The Veggie Sneak: 3 Clever Ways To Hide Vegetables From Picky Eaters

The Veggie Sneak: 3 Clever Ways To Hide Vegetables From Picky Eaters

Every parent has encountered the struggle of getting good greens into their child's diet. Picky eaters seem to possess a sixth sense for sniffing out vegetables, regardless of how cleverly hidden they might be. We have listed three ingenious and proven ways to help you triumph in this eternal culinary battle. No more tears or tantrums—just good food that's secretly healthy. 

1. The Smooth(ie) Operator

Smoothies can be a real superhero when it comes to concealing vegetables in a delicious drink. The trick is to find the right balance between fruits and vegetables. Start with a sweet base of bananas or mangoes, add in a handful of spinach or kale, and blend it all with some unsweetened almond milk or yogurt. 

You can even go the extra mile by adding some flaxseeds or chia seeds for added nutrition. The vibrant colours and sweet taste of the fruits will effectively mask any green evidence, making this concoction the perfect disguise. As a bonus, smoothies are quick to prepare so you’ll save lots of time.

smoothie-3697014_1280.jpgImage by Marijana from Pixabay

2. Sizzling Veggie Pancakes

Imagine a plate of delicious, crispy pancakes that not only satisfy your picky eater's cravings but also packs a punch with nutritious vegetables. Introducing: veggie pancakes.

Grate a selection of veggies like zucchini, carrots, or sweet potatoes, and mix them with eggs, cheese, and flour to make a simple batter. Fry them up and all of a sudden you have a versatile dish that can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Add some fun by using cookie cutters to create shapes that attract the kids. 

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3. Power-Packed Pastas

We all know that children are big fans of pasta. Many supermarkets now stock pasta made from legumes or vegetables, which already gives you a head start. 

The key here, though, is the sauce. Pureeing vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, and spinach into a tomato-based sauce is a brilliant way to hide those vitamins. Just cook the veggies until soft, blend them with your favourite tomato sauce, and then mix it with the pasta. The sauce will not only hide the vegetables but also keep the pasta moist and flavourful. Top with some grated cheese, and there you have it! 

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Three crafty ways to hide vegetables from even the most discerning of taste buds. Remember, persistence is key in this green crusade. Keep it fun, keep it tasty, and soon, your little detectives will be none the wiser of the secret veggies they're devouring.