20 Royal Baby Names For Your Little Prince Or Princess

20 Royal Baby Names For Your Little Prince Or Princess

Looking for the perfect baby name for your little prince or princess? Why not look throughout history to see what the Kings and Queens of old were named? Giving off powerful, strong vibes, who wouldn't want their sons and daughters to evoke a sense of royalty?

1. Isabella

With such a soft, gentle ring to the name, Isabella has continued to top the baby name charts because of its classic, feminine appeal. But not only is it a beautiful name, it's one that's rooted in royal history! Following a long lineage of queens and princesses throughout history, it's the perfect choice for your little princess.

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2. Alexander

Strong, powerful, commanding - these are just a couple of descriptive words we'd associate with the name Alexander. And with such a prominent figure in history titled "Alexander The Great," who wouldn't want to have such a bold and legendary name? 

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3. Victoria

Echoing the elegance and regality of the powerful Queen Victoria, this is one name that's certainly steeped in royal history. And with the name literally translating to victory, there's a beautiful strength to this name that any parent would want to bestow on their baby girl.

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4. Frederick

If you want a boy's name that just screams royalty, how about the name Frederick? The name literally translates to peaceful ruler! It's always been a common name used among European royalty, bringing forth a regal aura to it. So for any parent wanting something a bit unique but still fit for any little prince, this is a great one to consider.

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5. Eleanor

Looking for something a bit more mature yet still timeless? Following the royal line of queen consorts in both France and England, Eleanor stands out as a regal, confident name. While the name itself sounds gentle and flows right off the tongue, there's something very powerful about it that makes it fitting for a Queen.

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6. Arthur

We've all heard the legendary tales about King Arthur in medieval history, and with these stories, they brought about a sense of bravery, strength, and leadership to the name. Arthur continues to be a popular naming choice among parents, perhaps due to its heroic and royal connotations.

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7. Charlotte

Follow the footsteps of The Prince and Princess of Wales by naming your daughter Charlotte! Incredibly feminine and sweet, it's one royal name that will never go out of style. It's got a certain charm to it that continues to entrance parents, and its history as a royal name will ensure it always remains relevant.

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8. Henry

Short and snappy names like Henry just evoke feelings of strength and power, making it the perfect name for any King or little prince. As a favourite among British royalty, it's easy to see why! There's something traditional about the name that doesn't feel outdated, giving parents a great choice if they want something a bit more classic.

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9. Sophia

Continuing to dominate the baby name charts for girls, Sophia is a name beloved for its grace, beauty, and femininity. It's so popular that it doesn't even need to be associated with royalty to be chosen!

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10. Louis

A name used by many Kings in France, your son will be feeling like royalty if you name him Louis. Translating to "renowned warrior," it's got such a great meaning too! Creating a sense of strength, historic significance, and charisma, definitely add it to your list of potential names.

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11. Anastasia

Ever watch the musical or the animated movie? Anastasia is famously associated with the daughter of the last Russian tsar, making it a name rooted in mystery, regality, and femininity. There's something so lovely about the name, ensuring that it will always stand out in a crowd. You also get the benefit of having a cute nickname like Ana!

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12. Maximilian

If you really want a name that stands out and feels powerful, consider something unique like Maximilian. You can even use Max for short! A name as unique as this one just feels incredibly majestic, carrying with it a sense of royalty and leadership.

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13. Elizabeth

Despite her recent passing, we're all familiar with the long-reigning Queen Elizabeth II. It's not just her though, Elizabeth has been a name worn by many queens and princesses before her, across various other families too. There's a strong sense of dignity associated with the name, perfect for parents who want their little girl to have a name that's marked forever in history.

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14. Philip

Since we spoke of Queen Elizabeth II, it only makes sense that we shine a light on her longtime husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh too! Philip is a classic name that continues to stand the test of time. It's got a modern appeal to it, making it a fantastic option when looking at the line-up of royal baby boy names.

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15. Catherine

Another name popular among queens and princesses of the past, Catherine is a name that feels both elegant and refined. It's definitely a more mature-sounding name, but there's nothing wrong with that! 

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16. George

Despite George being quite a commonplace name, it's actually got a strong royal background as well. While it's not the most unique of names, it is a good choice if you're a parent wanting something a bit more standard while still reflecting years of royal tradition and heritage.

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17. Alexandra

If Alexander is a great, regal boy's name for your little prince, let's flip it and take the feminine form, Alexandra, to be the perfect name for your little princess. The amazing thing is, it still evokes the same strength and power as its male form, making it an awesome choice for the modern day princess.

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18. Edward

No, we're not talking about Edward Cullen. We're talking about the Edwards of England, noble Kings who will forever be etched in history. Bringing a bit of vintage charm and historical significance, it's giving the best of both worlds.

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19. Beatrice

There's just something bright and joyful about the name Beatrice, making it an adorable and fitting name for any bouncing baby girl! Although it's more common in Europe thanks to it being a favourite among European royalty, it's got a nice charm to it that American parents will definitely appreciate too.

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20. Sebastian

Sophisticated and mighty, there's just something about the name Sebastian that feels worthy of a King! And with the name meaning "venerable" or "revered," it definitely makes sense. Perhaps a little less common than others on this list like Arthur or George, it's got a nice uniqueness to it that could be quite popular with parents.

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