10 Couple Nicknames That Sound Outdated & 10 Millennials Use

10 Couple Nicknames That Sound Outdated & 10 Millennials Use

Take a moment to think about what you call your significant other. Is it "dear"? "Love"? Or maybe something more old school like "darling"? Whatever it is, there's likely a reason why you chose it. There's just something about that nickname in particular that perfectly encapsulates everything you feel about your partner. What's more interesting to think about is how these nicknames have changed over time. What millennials use now is definitely very different from what was used in the past. Here are 10 couple nicknames that might sound outdated to the current generation, and 10 that are commonly used today.

1. Darling

Although you might still hear "darling" every now and then, it's most likely from your parents or an older couple you know. That's because while "darling" does sound charming and vintage, it doesn't quite fit into a casual conversation of today. There's something a bit outdated about the sound and feel of this nickname.

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2. Sweetheart

"Sweetheart" is a common nickname that you've likely heard many people use in real life, TV, and movies. While it is a popular term of endearment, it's slowly getting phased out. Couples nowadays tend to prefer shorter nicknames, with "sweetheart" more likely being used as "sweetie" in today's generation.

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3. Pookie

Carrying with it an old-fashioned feel, "pookie" isn't really a nickname that we hear much. While there's a cute and playful air to it, it's definitely not one that'll stick with the younger generation. 

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4. Sugar

There's just something inherently Southern about the nickname "sugar"! Though it sounds sweet just like the name suggests, using it today would feel slightly outdated. It just doesn't fit in with the way younger people talk nowadays.

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5. Toots

The only time you might hear "toots" in today's society is if you're watching an old movie. Rarely heard of today, this is one nickname that dates back to the 1920s. While there is a short and snappy appeal to this one, it's definitely got an old-fashioned feel to it as well.

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6. Pet

Typically considered a more British nickname, "pet" isn't exactly something you would want to call your loved one in today's world. While it might have sounded cute or endearing in a previous time, using the word "pet" sort of suggests a kind of ownership that we're not too sure would fly today.

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7. Honeybunch

Sweet like honey, "honeybunch" is a rather long nickname, but still a loving one. Just from the sound of it, you can tell that it's from a different time. There's something old school about it that wouldn't really work with younger generations of today, but we can see how it was once a popular nickname.

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8. Snookums

If you really want to hear a couple nickname that sounds like it's from an entirely different time, how does "snookums" sound to you? There's a playfulness to the name that helps us understand how it was once a popular nickname, but it's certainly not one we see coming back to popularity now.

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9. Pumpkin

Here's an old school nickname we can still get on board with! "Pumpkin" just sounds so adorable and endearing, though we'd argue it's one that sounds like it works better for kids. It's definitely one of the more cutesy nicknames on this list, so it's not one that will appeal to everyone.

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10. Doll

Giving off a very vintage feel, "doll" is a nickname generally only used for women. Used way back in the 1950s, this is one that was mostly used to compliment a woman's appearance. In today's world, "doll" doesn't have the same appeal to it, and can even come off as a little condescending or diminishing (usually depending on the tone).

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1. Bae

As we briefly mentioned already, younger couples of today love nicknames that are short and to the point. Not to mention, they love a good acronym! That's why "bae" became such a popular nickname; it's slang for "before anyone else." Some people consider the word a bit cringey, but you'll definitely hear it being used quite often.

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2. Boo

"Boo" no longer refers to something only a ghost would say! Casual yet endearing, calling your significant other "boo" is quite the trendy choice. There's a sense of closeness to the term, yet also a playfulness that makes it a common nickname couples choose to use.

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3. Babe

Is there a couple nickname more classic than "babe"? It's sort of a staple term of endearment amongst many millennials. It easily fits into most everyday conversations and is as modern as it gets, making it a widely accepted nickname.

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4. Squish

If cute and playful is more up your alley, how about the nickname "squish"? It might sound a bit strange at first, but the more you use it, the more you'll realize how huggable the name sounds. It's perfect for those of you who want something a bit more lighthearted.

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5. Love

For something a bit more traditional-sounding, even verging on formal, "love" as a nickname is perfect. It's a great way to call your partner in a warm and caring manner.

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6. Honey

Like we mentioned, millennials love using nicknames that are short and snappy. That's why while "honeybunch" is considered outdated, the shorter version, "honey", is still very much commonly used. It works well for couples of all ages, and can be pretty versatile (it can sound serious and light-hearted depending on your tone!). 

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7. Sunshine

Does your loved one make you feel happy and energized? If so, there's no nickname out there more fitting than "sunshine." Evoking all the feelings that the sun gives us, like warmth, joy, and brightness, "sunshine" is an especially adorable nickname your partner will definitely appreciate.

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8. Muffin

For whatever reason, sometimes food-related nicknames just work so well! Case in point: "muffin." Sweet, short, and cute, it's a fantastic light-hearted nickname that feels playful and loving. 

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9. Peanut

Typically used to describe something that's small and adorable, "peanut" might be a great nickname for your partner if those words describe them. There's just something so charming and loveable about this one, and there's a casualness to it that makes it easy to work into everyday conversations.

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10. Cutie

Sometimes, straight to the point nicknames work best! That's why "cutie" continues to be a popular nickname that many young couples choose to use. Just saying the word comes off as incredibly loving and endearing. And if you're really feeling it, you can even occasionally throw on a "patootie" at the end of it. 

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