it's really just tiring for everyone else.

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5. Playing the Victim

Sure, every bad situation is always everyone else's fault. That's totally possible right? Well, for most drama queens, that's how they see it anyway. Casting themselves as the role of the victim in every argument or conflict, it's a way to make others feel guilty and shift the blame off themselves.

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6. Using Emotional Blackmail

What is emotional blackmail you're wondering? When drama queens don't get the outcome or response that they want, they use their emotions to have things their way. They might threaten emotional outbreaks of tantrums until you treat them the way they want to be treated.

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7. Interrupting or Dominating Conversations

It's not just that drama queens talk only about themselves, they completely dominate the space and the conversation. The moment the topic is steering away from them, they'll do whatever it takes to shift it back. It prevents any meaningful exchanges to ever take place.

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8. Public Outbursts

For the most dramatic of all drama queens, they aren't afraid to stand their ground - even if that means throwing a public outburst. There's no end to their drama, creating so much uncomfortable tension and inconvenience for everyone around them.

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9. Reacting Poorly to Criticism

Constructive feedback is always important because it teaches ways we can grow and improve upon ourselves. That isn't the case for the dramatic though. They'll always handle any form of criticism with so much defensiveness.

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10. Making Impulsive Decisions

Making decisions that grant them their wishes immediately, a common trait many drama queens share is a tendency to make impulsive decisions. When they want something, they won't care if there are consequences for others. They just want it now.

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