10 Kind Gestures Women Love When Men Do & 10 Annoying Ones They Hate

10 Kind Gestures Women Love When Men Do & 10 Annoying Ones They Hate

Actions can sometimes speak louder than words, and that is totally true when it comes to relationships. What you say AND do matters a lot! So here are 10 kind gestures and actions that women love when men do them, and 10 super annoying ones they hate.

1. Holding Your Hand While Driving

There's just something so reassuring and comforting about having your partner hold your hand as he's driving. It makes the commute so much more enjoyable, allowing you two to share a special moment even during the most mundane of tasks.

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2. Waiting Until You Get Inside Your House

After walking you home so you feel safe, there's nothing more gentleman-like than turning around and seeing your man waiting for you to enter your home. It shows that he cares about your wellbeing and that he'll take this extra little step to make sure you're safe every single time.

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3. Random Back Hugs

There's nothing like a warm back hug to cheer you right up! Getting a random back hug from your partner is one easy way to feel loved and secure. It's such a simple action to do, but listen up boys, it'll do wonders for your relationship.

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4. Forehead Kisses

Following similar logic to the back hug, this kind gesture is so sweet and can express how much you care. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words! Forehead kisses are another way to make your woman feel cherished and appreciated.

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5. Opening Doors

Commonly seen as a very "gentleman-y" act, opening doors for a woman is a sign of respect and politeness. it's chivalry 101! And when your man does it for you, it just shows that they take extra care to make sure you feel respected.

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6. Complimenting How Nice You Look

Guys, when your girl is getting all dressed up, nothing makes her feel more special and noticed than when you compliment how she looks. Everyone can use a little confidence-booster, and saying one simple phrase that makes her feel happy is a great way to have her feel admired.

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7. Playing with Your Hair

Picture this: lying on the couch late at night watching TV in the dark, your boyfriend suddenly runs his hand through your hair or twirls his finger around a strand. There's something oddly comforting about that, right? It's hard to put into words, but this simple action of having your boyfriend play with your hair is so soothing and relaxing.

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8. Walking on the Outside of the Road

As a means of protection, men often switch sides with their partners so that they can walk on the part of the sidewalk that's closest to the road. It shows how much he cares about your wellbeing and is willing to put himself between harm's way for you!

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9. Having Dinner Ready

After a long, stressful day of work, there's nothing more romantic than seeing your partner prepare a ready cooked meal for you at the dinner table. It's a sign that he's worried about you and that he wants to do anything to help ease your stress. Talk about sweet!

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10. Giving Massages When You’re Tired

As we get older, we definitely feel it in our bodies! Signs of muscle soreness and knots happen a lot more frequently than we'd like. So when your man recognizes this and wants to help you, giving you a massage is a sweet gesture that expresses he cares about your physical well-being.

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1. Forgetting Important Dates

Forgetting important dates like an anniversary or a birthday is incredibly rude and disrespectful to your partner. Women often find this as a source of frustration, making them feel hurt and forgotten. We've got calendar and reminder apps on our phones for a reason!

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2. Not Listening During Conversations

Have you ever had to repeat yourself more than once just because your partner was being rude and not listening to you? As a massive pet peeve that many women share, you should be practicing active listening at all times to show that you care and value your partner's thoughts.

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3. Leaving Clothes on the Floor

An especially annoying action that tidy and organized women hate is when their man leaves a trail of clothes on the floor. Just pick it up or throw it somewhere else! It's such a fixable habit that all it does is show little respect for the shared space.

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4. Overusing Phone During Quality Time

Conversations with your partner should always be eye-to-eye, not eye-to-the-top-of-their-forehead. Staring at a phone screen while your partner is talking is just downright rude. Quality time should be exactly that - full of quality and attentiveness!

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5. Not Replacing the Toilet Roll

Have you ever sat down on the toilet waiting to go before realizing as you look to your right that no, there's no more toilet paper? Repeatedly neglecting to replace the toilet roll when it's finished might seem like a little annoying habit, but these things can build up and create bigger problems in the future!

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6. Hogging the Remote Control

Deciding what to put on the TV can be a surprising battle most couples don't expect to have. Sometimes one person wants to watch America's Next Top Model while the other wants to watch the latest football game! Women might find it extremely annoying if remote control privileges aren't evenly shared by their partner.

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7. Making Plans Last Minute

Sure, sometimes spontaneous dates can be fun and exciting, adding a nice twist to your usual routine, but for the most part, people love having structure. When you're already busy working arround other plans and work everyday, sometimes it can be feel disrespectful throwing something out as more of an afterthought.

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8. Not Cleaning Up After Eating

Dirty dishes are the cause of many couple arguments, so you're probably not surprised seeing this on this list. Leaving dishes in the sink can be a serious source of irritation, especially when it becomes a bad habit. If you're sharing the space together, make sure you do your part! Don't just push everything onto your partner and expect them to clean up after you.

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9. Snoring Loudly

As your eyes fall shut right before you're about to drift off into deep sleep, you suddenly awaken to the loudest snore coming from right next to you. How many of you have experienced that before? While it's certainly a funny pet peeve, it's definitely one that can feel annoying when it's keeping you up in the moment.

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10. Insisting on Fixing Things Unnecessarily

Forcing your way in and trying to fix things that don't need fixing can be more deterimental than helpful. Sometimes, taking your foot off the gas and providing a listening ear can mean so much more to your partner! Listen to what they want from you in the moment instead of taking things into your hands.

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