10 Phrases & 10 Actions Everyone Should Do To Make Their Partner Feel Cherished

10 Phrases & 10 Actions Everyone Should Do To Make Their Partner Feel Cherished

There are several ways you can make your partner feel loved and cherished in a relationship, and here's how! Whether it's with your words or actions, here are 10 phrases & 10 things you should be doing in any healthy relationship.

1. "I appreciate everything you do."

Feeling appreciated goes two ways in a relationship - while it's your job to make sure your partner feels loved, it's also your job to express your gratitude when your partner does the same for you. Whether it's a big gesture or a small kindness, it's important that you make sure to let your partner know that you recognize and value their efforts.

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2. "I support your dreams."

When you're taking the leap and jumping headfirst into unexplored territory, having support from your partner can mean the world. That's why it's so important to express that sentiment, encouraging them that their personal growth is important and that'll you'll be there with them every step of the way.

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3. "You make me happy."

Don't leave feelings and emotions left for speculation - when you're feeling a certain way with your partner, you let them know! If you're happy with the current state of your relationship, there's no need to keep it to yourself. Letting your partner know how happy they make you gives them the affirmation they need.

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4. "You are beautiful."

Look, everyone deserves to be complimented from time to time. It's a short little phrase, but it'll do wonders for your partner's confidence and self-esteem. Not only does it show that you're still attracted to them, it can make them feel noticed and adored.

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5. "I trust you completely."

As you should already know, trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Without it, fear and jealousy can run rampant. That's why you should let your partner know if you feel fully committed to them. It's good to reinforce how strongly you feel about your bond together and that you feel comfortable sharing personal information and feelings.

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6. "I'm here for you."

Whenever the whole world feels against you, sometimes knowing that your partner is there can be enough. Feeling like you always have someone in your corner can give you the strength to overcome any challenges thrown your way. And what better feeling is there knowing that you have a partner that's so dependable and reliable?

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7. "You're my best friend."

While you might be bonded by your romantic love for one another, it's also important to consider companionship and friendship in a healthy relationship. Having your partner feel like your best friend not only enhances the quality of your relationship, but can feel incredibly rewarding and reassuring too.

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8. "You inspire me."

Is there any higher praise than being told you inspire someone? And if it's coming from your partner, it makes it all the more special! This simple phrase can mean a whole lot; it's one way to express how your partner's words and actions continuously motivate you to be a better person. For them, and for yourself.

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9. "I love how passionate you are."

Whether it's being passionate toward you, being passionate toward their career, or being passionate toward their favourite hobby, telling them these words is a kind way to reinforce that you admire their enthusiasm and respect their motivations. 

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10. "Let's plan our future together."

When the time is right and you feel fully satisfied with how things are currently, telling your partner you want to plan for the future let's them know you're both committed to the relationship and that you picture them in your life moving forward. When both partners express the same sentiment, it can be an incredibly exciting time that allows you to feel secure and loved at the same time.

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1. Listening Attentively

If you want to make your partner feel loved and appreciated, one simple way you can do that is by listening attentively whenever they're speaking. Giving them the attention they deserve shows that you value their words, that you care about their thoughts and feelings, and that you'll always be there when they need someone.

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2. Surprising Her with Small Gestures

It doesn't have to be big or expensive; sometimes, small and random acts of service can make your partner's whole day. Whether it's bringing home their favourite snack, helping with chores, or leaving behind a sweet note, these little gifts will always bring a little extra sweetness to their day.

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3. Helping with Daily Tasks

Providing a helping hand for your partner when tackling their daily chores can mean a lot. While it seems like a simple gesture, going out of your way to ease their burdens can make them feel extra appreciated and cared for. It's important that this is done both ways, establishing a strong sense of respect on both sides.

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4. Planning a Date Night

Keep that spark alive by consistently planning date nights that keep the romance going. It's all about spending quality time together during the business of daily life, showing that you're more than willing to set time aside for each other.

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5. Giving Compliments

Falling in line with one of the 10 phrases you should be regularly telling your partner, giving compliments is a less recognized, but still very important aspect of a healthy relationship. It doesn't just have to be about appearance, it can be about a goal they accomplished, their skills, or even their intelligence. 

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6. Offering Emotional Support

Everyone has their ups and downs, but being there for your partner's downs is the most important. When they need a shoulder to lean on, be there for them! It's crucial that you learn how to be flexible too; do they need a listening ear, words of encouragement, or physical comfort?

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7. Showing Affection

While it might not be everyone's love language, showing signs of physical affection is still vital for any healthy relationship. Whether it be holding hands, hugging, or a kiss, these little actions can convey so much love that sometimes not even words can convey. 

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8. Making Time for Her

Even when you're really busy with work or personal matters, always try to put in your best effort to make time for your partner. They should be a priority in your life, meaning it's not something you can just neglect. It doesn't have to be something grand, it could simply be enjoying TV together after dinner. Just setting aside some time to make sure you two see each other can be enough.

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9. Celebrating Her Achievements

Individual successes are shared successes when you're in a relationship. So when your partner has a big win and accomplished a goal, make sure you take the time to celebrate it! Show them that you're proud and happy for them. Whether it's a small, private celebration between the two of you or throwing a small party in their honour, making that effort is all that matters.

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10. Cooking for Her

Sometimes, the way to your partner's heart is through the stomach. Who doesn't love a delicious, home-cooked meal made by their partner? And if it's out of the blue, done to surprise you or help you out after a long day, it can feel all the more special. 

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