10 90s Things That Should Make a Comeback & 10 That Really Shouldn't

10 90s Things That Should Make a Comeback & 10 That Really Shouldn't

Ah, the '90s—a decade filled with neon colours and catchy pop tunes. From the fashion statements to the tech gadgets and unique pop culture phenomena, there was a distinctive charm to the era that seems to be missing today. Here are ten quintessentially '90s things that we think deserve a comeback.

1. Arcades

Arcades were vibrant social hubs where friendships were forged over joystick battles and pixelated adventures. Today’s gaming is often a solitary affair, confined to living rooms or played across the World Wide Web. The communal excitement that arcades fostered is something we could really use today.

teddy-bear-7558723_1280.jpgImage by Mathieu Vivier from Pixabay

2. Music Video Channels

Back in the '90s, channels like MTV and VH1 were the go-to spots for hearing the latest tunes and their music videos. Music video channels today have mostly shifted towards reality TV and other programming, leaving a void for those who miss the anticipation of world premieres and video countdowns. 

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3. Frosted Tips and Bright Hair Colours

The '90s were a time of bold fashion choices, not the least of which were the daring hairstyles. Frosted tips for the guys and vibrant streaks of blue, pink, or green for the gals were some of the coolest trends of the time. While we see some of this today, there’s a certain irreverence and fun in '90s styles that’s ripe for a comeback. 

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4. Sitcoms with Laugh Tracks

There was something comforting about settling down to watch sitcoms like "Friends" or "Seinfeld." These shows were not just funny but also a cozy, familiar presence in our homes. Modern sitcoms often forgo this feature for a more cinematic approach, but the warmth and immediacy of laugh tracks have their own unique appeal. 

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5. Tamagotchi and Other Virtual Pets

These virtual pets were not only a fun responsibility but also a cool accessory that brought friends together in the playground. The simplicity and charm of caring for a digital creature could teach kids today about responsibility, albeit in a fun and nostalgic way. Plus, they’re a great antidote to the more complex, often overwhelmingly realistic gaming experiences available now.

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6. Rollerblades

Rollerblading was an exhilarating way to explore your neighbourhood in a way that was both fun and physically challenging. It's a great way to get outside while also participating in some sort of physical activity. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic way to reconnect with the great outdoors.

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7. Handwritten Letters

In the digital world of today, communication is instantaneous and fleeting. Something most people don't do anymore is the act of writing and receiving handwritten letters. Bringing back this practice could help us slow down and appreciate the effort behind each word. It's a tangible connection to others that could deepen relationships in a way that digital messages often can’t match.

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8. Pogs

Pogs offered a way to connect with peers, show off your collection, and engage in friendly competition. The simplicity and tactile nature of Pogs could bring back a sense of innocent play and community often missing from today's high-tech toys. 

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9. Disposable Cameras

There was a unique thrill in snapping photos with a disposable camera, not knowing how they’d turn out until they were developed. In a world of digital immediacy, the charm of waiting for photos can remind us that some of the best things in life are worth waiting for. Plus, the distinct, slightly grainy quality of film has an aesthetic appeal all its own.

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10. Nickelodeon Game Shows

Shows like "Legends of the Hidden Temple" and "Double Dare" were more than just entertainment. Every kid dreamed of having the chance to join one. These shows combined physical challenges with puzzles and trivia, making them both fun and educational. After all, who doesn't want a chance to conquer the Aggro Crag?


While the '90s gave us a plethora of fun, funky, and memorable trends, not everything from the decade deserves a revival. As much as we enjoy a good dose of nostalgia, some elements of the '90s are best left in the past, so here's a look at ten '90s things that we think shouldn't make a comeback.


1. Overly Baggy Jeans

The '90s saw the rise of jeans that didn't just sag but practically swallowed the wearer whole. These ultra-baggy pants often looked sloppy and ungainly. While fashion is all about personal expression, the extreme of this trend detracts more than it adds. 

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2. Dial-Up Internet

Today’s broadband speeds are something we’ve rightly become accustomed to; going back to dial-up would be a step backward in efficiency and convenience. This piece of technology, though revolutionary at the time, is better left as a stepping stone that led us to better innovations.

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3. The Macarena

This one-hit wonder dance craze swept the globe, finding its way into every wedding, school dance, and family reunion. While catchy, the song and its accompanying dance quickly became overplayed and, eventually, annoying. The '90s can keep the macarena; our party playlists are ready for fresher beats and hip dance moves.

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4. Frosted Lipstick

Makeup in the '90s had its moments, but frosted lipstick was a trend that did no favours for anyone. Seriously, why would anyone want a strangely pale, shimmering look that wasn't flattering. Modern makeup emphasizes more natural tones and healthier-looking finishes that enhance rather than distract. 

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5. Chain Wallets

The clunky chains on these (ugly) wallets could be noisy and distracting, and they turned a simple accessory into something awkward and often gaudy. While they might still appeal to certain niche fashion circles, for the most part, they’re an accessory that’s better off retired.

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6. Sugar-Loaded Cereals

'90s breakfasts were often a sugar rush waiting to happen, loaded with so much sugar it's no wonder so many people have diabetes today. While delicious, they weren’t exactly the healthiest way to start the day. We know a lot more now about nutrition, and there are better ways to kickstart our mornings that don’t involve a crash by mid-morning. 

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7. Talk Shows with Exploitative Themes

These programs frequently crossed lines into sensationalism, focusing on conflict and scandal at the expense of dignity and privacy. Today’s media landscape, while not perfect, has generally shifted towards more respectful and constructive formats of discussion and reality content.

jonah-de-oliveira-AbuN0SklCeQ-unsplash.jpgPhoto by Jonah De Oliveira on Unsplash 

8. Beanie Babies as Investments

The Beanie Baby craze had people convinced these stuffed animals would be worth fortunes someday. While collectibles can be fun, the bubble that formed around these toys left many people with basements full of plush and empty wallets. 

beanie-baby-3453981_1280.jpgImage by Oscar from Pixabay

9. Extremely Low-Rise Jeans

While the fashion pendulum often swings widely, the low-rise jeans of the late '90s pushed boundaries a bit too far, creating discomfort and impracticality in everyday wear. Today’s varied jean styles offer options for all body types and comfort levels without the risk of overexposure. High, mid, and low-rise can coexist without going to extremes.

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10. Reality TV Boom

The late '90s ushered in the boom of reality TV, setting the stage for a genre that would grow to dominate the airwaves with often questionable content and ethics. While there’s room for reality TV in moderation, its early days often focused less on quality programming and more on shock value. We can appreciate the genre’s evolution without reverting to its less refined beginnings.

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