10 Dos & 10 Don'ts To Follow When Attending A Wedding

10 Dos & 10 Don'ts To Follow When Attending A Wedding

Weddings are a big moment in every couple's life, which means you should be respectful if you're lucky enough to attend their wedding. Weddings take months, maybe even years to plan, so you definitely don't want to be the one to mess things up! To give you a rundown on what to expect, here are 10 do's and 10 don'ts you should be following.

1. Dress Appropriately

When you're heading to a wedding, the number one thing you should be mindful of before you step out of your house is whether or not you're respecting the dress code. If there was one specifically noted on the invitation, you've got to fit the theme! But if none was provided, just go for something that's semi-formal - it's an easy way to make sure that you look suitable for the venue.

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2. RSVP Promptly

Weddings are a lot of work so do your part to make things easier for the couple! When you receive a wedding invitation, it's important that you try to respond back as soon as you know your status. Giving the couple a quick heads up helps them plan their seating arrangements and catering needs sooner. Don't be that last minute person that ruins their set up!

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3. Arrive On Time

If being late everywhere is already looked down upon, what makes you think it's okay when it's for someone's big day? Being punctual is absolutely essential when you're attending a wedding. In fact, you should be early! It's a good idea to try and arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony so you give yourself some room in case there's traffic or any accidents. Basically, you want to be as undisruptive as you possibly can be.

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4. Respect the Ceremony

While the ceremony is taking place, it's important that you be as respectful as one can possibly be. That means silencing your phone, avoiding conversation, or not making any unnecessary noises. It's time for the couple to shine, not you, so do you best to avoid diverting attention away from them. It's just common courtesy after all.

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5. Follow Photography Rules

Everyone wants to remember this special day, so you can expect lots of pictures to be taken. But that still means there might be rules set in place that you should be following. It all depends on the couple - some might ask that guests refrain from taking photos during the ceremony, or some might ask everyone not to post anything to social media. Whatever it is, just be respectful and follow them.

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6. Participate Politely

Whether it's the ceremony, the reception, or whatever part of the wedding it is, you should always be engaging in the festivities respectfully and politefully. That can take the form of many things, like clapping at the right times, joining in on the dances, or avoiding talking during speeches. If everyone is mindful of their behaviour, it creates the most wonderful atmosphere that the bride and groom will greatly appreciate.

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7. Avoid Bringing Uninvited Guests

If your invitation comes with a plus-one guest, it's still important that you're mindful of who you bring. For example, don't bring someone the couple dislikes, just don't do it. It's also important that you let them know who and if you're bringing someone as soon as possible so they can better plan the guest arrangments. And above all else, don't bring more than one person if you're not allowed to!

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8. Gift Appropriately

Make the couple's day even brighter by bringing them a lovely, thoughtful gift that they actually want! While oftentimes you can look at a registry for guidance, if you have any doubts, putting some cash in a beautiful card never hurts either! Just make sure you're giving them something they actually want and need. That's the key thing to remember.

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9. Limit Alcohol Consumption

At many receptions, there's usually alcohol available for guests to enjoy. It is a happy occasion after all! But just because there's alcohol around, it doesn't give you an excuse to completely let loose and overabuse the bar. Getting drunk at a wedding is a serious no-no - you don't want to end up doing something inappropriate that will ruin the celebration or make others around you uncomfortable. That's why it's a good idea to limit your alcohol consumption and firmly stick to it for the rest of the night.

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10. Offer Congratulatory Words

At some point during the reception, you should take a moment to say hello to the couple and congratulate them personally. They invited you here for a reason! It doesn't have to be a super long encounter, just expressing good wishes to them will mean the world. Feeling all the support and happiness from the guests is what makes a wedding memorable. It's all about the people you're spending this lovely day with.

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1. Don't Wear White

Listen, if there's one thing you've always been told about weddings, it's that you should NEVER wear white to one. Wearing white or any shade that's remotely similar is considered incredibly disrespectful. That colour belongs to the bride! And it's done so that she will always stand out in the crowd. This is one prank you absolutely should never pull - not unless you're looking to get cancelled from the group.

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2. Don't Bring a Plus One Without Permission

While we've already discussed what you should be doing if you're given a plus-one on your invitation, we now have to bring up what you definitely shouldn't do. It's obvious isn't it? If your invitation doesn't state you get to bring another person, don't! Don't question it, don't fight the couple on it, just respect their decision and understand there are carefully planned arrangements in place that you shouldn't interfere with.

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3. Don't Ignore Other Guests

A wedding is supposed to be a happy event, so go out there and mingle! There would be nothing more disappointing than a newly wed couple looking out into the crowd and seeing that everyone is keeping to themselves. It's a party, so talk to some other people throughout the night! You want to help create a fun and lively atmosphere the newlyweds can fondly look back on.

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4. Don't Come With A Bad Mood

And following that point, don't show up to a wedding with a frown on your face. This big day should be all about the couple, so don't ruin it by coming with a bad mood. Whatever it is that you're feeling, whether it's frustration, sadness, or anger, don't let it interfere with the wedding. You should be in good spirits and ready to share that positivity with all the guests and the couple too.

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5. Don't Use Your Phone During the Ceremony

We know everyone is so attached and addicted to their phones nowadays, but for however long the wedding is, please just try to keep it away. Not only should you make sure your phone is on silent so it doesn't cause any disruptions, you shouldn't be taking calls, texting, or using social media during the most important moments. It's just plain rude!

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6. Don't Upstage the Couple

As we've sort of emphasized throughout each point, a couple's wedding is such an important day in their life, it should always be about them. You should avoid doing anything that draws attention away from them, such as talking too loudly, making excessive jokes, or announcing dramatic personal life updates. On this day, let's celebrate the couple's life together, not what's currently going on in yours.

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7. Don't Get Too Personal in Speeches

If you're lucky enough to be close to the couple and have to give a speech, there are a couple of tips we want to give you. For one, keep it appropriate and upbeat. Don't make it too embarrassing, share overly personal anecdotes, or say anything that might make people feel uncomfortable. You want to make it positive and memorable, not problematic and shameful.

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8. Don't Criticize the Wedding Details

No matter what you think about the wedding, keep those criticisms to yourself. Especially if they're negative ones. There's no need to spread any negativity on this important day. Besides, just because you don't like certain aspects of it like the decor, food, or theme, doesn't mean you have to go around sharing that - it'll only dampen the whole atmosphere and make things awkward!

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9. Don't Leave Too Early

Unless you absolutely have to, you shouldn't leave immediately after eating without first participating in some of the festivities going on. At least say hello to the couple first! If you want to be a good guest, you'll help make the night perfect for the newlyweds by simply being a part of it. Your presence there matters, even if you think you're just another person in the crowd. 

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10. Don't Forget to Thank the Hosts

Last but not least, before you do finally head out, make sure to thank the couple or their families for the invitation, the celebration, and all their hard work. As we've mentioned time and time again, so much effort is put into planning this splendid day. And a lot of it is done so you can have a good time too! A simple expression of gratitude can mean a whole lot to the people who helped run the whole wedding.

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