Your Chinese Horoscope: The 10 Most Compatible Couples & The 10 Worst

Your Chinese Horoscope: The 10 Most Compatible Couples & The 10 Worst

You may know everything about Western zodiacs and what your sign tells about you, but how much do you know about the Chinese horoscope and animal zodiacs? Enter a fun new realm and learn about your animal zodiac - because did you know, it can tell you a lot about your relationship too? Let's discover what the 10 most compatible couples are when it comes to your Chinese zodiac animal and what the 10 worst ones are.

1. Rat and Dragon

Everyone loves a great power couple, and the Rat and Dragon duo is just that. A power couple in the making, Dragons are as bold as a rat is clever. This dynamic partnership has each individual admiring the other's ambitious nature, setting the grounds for a relationship built on mutual respect and admiration. Who wouldn't want a supportive and successful relationship like that?

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2. Ox and Rooster

The Ox and the Rooster form a highly compatible pair thanks to their shared appreciation for hard work and detail. We all know the complications that come with relationships that have one detail-oriented person and one care-free person, so it's great seeing how the Ox's steadfast nature perfectly complements the Rooster's perfectionism. With similar mindsets in place, this leads to a stable and well-organized relationship that benefits the both of them.

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3. Tiger and Horse

Adventurous and outgoing, Tigers and Horses are known for their exciting personalities and high energy. And what's better than going on an adventure alone? Having someone to share it with! This fun pair thrives on excitement and activity, creating a relationship that's filled with thrilling experiences, but also mutual respect for each other's independence and carefreeness.

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4. Rabbit and Pig

Gentle, kind-hearted, and peace-loving, both the Rabbit and Pig value harmony above all else. They're unproblematic, and they share a harmonious relationship built on mutual understanding and a deep emotional connection. It makes sense then that they're a naturally compatible pair!

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5. Dragon and Monkey

Now, the Dragon and Monkey pair is certainly a unique one. Characterized by their vibrancy and excitement, both of these signs are clever and ambitious, with the Monkey's wit complementing the Dragon's charisma. Not only does this lead to a stimulating and innovative partnership, each individual will love having someone always keeping up with them.

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6. Snake and Rooster

On the other end of the spectrum, away from all the excitement and activeness of the other pairings, we have the Snake and Rooster duo. Forming a rather intellectual pairing, both animals are deep thinkers and are highly analytical. They often find common ground in their intellectual pursuits and share an appreciation for the finer things in life. 

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7. Horse and Dog

A relationship based on mutual respect and an honest love for freedom, the Horse and Dog combination is a great one. Both of these signs value loyalty about all else, and are best known for their straightforwardness. This is a good thing though! All this does is create a strong, honest, and open relationship where both individuals have complete trust in one another.

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8. Goat and Rabbit

Goats and Rabbits are best known for their creativity and their preference for quiet and tranquility. They're able to create a deep bond through their artistic interests and their shared desire for a peaceful lifestyle. Having that mutual understanding is definitely an important aspect to any relationship.

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9. Monkey and Rat

Known for their resourcefulness, the Monkey and Rat duo is a clever and witty one. They'll love spending time with one another, finding innovative solutions to challenges together. Thanks to this cool dynamic, their relationship will always keep feeling exciting and ever-evolving. 

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10. Dog and Tiger

As you might expect, Dogs and Tigers form a serious bond that's based on mutual respect and a shared sense of justice. Both of these zodiac animals are fiercely loyal and passionate, which only leads to a protective and deeply emotional relationship. When you're both on the same wavelength, it truly creates the most wonderful relationship foundation.

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1. Rat and Horse

As we all know by now, not all zodiacs can be compatible with one another. So let's move on to the negatives starting with the Rat and Horse pairing. This awkward duo often struggles with arguably the most important aspect to any relationship: communication. Because Rats prefer stability and detail, it directly conflicts with Horses who care more about freedom and impulsiveness. Thanks to this, plenty of misunderstandings and frustrations are likely to arise in the relationship.

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2. Ox and Goat

Known for their stubbornness, Oxen typically clash with the more indecisive and sensitive Sheep. It's a complicated relationship that continuously builds because of the Ox's need for control and the Sheep's need for emotional support. This relationship pairing is just destined for tension and a lack of understanding.

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3. Tiger and Monkey

Both Tigers and Monkeys have incredibly dominant personalities, making it difficult at times to coexist due to this clashing. The Tiger's need for constant order and control will likely butt heads with the Monkey's more playful and sometimes mischievous nature. It'll definitely lead to a bunch of conflicts and unwanted headaches.

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4. Rabbit and Rooster

Being on the more sensitive and emotional end of the spectrum, Rabbits can find the Rooster's critical and straightforward nature hard to handle. We've all experienced the harshness of criticism, and let's be honest, some don't take it as well as others. This difference can lead to a lot of hurt feelings and a building feeling of being undervalued within the relationship.

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5. Dragon and Dog

Who would've guessed Dragons have strong egos? But because of this, problems can arise when faced with a partner that has the more cynical and critical nature of Dogs. Dogs have a skepticism that can be perceived negatively by the optimistic Dragon. This difference in thinking can certainly create rifts in the relationship.

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6. Snake and Pig

Snakes, who are often secretive and analytical, may find it rather difficult connecting with Pigs who are more straightforward and naive. In a way, they're like polar opposites, leading to a lack of trust and misunderstanding in the relationship, creating barriers that'll stop them from growing together. 

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7. Horse and Rooster

The free-spirited nature of Horses clashes directly with that of the Rooster, who is much more careful and detail-oriented. Horses love spontaneity and hate routine, which will obviously create problems when paired with a Rooster who loves order and perfection. This constant disagreement over lifestyle choices will lead to frustration and frequent arguments in the relationship; and nobody wants that.

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8. Goat and Dog

Goats are zodiacs that are more emotionally sensitive and require constant reassurance from their partner in a relationship. So when they're paired up with a Dog who tends to be more practical and sometimes aloof, the Goat might find it difficult to connect. The Dog's focus on realism and occasional detachment can make the Goat feel neglected or misunderstood, leading to a strained, unhealthy relationship.

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9. Monkey and Tiger

With their more playful and sometimes unserious approach to life, Monkeys might find conflict if they date a Tiger. Having a much more serious and dominant personality, these two just simply don't pair well together. There's definitely going to be a lack of mutual understanding and respect in the relationship thanks to their drastically different perspectives.

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10. Rooster and Dog

Being the perfectionists that they are, Roosters certainly won't appreciate the skeptical and critical nature of Dogs. If anything, they'll find it seriously hard to deal with! The Dog's practicality will come face to face with the Rooster's idealism, leading to constant disagreements and conflicts.

Figura De Perrro, Horóscopo Chino - A741880Rjcastillo on Wikimedia Commons