10 Major Perks You Get Living In America & 10 Major Drawbacks

10 Major Perks You Get Living In America & 10 Major Drawbacks

America, the Land of the Free and the Great! Home to many tourist attractions, great cuisine, amazing universities, and so much more, America has always been known as the land of opportunity. But as with any country, there are always some cons too. Let's explore them today as we discuss 10 major perks you get living in America and 10 major drawbacks.

1. Unmatched Personal Freedoms

When you think of the United States, the first word that likely comes to mind is freedom! America has always been renowned for its strong emphasis on personal freedoms and rights. Americans get to enjoy freedoms of speech, religion, and expression that are all protected by the Constitution, something you don't always get in other countries. This just opens the door for a more vibrant and diverse public landscape unlike anywhere else.

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2. Center of Entertainment

From the blockbuster movies of Hollywood to the groundbreaking theatrical productions on Broadway, there's no doubt that the US is the global hub of entertainment. It's the place to be! America produces and attracts talent from all around the world, offering so many unrivaled entertainment options, tourists travel here just to experience a taste of it.

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3. Diverse Landscapes

From the jaw-dropping Grand Canyon to the scenic beauty of the Great Lakes, the United States boasts an amazing array of natural landscapes. Whether you love the warm, sandy beaches or the rugged mountains, there's a spot somewhere out here for every type of nature lover.

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4. Delicious and Diverse Food

When you think of American food, your mind might immediately flicker to cheeseburgers and fries, but there's actually so much more to American cuisine than you might think. Here in the States, the cuisine reflects a melting pot of cultures, providing citizens with a deliciously diverse range of foods. From classic American BBQ to innovative fusion dishes, the culinary scene in this country is unmatched, both in its variety and creativity.

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5. Cutting-Edge Technology and Innovation

The US is always at the forefront when it comes to technological innovation and research. Home to the iconic Silicon Valley and plenty of leading universities, it offers unparalleled opportunities for those who want to pursue and push the boundaries of science, technology, or business.

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6. World-Class Higher Education

With some of the world's most prestigious universities and colleges all in America, like Harvard, Stanford, and M.I.T., there's no question on whether the country provides top-tier higher education opportunities. In fact, many students from around the world come to the States just to attend these schools! After all, these institutions are not just academic powerhouses, but they're also centers for cultural exchange and innovation. 

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7. Sporting Paradise

For sports lovers, there's no place like the United States. Home to major leagues in baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, this is without even mentioning college sports which are a phenomenon in their own right. The country has an unmatched love for sports which creates the most exciting community full of lively and passionate fans.

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8. Plenty of Opportunity

America is often also referred to as the land of opportunity, and it's for a good reason. With its dynamic job market and vast economy, people from different backgrounds and skill sets are able to find opportunities to succeed. Whether you're looking to start your own business or trying to climb the corporate ladder, you can rest assured knowing the US offers the resources and environment to turn your dreams into reality.

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9. Extensive Travel Destinations Within the Country

One of the best parts of living in the United States is that traveling within the country is like its own never-ending adventure. Each state is so unique, offering different attractions and experiences. There's always somewhere new to explore, some new food to try, and new activities to engage in. It's crazy to imagine you don't even need to leave the country to experience all this!

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10. National Parks and Public Lands

The U.S. National Park Service manages some of the most iconic and well-preserved public lands in the world. These parks provide not just incredible beauty and recreational opportunities but also efforts in conservation and education about the natural world.

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1. Expensive Healthcare

One bad thing the US is known for is its high healthcare costs. It can be a significant burden on both individuals and families needing help. Despite the quality of medical services, the lack of universal healthcare in America means that medical bills tend to be the leading cause of financial strain.

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2. Gun Control Issues

Gun violence continues to be a pressing concern in the United States that is yet to have a solution. It's largely attributed to relatively lax gun control laws compared to other developed countries around the world. This issue continues to affect the sense of safety and security in communities across the nation and it's a topic that continues to be heavily up for debate.

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3. Student Debt Crisis

Although the US offers amazing opportunities for higher education, it can come with a steep price. There's a growing student debt crisis happening in the States, with many graduates finding themselves burdened with substantial loans. This affects not only their current financial independence, but also their long-term economic prospects.

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4. Car Dependence

In many parts of the US, urban planning and development have been centered around car use, leading people to have car dependence. For some, it's impossible to get to a grocery store without a car! A 5 minute drive could easily be a 30 minute walk. This not only contributes to environmental issues, but it also makes daily life challenging for anyone who's unable to access a vehicle.

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5. Polarized Politics

As you're likely already aware of, the political landscape in the United States is highly polarized. There's often a lot of division and tension within communities, with this polarization affecting a lot of different aspects of one's life.

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6. Income Inequality

The gap between the wealthy and the poor in the U.S. is significant and growing. This income inequality can lead to disparities in access to education, healthcare, and other essential services, impacting the overall quality of life for many.

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7. Racial Tensions

Despite lots of progress in civil rights, racial tensions and systemic inequalities continue to persist within America. These issues can have a very negative impact on various aspects of life, from employment and education to interactions with the justice system.

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8. Climate Change Vulnerabilities

Certain regions in the U.S. are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, including increased hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts. These environmental challenges not only affect the natural landscape but also pose risks to the people living in these areas.

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9. Cost of Living

In today's climate, the cost of living is continuing to grow, reaching new heights that are making it more and more difficult for middle and lower-income individuals and families to keep up. From affording housing to other basic necessities, life is becoming a challenge! This economic pressure can start to limit opportunities and affect quality of life for many Americans.

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10. Work-Life Balance

The US is starting to lean towards a culture that prioritizes work over personal time, leading to a new challenge of trying to find the best work-life balance. Not only does this affect mental and physical health, but also family relationships and overall well-being.

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