You Won’t Believe How Rude Some People Can Be!

You Won’t Believe How Rude Some People Can Be!


Spoiled rich people and entitled customers can be a pain in the neck, but day to day life means dealing with some less than savory people.

But sometimes you can at least get a great story out of these interactions! These people on Reddit shared the unique and entertaining stories of the rudest people that they ever had to deal with.

Beyond Disrespectful


My ex-husband worked as an artist for really rich people. He had a client who paid him in cash, but good god, the way he paid him was beyond awful. He’d wad up the bills and throw them at my ex one-by-one as he spoke disparagingly to him.

The guy’s home won some awards so clearly my husband did a really good job with his work. But this guy still treated him with so much disrespect. I can’t even imagine what is going on inside that guy’s head. Story credit: Reddit/Tazz2212

Snack Theives


Once, I picked up my sister and her husband from the airport. I dropped them off at my house before taking my preschool kid to a doctor’s appointment. I told them to make themselves at home, and that we would be back in two hours.

They ate all the snacks in the entire house, including ten brand new boxes of Girl Scout Cookies. It was at least two months’ worth of snacks. They laughed and said that they, “Just couldn’t help themselves since they don’t have junk food at home.” Story credit: Reddit/anothertimesometime

If You Give a Neighbor a Cookie


When we had moved in, my roommate brought our neighbor a plate of cookies and all of our phone numbers and names. We told her to always feel free to call us any time of day, and we would do what she needed. Her response shocked us to the core: “No, we’ll call the authorities instead.”

And boy, did she ever. She called the authorities on me because I was watching television on mute with closed captions, with the windows closed and the blinds shut in my own home at 7:00 pm on a Friday night. Story credit: Reddit/sweetrhymepurereason

The Messiest Eater


My ex-brother-in-law plopped himself along with a plate of BBQ ribs on my nice, cream-colored sofa. He then proceeded to chow down. He used the sofa as a napkin, spilled the meat on it, and I kid you not, I actually had BBQ sauce on the ceiling above where he was sitting.

I still have no idea how on earth he got that up there. Story credit: Reddit/thornyrosary


A Lousy Lunch


A well-dressed older man and his family came in for lunch on a Sunday morning. I heard yelling, and I asked if I could help since I was both the cook and the manager. He said, “I want to speak to your manager!” I told him, “You’re looking at him. What can I do for you?”

He pointed to the waitress and said, “This hussy here is giving me lip and COLD FRIES. I want to speak to your MANAGER!” Apparently, I was too young-looking to be anyone important, so he just blew his top and threatened me.

He told me, “I’m going to make you wish you’d never been born. You’d better watch your back!” I had my waitress call the authorities and throw him out. Story credit: Reddit/rabidkillercow

Making a Fool of Himself


I remember having to defend myself on a speeding accusation. I had footage of the dashcam, which clearly showed me not speeding. I was going 30 mph, but the officer claimed I was driving 50 mph. The dashcam footage showed him driving at 40 mph and catching up to me fairly quickly. 

That’s when he decided to pipe in and make a fool of himself. He asked, “If you were really going 30, then why did I have to go 40 to catch up to you?” I responded, “Because in order to catch up to anything, you have to go faster than what you’re following.

If I was going 50, you would have never caught up to me while going 40.” Story credit: Reddit/RpTheHotrod

He Up and Vanished


We were helping out my nephew and letting him stay with us. He ended up selling the car that we let him use, then he got on a plane and left town without telling us.

We didn’t even know he was gone until we received a Facebook message from some random guy saying my nephew told him to contact us for the pink slip. He left his bedroom filled with cigarette butts, empty drink cans, and old vapes. Story credit: Reddit/No_Leopard_9523

"I Never"


I was at Carrabba’s with my family and another family came and sat down at table near us. They were the stereotypical rich, white, snobby, nose-in-the-air family. They were so rude to the waiter. The waiter, meanwhile, got everything they asked for in a good amount of time and was really nice.

All the while, they were talking behind his back to other waiters about him and flagged the manager down twice to complain. The second time the manager came, I spoke over the people and told him that the waiter did nothing wrong and they were being jerks and needed to leave.

It was so funny—it went eerily silent and his wife said, “I never” and they got up and left. Story credit: Reddit/tahobigah

I Have Proof


When I was a server I would always record my tables’ orders. Even though my memory is good, my handwriting is bad so I didn’t want to take the risk of getting something wrong. Seems normal, right? At the beginning, I ask each person for their name before I take any drinks or food orders.

One of the people at the table orders a steak well done. Food comes and she said her steak was not medium rare like she wanted and I apologized and told her that she did order it well done. This sparked a big rant, lots of cussing, a call for the manager, etc. Again, I apologize and say let’s go to the tape.

The look on her face when I played back the recording of “And Karen how would you like your steak?” was priceless. She tried to play off that it wasn’t her but nobody else ordered a steak at her table. Her friends just laughed at her. Story credit: Reddit/Jurais13

A Sickening Mystery


We had some good friends stay at our house while we were out of town for the holidays. We came home to a clean house, maybe cleaner than we left it. Two nights later, our toddler woke up and couldn’t stop throwing up. We took her to the emergency room.

She stabilized after about five hours or so, but then, things got weirder. A few days after, I started feeling like I had a kidney stone. I ended up going to the emergency room. They hadn’t figured out what was wrong when my wife called saying she wasn’t feeling well either. I knew it all had to be connected.

About a month later, we were recounting our illness to a friend. He said, “Oh, wasn’t that right around the time our friend was in town? We never got to see them because they all had Norovirus that week.” A heads up before we got home would have been appreciated. Story credit: Reddit/WitnessMe


None of Their Business


During an exit interview with my last job, HR asked me where I was going to next. HR: So, what’s the name of the company you are moving to next? Me: I’m not really comfortable disclosing that. HR: Are you sure? It would really help us out. Me: I’d rather not say.

HR: It’s company policy. You need to tell us. This is where I snapped. Me: I said NO, and if you continue further you’ll be hearing from my lawyer. I told my old boss this after I left and he was absolutely shocked.

HR has no right to know anything about the next place you are moving to. It’s literally none of their business but they tried to press it out of me anyway, more than likely to call them up and talk bad about me. Story credit: Reddit/AussieCollector

Tip Your Delivery Guy... Or Else

Pizza_17425076966.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

Years ago I was delivering pizzas. One day, I get routed to a nice address but I notice the order is very different than normal. It’s about double what they order and the name on the order is not the father’s name. Interesting. The house is literally bumping. Mom and dad’s car is nowhere in sight.

I get their oldest daughter, roughly 15, at the door. She proceeds to complain that I took forever and stiff me on a $100+ order. I didn’t say anything at the time, but I got my revenge. About two weeks later the house orders again. When I arrive, her father is at the door. I ask him if they had a good time at the party.

He’s clearly confused. Then he hands me a freaking $50 tip and says, “Thank you very much, I’m sure we enjoyed the party a lot.” After he closes the door, I hear is him yell “Brooooookk get your butt down here right now.” Story credit: Reddit/thriftykwak

Feeling Left Out


I was hanging out in a group and someone mentioned their upcoming trip to Japan. Oh, I thought, that’s cool! What I heard next made my stomach drop. Someone else mentioned their upcoming trip to Japan.

By the third person mentioning it, I knew where this was going for sure and I casually asked when they were all going. One person got the biggest “Oh no” look.

She nervously asked if I’d be interested in coming with them. They’d already planned the dates and itinerary. This wasn’t the first time they’d done things without me and excitedly talked about it in front of me, but this was the biggest. I don’t talk to any of them anymore. Story credit: Reddit/Rehela

Loud and Obnoxious


There was a young couple with a baby living in the basement of the place I was living in. They used to work the midnight shift and were extremely noisy. There was loud music and loud fights. Even so, I never complained.

On the other hand, they would complain about me vacuuming the house at 2:00 pm. Several times they were playing very loud music in the middle of the night, and I did nothing.

However, one day I was watching tv around 10 am, and they were furious. They threatened to call the authorities. I had to move shortly after. Story credit: Reddit/nudesreviewer

Panini Problems


I worked in a cafe on the Jersey Shore during the summer.  A nice-looking woman, who was obviously one of the “summer people,” came in and asked me about our sandwiches. She wanted to know if they were paninis.

I told her that we press them on a panini grill, but the bread is just sub bread, not the kind generally used for a panini. She asked, “So, it’s like a panini?” I said yes…but when she got her sandwich, she surprised me with her next move. She opened it up and threw it at me.

She started screaming to speak to a manager. When he came out, she told him that I had lied to her and told her it was a panini, and she refused to pay and wanted me fired. The manager just quietly told her to get out of his store. Story credit: Reddit/MelissaOfTroy

Not So Humble


My family is pretty well-off, and we lived in a really snooty area. My dad grew up poor and got incredibly successful through hard work. He didn’t want his kids to be lazy, rich brats so he raised us to never be snobs.

I worked as a dog walker in high school because he encouraged it (and because I just love dogs). One day I walked into one of my new client’s house and she commented: “I’m sure someone like you has never even been in such a big house!”

When I said I actually had she laughed and told me that “Walmart isn’t a house!” I was so baffled at her rudeness, I thought everyone who was well-off was as classy and humble like my father. Story credit: Reddit/Procrastikait


Now That's Just Rude


I invited a good friend of mine over for an early Christmas dinner one December. I took two days to plan the dinner and went all out making foods she loved. To start things off, she was 45 minutes late. Normally I wouldn’t care, but when it comes to food—that’s just rude. We ate and had a good time.

Then she said, “Oh, hey. I need to call my cousin. Do you mind?” I shook my head thinking she’d just be a few minutes. Nearly 40 minutes later, she was still on. Meanwhile, I was in the kitchen angry and started clearing the table loudly so she could get the hint.

She finally hung up without any apology and said, “I have to go now.” At that point, I didn’t care anymore. I just wanted her to leave. We haven’t seen each other since. Story credit: Reddit/YEGMusic43

As If He Was Never There


I had a family come in for their daughter’s birthday with a handful of her friends. They ordered a round of drinks. When I gave the father his pint, he requested that I bring his drink back in a frosted mug, not a frosted pint glass.

I informed him we didn’t have any mugs in the house, which sent him into a rage. He called me a liar, flipped the table—breaking several of the gifts, and punched the wall on the way out. This left me, the family, and all of the patrons in a state of shock. 

The daughter started to cry, and the mother apologized profusely. I tried to be as graceful as possible and suggested they stay. Their meals were comped, and I made a dessert bonanza for the daughter. It was as if the father was never there. Story credit: Reddit/jesuisnapoleon

Peculiar Post-Church Brunch


I worked in a restaurant. On multiple occasions, I served a Sunday post-church brunch crowd and they told me the most peculiar thing—apparently, I was going to rot in heck for working on a Sunday.

The funny thing was that it never occurred to them that I wouldn’t HAVE to work on Sunday if not for them coming in to eat. Not only that, but they would proceed to leave me Bible tracts instead of money as tips. Story credit: Reddit/Wadka

Rude Without Saying a Word

HK_TST_East_64_Mody_Road_%E4%B9%9D%E9%BE%8D%E9%A6%99%E6%A0%BC%E9%87%8C%E6%8B%89%E9%85%92%E5%BA%97_Kowloon_Shangri-La_Hotel_carpark_28-Nov-2012-1536x1147-1.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

I worked as a valet for about a year at a really classy hotel. We routinely had Mercedes, BMWs, Range Rovers, Porsches… Think of pretty much any kind of high end car and I must have driven one at some point. One time, a guy pulled up in a decent Mercedes, not anything super high dollar.

After I gave him the valet claim ticket, he casually went to his back seat and retrieved a newspaper. I was still holding the driver’s door open for me and he started disassembling the newspaper.

Once he had 4-5 single sheets of newspaper, he began setting the newspaper on his driver’s seat, as if to protect it from my apparently dirty self. He didn’t even have to say anything, and it was still the rudest insult I had ever received. Story credit: Reddit/Kylewhatever

Black Friday Blues


I worked at Best Buy 10 or so years ago, and this happened on Black Friday. Most of the customers were in bad moods since they’d been waiting hours to come in and stand in more lines. But this one lady was a raging witch.

After yelling at everyone in my department about how she NEEDED the laptop that was on sale despite it being sold out, she took it up a notch. She proceeds to tell us she’ll have the store closed down because she “Works with the city and knows the fire marshal and we have too many people in the store.”

So she calls him, we tell her to leave, and nothing happens to the store. However, we called them as well to report what she’d said, and she got fired from her job for misusing her power. Story credit: Reddit/mayonays

A Stray Problem

1280px-Feral_or_stray_cats_in_New_Orleans_-a.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

My neighbor was an elderly woman who pretended that she couldn’t speak English anytime my dad or I tried to tell her what she was doing was bothering us. I even had my girlfriend, who spoke the same language as her, try and talk to her. As a result, she called my girlfriend names.

She would water the plants in the complex at 5 am almost every day, using the faucet that is right below the window where my bed is, waking me up. Then at 6 am, she would go back into her apartment and bang on something for the next five hours. 

What offended me the most was that she would feed the stray cats. The landlord told her to knock it off, so she put the cat food in front of MY apartment. The landlord caught on after yelling at me a few times but insisted that he couldn’t prove she put it there. Story credit: Reddit/Vengeance_Core


Just the Tip of the Iceberg


My partner’s friend showed up after 11 PM on a weeknight with some other random friend. They would come home after 11 PM every night of their stay knowing we had to work in the morning.

They would be ready to party and try to get us to drink. They would spill things without wiping them up, leave glassware everywhere, use our fancy dishes, and never pick up after themselves. But that was just the tip of the iceberg.

They never even bothered to ask me anything about myself, insulted my restaurant recommendations, cheered against my team for no reason when I had the game on, and made a comment about how there must be a lot of “gay stuff” going on in my brother’s rehab stay. Story credit: Reddit/The_RoyalPee

And the Worst Father Award Goes To...


A family of four came in, and the dad started slamming drinks. The two daughters, who were about eight and ten, were quiet, though…and I could quickly see why. As the dad got more and more intoxicated, he was really touchy with the girls. They were visibly uncomfortable. I felt so terrible for them.

I brought out one of the appetizer dishes, but the other one took a little longer to cook. The dad got angry, saying that the appetizers needed to come out together. The dad started yelling at me, pointing at me, and calling me a terrible server while the daughters and their mom stared at their laps.

He asked to see my manager, so I went to get her. He was spewing gems like, “Are you kidding? I need to speak with a man about this. You’re telling me that the only manager here is her?” I had never dealt with such an insulting, crude person before. Story credit: Reddit/schmyd

He Got What He Deserved


I was a thin, young woman working at a small beach restaurant when I was in college. I had a customer punch me in the chest because the restaurant was crowded.

He said his dinner took too long to get to him. I went down like a ton of bricks, dropped the tray of food I was carrying, and wiped out a whole table that some other family was sitting at.

It happened so fast I didn’t know what was going on. It was bad, but he got what he deserved back—several male customers charged the guy and threw him against a wall. He was taken into custody. Story credit: Reddit/DIGGYRULES

Drinks On Me

City_Food_Universal_CityWalk_Hollywood_2-1536x1149-1.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

Once I had a job as a cocktail waitress at a bar in Hollywood. It was very “A-List.” We served movie stars and celebrities there all the time. One of my tables had about five glammed up women that looked like they were on a girls’ night out.

I put their order in for their second round of drinks and I’m rushing by their table holding a tray full of drinks including martinis going to another table. The one girl decides she wants to change her drink order so as I pass by her, she turns and grabs the back of my dress to stop me.

Of course my tray tips over when I’m jerked back and the drinks crash all over me and onto the floor. I turn and give her a withering look but she barely makes eye contact and says: “Instead of a cosmo I want a vodka on ice” and turns back to her friends as if nothing happened. Story credit: Reddit/JiffTops

A Slice of Bad Service

1280px-Overcooked_Pizza.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

A new pizzeria opened in my town. Ordered a pepperoni pizza and drinks. Our drinks come in a timely fashion. Our pizza did not. We waited an hour before we asked about our pizza. The guy apologized and said he’d go check on it for us. No explanation, but we figured maybe they’d forgotten to put it in.

We waited another 45 minutes and called a server again. He came back out with a black disc that wasn’t even recognizable as a pizza. He put it on the table and told us to enjoy our pizza, and that they were sorry again about the wait, but that they forgot it in the oven. We were all stunned.

Out came the manager. My dad told him that we waited nearly two hours. The manager shrugged and said, “I don’t see anything wrong here, sir, except that you’re trying to leave without paying for your meal.” Officers showed up and after hearing both sides, they scoffed at the manager. Story credit: Reddit

That Isn't a Restroom

Bathroom_sign_WIN_5057304335.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

I was once a server at a high-end steakhouse in Newport Beach, California. A rich guy’s son comes in, probably in his mid-30s, with a big group. They get a private room and spend thousands on food and booze.

The guy gets hammered and instead of climbing the stairs to take a leak, he just relieves himself in the hallway. On the floor.

He didn’t get kicked out, either. They just had a janitor come in and clean it up and the dinner kept going. Nice to have that kind of money, I guess. Story credit: Reddit/zodar

Straight Out of the Cupboards


I let a friend stay with me while he was in town. At the time I lived with four other people. He woke up in the morning and just started rummaging through the cupboards and was eating my roommates’ food.

When I asked him why he would do that, and that it wasn’t even mine to offer to him, he said he would want guests at his house to feel comfortable just eating the food in the cupboards. Story credit: Reddit/pelicansmcgee

No Pets for a Reason


Warehouse worker here. Customers have to show a card to shop, and even though we’re not technically a grocery store, we don’t allow pets. One dude tried to power walk past the employee at the entrance door holding a big pit bull puppy on a leash.

We stopped him and told him he couldn’t bring his dog inside…and he LOST IT. He demanded to know why we don’t allow dogs. We explained how it’s a food safety issue, especially with an untrained puppy. Our manager came over and just waved him through because he has no backbone.

Well, not even 5 minutes later, this dog squats in the middle of the main aisle and pees, followed by a poop. The man turned so red and dragged the dog towards the exit, abandoning his groceries. We stopped him and asked him nicely to please clean up after his pup. Story credit: Reddit/Apocalypsze

Too Trashed, Too Furious


I was working as a valet and bellman for a hotel. One night, LL Cool J was playing at the club down the street. One of the women from his group came up to me and explained that her husband was wasted. She told me that he would probably come down sometime later and try to drive.

I said okay, figuring he wouldn’t come down. I had nearly forgotten about it when the biggest man I had ever seen came stumbling through the lobby. He exclaimed he really needed his car, but I took his keys and ran towards the parking lot. That’s when things started to get heated.

The guy bolted for the door and the elevators. Four officers showed up while one with a taser yelled something at the guy in the elevator. He then lit him up, and then I heard a thud. All the officers stormed in, cuffed him, and dragged him out. Story credit: Reddit

Grumpy Grandpa


I was working at McDonald’s, and during one of my first days there, an old man and his granddaughter came through my line. He wanted a Big Mac without this and with extra that. I was just learning the register, so I had him repeat the order several times.

I apologized constantly and I could feel the sweat gathering at my brow. He started mumbling, “Idiot,” and, “What a bunch of morons they have working here,” as I fumbled for the right keys. He finally got his sandwich, and they went to eat.

A while later, the granddaughter appeared in my line, and my heart skipped a beat because I thought I would have to deal with her grandpa again. She said, “I wanted to apologize for my grandpa’s behavior.” It makes me mad that she felt responsible for the old man’s bad manners. Story credit: Reddit/scuppie

Ill-Mannered Mother


I was a sous-chef at a fancy country club and it was 10 minutes before we opened for the Easter buffet. Needless to say, it was going to be a very busy day. I was walking through the dining room and checking all the final details when suddenly a little girl of about two years old ran into the room.

She had escaped from her mom who was at the front desk. She comes to a stop about six feet in front of us and looks up with her eyes wide. I must have been quite a sight, I was wearing my tall white hat and white apron down to my toes.

Her mom appears in a heartbeat, turns her daughter by the shoulder, and whisks her away saying: “Don’t talk to them, that’s the help, dear.” Story credit: Reddit/JoeChmoe

Drinking the Dressing


I have a buddy who has a great Olive Garden story. He was a bartender and he noticed this lady was super obnoxious, so he cut her off. She made a huge fuss about it, and my friend decided to get her a salad at no charge to get some food in her.

Well, she asks for red wine vinaigrette dressing for her salad, then chugs the entire decanter. She was then thrown into a taxi and driven home. Story credit: Reddit/aksoileau

Trash and Run


I was working the window at Mcdonald’s late at night. This guy orders and pulls up. When I walked up to the window, I didn’t see that the jerk had trash in his lap. I open the window to take his card/cash, and he throws the bag of trash at me.

I take a step back, bothered that I just got trash thrown at me, and I watch his car speed off. I’m angry, but there’s nothing I can do. A couple of seconds later, I hear a small “bang” of metal on metal. I walk to the lobby and look out the windows. The idiot had just slammed into an officer’s cruiser.

The guy was about to loop around and use the drive-thru himself. Of course, I also went to tell the officer what just happened inside. Story credit: Reddit/RedditWhileWorking23

Talk Back Tot


There was a nine-year-old little girl from down the street who was friends with my daughter. She would come to our house at least every other day, and would mostly just show up. She had an opinion about EVERYTHING we did.

My wife and I could not make a move without feeling judged, or receiving some advice I would never expect from a nine-year-old, ranging from how messy our house was, to how we spent our money. Not only that, but she would talk back as much as my own kids did. Story credit: Reddit/myfriendrichard

An Awkward Situation


I worked at a laser tag center in an indoor amusement park. If we weren’t busy, customers could start a 15-minute session right away. But if we were busy, customers would have to leave their names on a list, and I would tell them when their session would start.

It was a Saturday and the place was packed. A woman had a day-care group of at least 20 kids, and she was the only one watching them. She put her party’s name on the list. The time came, and she and only about five of the kids showed up. This put me in an awkward situation.

Twenty minutes passed, and the next group was waiting to play. I let the next group in and told her that her group would be the first ones in once they were all together. The woman screamed at me, saying I was discriminating against her. I quit after that. Story credit: Reddit/squidwalk

Bed and Breakfast Trouble


I owned a bed and breakfast in a little town. During the off-season we would give away three-day packages for charity. A man and his wife showed up on Friday with their gift certificate from the charity auction, which we accepted. I greeted them as Mr. and Mrs., to which the guy responded, “It’s PASTOR.” 

The next morning, the pastor said to me, “I don’t think it’s a good idea to have more than one couple here at a time. Why did you schedule us both?” He said he found out the other couple was not married, and he was bothered by the idea that we would promote “immorality.”

The next day he asked for his money back and I explained to him that the certificate he used was from a charity auction, to which he said, “Well, I didn’t pay that to sleep in a room next to sinners, so you better write a check.” Story credit: Reddit

Don't Test the Server


When I was a server, there was a woman at one of my tables who asked for a Coke. When I brought their drinks, she looked at me and said, ”Excuse me, honey? I asked for Fanta, not Coke.” I apologized and went back to get her a can of Fanta. I brought the drink to her but again she turned to me and said:

So, for the last time, I smiled and I went back to the kitchen and packed cans of Coke, Cream Soda, Fanta, Sprite, Pepsi and Sparberry Soda, into a small plastic box and took it all to her and said: “Here you go, miss, take your pick.” None of them gave me any issues after that! Story credit: Reddit

Knifeless at a Steakhouse

1280px-Butterknife.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

I went to a steak house in San Francisco. Ordered steak. Got a butter knife. Called the waitress over and asked for a steak knife. She returns with a new butter knife, only with a wooden handle. I say, “Sorry, what I’m looking for is a steak knife, something that cuts meat.”

She insists, “That will cut meat!” It only got weirder from there. I run it over my hand a few times while saying, “No, no, you don’t understand, I’m eating meat and this doesn’t cut meat.” She says, “That’s a steak knife, though!” I say, “I’m not sure what to tell you.

I want a knife that can penetrate and slice meat.” Well, that must have really set her off, because then it took another turn. She says, “I don’t think it’s safe to give you any knife. I’m sorry,” and walks off, leaving me knifeless. At a steak house. Story credit: Reddit/grinr

A Pretty Awesome Customer


I was the sales manager at an electronics retail store. A young couple came in looking for a new computer. The guy excused himself to use the restroom. Then, a young guy in a business suit came up behind me while I was still talking and said, “Excuse me, do you have ‘Software X’ in stock?”

I told him that I didn’t think we did, but that I was in the middle of helping another customer and that he could go check upfront. About two minutes later, I felt a shock through my body. I felt someone grab my arm from behind me, twist it and start pulling me backward. I finally realized it was the guy in the suit.

He grabbed the back of my neck and said, “See? You have the software in stock, and it’s right there. I want you fired.” Meanwhile, I saw the husband of the lady I had been helping. He put one of his hands on the guy’s shoulder and pulled out his badge. It was awesome. Story credit: Reddit

The Most Disgusting Thing


The cash register where we entered the food orders was situated about ten feet away from the bathroom. As I was entering someone’s order, this dude walked out of the bathroom, came up to me, and he did the most disgusting thing—he started wiping his hands on my arm.

“You’re out of paper towels,” he said and walked out of the restaurant. I was so shocked I couldn’t even say anything before he was gone. Story credit: Reddit

Doing Better Now


I had an eating disorder for two years. During this time, I was in a really terrible friend group. None of them seemed to trust me at all and wouldn’t tell me anything. One day, a boy named Jake who I was talking to asked me out and I said yes—only it turns out one of them liked him.

Again, I didn’t know this as these people never confided anything to me. I walk up to them one day and I hear one say, “You know Jake deserved better, not a fat whale like her. At this point, she deserves to starve, tell her to keep up the good work.”

Words can’t describe how sad I felt and it took a lot to get over. I’m much better now and even though that was two years ago, I look back and the past me and the current me, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Story credit: Reddit/Mayonase004

Jekyll and Hyde Personified


I was around 18 years old and working in the lumber department at a home improvement chain. I was on the second story rack, standing on the forklift forks and trying to handle a solid-core front door, which was extremely heavy, out of the shelf to bring down to the floor for a customer.

I had it halfway out of the rack, precariously maneuvering it onto the forks when a little old lady walked up. She asked sweetly, “Excuse me, sir! Can you point me to the plumbing section?” I replied, grunting, because the door was heavy, “One moment, ma’am. Let me get this door down, and I’ll show you.” 

Her response took me by complete surprise: “You idiots never have a product labeled right! I’m tired of this store’s garbage! Way too expensive, too!” I froze, staring at her with my mouth agape. The original customer I was helping actually put his hands over his son’s ears. Story credit: Reddit/wjp3

Selfish Jerk


When I had a miscarriage and was grieving, my “friend” just wanted me to focus on her pregnancy and just forget about what I was feeling and to act like nothing had happened.

Literally two days after my miscarriage, she insisted I got out with her to go shopping for her baby and talk about cradles and things like that. Selfish jerk. Story credit: Reddit/Arii_the_JediSith

Sandwich Snatcher


I would make all of my sandwiches for the week on Sunday nights and put them in the refrigerator. An acquaintance was over with a group of friends, and he went into the kitchen for a minute.

He came back with one of my premade sandwiches. It wasn’t about the food per se, but the fact that he took a premade sandwich from my refrigerator without asking. Story credit: Reddit/Icy-Project861

Sexism Where You Least Expect It


I used to fix computers for faculty members at my local university. One day, I went to the Women’s Studies department to fix some minor hardware issues.

The female professor I encountered actually asked me, “Is there maybe a guy that can come instead? Nothing personal; they’re just wired better for this kind of work.” I returned to my office and sent the least competent guy that we had. Story credit: Reddit/kesi

Harassing the HOA


My mother’s HOA had some pretty interesting characters. About ten years into living in this small community, my mother decided to run for their board to try to get some community improvements done. There was an older woman in the neighborhood that was well known for being extremely bossy. 

She claimed that she knew the community money wasn’t being saved or spent properly. Like most HOAs, ours had a standard for how front yards looked, what could be planted in them, limits on things such as the colors of the house, doors, and trim, and what you could add to the house and yard.

She was harassing the board and the community by phone, and by mail. She stored trash in their yard and planted invasive species of plants. To top it off, this family hadn’t made one HOA payment and owed about $7,000. When the board found out, they banned them from all meetings. Story credit: Reddit

Just a Prank, Bro


For some reason, this friend took a hoodie from me when we were hanging out. I knew it was him, even though he denied it. When I finally confronted him, he called me a “spoiled rich brat” and said it was a prank.

He even somehow looped in my other friend into pretending it was just a dare. That much dishonesty over a hoodie? No thanks. Story credit: Reddit/nick_20__

Big Mistake


My elderly uncle once invited my partner and I out to dinner at an exclusive country club. We were careful to ask what the dress code was and were told we’d be in the club’s more casual dining room and to “just wear anything.” So we showed up in jeans and polos. Big. Mistake. 

The entire staff stared at us. The host, standing behind his little podium in a tux, said nothing for a long time, and then, drawing each word out as though it pained him to even those such as us, he said: “I’m sorry, we don’t serve people in… dungarees.”

It was the most insulting and hilarious thing I have ever been told. Every single syllable was shaped with contempt and derision. We told him whose party we were here for. Suddenly they were falling over to explain that, no, no, the jeans would be no problem at all. Story credit: Reddit

Ingenious Revenge


This guy comes into our store and is being a complete jerk. Not wanting to show ID to buy tall cans even though he looked 20 at the oldest, constantly yelling and swearing.

He also had parked in the handicap spot despite not having handicap tags or plates on his car. One of my regular customers, who is a sheriff’s deputy, was also in the store. He came up with an ingenious plan.

He saw how the guy was acting. Saw where he was parked. Went out, got his ticket book, and wrote the guy a ticket. Guy realized he wasn’t getting his cans, went outside…to find he was getting ticketed. I could not stop laughing. Story credit: Reddit/LadyVerene

Unwanted Remodel


We had friends who were house-sitting for us. When we returned home, they had rearranged almost all the furniture. Most of it was just moving things back but they pushed an old teacher’s desk we had down into the basement. It was one of those huge metal monstrosities that weighed a ton.

There was no way to get it back up the stairs without some type of machine that I couldn’t afford. So, that thing stayed in the basement and was sold with the home. They also damaged a recliner so it didn’t recline anymore and claimed they didn’t. Story credit: Reddit/Billbapoker

Not Even a Thank You


I was waiting on a couple at the steak restaurant where I worked. Suddenly, the man stood up and held his throat. He was obviously choking. I began giving him the Heimlich maneuver, and after several tries, some steak popped out and the man could breathe again.

It was a big spectacle. The customers and wait staff were shaken for a couple of minutes. Without even saying thank you, the wife of the choking man asked me to box up the uneaten portion of their meals. 

But it gets worse—there was a crust of Texas toast left on the plate that I didn’t remember to include in their to-go box. The woman yelled at me for not including it and did not leave a tip. Story credit: Reddit

All Shaken Up


I was called into work one day because they were busy and needed help, so I went in the clothes I was wearing at home. When I arrived, they handed me a fistful of tickets for people who needed drinks and ice cream.

I immediately started drilling through the list, getting everything as fast as possible so I could return home. I took a set of shakes out to a family, and upon giving one customer the shake she asked for, she threw a fit and totally raged.

She pulled the lid off the cup and threw the shake all over me. I had caramel, hot fudge, milk, and ice cream all over me. I never did food service ever again after that. Story credit: Reddit/snake0721

The Oddest Couple

1280px-Hoarding_living_room.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

I moved into what was supposed to be student housing. There was a weird couple who lived above me. The guy looked to be somewhere in his 40s or 50s, with a handlebar mustache and very long black hair. It didn’t take long after I moved in for things to take a bad turn. 

When I moved in, I had cleaned up the whole garden. I was hoping to chill in it when the weather was good. Then, one afternoon, I came home from school and found a chicken running around in my backyard. I confronted the neighbor, and he immediately confessed that he had taken my advice.

He said he always wanted chickens, but since he didn’t have enough room on his balcony, he decided to keep them in my garden instead. I told him I was having chicken that night, and in 15 minutes, I would decide if I needed to go to the supermarket to get it or if it would be fresh. Story credit: Reddit

Good Riddance


Right after I came out of the closet, I lost a ton of friends. They were all super supportive and encouraging at first, until I started openly seeing guys. Then my closest friend started excluding me from things.

When I confronted him about it, his answer was, “I know you’re gay, and that’s great! But I don’t want to see or hear about all this gay stuff.”

So I was allowed to be gay, I just wasn’t allowed to talk about dating anyone or flirt with anyone…and just like that, all of the other friends in that group fell in line with him. Good riddance, though. Now I am surrounded by people that matter. Story credit: Reddit/Kevdog1800

Just Flabbergasting


I interned at a production company. The CEO made me go get a new Blackberry for him. Took four hours to go downtown because it HAD to be bought in downtown LA for whatever reason.

When I brought it back, he opened the plastic, turned it on, and asked “What the heck is this? Why aren’t my numbers on it?” When he was told it was new, and so of course it wouldn’t have his numbers, he threw it on the ground. Literally just smashed it. I was flabbergasted. Story credit: Reddit

Sorry to Offend


A woman was unreasonably upset that we stopped carrying a certain type of hummus at our expensive grocery store. Attempting to be helpful, I told her that Target had started carrying the same kind and, while I wished we still carried it for her, perhaps that could be a good replacement. 

I never expected her ridiculous reaction. She literally stopped writing her check and looked at me with the most definite What-the-heck-is-wrong-with-you face and said, “What makes you think I would ever buy food from a Target? That is disgusting.”

I get the feeling she wouldn’t even let me bag her groceries if she saw all the Great Value boxes in my cabinet. Sorry to offend you, lady. Story credit: Reddit/snorga1

Only the Start


My dad’s best friend and his family stayed with us for two weeks one summer. I was nine years old and my sister was a two-week-old newborn when they arrived. The wife kept putting my sister onto her stomach while she slept when no one was looking.

When my mom finally caught her and told her to stop, because of the risk, she replied, “I did it with all my kids and they turned out fine,” and continued doing it. But that was just the start of the nightmare.

I had to ask permission to get a cup of water or eat a biscuit from the pantry in my own house. Her husband would also dictate what activities we were allowed to do and when. Story credit: Reddit/whichrhiannonami

Stay Back!


I used to work the late shift at a bar on Friday and Saturday nights. I had several tattoos, one being on my chest. This guy came in with his girlfriend. I walked up to the table to get their drink orders, and he noticed the tattoo on my chest.

He asked me what it was, but before I could even say anything, he did the most abhorrent thing—he sat up and proceeded to try and rip my shirt open! I jumped back and told him if he touched me again, he would be out of there.

I stood about five feet back from that table for the rest of the night. Story credit: Reddit

A Foul Family


We lived in what looked like a mansion-type house that was rented out to three different families. My family lived on the bottom floor, and a family of six lived above us. Every morning they would stomp around the house and make as much noise as possible to wake each other up for school.

Since we were on the bottom floor, we had free reign of the backyard, whereas the other two families barely bothered to use it. They would frequently dump garbage and other random stuff off of the balcony into the yard and never bother cleaning it up.

We would have to tend to it daily since we had two dogs and an outdoor cat. The landlord eventually kicked them out, and when he went to inspect their apartment, he made a disturbing discovery. Their apartment was full of soda bottles, as well as mold growing in multiple rooms. Story credit: Reddit

People Suck


I got convinced to go to homecoming without a date by my “friends” in my sophomore year of high school. Everyone told me that going with friends would be a lot better than going with a date and that I would have way more fun than last time, so I decided to take a chance and go. 

The plan was to get dressed by a specific time, go out for a nice dinner, then go to the homecoming dance. I got dressed at the time I was supposed to, let my friends know I was ready and waited…for hours. I texted every single person that was a part of my group, letting them know I was ready.

Not a single person responded. Then something in me broke. I remember sobbing about it in the backseat of my dad’s car when he took me to McDonald’s 30 minutes before the dance started. He felt bad and didn’t want me to go hungry. People suck. Story credit: Reddit/Hernando825

All Over a Jar of Mustard


I once got screamed at for not opening a jar of mustard. I work in a relatively posh place, and the mustard comes in this little individual glass jar.

Because I hadn’t opened the mustard for a fully grown man, he lost his mind and yelled, “I work for the local paper and they will be hearing about this! I’ve never been so offended! Disgusting behavior!”

I just stood there aghast and finally said “Did you want me to open the mustard… now?” More yelling. Story credit: Reddit/Adam657

She Should Be Ashamed


I was out to dinner with my family. We sit down, order our drinks, and so far everything is going nicely. The waitress comes and we order. When it gets to my mom, she orders what she wants, and the waitress responds with, “If you’re on a diet, you don’t want that.”

My mom had said nothing whatsoever about being on a diet. She is slightly overweight, and I mean very slightly. She is self-conscious about it and it’s difficult to even get her to come out to eat with us. My mom simply said, “I’m not on a diet” with a cold stare.

The waitress turned red in the face and walked off to place our orders. At least she had the decency to be ashamed of herself. Story credit: Reddit/zEncLave

Feel Free, I Guess


My mother’s friend and her children went on a vacation with us. We were sitting in the common area of the place we were staying at and started chatting with some strangers there.

The friend’s kid got up, walked to the coffee table, and just opened the stranger’s bag of chips and started eating without ever asking first.

His mother did absolutely nothing. She just watched him do it. One of the strangers just paused for a second and said, “Uhh, sure. Feel free to eat some.” Story credit: Reddit/Spencer2091

Obvious Troublemakers


I worked at a small Blockbuster Video. One busy night, we had a large group of thug-looking guys show up. They cut to the front of the line to say they wanted to rent a bunch of movies. Fine. The account wasn’t in any of their names, but we could work around that. But none of them had any sort of ID.

They freaked out and puffed out their chests, looking for a fight. They began yelling and screaming at all of us. After threatening to call the authorities, they left the store. Minutes later, as the same sales rep was pulling movies out of the dropbox, the plate glass in the front of the store by the dropbox shattered.

After things settled, we closed the store and waited for the authorities. While waiting, I looked outside. The shape of the hole in the glass made it look like something hit it straight on, leading me to think that the guy who broke the glass more than likely did it with his fist. Story credit: Reddit/crossinguard

Dream House Becomes a Nightmare


We had built our house around the same time as our neighbors. Everything was ok at first, but then, things started to go wrong. It started with the fence. They wanted the paneling on their side. We said whatever; having the supports or on our side meant that my siblings and I could climb the fence.

Then, they wanted a more expensive fence. We came in under budget with the house, so we agreed. Then, they wanted the fence moved a yard or so onto our property. That’s where we drew the line and said no way, which caused them to react.

We would get pebbles thrown over the fence when we were in the garden, or the wife would knock on the fence and pretend it wasn’t her. It started escalating when she would yell at us. We got out of that house quickly. Story credit: Reddit/97Chocoholic

No Friends is Better than Bad Friends


I had the same group of three friends since elementary school, but that was because I was very introverted and didn’t make any other friends. I was considered the “weirdo” of the group. They constantly belittled me, and they would “accidentally” hit me or throw me down.

My life problems were brought up and laughed at, and at this point, I started distancing myself from all of them. Truthfully, I miss having a group of friends, but I’m so glad I’m not friends with fake people who hurt me day in and out.

Four years later, they still complain about me leaving their friend group, because apparently, “I think I’m better than them.” It’s pretty ridiculous that they think they’re entitled to my friendship when all they did was hurt me for years. Story credit: Reddit/ClassroomBusy645

Get Out of My Building


There was this incident I heard about a couple of years back about a socialite who married into a rich and powerful family. She was at a bank’s main office to meet with the CEO. Instead of taking the elevator normally, she had bodyguards remove all the people inside the elevator so that she could go up alone.

She said something along the lines of, “Get out of my elevator.” Funny thing is, one of the people she had forced out the elevator was the bank owner’s wife, who decided to take another elevator with the rest of the people who were forced out. 

The owner’s wife got her sweet revenge. Once the socialite got to the office, the bank owner’s wife was already there and promptly told her to “get out of her building.” Story credit: Reddit/chedeng

Meal Mix-up


Me and my wife went out for coffee. I ordered beef frajolaki while my wife got a turtle cheesecake. Another group sat down behind us. After 20 minutes, out comes a cappuccino cheesecake. My wife called the waitress back and told her about it, and the waitress apologized. If only there weren’t more.

Another 15-20 minutes go by, I’m still waiting for my meal, when I spot the waitress coming our way, plates in hand. She walks by us and to the booth behind us and distributes the food. I hear the table behind me discussing their meals, saying, “I don’t know what this is, but it’s really good!”

Another 10 minutes go by whe the waitress comes back. I look at the plate and say, “This isn’t what I ordered. This is a beef dip.” She quickly looks at the booth behind us. Mistakes happen, but then she said, “Well, can’t you just eat this instead?” Story credit: Reddit/terranq

Week of Torture


My roommate’s friend was staying with us. Within a week, they used my food and expensive shower products. Not only that, but they let their child run screaming up and down the hallway for hours without stopping. They even looked at me like I was a weirdo for being out in my own kitchen.

I was ecstatic when they finally left. Story credit: Reddit/Ok-Nail2938

This Shift Couldn't End Any Worse


I worked a 13-hour shift catering to more than 6,000 people—all bankers and their families. Towards the end of my shift, I was going around collecting all the glasses from the tables. I reached forward and picked up the glass sitting in front of an unhappy-looking granny figure.

Her head snapped up, and she started shouting that she hadn’t finished her drink. When I offered it back to her, she claimed that I had touched it with my fingers, so I offered to get her another glass of red. She agreed. So I brought it over and set it down in front of her, smiling amicably. 

But no smile could appease her—she started shouting again that she wanted to talk to my supervisor. I walked around to look for one, but they were all busy working. Without a word of warning, the old woman threw the contents of her glass at me. Story credit: Reddit

The Jerk at the Golf Club


I used to work as a bartender at a high-end golf club. There were many, many rude customers, but this one person really stands out. At one point the customer asks: “Did you go to public school?”

So I responded “Yes.” He looks away and replies “Yeah, I can tell.” This dude was a jerk. Story credit: Reddit/HURR1CANE_WR1ST

Undercover Boss


I treat my employees with respect and I try to keep the pay high enough so that employees can actually afford to eat in my restaurants. One day, I decided to do some undercover management where I go through and judge the service and the quality of how the servers help the customers and the clientele.

Well, the service was awful and I was sorely disappointed. At the end of the dinner, I got the bill and paid it, but didn’t tip very much. The waiter confronted me, telling me I was a jerk, and saying that the awful owner of the restaurant doesn’t pay him much. He told me he was only getting paid minimum wage.

I set up a meeting with the server. I walked into the room and saw his face fill with contempt. The server said, “This guy again?” I laughed at his last response and told him he was fired. I calmly explained that I was actually the owner and he is not fit to be a server in the restaurant. Story credit: Reddit

How Could You Say That?


When I was 13, my cousin had a friend over. My grandma offered to make him a sandwich. A little while later he said, “Where is that sandwich coming from, South Dakota?”

I guess he thought it was taking too long. I was completely appalled at how someone could say such a thing to someone’s grandmother that they had just met. Story credit: Reddit/DiligentAdvantage475

Worth It


I used to work at an office that had an obnoxious guy come in. We openly advertise that we offer free water and coffee/tea to our customers, as we have a huge fridge at the reception and a coffee machine just behind it. He walked in demanding to speak with the most senior person.

Unfortunately, that was me. He sat down, and I came over to introduce myself. He straightaway handed me his coat to hang up without even saying anything. That was his first strike. Then, as I went to go behind the reception desk to hang up his jacket, I heard a whistle.

I didn’t think too much of it. He said, “Oh, and I wouldn’t mind a cappuccino while you’re up.” I stormed over and ushered him out the front door. He demanded to know what was going on, so I told him, “If you are looking for your dog, you ain’t gonna find it here.” Story credit: Reddit/tatdiddymac



When I was a kid, our neighbor built this giant deck on his house that actually went over our fence. We ended up having to go to the city to force him to make it smaller.

We went to a family reunion shortly after, and when we came back, he had a sign on his fence facing our front door that said, “Peekaboo, I see you.” He had set up a bunch of security cameras on his house that were all aimed at our house.

We pretty much just avoided him from then on until my parents divorced and sold that house. Story credit: Reddit/sborado

Trust Your Instincts


I had just been broken up with and was feeling the lowest I’d felt in my life. I started going out with people who I thought were my closest friends at the time and we were drinking a lot. One day we decided to trip together at my house. After we had all taken it, one of the guys started being weird and hiding from us.

We looked all over my house for him and he texted us to say he was gone. Me and the other guys go for a walk, but as we’re passing my house, the guy that said he’d left hops over my fence. That’s when the realization hit me. These guys were just using me for my house. At that point,

I called one of my other friends and asked if he could come up to visit. While my friend was there I got a call from one of the guys that left. I said to my friend, “I guarantee he’s going to ask if I have substances.” Immediately he asks exactly what I thought he would. Trust your instincts. Story credit: Reddit

Hauntingly Horrendous Parents


I worked as a nanny for a 1% family. I remember having one parent complain how rude it was a friend hadn’t offered to fly them to Miami on a private jet for a weekend getaway, and they were “forced” to go first-class.

I had the other parent tell me they thought it was really “sweet” I was happy to help others and never be wealthy. They would also spring last-minute trips on me and their kid all the time, so I’d stay in the main house with their child while the parents were country-hopping.

The best part about the parent complaining over the first-class flight was when they asked me if I thought they were overreacting. And I’m thinking, well I’m pretty sure my entire year’s salary couldn’t pay for one chartered flight, so I’m probably not the best person to ask. Story credit: Reddit

Utter Silence


One day at my call center, this lady lays into me for the amount of her bill, calling me every bad word in the English language. She claims we over-billed her by about $20, and she is demanding that I go through her home entertainment system order point by point.

Come to find out we under-billed her by a $1,000 dollars due to a misplaced zero. The silence on the other end of the line was so beautiful. Story credit: Reddit

Shovel It Yourself


We had a dinner guest who asked to stay overnight because of impending snow. My spouse and I agreed as we didn’t have work the next day. However, the guest did. He started freaking out at 7:30 in the morning because we hadn’t shoveled the driveway for him yet.

He yelled at us saying, “How am I supposed to get to work on time?!” Story credit: Reddit/user256049

They Crossed the Line


There were two gay guys who worked at a Cracker Barrel in the deep South with me. The managers were sort of prejudiced and didn’t like them. Two regulars came in to eat. They were annoying, but at least they tipped decently. One of the gay guys accidentally told the regulars something about his boyfriend.

They went ballistic and asked him if he was gay. He told them he was. Then, one of the two regulars grabbed his hand and forced him to sit at the table. They then crossed the line—they proceeded to lecture him for about a half-hour about how he was going to burn for all of eternity.

Once the regulars realized they couldn’t convince him to give up his “sinful” ways, they said, “We’re going to need back every tip we ever gave you. It’s okay if you can’t remember exactly how much. I think $200 should cover it. We can’t be supporting the gays.” Story credit: Reddit/thenitpicker

Full Blast of Revenge


I had a neighbor who would bring women back every weekend. I’d hear the bed squeak for about 20 seconds, stop, then silence, followed by laughter. Usually, it was cool, but when he constantly played German house music at 4 am, I started getting mad.

After talking to him about it, he essentially told me to take a hike. So, I came up with an excellent plan for revenge.

The next time it happened, I YouTubed “babies crying.” I put it on full blast through my speaker, which I had sat up against the wall. Needless to say, it stopped after that. Story credit: Reddit

"Great" Birthday


One week, I invited everyone in the group chat out for my birthday drinks; I was turning 33. One person was on time, the rest of my “friends” decided to go fishing and arrived a full four hours later.

Then, when my girlfriend was rounding up the group to carry on drinking at a bar that closed later than the one we were at, I said we would go ahead and get a table and for them to catch us up.

They just looked at me sort of vacantly because they hadn’t finished their drinks, because they had turned up so late. Then they bailed out without even saying goodbye. Great birthday. Story credit: Reddit/Bangin_headache

We Just Sold Out


I work in local theater, and we have a lot of rude, awful women from the nearby ballet schools come through our venue. Once, this woman rang up wanting seats to an almost sold-out ballet performance that had been on sale for four months the day before the show. It did not go well.

She was positively horrific to me. The seats I was about to sell her were the only ones in the theater left. While I’m on hold, a grandma of one of the ballerinas comes to the desk and asks nicely if we have any seats left, as she’d been in hospital and couldn’t buy them earlier. This awful woman still has me on hold,

So I put the phone down and sold this old lady the last seats for the show. Two minutes after the old lady leaves, the witch on the other end takes me off hold and says she wants the remaining seats, I tell her “Sorry, we’ve just sold out while you had me on hold I’m afraid, better luck next year.” Story credit: Reddit

Surreally Perfect


It wasn’t the customer, it was the manager. She was AWFUL. She was rude, intentionally picked out favorites and gave them presents in front of everyone, messed up schedules on purpose for people she didn’t like. So one day there was a huge storm coming in. Of course, she kept the store open.

Well, as the like 5 of us who showed up were standing there, watching out the front windows, she starts yelling at us, threatening to write us all up, and we are like—no one is here, all the work is done, we are watching the wind BEND TREES OVER and worried about if we are safe or will even be able to get home.

Right about this time, we hear a SUPER LOUD crashing noise. As the industrial air conditioner on top of the building got BLOWN OFF. Like it rolled along the roof, then went flying into the parking lot….Right onto her car. It was so perfect it was surreal. Story credit: Reddit/EmberDione

Broke in for the Weekend


My husband’s old friend stayed with us for two weeks while we were living in Japan. He was very smug and irritating. He thought he was an instant “expert” on Japan after a few days when we had been living there for two years. He finally left on a Friday. My husband and I had separate plans on Saturday.

I returned in the afternoon to an unlocked door and the sound of the TV. I thought my husband had returned early—but I was so wrong. It was the friend. He thought we were gone for the weekend, so he broke into our apartment for an extra two-night stay.

He actually protested and said, “You weren’t supposed to be here!” He refused to leave until my husband came back home and told him personally that he had overstayed his welcome. Story credit: Reddit/Charismaticjelly

Sometimes the High Road is the Best Road


I was waiting tables at a popular steakhouse when I got a party of six seated in my section. An older gentleman requested an eight oz. prime rib. I asked him how he would like it cooked, and he gave the most shocking reply: “I want it your color.”

His wife gleefully laughed as if it was the joke of the century, but I was taken aback. I informed my manager of this offensive remark, and he asked if I wanted to kick them all out. I told him that I would take the hit, but I wasn’t too happy to serve anyone who would think that was an acceptable answer.

I believe they knew they offended me because they ended up leaving me a 30% tip. I guess taking the high road was the best road in this case. Story credit: Reddit/DeepRoot

Doggone Ludicrous Accusations

2560px-Female_Black_Labrador_Retriever-1536x1190-1.jpg.optimal.jpgWikimedia Commons

We had a large fenced-in backyard. My dog wasn’t terribly loud, nor was she aggressive. She was just the general size of a lab, and my neighbors thought that made her evil. They called the authorities more than once, saying my dog was terrorizing the neighborhood.

Officers came, met the dog, and we explained that she was always in our yard. They left saying just make sure she stays in the yard. The neighbor called two more times to complain, and eventually, the officers spoke with her about her ludicrous complaints. 

We noticed our dog was getting sick a lot. We took her to the vet, they said we needed to stop feeding her human food. We had NO CLUE what she was talking about. It turns out our neighbor had been dumping a number of vile things over our fence, like food scraps and mop water. Story credit: Reddit

A Broken Friendship


So, my mother had two friends she frequently visited, but when she wasn’t there, one of them was constantly complaining about her, saying that she is a bad person and a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately, the other friend believed her. It came to a hugely awkward climax. 

One night we went to visit them, and they were talking so little with her. It was just SO clear they didn’t think of her as a friend anymore. Three years later we moved (not so far) and my mother saw the friend that believed all the stories, and the friend just walked quickly away from my mom.

Worst of all, I had played with their kids way back when and I was sort of like a big brother to them. They wanted to at least say hello and so did her husband, but she dragged them away, too. Story credit: Reddit/Im_Strange

Enjoy Your Lunch Elsewhere


Someone had a heart attack on the patio of our restaurant. Paramedics came and were assessing the situation and trying to prep the guy to go to the hospital. This woman dining with her husband decided very loudly to ask my manager in her best condescending rich person tone,

“Is this going to take much longer, we were enjoying lunch.” The restaurant goes totally silent and her husband looks like he’s about to puke from embarrassment. They were politely asked to leave and never come back. Story credit: Reddit/throwaway3vze

I Could've Not Tipped At All


I’m currently living in Washington, DC. I ate at a fairly nice restaurant and left a 20% tip, as I always do. Suddenly, this server chased me out of the restaurant and asked, “Was there anything wrong with the service tonight?”

I told him there wasn’t, and that’s why I left him 20 dollars on the 100 dollar bill. His response shocked me.

He said that most of the people who eat there are Senators, and it’s customary to tip 30% at that particular restaurant. I asked him if he’d rather give me back my 20 and he left in a huff, calling me a cheapskate. Screw that guy. Story credit: Reddit/spacedad

Lovebirds with No Respect for Privacy


My fiancée invited her friend over for the weekend and she ended up bringing her boyfriend with her. They stayed for weeks. During the first few days, they would go to the bathroom and “shower,” except they were quite obviously doing the deed but left the shower running to try to cover their sounds.

The second time they did this we told them we knew what they were doing and they could continue to do so only if they were willing to pay the extra amount for the water bill. However, this caused them to just start randomly doing it whenever we left the room.

One day, we were making them dinner in the kitchen and I heard a noise and looked in to see the duvet moving up and down in a way that was obvious what they were doing. My fiancée and I just stood in the kitchen waiting for them to finish and then they complained the food was cold. Story credit: Reddit

Not Hot Enough for Them


I was working at a restaurant when a nice-looking family of four came in. When I brought out their fajitas on the skillet, they were sizzling like they are supposed to be. They asked me to go back and make them hotter. So, I took it back to the kitchen where the kitchen manager decided to pull out a blow torch.

He heated the iron skillet up to burning red, then threw the fajitas back on the skillet and sent me back out with them to the table. The father at the table was not very pleased with the profuse amounts of smoke billowing from the plate, and his next move was absolutely appalling—

He decided to throw the thing at me. Luckily he had bad aim and missed me. The manager got his information, told him to get out, and we would be contacting him about replacing the window he broke. Story credit: Reddit/crooks23

Mother Makes a Big Mistake


It was the day of my grandmother’s funeral. She passed in a hospital, and I was outside talking to the owner of the funeral home. This dude was also my godfather, and I had a very good relationship with him. Parked in front of us were all the company vehicles, including the one you are all thinking about:

The hearse. All of a sudden, this Entitled Mother approached us. She had her kid just next to her and he was holding a drink. EM: I was wondering if my son could take a ride on the limousine. She then pointed her finger to the hearse. EM: Are you going to say no to a little child?

Me: Miss, believe me. You don’t want your son to go in that thing. My godfather then said the most epic thing I have ever heard. GF: thinks for a bit Well, sure he can ride the limousine. But only if he has a coffin to be in. Story credit: Reddit

Petty Parking Dispute


I lived in a duplex that shared one large driveway with another duplex. Parking could be tight, but all of us cooperated and made the best of it, except for one woman. She left a note on my car after my husband and I moved in, telling me not to park there because she didn’t like that I was “in front of her door.”

She banged on my door at 11 PM and screamed at us, demanding that I get rid of my car. We eventually shut the door on her. The nasty notes persisted and were ignored.

I confirmed with my landlord that this is where I should be parking and he said yes, ignore her. Then, she started barricading that part of the driveway, so that every day when I got home, I would have to get out of my car and move her stuff before I could park. Story credit: Reddit/stuck_at_starbucks

Bridezilla Strikes


I was going to be a bridesmaid. The bride-to-be took us out to pick out dresses. We had been under the impression that we’d get to pick our own dresses. When we tried the dresses on, however, we realized something—they didn’t really look good on the two of us because we both had different frames.

We came out, showing the bride and moms, and the moms were in agreement that the dress they picked really didn’t work. The bride’s response was jaw-dropping. She then started making snide, subtle comments about our appearances, implying that we’d need to lose weight to look good in them.

I never got to know how that would have worked out, though, because the bride and groom simultaneously cheated on each other, and they called off the wedding. The bride didn’t even have the nerve to tell me herself. Story credit: Reddit/gildedheart

Gee, Thanks


This particular woman had by far the most entitled attitude of anyone I’ve ever met. She was also a regular customer, so we had to deal with her garbage behavior at least twice a week on average. This customer’s favorite pastime would be to literally fill a trolley with clearance items.

These items were always a nightmare for cashiers, as you would have to reduce the price on the till for each one manually. Once all of her items had been scanned and discounted, this customer would always kick up a fuss over the price, accusing us of overcharging her and demanding to see a manager.

Some managers would give in, which meant voiding the transaction and starting all over again. If they told the woman to get lost, she would complain about “never shopping here again” and storm out, leaving a full trolley of goods for us to have to go through and put back. Gee, thanks! Story credit: Reddit

Losing My Patience with this Doctor


I have rheumatoid arthritis, a condition that causes severe chronic pain. I take a narcotic pain medication as part of pain management, but yesterday, my doctor decided to increase the dose. That’s when it all went wrong. My pharmacy did not stock the medication in this dose,

And neither did any other local pharmacies, so my doctor found this boutique compound pharmacy in an upscale neighborhood that had it. The pharmacist angrily asked what I was doing there because he had not seen me before, and when I told him that my doctor had called him, he said he did not remember.

I explained that I had been given that medication, and my doctor was giving me another prescription to increase the dose. His response? “Well, I’ll see to it that you won’t see this prescription until you bring the old one back. You’re probably selling these pills to your little friends.” Story credit: Reddit

Horrible Hotel Guest


I used to work as a front desk agent at a boutique hotel. A guy who was obviously very full of himself came in with an online reservation that he had booked at a shockingly cheap nightly rate. He proceeded to give me a hard time about EVERYTHING,

From telling me he shouldn’t have to give me his credit card info since he had prepaid his reservation, to telling me “Um yeah, I’m pretty sure I can find the elevators, I’m not stupid.” 10 minutes after checking him in, he came down and demanded that we give him a bigger room with a king bed and a view,

Even though he had booked a standard queen bed online. After much arguing between him and my manager, we ended up giving him our nicest suite AND free parking since we had “Given him trouble.” He got all this for a way cheaper rate, like $40 per night! Story credit: Reddit/rosaliezom

The Bad Salesperson


My wife and I needed some furniture for our new house and before our visit, she had gone in with her folks to scout the place out and had been helped by a very nice salesman. This time when we walked in, that salesperson was not around and we were approached by someone very pushy and quite unfriendly.

The wife and I had narrowed our search to a particular couch. As I was testing it out, my wife happened to see the salesman who had helped her and her folks. She walked across the store and asked if he could help us. He recognized my wife and told her he would be over there in 1 minute to give us a hand.

Then the second salesperson comes up to my wife and says, “What do you think you’re doing? You are supposed to be my customers. How dare you talk to another rep.” He began arguing and telling me that I was supposed to be his commission and that I was cheating him out of money. Story credit: Reddit