The 10 Worst Things About Toddlers And 10 Of The Best

The 10 Worst Things About Toddlers And 10 Of The Best

Okay, let’s call a spade a spade—toddlers are messy, loud, demanding little rascals who can now walk and say the word “no.” Though, as irritating as they can be, they’re still filled with endless love for us and bring a sense of purpose to our days. Here, we explore the best and absolute worst things about them!

1. Throwing Things

Toddlers will destroy everything you hold dear—-and probably everything they hold dear, too. At the end of the day, they love knocking stuff over, scribbling on walls, yanking toilet paper off the roll…the list goes on, as does their ability to keep topping themselves.

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2. Tantrums

Whatever parents went through with newborns was nothing compared to the tantrums of toddlerhood. For a good year, expect red-faced screaming about the silliest nonsense you can imagine…and a bunch of stuff that never crossed your mind. 

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3. Unreasonable Demands

Yes, your toddler would love eggs for breakfast, but wait! You’re peeling it wrong! And now you’re cooking it wrong! And now they don’t want eggs and they threw their cup on the floor because you dared make them in the first place! (If only we could fast-forward through this part.)

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4. Messy Eating

Toddlers somehow aim everywhere but their mouths, meaning more laundry for you (among other things). But don’t worry, they’re plenty prepared to do it all again tomorrow. 

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5. They’re Learning “No”

Not only did they learn the word “no”, but they think it grants them immunity—so expect it hear it way more often. Just be careful when you say it, however, because it most definitely causes another tantrum. 

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6. No Breaks

It’s nice that you need a break, but toddlers aren’t exactly in tune with bad days. They require constant attention and entertainment, meaning you’re on call 24/7. As much as we love them, it’d be nice to score a bathroom break in peace.

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7. Seemingly Love Danger

“Hey, it’s the stove! Oh boy, the street! Let me run full speed toward them!” Okay, technically we’ve never heard a toddler say this but that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking it! In addition to everything else on your plate, you can add “save my child’s life at least once a day” to your list.

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8. Constant Disrobing

As if outgrowing clothes wasn’t bad enough, toddlers don’t even have the decency to keep them on anymore! Between stripping down in public or straight-up refusing to get dressed, apparently these little tyrants prefer to live as God intended. 

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9. Refusal to Nap

They may sleep through the night but toddlers fight tooth and nail to avoid naptime—ironic considering how much they’ll love them later. But until those blessed teenage years, expect a small war every time the blanket comes out. 

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10. Way Too Honest

Toddlers don’t really know much about social cues or decorum yet, so don’t be too surprised if they comment on your appearance. Sadly this means everything, right down to your biggest insecurities, is on the table. 

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That said, as exhausting as they can be, toddlers still bring all kinds of joy to our lives. Here are a just of the best things to look forward to!


1. Unconditional Love

Yes, being the center of someone’s universe is overwhelming. However, that also means you’re the center of their universe. You’re responsible for all their happiness, entertainment, and experiences, and they aren’t shy about expressing their gratitude. 

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2. Communication

Having full-blown conversions with your toddler is amazing. They’re learning new words and developing their personalities, which means you have a front-row seat to who they’ll become. There’s nothing quite like speaking to your mini-me at breakfast.

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3. Learning

One of the greatest joys of parenthood is watching all the ways your child grows. From their adorable mispronunciation of words to their interpretation of the world, it’s amazing to watch their minds in action. 

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4. Longer Sleep

Hallelujah for sleep! Alright, it’s true, toddlers still wake up at ungodly hours, but at least they sleep through the night—and after all that reverse cycling, even a 6:00 a.m. wake-up seems like a small miracle. 

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5. Creativity

Between made-up stories and hilarious artwork, toddlers are full of creativity. There may be no space left on the fridge, but that won’t stop their daily attempts at your likeness (just pretend you like it). 

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6. Messy Kisses

They’re a little slobbery, but those toddler kisses have your name on it. It’s one of the biggest ways they show affection and the best part about them? Toddlers have an endless supply at the ready. 

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7. Random Comedy Routines

Let’s be honest, toddlers are hilarious. From colorful conversations to cackling at their own jokes, there’s never any shortage of laughter with kids around, and seeing them develop a sense of humor is always a big milestone. 

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8. Big Hugs

Any doubt about our parenting skills is out the window when our toddler comes in for a hug. Their endless love is downright astonishing at times and there will never be a day when we’re sick of their snuggles.

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9. Goofy Giggles

Something about a toddler’s laugh brings a smile to our faces! Maybe it’s the unbridled joy, maybe it’s the innocence, maybe it’s that we love them so much—whatever the reason, we’ll always get a kick out of their giggling. 

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10. Being a Parent

At the end of the day, the best thing about having toddlers is the joy of being their parent. Of course, some moments are harder than others, but it’s hard to stay mad for long at our biggest source of joy. 

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