10 Major Differences When Dating in Asia vs. America

10 Major Differences When Dating in Asia vs. America

The dating scene in Asia compared to America is a lot more drastic than you might think! From views on marriage to meeting someone new for the first time, there are some major differences in how people approach dating in these two countries. To help you get a better understanding, we've listed 10 of them, showcasing just how impactful culture can be on different aspects of our lives.

1. Approach to Relationships - America

Dating in America tends to have a more casual feel to it. People might date multiple partners at once to explore compatibility before committing to one you feel like you have a true connection with. Americans also generally see dating as a normal coming-of-age thing, not some major event when your daughter or son brings home their first partner.

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1. Approach to Relationships - Asia

Although dating in Asia is starting to see a trend towards more casual relationships given the strong influence of Western countries, there's still a traditional mindset that exists. Asian countries tend to have a more serious take on dating, seeing it as step one towards marriage rather than a simple test of compatibility. In other words, there's less of a "let's just try it out to see how things go" attitude in Asia.

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2. Family Involvement - America

Although family is of course still important in American culture, there's less emphasis on family opinion when it comes to dating. Americans will usually prioritize personal choice over family approval when it comes to picking out the right partner. It's more so that even if the parents aren't happy with their son/daughter's partner decisions, they're less likely to make a big fuss about it. 

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2. Family Involvement - Asia

In comparison, dating in Asia sees a different trend when it comes to the role families play. For one, Asians see an importance in introducing their partners to their parents much earlier on. Since family cohesion and togetherness is a widely respected and followed belief in Asia, they find it important to see whether their partner can mesh well with their families.

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3. Group Dates vs. Individual Dates - America

Americans tend to go on one-on-one dates much more often than group dates. Especially if it's the first one! It's seen as a chance to get some privacy and to really get to know one another. It's also useful to see if the vibes are good and if a connection is there, something that's much harder to determine if it's done with a large group of people.

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3. Group Dates vs. Individual Dates - Asia

Groups dates are surprisingly common in Asian countries, some more than others. They might call it a get together, but really, people go with the intention of meeting new potential dating candidates in mind. This is especially popular with the younger generation, perhaps seeing it as a way to meet new people in a less pressured environment.

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4. Public Displays of Affection (PDA) - America

Just head outside to a popular area and you can see firsthand how Americans feel about PDA generally! As you probably already know, there isn't any stigma around couples holding hands, hugging, or even kissing in public. It won't draw too much attention as PDA is typically accepted and pretty common. Obviously there's a right time and place, but you're not going to get yelled at for doing it.

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4. Public Displays of Affection (PDA) - Asia

Compared to the States where seeing couples do "coupley" thing is normal, it's a much different story in Asia. Asian countries still tend to be a bit more conservative, and as a result, PDA is generally frowned upon. While you'll still see couples holding hands, especially the younger generation, more affectionate, extreme forms of PDA are rare (and pretty unwanted).

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5. Communication Styles - America

Here in America, it's all about direct communication for couples. To have a healthy relationship, both parties need to express their feelings, desires, and disagreements openly. It's all about honesty - it's the foundation of any solid, happy couple!

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5. Communication Styles - Asia

Whereas Americans focus on openly expressing their thoughts and feelings, Asian communication is more rooted in patience and indirect forms of communication. Preserving harmony is a common belief in Asia, meaning instead of just directly saying things that might hurt someone, individuals often try hinting at their feelingsin more subtle manners. 

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6. Dating Apps and Online Dating - America

With so many dating apps reaching mainstream popularity, like Tinder and Hinged, online dating has become widely accepted in recent years. In fact, it's probably the main way to meet new people and other dating candidates nowadays! 

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6. Dating Apps and Online Dating - Asia

Although dating in Asian culture has always generally been developed through traditional methods (like matchmaking or introductions through friends and family), dating apps are starting to gain popularity. Online dating might've once been something frowned upon, but younger generations are starting to test the waters with it. Still, we'd argue traditional, face-to-face methods are still more prevalent.

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7. Social Status and Background - America

While social status and background might be some factors that can influence dating choices, it's not really emphasized in American culture. For Americans, it's more about finding someone you can truly connect with, someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. Sure, if they happen to make a lot of money that might be a nice bonus, but there's still a tendency to focus on actual personality than what's in their wallet.

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7. Social Status and Background - Asia

Depending on the culture and how traditional the person is, a potential partner's social status, education, and family background can all be heavily scrutinized. Unfortunately, these are major factors that can really impact whether a couple progresses forward in their relationship or not. If it's not something that matters to the partner, it still might be important to their family, which is a different beast to battle in of itself.

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8. Sexual Openness - America

Sex and sexuality isn't something Americans shy away from, especially more so in recent years. Western societies don't generally treat the topic as taboo, as compared to Asian countries, and there's an openness around discussing these topics - even in early stages of dating. 

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8. Sexual Openness - Asia

As you've probably guessed, conversations around sex, or really anything physically intimate, is much more reserved in Asia. These topics are considered very private and sensitive, so it might not be brought up until later stages of dating when you're really comfortable with your partner. 

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9. Meeting Through Social Circles - America

Meeting potential dating partners through social circles and friends can be a normal occurrence, but in America, it's totally normal to meet new people outside existing social networks too. Asking people out at bars, clubs, parks, cafes, are all totally normal! People here kind of just see public spaces as opportunities to ask someone out, if they find someone they're attracted to that is.

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9. Meeting Through Social Circles - Asia

Feeling more safe and secure, it's a common thing for people in Asia to meet new people solely through extended social circles, including family, friends, or even work. Not only does it feel like they're being set up for success, they feel a lot more trusting given that it's not a complete stranger. Your sister or best friend wouldn't try to pair you up with a total weirdo, right?

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10. Expectations for the Future - America

Since casual dating is more at the forefront in Western culture, it's totally normal for discussions about marriage and future commitments to happen at a much later stage in the relationship. In fact, it'd be more weird if someone brought it up within the first few dates! It's all about taking your time to enjoy the present with one another, experiencing new things and growing together.

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10. Expectations for the Future - Asia

But on the other side of things, we've already mentioned how traditional thinking in Asia oftentimes makes marriage one of the most important things to consider early on in a relationship. There's this hidden expectation that planning for a future together should be done in the early stages, establishing the road for where the couple is headed. 

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