The Weirdest Chinese Zodiac Superstitions

The Weirdest Chinese Zodiac Superstitions

The Chinese Zodiac is a system deeply rooted in Chinese astrology and culture. It's more than just a cycle of twelve animals representing different years; it encompasses a set of superstitions and beliefs that influence aspects of our daily lives and decision-making. From personal relationships to health choices and financial decisions, these superstitions offer a unique window into how these traditional beliefs affect us in the smallest of ways. Let's explore some of the weirdest Chinese zodiac superstitions together.

1. The Curse of the Zodiac Year

Despite what you may think, it's actually believed that the year of your zodiac animal (which recurs every 12 years) is unlucky for you. If it's your zodiac year, you'd be advised to wear lots of red, such as red underwear or a red bracelet, to ward off any bad luck. 

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2. Zodiac Compatibility in Marriage

As with Western horoscopes, certain zodiac animals are said to be more compatible than others. It's a common supersition that marrying someone with a compatible zodiac sign will lead to a happier marriage. And of course, the opposite can be said to be true too, with incompatible zodiac couples facing misfortune and constant clashing.

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3. Zodiac Signs Dictating Career Success

Some Chinese individuals even believe that your zodiac sign can go so far as to predetermine your aptitude for certain careers. For example, if you're born in the Year of the Dragon, you'd be seen as someone who was destined for success and thrive in leadership roles.

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4. Zodiac Signs Influencing Birth Years

During certain years, particular zodiac animals are believed to bring prosperity and good fortune. Because of this superstition, some parents will even try to plan their children's births to coincide with these lucky zodiac years. Does it work? Only one way to find out.

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5. Avoidance of Zodiac Clashes

In the Chinese culture, it's a common belief that certain zodiac signs will clash if they ever come together. For example, someone born in the Year of the Rat and the Year of the Horse might avoid being business partners or enter a relationship together to prevent potential conflicts.

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6. Zodiac Signs and Dietary Choices

These zodiac superstitions can even influence what you eat! Some believe that your Chinese horoscope influences which foods are lucky or unlucky for you. For example, someone born in the Year of the Monkey might be told to eat certain fruits for good luck. Now wouldn't it suck if your favourite food was considered "unlucky"?

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7. Zodiac Animal Directional Luck

Here's a weird one - each zodiac animal on the Chinese calendar is associated with a compass direction. Whatever your direction is, it's believed to bring good fortune. Because of this, people often arrange their homes or offices according to their zodiac animal's lucky direction.

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8. Zodiac Signs Affecting Personality Traits

Just like Western horoscopes, the Chinese zodiac is also often used to predict or explain personality traits. Each animal is given a certain set of characteristics. For example, Tigers are believed to be brave and independent while Rabbits on the other hand, are seen as gentle and compassionate.

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9. Zodiac and Fertility

If you're looking to start a family, you may be interested in learning about this one. Certain zodiac signs are thought to be more fertile than others. Couples seeking help will sometimes consult the zodiac in hopes to find the most auspicious times for conception.

Chinese Zodiac StatuesChristophe95 on Wikimedia Commons

10. Zodiac Influence on Financial Decisions

When making important financial decisions, some believers will even look to their zodiac sign for help. There's a belief that certain years or periods of time are more favourable for investments or major purchases. Of course, it's all dependent on your zodiac animal.

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11. Zodiac Sign and Sleep Patterns

Are you an early riser or a nighttime owl? Well, turns out your Chinese zodiac might have something to do about that. It's believed that your zodiac animal can influence what your sleeping habits are. One example is, for those born in the Year of the Sheep, you might need more sleep than others. If you're a Rooster, you're often considered to be an early riser.

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12. Zodiac and Friendship Circles

Zodiac compatibility extends to friendships too! If you're a strong believer in the Chinese horoscope, you might seek out friends from compatible zodiac signs, hoping to build harmonious and solid friendships. It's believed that doing so would bring good fortune to your social circles.

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13. Zodiac-Driven Health Tips

Zodiac superstitions even warn you about what some of your specific health vulnerabilities might be. For instance, a Tiger might be advised to watch out for heart-related issues. You'll even be given lifestyle adjustments that are suggested based off your zodiac sign. We still recommend you see a doctor though.

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14. Zodiac Sign and Academic Success

If you've ever felt like you struggled more than others in school, maybe you can blame it on your Chinese zodiac sign. Turns out, some zodiac animals are more academically inclined than others. Because of this, some parents might encourage or discourage certain educational paths, all based on their child's sign.

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15. Zodiac Signs Affecting Gardening

Gardeners sometimes plan their planting and harvesting according to zodiac signs. What this means is, there's a belief that it influences crop yield and quality. Certain plants may be deemed lucky or unlucky for different zodiac animals, influencing what they grow as well.

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16. Zodiac Animal Colors for Luck

Apart from the very lucky colour red, each zodiac animal is assigned a specific colour that's believed to bring good luck and fortune. Many people often wear or decorate their homes with these colours, especially during important events to attract good fortune. After all, it never hurts to try and improve your luck!

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17. Zodiac Signs and Travel Luck

Stuck planning your next vacation? How about traveling somewhere your zodiac believes will be good luck? It's a common belief that traveling in a direction favourable to your sign will bring you a successful and safe journey. The opposite applies too unfortunately, where traveling in an unlucky direction will bring you misfortune.

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18. Zodiac Influence on Personality Development in Children

Zodiac traits are like a predetermined set of characteristics people believe you have at birth. So for children, parents may use that to determine their personality traits and talents at a young age. If you believe in it, it'll definitely influence how you raise them and educate them for optimal development.

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19. Zodiac Signs and Exercise Preferences

This belief dictates that certain physical activities are more beneficial for people depending on their zodiac sign. For instance, a person born in the Year of the Horse might be encouraged to engage in running or equestrian sports. Didn't see that one coming, did you?

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20. Zodiac Signs Influencing Investment Types

Lastly, this superstition suggests that a person's Chinese zodiac sign can influence their luck and success in different types of investments. For example, someone born in the Year of the Ox might find more success in real estate investments, while a Rabbit might have better luck in the stock market. This superstition leads people to make financial decisions based on their zodiac sign’s perceived strengths and weaknesses.

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